FlatOut Pancaked: ‘Next Car Game’ Is Stunning

Like a tyre rolling from the twisted, sad mess of a vehicle pile up, I shed a single tear at the awful state of the last FlatOut game. FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction wasn’t made by the original developers, BugBear, but its existence appears to have angered them into returning to the car crashing games that they love. It doesn’t have the FlatOut name, but Next Car Game (not really its name) is the sort of game that you’d imagine they’d make if they had all the physics and all the money. The appear to have the former, but the latter is up to the community.

I just watched the trailer. Spoilers! I like the part where the cars get all smashed, but I also like the part where all the bits of the cars are simulated, turning this arcadey driving game into a debris-strewn, damage-modeled super game. All those bumps and bashes will affect the driving model. And you’ll cry tyres, because this is a rustbucket that you’ve put together yourself.

They’re taking this one directly to the community to fund, though there doesn’t appear to be a funding goal. It’s more of a tiered pre-order system, where you’ll get early access. After 10,000 people sign-up, they’re promising to release a demo of the game. The alpha is scheduled to be released before the end of the year.

That is seriously sexy looking.


  1. Gap Gen says:

    I agree. This doesn’t look crepe at all.

    • FurryLippedSquid says:

      Ga, lette’s not start with the puns already.

      • Gap Gen says:

        Not even a crepe sucre-Citro├źn?

        • phelix says:

          Jesus. Anyone able to bake a pun with that is my champion.


          • Gap Gen says:

            The Lord likely now only plays these games of videos if they are made of cardboard and are playable for two to fifteen players ages seventy six and up.

    • SteelPriest says:

      Yeah, i think i’d enjoy a little dosa this.

  2. Auru says:

    Oooh this looks fun, anyone remember destruction derby 1&2? I loved those games.. never played a flatout game before but this looks like something i’m gonna get in on… my wallet is open!

    • derbefrier says:

      yup i used to have an old Destruction derby demo on a Pc Gamer demo disk me and my brother played all the damn time. This game looks awesome but I am done with crowd funding for a while. I have enough money tied up in unreleased games at the moment.

    • Low Life says:

      You should play a FlatOut game (1 or 2).

    • Mctittles says:

      Destruction Derby was the first reason a friend and I had to haul 2 TV’s 2 VCR’s (for RGB to Coax) and 2 playstations in a room to play multiplayer. Was one of the best times ever.

      Then I got a PC and realized multiplayer was a hell of a lot easier on there :)

  3. Howard says:

    It can look as sexy as it likes, but if the handling is as utterly appalling as the other Flatout games, it will still be worthless. As long as they insist on tying the throttle to the steering so you cannot accelerate while you turn (and actually calling this a feature, not a stupid decision) then Flatout will remain unplayable.

    • stjuuv says:

      I heartily disagree – if you cannot accelerate while turning, then you are simply doing something wrong. Powersteering into the corners is one of the cornerstones of track mode in FlatOut 2.

      • Howard says:

        Errr…its not really up for debate. The devs have stated in their forums that this is how their system works…

        • stjuuv says:

          It’s not up for debate indeed, because I started up FlatOut 2 and did a couple of laps with more or less full throttle all the time. I can confirm that the cars did steer at all times, although the rear wheel drive cars tended to oversteer as you would expect. I don’t know what game you are talking about, but it sure isn’t FlatOut 2.

          • dontnormally says:

            I believe what he is saying is that acceleration is purposefully nerfed during turning to allow people to full-throttle through turns without spinning out of control, trading a bit of realism for a bit more ease-of-play.

    • Linfosoma says:

      Im going to have to disagree too, I’ve been a sim racer for years and I’ve always been pleasantly surprised by how solid the physics on Flatout were.

    • DasBlob says:

      I played a couple of races in Flatout 2 just this morning (regularly draws me back for a quick fix ;) In Flatout 2 it is possible to accelerate and turn at the same time (at least playing with a keyboard.) Could you point me to the forum entry where the devs say this will be different in Next Car Game?

    • satan says:

      Maybe it was just in FO or FO2, Ultimate Destruction lets me turn and accelerate at the same time.

      But anyway, I know it’s just pre-alpha but I hope they have the full range of crappy/less crappy/not crappy/decent/good/quite good/ cars, I still haven’t unlocked that damn batmobile… (flatmobile?)

  4. Neurotic says:


  5. BlacKHeaDSg1 says:

    BeamNG is more “next gen” car game than BugBear NCG but i can’t wait, i am happy that they are making FlatOut like game.

    • Luringen says:

      As much fun as BeamNG.drive is to mess around with, it looks like (from the video) that NCG cars will deform more like the metal chuncks they are, while BeamNG cars feels like jelly. Of course, BeamNG is still in a very early alpha, and it may look and feel better at a later stage.

      • dsi1 says:

        BeamNG cars act like real cars, designed to protect the passengers by shedding force at the contact points; these cars act like heavily reinforced demo derby cars, designed to drive under as much stress as possible. (also possible to do in BeamNG but Gabester is focusing on everyday cars to start)

  6. mwoody says:

    Has one of these “lets do a Kickstarter but we don’t want to give them a percentage” things ever worked out? I know the overhead chafes, but I can’t possibly imagine that balancing out the increased page views of being on such an increasingly popular site, especially given that the gaming section has been slowing down a little of late.

