Dragon Age: Inquisition In Motion

UPDATED: Tactical view filmed off screen at PAX added below.

Nothing of the much-touted tactical view, sadly, but it does look rather slick.

Take a look, below. And then perhaps join the discussion over in John’s article from the reveal of the game in London last week.

Frostbite engine looking pretty capable, there. And I do like a fiery sword.

All that said, I think The Witcher 3 is going to take some beating.



  1. InternetBatman says:

    It’s slick, but they didn’t show how tactical / deep the fights will be. Dragon Age has always had incredibly misleading promotional materials though.

    • Odoshi says:

      When it comes to PR you always get what you pay for, and they pay alright.

  2. HisMastersVoice says:

    I find their inability to show a single shot in tactical mode disturbing. We know it’s there, it was shown to the press, but the dirty peons that are supposed to pay for this don’t get to bask in isometric glory.

  3. Freud says:

    I wonder if this open world trend is because of next gen consoles being better equipped to handle it or if it’s because Skyrim sold so well.

    • Emeraude says:

      Both propositions aren’t mutually exclusive.

    • MattM says:

      The extra ram in the new consoles really is a big deal for level design.

    • Shuck says:

      It may also have something to do with the franchise having sold enough copies. Developing open world games gets expensive quickly, and you’ve got to be sure it’ll sell enough copies before you start developing one. I’m pretty sure they’ve hit that threshold with sales.

    • Big Murray says:

      Come now … it’s the natural response to the number one criticism people had of Dragon Age 2. This actually makes sense, rather than being a gimmick due to any of those reasons.

  4. DarkFenix says:

    Looks like they’re still very much after the DA2 audience, the ones who will lose interest in the game if they press a button and something ‘awesome’ doesn’t happen.

    • methodology says:

      If I remember correctly the awesome button is located next to tilde.

  5. JFS says:

    Looks rather one-dimensional. The graphics are nice, the combat animations are super wooden, though.

    • Noviere says:

      I can’t judge how much depth a game has from 2 minutes of footage.

      • JFS says:

        I mainly meant the animations. They didn’t show much variety.

        • Noviere says:

          Fair enough!

        • Kadayi says:

          Games some way off yet. Plenty of time for them to spice things up with respect to animations etc. This is like beta footage, not to be taken as wholly representative.

        • Mad Hamish says:

          My gripe with the animation is the same as with most games that contain the swinging of swords. You have the anticipation followed by the insanely quick swing of a massive, heavy sword and then again the slow aftermath. It just looks like the camera speed ramping from 300. It really doesn’t help add any weight to the strikes. It wish this didn’t happen in every single bloody game, it looks so cartoony.

          • Apocalypse says:

            Witcher 1 comes to my mind. Making each attack a whole attack series make each individual strike looking a decent amount more realistic and solved the problem you have mentioned mostly. It did help as well that you actually could recognize the fencing school of Geralt via the attack animations.

        • Dowr says:



      • RProxyOnly says:

        I can’t judge it’s depth from 2 mins, but I can judge it’s appeal to me, and it has none. Mind you, it didn’t have any for me before the vid, this just reinforces my opinion.

  6. Lawful Evil says:

    Half-naked opponents look hot!

  7. Horg says:

    Two points that would bother me if I was looking for a return to isometric tactical game play:

    0.56 – The active combat dodge / roll to avoid the dragon fire. Didn’t look scripted, can only assume this means 3rd person will be considered the normal game play perspective, with encounters tuned around that assumption.

    1.30 – Large group of mooks standing around the player in a circle, largely inactive, while the player combos them down. Implies a weak AI designed to be cannon fodder for the players button mashing antics, more along the lines of DA2 than anything else they have alluded to.

    It does LOOK nice, buy based on that video the tactical combat spiel is little more than hot air.

    • Zenicetus says:

      That’s been my concern too, ever since I saw all the Witcher-type stuff they’re doing with the 3rd person main character view. How does that integrate with the tactical mode?

      It looks like tactical view is mainly just for setting up the initial encounter, and then they expect you to go into the over-the-shoulder view on a controlled party member for the rest of the battle. I can’t imagine pausing in the middle of a sword combo or magic attack sequence to suddenly jump up to tactical view, so I know how my companions are doing.

      With the main focus on over-the-shoulder view, your party members could end up like the companions in Fallout 3 or New Vegas…. just pack mules that can defend themselves okay, but they’re just back there behind you somewhere when you fight, and there are no real party tactics. In the first DA game, there was at least a sense of… “Okay, we’re a party, and this is how we’re going to do this”…. including managing how the fight develops, not just the starting moves.

