Engines ‘Ere: Star Citizen Hangar Module Is Out

The RPS style guide prohibits me from altering the font siz (and it also suggests wearing socks with sandals, so I think John wrote it), so when I say “it’s a big if” at the end of this paragraph, please imagine a whopping 72 point ‘”if”, in bold, italicized and possibly blinking. The Star Citizen Hangar Module is out now, space fans. It’s the first proper playable in-engine glimpse of Chris Roberts’ space opus, and it allows people who pledged to walk into a hangar and see the ships they’ve purchased, walking around outside and inside each spacewing. If, and it’s a big if, you can get the damn thing to run that is. I’ve tried a few times and have suffered download fails and connection errors at every step. I have a video of it working for another Scottish person below.

Oh my. This seems like a way to part me with my money. I went for a fairly basic package, so when I finally get into my hangar I’ll only have the RSI Aurora waiting for me to fiddle with. But then I discover there are exploration-tooled ships to buy. The frankly extraordinary price-tag is keeping me from spending any money, particularly after I spent a huge amount of money on the latest Elite game. I wonder what can be earned in-game?

Star Citizen is supposed to be out sometime in 2014. I’d imagine it’ll be quite late in the year, but more modules are planned. Apparently you’ll be able to fly the ships in a dog-fighting module around December 2013.


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    It's not me it's you says:

    To answer the question - all ships can be earned in game. The best way to look at buying the ships right now is the same way you would look at a forum badge or a sound track download or whatever - you do it because you want the game to get the funds, the ship is a nice (and for them free) way to say thanks.
  1. aergistal says:

    Looks nice but the real question is:
    does it feature miniature giant space hamsters?

    • DonDrapersAcidTrip says:


    • mishkapatri says:

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  2. bstard says:

    I still need 12 more lessons of yoga before I can do that with a laptop.

  3. Atrocious says:

    I’m sure your mom is envious. Working her ass off every night.

  4. Premium User Badge

    It's not me it's you says:

    To answer the question – all ships can be earned in game. The best way to look at buying the ships right now is the same way you would look at a forum badge or a sound track download or whatever – you do it because you want the game to get the funds, the ship is a nice (and for them free) way to say thanks.

      • Taidan says:

        If you really want that 315p, then you can “Melt” your existing package for Store Credit, and use it towards the “Pathfinder” Pack, which is $75.00: link to robertsspaceindustries.com (And comes with a couple more extras to boot)

        Either that, or get the $60.00 “Digital Bounty Hunter” pack for a 300i, and use in-game credits to upgrade it to the 315p specification.

      • latina168 says:

        my co-worker’s step-sister makes $60 an hour on the laptop. She has been out of a job for seven months but last month her pay was $16395 just working on the laptop for a few hours. site ………………link to goo.gl

    • Nallen says:

      What is the cost?

      • Zaarin says:

        For the ships? That varies from ship to ship.

        But if you want to buy in to the game now the cheapest package (comes with the Aurora starter ship) is the ‘Digital Scout’ for 30$. This one doesn’t have Alpha/Beta access but you will be able to access the hangar module.

        For Alpha/Beta access you need at least the ‘Digital Mercenary’ for 40$.

        • Premium User Badge

          distantlurker says:

          and don’t forget the insurance premiums, which are free if you buy ’em now but you’ll have to pay monthly-6monthly if you buy with in game creds.

          • Zaarin says:

            Ah yes, the good old LTI (Life Time Insurance) discussion. (Regular readers of the Star Citizen forums: feel free to run to the hills now. ;) )

            I admit that seems like a big advantage, but Chris Roberts has said multiple times that LTI is only a light convenience for backers and won’t really matter in the big picture.

            But I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

          • Ninja Foodstuff says:

            So does that mean there’s going to be an up-front cost to the game as well as a subscription?

          • DatonKallandor says:

            There’s no subscription. And even if there was for the “official” server, Chris Roberts did claim we can host our own online and offline servers – Freelancer style.

          • Ninja Foodstuff says:

            So what is the purpose of the insurance premiums? Otherwise you lose everything you’ve invested?

          • Oyster says:

            The Insurance is just an In-game cost to facilitate a more realistic respawn system, paid on a regular basis, like when you land, but wont be too bad. LTI just allows early backers to not have to pay those fees in game for their prepurchased ships.

            You buy this game once, thats it. Any other costs are strictly in-game, unless you want to buy a ship early on.