    • ZIGS says:

      They said the Finnish laws do not allow asking for donations for commercial reasons or something along those lines, that’s why they didn’t do a kickstarter

      • skyturnedred says:

        That is correct, Finns can’t kickstart with out current laws.

    • Grey Poupon says:

      They also say in the FAQ that the game will be released no matter what. It’s a pre-order system, even though the extra money will go to making the game better. So it’s essentially a pre-order system that makes sense from a customer point of view. Who knows, they might even use the money to come up with a good title.

      Also, one might be so bold as to call Star Citizen a success in terms of money gathered via non-KS ways.

    • Maltose says:


    • The First Door says:

      Prison Architect has made (when I just looked) $7,461,735 this way, apparently.

  7. skyturnedred says:

    Rally Trophy was a great game too.

  8. Linfosoma says:

    Pre-ordered so hard, huge fan of the series and this game looks awesome.
    I would also like to use this opportunity to point that this is exactly what Dirt: Showdown should have been instead of the mess we got.

  9. DannyKGolden says:

    Please Bugbear come up with a less horrible title.

  10. -SD- says:

    ‘Next Car Game’ is just the working title.

  11. Retro says:

    How many ppl have to preorder for them to provide a video with a seek bar so that I can jump to the juicy bits?

  12. lord_heman says:

    I’m glad that BugBear is finally bag in “the game” again. They’ve been AFK far to long. The first Flatout games were outstanding, and this one seems to deliver exactly more of that!

  13. Leb says:

    Gave em my 25 bucks as i’m liking the look of it :)

  14. chatoalbert says:

    [nomanners] FUCK YES [/nomanners]
    Loved so much Flatout 2, literally i’ve put hundreds of hours into it.
    Years waiting for a true sequel (no GFWL and no outsourcing)

  15. fnkstr says:

    come on everyone, it’s up to us not to let pile-ons be pile-ons!

  16. Rikard Peterson says:

    Hmm. Their stated reason for not going with is publisher is that the publishers want to give the game mass market appeal? Maybe I’m missing some code speak here, but to me it sounds like it would have been a more enjoyable game with a bit of publisher support. But I guess it’s good news for racing game experts?

    • Sandepande says:

      FlatOuts are not exactly simulators, I doubt this will be either.

      What “mass market appeal” is to publishers is unknown, but looking at some of the big car games of recent years, it probably means known brands, locations &c.

  17. hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

    Welcome toooooo: DESTRUCTION DERBY!!

  18. Metalhead9806 says:

    Flatout Ultimate Carnage is probably my favorite racing game of all time. I wish Bugbear the best and hope they deliver a great spiritual successor for us FlatOut fans.

  19. bstard says:

    Oh this could be the first racing game I buy after Racedriver / DTM that wont feed my self loathing. That picture on top is true destruction porn, no like the usual bullcrap loading screens intermetso Codemasters nonsense.

  20. Kollega says:

    They’re right about there being a market for that kind of game. I liked the first and second FlatOut a lot, and i always loved hands-on tuning where you get to mess with what’s inside your car instead of just adjusting a few sliders.

    I wonder what’s going to be their network solution, though. I wouldn’t like the game to be tied to Steamworks like a lot of the games are these days.

  21. MeestaNob says:

    I was sold on this at 4:15.

    It’s…. beautiful!

  22. Spoon Of Doom says:

    I remember Flatout 3. I had never played it or read anything about it (it was the third in the series, what were the odds of it being drastically different or an article telling me anything else than “Well, it’s a new Flaout, you race and destroy a bit of the environment just as always”?), but I liked the other Flatouts very much. Then Number 3 was on sale on Steam when it was relatively new, so I bought it for 25 bucks or something, thinking “it’s Flatout, what can go wrong?”.
    I played it for half an hour and then uninstalled it, and put it in a special category in Steam that I can collapse so that it doesn’t pollute my game list (a fate reserved only for the biggest piles of crap).
    Then I researched, and only then did I learn that it was made by a different developer. It explained so much…

  23. Monkeh says:

    Is it just me, or does this guy kinda sound like Sam Lake?
    The way he emphasizes certain words seems very similar to me.

    Also more ontopic, I’ll probably get this game, since it seems like the kind of driving game I do enjoy, in contrary to more realistic driving games.

  24. MrSean490 says:

    Flatout 2 was amazing… but just a warning … even though this is bugbear, it’d definitely not be the same bugbear that made Flatout 1 & 2, … Flatout: Ultimate Carnage is a prime example of that. I didn’t even know of the existence of Flatout 3. As much as I’d love to see a game in that fashion again, I just doubt the likelihood of that.

  25. ZombieZtriker says:

    I am still playing Flatout 1 on PC and it beats alot of new relesed racing games! Why not make a convertion of the game and have the drivers lifes at stake when yu crash them out yo see the ragdolls flying out the roof or windows losing a limb!!! And ofcourse a rally mode whree you can crash out for real!!!

  26. bill says:

    I’ve only played Flatout 1 (which i got for a few bucks in a steam sale) but it was pretty meh.
    It was a fun lightweight racer for an hour or so, but the handling never felt right to me, and the cars never felt like they had any weight.

    Not awful, but nothing to base your reputation on.