      Maybe I’m being too pessimistic. Waiting patiently for a demo, later next year.

  8. Don Reba says:

    This game makes being set on fire look much more fun than it really is. Is this what we want to teach our children?

    • Disillusion3D says:

      I agree! The blood, murder and such was fine but the fire should come with some warning label and a PG18 classification at the very least!

      • Don Reba says:

        Well, those things were necessary to save the world, obviously. You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. But if you are on fire, you stop, drop and roll. If you are in a desert, surrounded by sand, and your sword is in flames, you don’t just keep running.

  9. alexg says:

    The third video in this set has lots of the tactical view usage as well as a few shots of the inventory system and combat UI.

    link to youtube.com

    • Noviere says:

      Thanks for posting that! It looks great :D

    • InternetBatman says:

      That looks incredibly cumbersome.

    • FriendlyFire says:

      I don’t know about everyone else, but the new UI and top-down view remind me of Mass Effect a lot. Whereas DA:O had its own gameplay style, this seems like it’ll just be fantasy Mass Effect, and that’s a shame really.

      Also, touting the ability to change your party members’ armor as if it were a feature (instead of, well… a fundamental element which isn’t even worth mentioning) feels really outlandish.

      • Strabo says:

        Yes, it looks like it will play like a mix of Mass Effect and Skyrim. I love Mass Effect, but this style of gameplay is much better with ranged weapons (melee was really only not awkward if you teleport around as Vanguard via ABC gameplay).

  10. garisson says:

    CD Projekt take a beating from the kings of sappy romance and terrible sequels? I bet the Poles are shakin’ in their boots…

    • MattMk1 says:

      “Will take some beating” means “it will really take a lot to beat it”, not “it will get beaten”.

    • mouton says:

      So it’s a contest now?

      • TheTingler says:

        Personally I’m really excited to play both. And Project Eternity, and Wasteland 2, and Torment: Tides of Numenera. and Dead State, and…

  11. golem09 says:

    I love how people nitpick details of a pre alpha demo.
    And this is not some early access wanting your money, pre alpha here really means PRE ALPHA.

    • HisMastersVoice says:

      It’s labelled pre-alpha for marketing purposes only. It certainly doesn’t look like any pre-alpha I have ever seen.

      Considering they’re aiming for Q3 2014 with the release date there’s maybe 6 to 8 months of actual work left on the game, the rest reserved for certifications, gold and post release patching.

    • DarkFenix says:

      They chose to show this to the public, they clearly think it’s up to scratch. So we’ll quite justifiably criticise is as much as we like thank you very much.

    • gunny1993 says:

      Show me where it says what Pre-Alpha actually is, it’s just a marketing go word.

    • james.sponge says:

      I remember when they showed us DA2 alpha footage and then the retail version was exactly the same (they didn’t even change the simplistic UI mind you -.-).

  12. thEZela says:

    Based off of the above videos, there a a few concerns about the upcoming Dragon Age.
    It seems that the art direction, or just overall creativity is still lacking, as was the case with the previous installations in the series. This time around however, the developers seem more than a little inspired by Skyrim. The compass at the top of the screen, many of the areas and visual assets, and more obviously the dragon fight in the first video screams Skyrim, and I cant help but feel that players will find themselves wondering “haven’t I been here before?”
    The later part of the video gets a little more interesting, more specifically when the casters are introduced, but the melee class really looks shallow. The hook seems to be a move that breaks through any guard, and will probably be your go-to tool to avoid the constant hack and slash.
    The Frostbite engine does shine however, showing off some of the engines more savvy effects, particle and lighting capabilities. I’m interested to see more of the game in the upcoming months.

    Tactical battle system looks very nice. The game still doesn’t have visual fidelity of The Witcher 3 (probably its closest competitor), but I have to admit it look like a whole lot of fun when the tactical view is used.

    • JFS says:

      “Negative space”.

    • 9of9 says:

      You, sir, take the words out of my mouth. Say what you will about Dragon Age 2, but at least that game had some art direction as opposed to Origins. This though… I’m a little amazed at how uninspired it manages to look, even in the Frostbite engine. Especially when it comes to open-world terrain sections that they’re showing off, it’s just… bland. Hopefully there’s going to be a few more iterations on the world over the next year! =)

  13. Laurentius says:

    Ok, i guess that settles it for me. DAO has way to much combat, i barly made past Deep Roads section, DAII demo was enough for me to know that i should skip it, even more combat and from youtube vidoes it’s the game that even stroll through city at night results in enourmous body counts. This game is obviously going same path, way too combat heavy for my liking.

