Quick Pitch: Football Manager 2014 Trailers

Left a bit. A bit more. More! Too far!
I exist outside of popular culture*. I’ve only just started to watch The Shield, and I mostly listened to Use Your Illusion II this weekend. So I had to Google ‘Gareth Bale’ to find out why everyone was talking about him, which in turn reminded me that Football Manager 2014 is coming out, and that I should get with the times. The managerial machination sim would have prepared me for the news about a Welsh person’s move to a Spanish place for more money that exists in space and time, and it would also have told me about his abilities, stats, training schedule, and possibly his cup size, but it’s not out yet and I refuse to be left behind again by looking at 2013’s information. I’ll wait for 2014’s release, and keep up by watching these videos of the game in action.

The world’s most popular player prodder often goes through a swathe of changes from one year to the next, and 2014 is promising 1,000 improvements over 2013. It looks like they’re trying to give managers the ability to parse a lot of information at a glance, which is important for a UI driven game. Deeper information is there for those who want to fall down that rabbit hole.

It’ll be out sometime towards the end of 2013.

*I’m not trying to be cool. I am just very boring.


  1. tigerfort says:

    Gareth who?

  2. Andy_Panthro says:

    I may be tempted to try it again… to see if I can get back into it after previously favouring the old stalwart of the series, CM01/02.

    The interface still seems very cluttered, but hopefully easier to navigate. Can’t help but think that the font size and the size of certain buttons could be increased to make things stand out a little bit more.

    Have people been using the 3D match engine? The last time I played (FM12 I think) I generally used the 2D match engine, except when I was a bit bored and switched to text-only.

  3. Anthile says:


  4. Janek says:

    I saw the words Football Manager and the name Gareth and I thought that Gareth Campesinos! had returned to RPS.

    Aww :(

    (Not that Craig isn’t lovely of course)

  5. seamoss says:

    FB 2014 will also support Linux: link to omgubuntu.co.uk

  6. PostieDoc says:

    Fix multi-player please.

  7. Didden says:

    I love how each year they say basically the same crap: We’ve literally added thousands of features. When a feature might be, erm, a changed icon. The match engine last year was truly terrible, and I don’t mean the graphics, I mean the mechanics and how it works in terms of playing football. I’m not sure what they spend their millions and millions on at this point, but they need some major redirection.

  8. JamesTheNumberless says:

    I kind of agree about the FM13 match engine. Although I like the way the non-match-day side of the game has developed recently. Getting more complicated but also getting more possible to streamline the complexity to suit the bits that really interest you. These days you can play as a manager who doesn’t also have to be head of coaching, scouting, appointing the tea ladies or working out how many millions is ludicrous enough to tempt a particular player’s agent into convincing his client/slave to switch clubs. (Although I’m positively certain Harry Redknapp does do all of that stuff himself and would never accept any help – except from his dog, who signs the paperwork for him)

    Being able to dip into any of those things when you feel like it, but not being forced to, It feels like that side of the game has evolved a lot over the years. However, the match engine has always been a bit wonky ever since it moved from text to 2D.

    When they didn’t have to visualize anything, they only had to worry that their engine produced realistic results and realistic performance stats for the players. Now that there’s that much more detail in the feedback you get (with it being visual and 3D) they have to balance presenting something that looks like football, with running a simulation that gives satisfyingly realistic results without having to consider every kick, every run, every headbutt and every dive. So of course you get an uncanny compromise.

    However, the shameful truth for us die-hard FM fans is that we don’t buy the new versions for the tweaks to the engine, we buy them for the updates to the database because after a certain point it gets painful playing with outdated versions of players. There’s always some youngster who turns out to be a lot better or a lot worse than SI thought he was going to be and of course there are always transfers. Community database updates can never keep pace with the official versions, or even hope to include all the details from all the leagues. It’s no coincidence that SI employ more researchers than they do programmers or artists.

    And speaking of Gareth Bale, the one constant in FM games is the underrating of Spurs players. At least until they’ve gone somewhere else, then overnight they become world class!

  9. Thathanka says:

    Erm, this looks fucking brilliant. I may have to pull the old sheepskin coat on one more time.

  10. analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

    I love football but hate football sims. They player ratings are a joke, they weight players of the saddo w@nkstain supporters clubs, ie the big boys in such a biast way. I have seen a player that was a previous 89 drop to 71 on arriva(and that was speed FFS)l at a non trendy club(mine) and a player go from a 66 to an 81 on leaving even though they hadn’t played for six months previous.

    One big joke to appease sad spotty arsed people who don’t go and watch a local club LIVE.

    Sit at home and shoot virtual people in the face, FINE but go and watch your local team FFS!

    • Thathanka says:

      You obviously don’t know Football Manager or have any idea what you are talking about.

    • Danbanan says:

      You know nothing Jon Snow.

      That said maybe you should try actually playing the game =D

    • JamesTheNumberless says:

      My local team is Rapid Wien, I’d rather not!

      FM is a lot more accurate with stats than FIFA/etc but as I mentioned above, does suffer from the same issue of players stats being annoyingly off when they’re at less trendy teams.