We’re Just Going To Call It AssFlag

Don’t ever let it be said I am not a lover of juvenile humour. To allow its actual name to take the stage for a moment, time for another Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag trailer. I’ve just gone and counted and this is the twentieth one that has been made available, not counting extra versions, additional languages or live streamed events. I have to pray that that is some sort of record, because any more would surely cause deadly games-burnout. There’s some merit in this latest effort though – Game Director Ashraf Ismail narrates the attack of main character Pirate McPirateson on an opposing fort. Despite my snark, it’s actually pretty cool. Sail on to check it out.

I haven’t got too far into the man-stabbing simulator’s earlier offerings, about half way through the second game, but this sea battle stuff gets me going a bit. It looks smooth in an unexpected way, although obviously there’s a certain amount of trailer-salt to take with that. Moreover, it looks significantly enough departed from normal Creedplay to give the game some variation. Skill testing too, if you manage to get in a proper scrap, with all that maneuvering and weapon selection. They might be slightly overestimating the effective range, power and reload rates of 18th century cannons, though.

You’ll be able to rediscover if a pirate you were meant to be (trim the sails and roam the seaaaa) on November 1st for various icky consoles and probably a couple of months after elsewhere.


  1. BobbyDylan says:

    The sea battles were the best part of AssCred 3. They’re the only reason I’d consider buying AssFlag.

    Though from a story POV, I find it hared to relate to either the Ass’s or the Templars. I find absolute chaos and absolute authority to be equally unappealing.

    It’d be nice if Ubi gave the player some more leway in picking ships/crew. Can you imagine if Assflag was created by Sid Mier?

  2. Zogtee says:

    Assassins of the Caribbean.

  3. Screamer says:

    Why not AssBlack? or dare I say it…. BlackAss?

    • Archangel says:

      Do not meddle with the utter perfection that is “AssFlag”.

      God, I love this series. Oh, I absolutely loathe the games — but their “titles” always make me smile.

    • Pliqu3011 says:

      Because then it would not be possible for me to post this image:
      link to images1.fanpop.com

    • 65 says:

      Only if you they get Steve Albini to do the soundtrack.

  4. Milky1985 says:

    I put something else here but considering the site as it is a lot of people wouldn’t get the jokey aspect and would probably flame, so have removed instead.

    I see that they angled the camera up at 4.24 to show more ass. Man ass admittedly but still showing ass, thought i should flag it up, an assflag if you will.

  5. skullBaseknowledge says:

    first assed, then flagged. what a way to start the day.

  6. Cytrom says:

    AssCreed is probably the biggest gaming franchise I absolutely don’t care about, to the point that i don’t even have an opinion about it despite that they try to shove it in everyone’s face on a very regular basis…

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      This is the kind of comment the internet was invented for.

      To paraphrase: “I don’t care… I don’t have an opinion.”

      Edit: I think this game is looking great, but I suppose it’ll retain a lot of 3’s weirdness and flaws.

      • Cytrom says:

        I know. I don’t comment on everything I don’t care about lol.. it’s just that this particular, heavily advertised franchise seemingly have a lot on paper, that could potentially catch my interest, yet whenever I hear about it or see footage of it the most reaction it gets out o me is ‘meh’, and I’m not quite sure why is that. Theres just some kind artificial feel about it, i can’t really explain.

        • LennyLeonardo says:

          Ok, I was being a dick because I’m sick of comments that say no more than “meh”, but your measured response was a nice surprise. Sorry.

      • Koozer says:

        To be fair, finding someone on the internet without a frothing hatred/adoration for something is a rare thing.

        • gunny1993 says:

          I think that extends to most of humanity as well, only the best among us such as Atticus Finch can reach such levels of understanding to not hate something or someone.

    • povu says:

      I used to like it. The first game was interesting and the second game improved on it a lot by adding lots of new things and a more interesting character (though it was less stealth heavy, the series hasn’t been much of a stealth game since). Brotherhood added a little more but not a whole lot, but it was enough to keep me entertained. Rome was a nice place. Also, multiplayer.

      Then Revelations came along and added nothing I cared about, at all. Tower defense minigame? Crafting bombs I never need to use outside of scripted sequences because the combat is ridiculously easy? Even the overall story didn’t progress much and the ending was unsatisfying as always.

      I hoped AC3 would be different but aside from the sea battle stuff it’s filled with more uninspired ‘follow this dude without being seen, then kill a bunch of people’ missions.

