We Are Floating In Space: PULSAR: Lost Colony

A ship viewed from another ship, yesterday
I swear, if one of the potentially awesome space adventure games in development doesn’t come out soon I might just explode. The problem is I’m so swollen with anticipation that I might just start another Big Bang, which would create another universe that doesn’t have these games in development. Just give me one right now! Like Pulsar: Lost Colony, a sort of first-person co-operative FTL that will let you and some space-chums take up specific roles of a spaceship while you go on an mission. You can be Captain, Pilot, Scientist, Weapons Specialist, or Engineer, each with a role to play in a hunt for the titular ‘Lost Colony’. Oh, it’ll be procedurally generated, too, but it’s not out until 2014. Boo! Footage below.

This is very much a game for Craig (That’s me! Hello!), but I’ll also allow others to be part of my crew, because I want the ship to be well looked after when I beam down to planets to Kirk it up. It’ll have AI to fill out the roles if needed, but I’d imagine I’ll keep this one for when I have friends online, so we can argue about who does what. I expect those arguments will hold a lot of weight when facing permadeath.

There’s a lot of info on the game’s Greenlight page, and I just endorsed it with my thumb.


  1. bikkebakke says:

    I got nothing else to say than that this looks incredibly fun… if I can get my friends to play it with me :<

  2. Cognitect says:

    I wish somebody would use the Space Engine in a game like this. I’ve been playing around with it lately, and it’s just bloody amazing.

    Space Engine – The XX
    Space Engine

  3. xfrog says:

    That looks interesting!

  4. Heavenfall says:

    There is an MMORPG called Allods Online that has you take a group onto a steampunk ship to fly around in “astral space” looking for PVE instances and PVP (ship to ship combat, very unforgiving). The ships had different roles that needed to be filled, such as shooting, steering, mapping and other things. It was an INCREDIBLE experience, in particular because the stakes were extremely high. If the ship was lost you would spend up to a week repairing it, and it cost a fortune. Any loot you found in the PVE instances had to be brought back home – if the ship was lost, you lost the loot. Mapping the “astral space” was incredibly arduous and it was very easy to get lost in space, eventually losing the ship due to hull damage or just giving up (that’s how huge the space part was). The space was re-generated each week or so.

    (Although incredible, Allods online chose to go into F2P hell and stayed there, do not play it!)

    Something that I feel very strongly about a title like this is that when you are designing a team-controlled ship like this game is attempting to, you are designing 5 games at once (one game for every important control bit). They are not mini-games, they each have to bring their own fascination to the controlling players. The cooperation between players is what glues it all together – “extra powers to weapons” and so on. But if each part in itself isn’t also a fun game, then the players will simply get bored, even if they can switch roles.

    I really hope these devs can put enough focus on the 5 classes to keep the game interesting on an individual level as well as a team level. That’s where Allods ultimately failed in its ship game – the roles were dull and repetitive for everyone except the captain for 95% of the time. Hopefully they can find a more interesting balance to make this into a great coop game.

    • 0positivo says:

      While the premise is definitively compelling, Allods (like most Mmos) had one big ugly flaw; you had to get to the interesting bits. And I swear that I tried… but after losing bored friend after bored friend to the neverending grind of a pointless leveling system in place only to make the experience take longer, I finally had to give up.
      I just watched a few (russian) videos of how it all worked, and wondered why it was wasted so

    • Behrditz says:

      There is also an MMO called like…Starquest Online or something. Its basically what people thought a Star Trek MMO would be. You control a single crew member, and man ships with fully modeled and customizable interiors. The concept is great. The problem is all its devs left, theres like 20 players left, and they have all devolved into just complete pvp chaos. Its one of those games where the players control everything, so even the tutorial ship is almost always disabled in space with no life support, or just plain old blown up. Also, the game looks like 1995. Its a shame.

  5. unmightysten says:

    I’m looking forward to another “Space Week!” when all of these games come out.

  6. VCepesh says:

    Even if it ends up as dreary and arcade-y as it looks, I am still up-voting this – if the genre enters a new renaissance, maybe someone eventually will make a space-sim that I will like.

  7. frightlever says:

    “I swear, if one of the potentially awesome space adventure games in development doesn’t come out soon I might just explode.”

    X: Rebirth will be out in a couple of months. Hope it’s good.

  8. Perjoss says:

    Going to rush home tonight after work and greenlight this thing in the face!

    First I’ve ever heard of it but I’m already super interested.

  9. Prolar Bear says:

    Ladies and gentlemen…

  10. Slabs says:

    I want to go to there.

  11. PopeRatzo says:

    Can I be evil stowaway?

  12. The Random One says:

    This is indeed a perfect game for Craig… because it isn’t out yet so it’s OK for him to not have played it. THANK YOU I’LL BE HERE ALL WEEK

  13. TokyoUD says:

    This is looking really neat. However, I would love to see the aesthetics of the game be reminiscent of sci-fi movies like Alien, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Event Horizon.

  14. geldonyetich says:

    … co-operative FTL…
    …procedurally generated…
    [video shows complexes to explore on planets].

    SOLD. I’d been wanting a game like this so much I’d been trying to make it sometimes. (Not that one should stop trying to make their dream game because somebody is making one similar.)

    Not out until 2014

    And there was much gnashing of teeth.

  15. slerbal says:

    I pressed the Yes! button on Greenlight so hard I almost broke my finger. Just a shame that is only a marginally useful thing to do. But regardless, I will be following development closely as if it achieves a fraction of what they are aiming for it should be highly entertaining.

    If the ambition of the game can fill the clothes well I’ll be ordering this as soon as I can.