      • Premium User Badge

        It's not me it's you says:

        And in case you meant the cost in-game, I believe there was a rough estimate from the devs that getting to a Constellation (one of the bigger ships – can be crewed by 4 people) would take roughly a month of playtime.

        They’re not really getting specific about in-game credit costs and stuff as I’d imagine none of that stuff is even remotely nailed down.

      • Wendelius says:

        You can have a look at the ship specs and prices here: link to robertsspaceindustries.com

        As has been mentioned though, one of the lower priced packages will give you a starter ship and access to the game. You can then earn the money in game to buy the other ships.

        Pledging for higher level ships is just a way to support the game development (or a sign of weakness after admiring them in someone else’s hangar :) ).

        • Ninja Foodstuff says:

          But is it going to be “earn the credits in-game” like privateer was (i.e. after 10 hours or so you can afford more or less anything) or like EVE is (i.e. give up full time employment)

          • gi_ty says:

            From the impression I get from the updates I would imagine its closer to eve the Freelancer. However if you want your own personal server with whatever ship you wish to fly that is possible. Also the way they are approaching mission and economy structure, I don’t think you will have that grindy feeling anywhere approaching eve-like repetition imo. The game playing itself should provide you with plenty of money as a nice side benefit of just enjoying the game. I know easier said than done but between a dynamic economy and player based missions as well as an interesting single/co-op/online campaign I think it will stay sufficiently fresh to not feel like your hauling rocks for months at a time.

          • Apocalypse says:

            60 hours of game play for the constellation, the biggest ship that is reasonable to be owned by a single person. The bigger capital ships should be more expensive, but should be not useful without a decent crew anyway.
            You may add up another 60 hours of gameplay for a “end-game” fitting, which again is not included in cheap standard insurance for everyone nor in LTI for the early backers.

            At least that are the last numbers on the subject. With overall 120 hours of playtime for a “end-game” config, similar to something like a pve-machariel in eve, which cost about 2 billion isk, which again translates to about 20-40 hours of game time, we are defiantly in eve-online regions, with the big difference that you have a cheap respawn mechanic and do not lose much when you blow up.

            So its similar to eve to reach your goals first, but much less time intensive to keep those assets, furthermore you do not have to wait 3 months first, before you have to skills to actually fly your stuff.

            And naturally all numbers are still subject to change.

    • Liudeius says:

      That is how it SHOULD be looked at, but no, everyone who buys them just buys them to get ahead in the final game.

      They will actually cost MORE once the game comes out (If 1k credits = $1, the Constellation will be ~300k credits).

      • Caiman says:

        I honestly don’t have a problem with this either way, as it makes no difference to my play experience. Even if there was no opportunity to buy ships prior to play, hardcore players will log 24/7 playtime anyway and get Constellations within a week, while my 1-2 hrs a night wouldn’t ever be able to compete. Besides, not everyone wants the biggest and best ship in the game anyway, because each one specialises to a particular role. I love the idea of starting with the basic ship and having to work my way to what I want, that’s the motivation and challenge for me, it’s what will bring me back to the game each night.

        • shimeril says:

          @Caiman Beautifully put. Exactly how I will approach the game as well.

  5. Zaarin says:

    “Star Citizen is supposed to be out sometime in 2014.”

    Actually, as far as I recall, the official road map is looking at a release in early 2015 for everyone.

    • EthanAsia says:

      Depends what you mean by ‘being out’. Because the modular release scheme gets all tied together in 2014, it’s fair to say all current backers will be essentially playing the full Star Citizen and Squadron 42 before the official early 2015 release date. The ‘alpha and beta’ concepts are pretty different than what’s become the norm.

      link to starcitizen.wikia.com

      • Zaarin says:

        That’s true. Definitely for the current backers.

        The official release will still most likely happen in 2015, even if it won’t make much of a difference for the backers.

        But I believe there will be a cut-off point sometime. The RSI website even lists the remaining open slots (for alpha/beta as far as I know). Once those are filled you will have to wait for the release while all the backers continue testing (and hopefully enjoying) the beta version of the game.

        And even with Chris Roberts saying he wants the time till release to be fun for the testers, there will be a lot of testing going on. So a “real” alpha/beta test, not just a marketing campaign.

  6. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    I’d hate for them to ruin this game with micro transactions. Their existence doesn’t exactly ruin it, but it’s a fine line to walk.