      There’s one super scripted mission where you’re on a cart you can’t control and you just have to press a button to let other assassins kill a bunch of guards every now and then. It’s followed by an annoying stealth section that makes you start over if you are detected.

      I haven’t finished it but no doubt the ending is another unsatisfying cliffhanger. By the time I bought it the multiplayer on PC was dead too.

      I am still skeptical about Black Flag, sea battles and exploration sounds alright but if exploration just comes down to collecting a million collectibles you don’t need and the rest of the game is nothing new then I doubt it would keep me interested.

      • Wut The Melon says:

        I agree with you for the most part, although I gave up on the franchise much earlier (i.e. directly after AssBro, which after playing AC2 4 times felt too samey for me).

        AC really is the franchise that had everything to become my favouritest game ever (open-world platforming, many ways to stealthily assassinate targets) and then decided to go in a completely different direction (two-button freerunning and mass combat). I’m still not over it and I still want Patrice Desilets back to develop another franchise for me that I do like : / Me and Ubisoft don’t get along so well…

  7. CelticPixel says:

    Can we please not?

  8. Kohlrabi says:

    Ubi should really consider a re-imaging of AssCreed 1, the setting was fabulous, only gameplay and variation lacked a lot. With the lessons learned in AC2 and AC:B and later games, they could easily create a great re-imaging.

    • Amun says:

      But the other games weren’t very good either.

    • FF56 says:

      I would really like that. I like Assassins Creed for the melee combat but every new iteration seems to feature more guns/cannons.

      • Wut The Melon says:

        I wanted to express my surprise at someone liking the combat in an Assassin’s Creed game, but then I thought about it and it makes a lot more sense than liking the (practically non-existent) stealth assassinations…

    • Jahkaivah says:

      Yes to a re-imagining of AssCreed 1.

      No to learning any of the “lessons” from the later games, I just want them to make the intense stealth-and-run game I wanted from them in the first place.

  9. Patches the Hyena says:

    After the highpoint of Brotherhood I’m hoping AssFlag will be a similar entry in the series. Revelations was serviceable at best, III had a horrible start and a wooden post of a protagonist, which is especially egregious as Ezio is(was) so brilliant.

  10. Isair says:

    To quote another part of that song:
    “Stop! Stop! Stop!”

  11. greg_ritter says:

    I have a creepy affair with AssCreed games. I despise them and love them at the same time. I fucking hate the directions they took a story in. I fucking hate Desmond and all that mess of a plot. Long-lost fathers, childhood spent in assasin’s compound, and, oh Jesus, the Desmon’s choice in the end of AssCreed 3.
    But I like the overall style. I like to jump around, I like combat, I really liked the naval battles. These games aren’t good. But I’ve finished every single one of them. And I will finish this one. Lord have mercy on my soul.

  12. basilisk says:

    Sometimes I wonder why is there so much negativity surrounding the AssCreed series. Sure, it has its flaws and has made numerous missteps, but that’s partially because it is pretty much the only big-name franchise that is not afraid to take big creative risks and keep exploring new settings and ideas. I feel that’s something that should be applauded, not ridiculed.

    (Also, I find them very enjoyable to play.)

    • greg_ritter says:

      My problem with this franchise is that they do not explore settings enough. Jerusalem? I was instantly pcyched. 15th century Italy? I was hooked. I’m a huge history buff and I was hoping that every game will be in a different setting and different time. But no. Nooo. Next three games were all about Ezio. I hated it. The only saving grace was Istambul, but still – where is the new setting? I was on board for American Revolution. Yes, I would prefer French Revolution, but still. Pirates? Ok, I get it, naval combat was awesome.
      But, for the love of God, why is this game so centered on europe? China, Japan, India, Rome, Greece, Babylonia, Opium Wars – anything! The history is ripe with settings to throw an assasin in.

      • basilisk says:

        I’ll happily admit that three Ezio games were at least one too many, but that’s sort of the problem with their one game each year plan. AssFlag is going to be reusing lots of AC3, and I’m fine with that, because there’s another group of people already working on AC5/6 which will take it to a brand new setting again. And they’ve dropped in quite a few references to Assassin cells in the Far East already, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that was next.

        There have been only three “major” games so far, so it’s a bit too early to call the series Euro-centric, IMO.

        • greg_ritter says:

          I get your point, but we’ll wait for the next iteration of the series. I would love to play as an eastern assasin, but my hopes aren’t high.