    • Disillusion3D says:

      I totally agree with you about the previous entries in the series. I found the endless and pointless filler combat unbearable (and the horrible reuse of those 3 caves and 3 kinds of giant spiders just made it so much worse)

      However I finished watching the presentation with a strange feeling of cautious optimism. They did say that they wanted people to think about which encounters to engage in so I hope that bypassing most of the crap filler combat will be an option.

      Also the tactical view looked promising (I hope it will work indoors too).

      Ah, well…. in the end I guess it will just turn out like the previous games and I’ll end up earning my nick once again….

    • Felix says:

      There hasn’t been much shown of conversations and towns, to be sure.

    • Asurmen says:

      Riiiight, it’s totally obvious from this very early game footage…

      Some people just want to hate.

      • RProxyOnly says:

        Some people are justified in their hate.

        • Asurmen says:

          And some people are irrationally hateful and incredibly judgemental despite having little objective information to make that subjective decision.

          • Laurentius says:

            Whoa, read my comment and your own and then tell me about being hateful and judgemental. All i said that combat heavy cRPG games like DOA and DA II are not to my liking nad i will skip DA:I as well because it’s shaping this way. Ok, got it, that was hateful. Now wether my opinion is justified from this previews, each to their own, but i didn’t said this game won’t be having dialogoues or crafting or whatever, i remeber previews for DAII and ME2 and ME3 and all early previews well good indicator that these games will be too combat heavy as they turned later to be.

          • Asurmen says:

            Seeing as I haven’t said anything hateful or judgemental, I don’t understand your point, where as you are judging a game as being combat heavy without the game being anywhere near release based on so little information it makes me head hurt. Each to their own indeed, but I can’t say I understand how anyone can judge the multi hour game content this early.

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        Well-deserved pessimism feeds that hate. Give the haters a break.

    • Binho says:

      I agree as well. I really wanted to like DA:O. It had some great ideas, and the world seemed like it could have been interesting.

      The first time, I got bored by the incessant combat by Redcliffe. The second time, a third of the way through it the interminable filler combat wore me out again. Continuing just felt like more effort than it was worth.

  14. garisson says:

    Yeah, this ain’t pre-alpha.

    • Creeping Death says:

      Of course not. A video of design documentation wouldn’t be that interesting to watch.

      • Don Reba says:

        I think you’re thinking of pre-production. And even then you often have more than just documentation.

  15. Jason Moyer says:

    Does the game still have a “make something awesome happen” button? That’s a potential deal-breaker for me.

    • garisson says:

      No. This time around it’s going to be a ‘make something cliche and predictable happen’ button.

      • Odoshi says:

        Just like last time then. :(

      • yuri999 says:

        Oh look! Someone trying to be funny and witty but ending up being cliche and predictable himself. The irony!!

  16. Drake Sigar says:

    Looks like there’s a little more weight to the combat (it still seems a little bit Eastern in it’s approach, which was something that confused the hell out of me in the DA 2 demo), and the seldom used desert environment was nice.

    Though the crowd’s constant cheering can get annoying, the loudest noises came when features like party inventory and the top-down camera were introduced. They really want this to succeed bless em, and I do too. We get few enough RPGs as it is.

  17. Strangerator says:

    The girl filming the second video got really super excited, made me laugh.

    The tactical view is back, but I’m not sure how integral it will be to the game. It seems like there is some focus on ARPG elements of timing and controlling an individual character. It might still work overall, but it will be a hybrid tactical combat/ARPG, and hopefully this doesn’t mean both styles are watered down. Party AI needs to be either programmable or very effective so that you don’t need to control them the whole battle, allowing you “jump in” and hack away.

    • Faceless says:

      The girl filming was admittedly adorable. I genuinely wish I was as easily excitable at the sight of flaming swords, and I don’t mean that in a condescending fashion.

      The footage doesn’t look all that exciting. What they have shown so far are typical features RPG veterans would come to expect. It really is a bit sad fans are cheering at the sight of an isometric view option, comparable to people applauding a smartphone’s ability to call other people.

      What it does look is more confident and deeper than its predecessor. Not a remarkable milestone, but a good indication nonetheless. It’s a bit embarrassing a giant like BioWare are timidly dipping their toes in open-world whereas a comparatively inexperienced studio like CDPR is diving head first into it.

      • Apocalypse says:

        ‘Noone’ is forcing bioware to bloat their budget, hire 4 dozen untalented grunts, and another dozen of talented grunts and than bloat up to teams enough that creative process is hurt and agile development becomes all but impossible.

        That is a decision they made themselves. And frankly I don´t give a damn if they waste 10 times as much money than CDPR needs to develop a good game. In the end I am only interested in a good game, if I get them only from CDPR than so be it. I am not nostalgic enough to really miss Bioware games and I have not enoigh time to start playing the mediocre games as well. Hey, I don´t even have enough time to play all the good ones.

        Anyway, CDPR may not overspending on the marketing, but I never hear a bad word about their employees treatment. I bet they have twice as much booze and strippers than the Bioware guys :p

        • MrTijger says:

          They’re also in Poland and other Eastern European countries where salaries are way lower than in the West *shrug*.

    • SuicideKing says:

      Yeah she was (literally?) having a nerdgasm lol.

  18. LostViking says:

    I have to say I am getting cautiously optimistic. The graphics look great, in a cartoony kind of way (thanks to the Frostbite 3 engine I guess), and I am glad they are bringing back many of the elements that DA2 removed.

    After DA2 I am not buying the game until after reviews are ready, but so far it looks good.

    As to whether or not it will beat The Witcher 3 I strongly doubt it, but neither do I care. If this turns out well I will be getting both games :)

    • Sharlie Shaplin says:

      I feel pretty much the same way, cautiously optimistic. Although I am not convinced about the combat in these videos. It still looks too much like DA2 to me.

  19. Fiyenyaa says:

    Man, these videos have made me actually excited now. This game actually looks like it could be ace!

  20. Lone Gunman says:

    I am still looking forward to this but Witcher 3 is beating it massively in the hype department.

    • RProxyOnly says:

      There is always hype, but at least TW3 seems able to justify it’s hype… not so much DA.

  21. MattMk1 says:

    My first reaction was that they still don’t have a decent art director… it’s like whoever designs this crap has been kept in a box papered with pictures from video games and cartoons, and has never seen real world architecture.

    On further reflection, I think they’re also full of crap and deliberately misrepresenting the way combat will actually play out – it just screams of a demo in which the enemies have been tweaked to die from a single sword blow / fireball to make it look more action packed…

    In reality, the combat will be just like in DA:O and DA2 – slow, plodding and boring in the tactical mode, and tedious and completely devoid of challenge if played on a lower difficulty in the “action” mode, because it was made by people who think “micromanagement” and “tactics” are the same thing, and who don’t have the first clue how to make an entertaining skill-based action game.

    But I’m sure the steaming heaps of romance will be just dreamy.

    • Felix says:

      “completely devoid of challenge if played on a lower difficulty”
      You don’t say?

      DA:O’s combat had widely-praised combat that was substantially different from DA2, so lumping them together shows your unfamiliarity with either. What do you think is “tactical” and skill-based? Whine if you will, but at least give a reason for it.

      Same with the art direction. It looks fine to me, and the animations of the dragon look great. Especially considering the animations in Skyrim, Dragon’s Dogma, and the Souls games.

      • Reapy says:

        Da:o was mostly done Pre ea purchase. Then bio sold and we have what we have now, I still stand by my rip bioware comment I made when reading the news. The original was very close to being the great game world it should have been. Instead here we are down the ea reuse console drive. The game looks nice due to the engine and uncorking themselves from 8 year old hardware, but I don’t know if it’ll ever have the soul it could have had.

      • Dave Tosser says:

        When I think “tactical”, I think something like Jagged Alliance 2, Temple of Elemental Evil or Knights of the Chalice. Messy turn-based brilliance with all sorts of options, the sort of combat Dragon Age’s snorefest filler micromanagement can’t even dream of. Maybe I’m coming off as a bit of an old guardsman here, but AAA roll-playing, hack and slash awesome button action seems like anything but tactical.

        And what, is an overbudgeted “cinematic experience” going to top Planescape’s 800,000 words? Like hell. All the money Bioware throw at their cutscenes and whackamole cover system combat is only hindering their storytelling. You’ve gone from a 70/30 model of dialogue/combat to a 30/70 model of dialogue/combat, where “quests” are staggered out with pointless shootouts and party brawls.

        Mass Effect has you stroll down a corridor before having a nice sit down behind some crates, where upon you plink away at identikit mooks with a rattly machine gun. Then you reach a bit where the game colour codes your false dichotomy choice and your palms sweat as you struggle to decide.

        Dragon Age is a tribute act to Baldur’s Gate, and much like a tribute act I can’t help but wonder why you don’t just play Baldur’s Gate. It’s got better combat, better storytelling, better characters, better exploration and better questing. It’s cheaper, it’s not being stuffed down your throat with tacky marketing, it’s not tied to some bastard publisher.

        The AAA RPG market is in such a state. Amalur is rubbish for choice and consequence, worldbuilding and character. Skyrim is empty, repetitive and without depth. Developers put their money into all the wrong places- the shiny cutscenes, the shiny combat you can show off at E3 to a whooping (and apparently orgasmic) fanbase, the quadro-buffed TSSGSSA texture maps that’ll go straight to console and not look half as good. Where’s the good writing gone? Even the Witchers make mistakes with their combat, and their voiced cutscenes can’t put out the same amount of good dialogue as the old ‘uns.

        Have there been any genuine innovations outside of the indie circle for this hoary old genre? Where’s today’s Darklands, or today’s Arcanum? Hell, where’s our Bloodlines? Our Deus Ex? Have we forgotten the freedom of Ultima VII? Why do we even care about a company like Bioware when we’ve got Kickstarters, Spiderweb and GoG?

        The AAA circle(jerk) can’t give us the sort of RPG depth we used to have. It’s too concerned with profit, marketability, franchise farming and potential monetisation. If we have to go to places like Kickstarter to get a Wasteland 2 or a Planescape 2 going, what does that tell you about the AAA in the first place? If your Banner Sagas, Expeditions: Conquistadors and, yes, your Shadowruns come out alright, why are we even riding the last express hype train? Just what will Dragon Age 3 bring that hasn’t been seen, buggered or hit with a sword before? It’s called Dragon Age. Dragon. Age.

        Alright, sorry for that. I feel strongly about RPGs.

        • MrTijger says:

          The only reason you have to go to Kickstarter is because there arent enough sales in the games you want for large studios to put the games out.

          • malkav11 says:

            Correction: the publishers perceive there to be insufficient sales in that sort of game and therefore refuse to try. With a corellary and inherent assumption that games must have the bloated budgets of a Call of Duty or The Old Republic in order to be worthwhile as a project.

            Now, they might very well be correct that a game like that wouldn’t sell well enough to meet their standards, and certainly the more budget they allocate the more it needs to sell to be profitable. But I think it’s important to note that they can’t be working off any up to date real world data about how well these sorts of games might sell in 2013 or 2014 because they haven’t -tried- these sorts of games in a very long time; and the culture that every game must be a megabudget blockbuster is deeply flawed.

            But personally, I can’t get too worked up about it. I do enjoy a fair number of their big budget games, whatever flaws they may have, and Kickstarter is so far providing a pretty decent alternative for types of games I wouldn’t see under the publisher system. I mean, I wouldn’t mind living in a world where point and click adventure games, immersive sims, turn-and-party-based RPGs, and turn-based strategy games were the big blockbuster genres that got all the cash and people had to turn to Kickstarter to get their generic military multiplayer FPSes and so on, but that’s not this world. Oh well.

        • Orija says:

          Thanks for the post. It’s exactly what I think about the state RPGs are in today, but expressed much more eloquently that I could’ve managed.

        • malkav11 says:

          Baldur’s Gate actually does have a shitty publisher tie – Hasbro. (Also Interplay, once upon a time, but when BG came out Interplay was still in its era as a good publisher before the Caens gutted it.)

    • SirKicksalot says:

      DA2’s combat was anything but slow. I liked its art style too. BioWare brought back Jade Empire’s art director for it.

    • Binho says:

      “it’s like whoever designs this crap has been kept in a box papered with pictures from video games and cartoons, and has never seen real world architecture.”

      Thank you!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way. I think I’m in love with you :P

      Think it’s an issue with a lot of video game art these days. The technical quality of it is pretty damn great, but the designs feel derivative.

    • Zenicetus says:

      Bioware could learn a few things from Irrational Games about how to sell a mediocre game with incredible visuals, like the Bioshock series.

      • gunny1993 says:

        By using compelling story …. not sure bioware are up to that anymore.

  22. Lone Gunman says:

    Plus Witcher 3 just looks more interesting in the visuals department.

  23. Marshall Stele says:

    …90 percent of the time I can’t make out why they’re cheering.

  24. JiminyJickers says:

    This looks brilliant. Looking forward to it.

  25. Jake says:

    Not sure about this style of combat, the swordfighting just looks like Darksiders but with different graphics. I don’t like how there is always an attack with a big sword where you do an overhead swing into the floor and everyone nearby falls over, I don’t think this happens in real life unless you are swordfighting on a trampoline. And when you swing your sword repeatedly against a shield or a naked guy’s shoulder it shouldn’t just go through it, it should hit, and possibly cleave it in twain.

  26. Astalnar says:

    The combat in first video with the greatsword on fire reminds me of God of War.

    Also: To seven hells and Chantry man! You are ruining good steel!

  27. Shooop says:

    Oh hello there Witcher 2. Nice to see someone blatantly ripping off the part many considered the worst part of you – the combat and that they made it even worse by give the enemies the AI of the ones in the AssCreed series.

  28. Jimbo says:


  29. FakeAssName says:

    I can’t tell if I am seeing a bit of inspiration from the Witcher 2, or if I am imagining it …. seriously, every time I glance at a screen shot or something my mind says “oh, that is a Witcher image” but when I look closely it doesn’t.

    is this just me or are other people getting this reaction too?

    • nrvsNRG says:

      combat animation looks like Amalur Rekoning and environments looks boring and uninspired just like its looked like the last hundred times ive seen it, so no it didnt really remind me of witcher 2. But yay for frosbite 3 graphics i suppose.

    • RProxyOnly says:

      I have a feeling it may just be you.

  30. equatorian says:

    I can’t be that excited for this anymore after reading Mike’s/Bioware’s desperate attempts to win back the CRPG crowd by comparing DA3 to things we’re known to love, without truly understanding why we love them. It’s like saying LOTR is great because there are elves in it.

    I enjoyed DA2 and would like to judge this game on its own merits and what it tries to do itself, with its own vision, which I think has the potential to be interesting. That’s getting harder to do the more they try to tell us we should like it because it’s like Planescape or the Witcher or Skyrim, and it’s clear that it’s neither, never has been, and never will actually try to be.

    That said, it looks pretty, I suppose. I’ve never really hated DA2’s combat (it HAS pause, guys, what are you talking about) so I wouldn’t mind it either way, but I would like the designs to be less generic, I guess.

  31. yesterdayisawadeer says:

    Great. Now it’s a slasher. Didn’t the fiasco of DA2 teach them anything?

  32. Megakoresh says:

    Loving it. Dual combat system is exactly what I always wanted. Where tactical view provides the strategy and allows for positioning and issuing order on how approach the attack, but then you can hop in to action and actually PARTICIPATE in the combat, as oppose to boringly watching it play out by itself. And I bet it also allows some room for mistakes as if you screw up with the tactics, you may be able to correct it by just doing the action very well.

    Witcher 3 will have worthy competition by the looks of it. And I am gonna be 100 euros short in 2014, I have a feeling.

  33. Lars Westergren says:

    Very nice looking. Seems to fix lots of the things I didn’t like with DA2. But for me the real meat is in the writing, so I’ll hold off until reviews roll in. This time, more than one review…

  34. Tjee says:

    Honestly I think it looks a little bland. It has the ‘been there, done that’ feeling’ written all over it.
    And it does look a lot like Skyrim, not just the compass. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for people looking for another possibly dumbed down Skyrim (or are the Worlds equal in size? Haven’t really read any information about this game’s world).
    I just don’t see anything exciting, only the usual Fantasy stuff: a little dragon here, a little hack and slash there. And considering it’s EA, they’ll probably try to play it fairly safe to hit the same target market Skyrim tried to hit (as opposed to Morrowind, which was aimed a lot more to to the hardcore crowd). Which is probably why they’re borrowing a bunch of elements from Skyrim.
    Of course this video doesn’t tell you anything about the storyline, and in the best case scenario the writing is a true marvel. But based upon what can be seen here, I find it to be nothing but another run of the mill hack & slash meets topdown view fantasy rpg n°14535.

    I was a big fan of the Witcher 2 because of its great story and moral choices. So naturally I’m looking forward to Witcher 3 a lot more than this game.
    However, if DA2(?3?) can deliver an equal story, it’ll definitely have my vote.
    But I doubt it.

    • Flea says:

      You do realize it’s (pre)alpha and this is the first real footage of the game? You do realize that probably the entire UI and so many things will be different by the time the game is finished in 2014?

      The usual fantasy stuff? How come nobody says that about Skyrim, it can’t be more “usual” than it is and the game has one of the worst user interfaces I have ever seen.

      If people were so nitpicky about every single game that comes out like they are with this one, there would be no gaming cause no game would ever be good enough.

      • Tjee says:

        Did you even read my entire comment?
        You DO realise that I mentioned Skyrim as a game that was also catered to the casual gamers, just like this one? Skyrim was nice, but it was nothing when it comes to dialogue options and choices compared to Morrowind, for instance.
        You DO realise that though this may be pre-alpha, many elements shown here will be in the final game? It’s not like they’ll turn it into a Sci-Fi MMORPG from this point on (though thousands of player controlled dragons in space does sound refreshingly awesome). I didn’t say anything about the UI in general, only that a small part of it is clearly a direct copy of Skyrim, probably because EA is trying to get the Skyrim crowd hungry for this game, or perhaps because it just worked. Heck, if anything I’d say you’re a lot more bothered by the UI than I am, considering that most of what you wrote is about the user interface in this game or Skyrim. I honestly wasn’t all that bothered by the UI in Skyrim.
        And to address your last point, there are many good games out there for nitpicky people like me, who enjoy originality, innovation or at least a damn good storyline a lot more than ‘go here, go there and kill this, kill that, level up, find new axe/armor, repeat’. The problem is that big companies like EA don’t like taking risks, so they stick to what they know will sell to the biggest audience. And looking at recent history, Skyrim sold a lot of copies. Hence their solution to orient the newest game in the direction of Skyrim. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is one of the main reasons we’re actually getting a new Dragon Age.

  35. AJLeuer says:

    The woman filming this was… really enjoying herself. Even I started to get aroused.

  36. clumsyandshy says:

    That floating book trick was really neat!

  37. SuicideKing says:

    Lol they still haven’t changed the grass from Battlefield 3.

  38. james.sponge says:

    It seems to me they are trying to copy Witcher’s fighting system and TESV “open worldness” :), except they are missing the point of both games. Witcher 2 became successful thanks to its narrative, great characters and gritty atmosphere whereas Skyrim succeeded thanks to its thriving modding community that keeps the game alive to this day (and probably will keep it alive past TESVI).

  39. Zepp says:

    Even if Witcher 3 is technologically inferior imho it has more interesting graphical style. Nothing BW has shown compares to Witcher 3 landscapes and “feel”. DA3 looks like generic fantasy with huge swords, spiked armours and dragons. Kids gonna love it I guess.

    • uxtull says:

      Is it technologically inferior because it’s not running on the engine Battlefield 4 is using, while it’s still a better looking game either way?

  40. kael13 says:

    You can change your party’s equipment! Omg, guise! *clap clap clap clap*

    Seriously though, it does seem to have a lot of graphics. And with development being done on PC, it seems we’re on the up and up.

  41. TheGameSquid says:

    While I still have a LOT of reservations about this (Art style, combat, story, modabilty, a bunch of empty promises from people who were and probably still are convinced of the choices they made for DA2, etc.), the one thing that has me concerned the most is the use of the Frostbite 3 engine. Let’s have a look at what Wikipedia has to say about the use of the engine throughout the years:

    Battlefield 4 (Frostbite v3, First-person shooter)
    Need for Speed: Rivals (Frostbite v3, Racing)
    Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (Frostbite v3, Tower defense, third-person shooter)
    Dragon Age: Inquisition (Frostbite v3, Role-playing)
    Mirror’s Edge 2 (Frostbite v3, First-person action-adventure)
    Star Wars: Battlefront (Frostbite v3, Third-person shooter, First-person shooter)
    Battlefield 3 (Frostbite v2, First-person shooter)
    Need for Speed: The Run (Frostbite v2, Racing)
    Medal of Honor: Warfighter (Frostbite v2, First-person shooter)
    Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel (Frostbite v2, Third-person shooter)
    Command & Conquer (Frostbite v2, Real-time strategy)
    Battlefield 1943 (Frostbite v1.5, First-person shooter)
    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Frostbite v1.5, First-person shooter)
    Medal of Honor (Frostbite v1.5, First-person shooter)
    Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam (Frostbite v1.5, First-person shooter)
    Battlefield: Bad Company (Frostbite v1.0, First-person shooter)

    So yeah, it has basically only been used in shooter games and it will also be used in an upcoming RTS and Racing game. Seems to me like the engine will require some SERIOUS molding to implement a properly functioning RPG in it.

    • Flea says:

      So you’re basically saying that making this game is going to require work.

      I seem to recall that Unreal engine has been used mostly for shooters, but yet seemed to work perfectly well in all Mass Effect sequels.

      • SuicideKing says:

        Frostbite’s looking pretty good here, actually…just not the grass. Oh my god, the grass. Is so bad.

        Though honestly i think UE4 suits the fantasy setting more, lots of pretty particle effects…perhaps my opinion is coloured by the UE4 tech demo being in a fantasy setting…

      • TheGameSquid says:

        I’m merely saying that the engine has not been used outside the shooter genre before. The Unreal Engine has been used for countless genres before. The toolset has proven itself to be flexible enough to be used for a multitude of genres, including RPGs. Frostbite has not. The work BioWare is doing is basically the first foray into using the engine in a NON-shooter game.

        Please remember that Frostbite or Unreal is NOT JUST a graphics engine, but a game engine with a full-fledged suite of tools. These have never been used in the genre before, that’s all I’m saying. Well, maybe I’m also trying to point out that the use of engine (though likely motivated by the fact that EA wanted to use an engine that was developed in-house) may also indicate something about the nature of the gameplay…

        P.S.: Mass Effect IS a shooter…

        • Flea says:

          I know what you’re saying, but I just don’t think that Frostbite will be a problem. I think they’ll actually work very hard to make it work in RPGs so they can use it or license it in many RPGs for years to come.

        • Apocalypse says:

          Uhm, there seems to be dozens of mmos using unreal or crytek engines. I guess those two already have a decent tool set for RPGs ;-)

          Frostbite … well there are not a whole lot firstbite games outside of the EA sphere, so you could be rght that the tools are not as refined.

      • Dowr says:

        The Mass Effect’s are shooters, just with more matinee scripts.

  42. int says:

    You must be at least this excitable to get into PAX.

  43. waltC says:

    I completely skipped the sequel to Origins, but enjoyed Origins and all of its “DLC” quite a bit. I still cannot understand why EA might have thought that moving away from an RPG saga-like presentation to a more-or-less click-fest “combat” soup was the right move for the franchise. Of course, who can gainsay anything EA does, except to say it is usually the inverse of logic?…;)

  44. Cronstintein says:

    I’m really not a fan of having two combat systems mashed together. I don’t think a 3rd person action system meshes well with a real tactical system. I really like tactics personally, a true successor to baldur’s gate II would be my dream game. Unfortunately jamming an actiony combat mode in there kinda ruins it for me. It also indicates tactics won’t be the prime focus; looks more like DA2’s “looking cool” system.

  45. Rabbii says:

    So much hate for this game, I too was massively upset about the direction Dragon Age 2 took and than Mass Effect 3 had a bad beginning and than a very good middle followed by a sudden failure of a ending. But guys lets no be pessimistic I say, Lets give this game a chance , than saying how the game is off our list, More than a year until the release of this game. Let us not hate a game based on the previous game in that franchise, I want to believe they are Good people, Mark Darrah, David Gaidar, Mike Laidlaw I listen to them and they want me to believe, I will be keeping my eyes open for Dragon Age’s future, I will see upcoming information, art, trailer for the game, I will look at some reviews when the game comes out and will decide do I want the game or not, But all I read is hate and anger, It was hard for me too when DA2 came out and broke my heart and Mass Effect 3 ending left me crying for all the Shepards I created over the year but the truth is Bioware is capable, and EA wants money and Good game, Damn it Great games makes money too.
    And I want to live in a world where Dragon Age and Witcher is there to play as. Enjoy them both guys, Wish all the best to both Developers make us cheer guys make us happy.

  46. IceBreaker says:

    “I think The Witcher 3 is going to take some beating”

    If CD PROJEKT stays smart and releases The Witcher 3 with three levels of DRM (retail/SecuROM, STEAM and GOG/DRM-Free!) while Bioware releases DA3 with that spying malware, Origin, it will hardly be a contest.

    Even if the games are at par (which I doubt, after DO2 and ME3, Bioware seems to be run by idiots), that alone will make all the difference in the world.

    • gunny1993 says:

      The phrase “take some beating” means “it will be hard to beat”.