    • Premium User Badge

      It's not me it's you says:

      Here’s a direct quote from the devs:

      “To play Star Citizen you need only to buy the initial game. There will never be a monthly charge for usage. Some in-game items may be available as microtransactions, but we will NEVER sell anything that can’t be acquired through honest (and fun!) gameplay.”

      • Seafort says:

        Yeah I’ve heard that before in other games. Lets’s see if they stick to it.

        Already backed the game on kickstarter so looking forward to the game in 2015.

    • Zeewolf says:

      No worries. These are not MICRO transactions. They’re bloody expensive!

  7. seventh_wave says:

    Surely this should please all the hangers-on.

    /engaging pedantry mode

    But seriously: spelling.

    /disengaging pedantry mode

  8. adonf says:

    Unless there’s an obvious pun I didn’t see it should be hangar. Oh wait, hanger is a kind of sword and ships in Wing Commander were named after sword types. Did I get this one right?

  9. Wendelius says:

    Here is a quick look around I recorded last night which shows the Deluxe Hangar and the Constellation ship: link to youtube.com

    I have to say the Constellation is an impressive beast. But the most fun in-game will probably be had flying the smaller ship and building up my fleet first.

  10. derbefrier says:

    Finally got to run around my constellation and it was pretty sweet. Cant wait to actually get my crew and fly it.

  11. impish says:

    I had a brief hiccup with the downloader while their server was briefly owned. No problems in the hangar, aside from a few ladder-related bugs. I was relieved to look down in 1st person POV and see my legs. I don’t think I’ve ever heard my video card fan run so fast before.

  12. PopeRatzo says:

    So, this only worked for one true Scotsman?

  13. stoner says:

    So I’m not the only one who can download, but cannot launch, the bloody thing.

    • konrad_ha says:

      No, you’re not. As surely noone, not a single person, could have anticipated the authentication servers are overloaded. Who could’ve seen that coming? It was unfathomable.

    • Koshinator says:

      Nope, having the same problem… but as we all know (or at least should), you don’t build online servers for games to accomodate initial day 1 volumes, you do it to service expected concurrent users after the crazy first peak dies down – way to inefficient and expensive to cater for that initial spike knowing you won’t be hitting those peaks again (barring big expansions or content additions), and certainly not for a game not even in prealpha form yet.

      • Apocalypse says:

        And I always thought that cloud servers would solve that problem with the ability to just rent 10 times as much server performance for release days than you need to rent later on.

  14. Nickel says:

    Whee, Star Citizen!

    Also: Whee, Scott Manley!

    Took me quite a while but I finally managed to log in and take a look at my Freelancer. What a glorious piece of hardware :)

  15. Strutter says:

    I hate that as a late comer I’ve already missed out on all these previous stretch goals.

  16. Furius says:

    (from the vid) “The final, long-awaited, first reveal” Eh??

    • Furius says:

      Also why do all British game-youtube-describey people have a stupid American twang in their accent?

      • Talon2000uk says:

        Because Scott lives in San Francisco. Go figure. :D

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        Stupid? At least we Americans manage to pronounce words in the English language correctly. For the most part.

        • Nick says:

          What, like herbs, aluminium and vitamins? Away with you, beggar!

          • thebigJ_A says:

            No, see, you also spell it wrong in Britain. It’s spelled ‘aluminum’ in America, the proper way.

            But who am I to talk, I’m from Boston and proud of my accent. Most Americans sound far more ridiculous to me than do Brits.

  17. edwardoka says:

    “I have a video of it working for another Scottish person below.”
    “I wonder if he means Scott Manley…” YUP

  18. TheFlyingBastard says:

    I always enjoy doing the maths on these comments. Assuming “mom” works 24 hours a day, all month long, she earns 24> USD/h. That’s some good webcamming.

  19. Bhazor says:

    Current funds: $16,729,800
    Backers: 234,778

    Now you might think I’m crazy but I’m gonna come out and say it anyway.
    I think there might be a market for these space sim games.

    • SuicideKing says:

      LOL i so wish i could tag Volition here and show this to them.

    • Sharlie Shaplin says:

      Being a space sim fan since the 80’s, and having watched space games go from mainstream to an almost dead genre. I am somewhat amazed and bewildered where all these people have come from. Long may it continue. :)

  20. SuicideKing says:

    You four below me must feel a bit dumb right now. :P

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      serves ’em right for responding. Those atrocious flying stoner bastards!

  21. racccoon says:

    This is truly amazing stuff nice work Developers :)

  22. Iskariot says:

    I will wait for the complete game. I personally don’t like to experience my games in bits and pieces.