          • basilisk says:

            Now that I think about it, the first “era” they covered took place in the Middle East, second era Europe (and a tiny bit of the Middle East), third era America (and a tiny bit of Europe), so the potential for the Far East seems pretty big. (Also, the whole Desmond thing was limiting it quite a bit – it was rather unlikely he’d have Asian ancestry in his bloodline. Now that his story is wrapped up, there are more possibilities than before.)

    • tur1n says:

      Big creative risks? They’re putting a new layer of paint and a new mini game over the tired old core gameplay, that has hardly evolved at all since AC 1.

      • basilisk says:

        AC1 was a massive risk, both in terms of gameplay and setting. AC2 was certainly playing it safer, but no one could have realistically expected a game set in Renaissance Italy could shift millions of copies. And the frontier in AC3 was risky as hell – throwing away much of the rooftop parkouring that was the core of the previous games definitely was a bold move. Not to mention the admirable way they are handling the American revolution, considering how sensitive their biggest market can be when it comes to its mythology.

        I maintain that flawed as it was, AC3 was a genuine attempt to do something different.

      • Nenjin says:

        I have to agree. Assassin’s Creed hasn’t risked anything since AC2. They’ve got a formula and a pipeline of assets going back years. There isn’t anything terribly risky about iterating somewhat on the things that have come before.

        For example, AssRev. They took the ingredients from AssBro….and made bombs out of them. But they are so poorly balanced that they don’t amount to anything. (You could spend the whole game literally throwing bombs and nothing else, and still collect enough ingredients that you’d end up wasting some.) At some point in development some dev must have said “Is it really good that every single chest ever is only going to contain bomb ingredients?” To which I’m sure a senior producer said “Yes, now shut up, we have game to make.”

        I put Assassin’s Creed right up there with Call of Duty as an example of how successful IPs roll these days. You recycle 90% of the ideas and animations from the previous game, make a new texture pack, add 10% new ideas to the mix and spend the rest of the time on cutscenes. And I say this as someone that still likes the Assassin’s Creed games, even though it took me over a year to finish AssBro because of series fatigue.

        So while I respect what Ubi has managed to do with Assassin’s Creed (they still make lovely, inviting environments in every game), I can’t say what they do is brave or creatively daring. The AC games are the definition of playing it safe.

  13. Metalfish says:

    Why has the battle already begun when the captain was the first off the boat?
    Why doesn’t the player’s pistol misfire after taking a dip in the ocean?
    Why does killing the commander result in the synchronized surrender of all his men?

    • tormos says:

      Animus! best in universe handwave ever?

    • Amun says:

      Not to mention those sails that run on pixie dust and wishes. When will we get a game about sailing that doesn’t gloss over the sailing? >_>

    • noodlecake says:

      Why not? It’s not striving to be a realistic simulator, clearly.

      • Metalfish says:

        Of course your point is a fair one, but when they’ve got an army of skilled animators and environmental artists on hand, it’s a shame to have immersion off the table for no discernible reason (at least in the case of the fort already being under attack by your own guys who you’ve just led charge for… …erm).

        I can understand ignoring what water does to flintlocks, in a game with a lot of swimming and flintlocking. But the other points just plain take me out of the atmosphere they’ve spend millions on creating.

  14. strangeloup says:

    I’m not sure that Ubisoft thought this “release a million trailers of every game until everyone is utterly sick of seeing it” strategy through.

  15. Dowr says:

    Can the ship do two hidden blade attacks at once?

  16. twaitsfan says:

    Has there ever a more immersion-breaking decision in the history of gaming than to make AssCre’s action only a simulation of a simulation?

  17. noodlecake says:

    I would really like them to come up with some genuinely entertaining protagonists. I thought Haytham would have been a great main character but then he turned out to be a villain and was replaced by the dullest character yet. With the pirate them there is so much potential to have a swaggering drunk or an unscrupulous bearded pirate captain. Although I did type most of that while listening to the video. It actually sounds like they may be going in vaguely the right direction with that actually. :P

    • greg_ritter says:

      Exactly. I liked Haytham infinetely better than his dolt of a son. Haytham had character. He had dry wit, strong morals for a killer and he came off as a man who believes in his cause.
      Also, i really wish to play as a Templar. Both because their cause in my opinion is kinda better than assasins, and because I want to see a story from their point of view.

  18. abrokenchinadoll says:

    Suikoden much? Lol..especially the boat one..

  19. soulblur says:

    I like the smoke. There’s a lot of smoke. I like that.

  20. Nick says:

    Alarm. Alarm. Assassin alarm. Get out of the water. Alarm. The black flag.

  21. kaloth says:

    I’m rather more impartial towards abbreviating it to AssBag: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag