Destruction On The Derwent: Grid 2

As the birthplace of the industrial revolution, Derby is no stranger to acrid fumes and the grinding progress of metal on metal. Perhaps that’s why it’s the place that cars choose to wage war against one another in designated arenas? Grid 2 has now added just such an arena, along with a suitably violent car to smash around in it. Oddly, Codemasters reckon the car-crashing facility is in Detroit but that seems unlikely. If this isn’t taking place in the East Midlands, I’ll eat a carburettor. If you’re still playing Grid 2, it should now contain more destruction. The Masters of Code have also added light modding support but I’ve yet to return to the game to check what that involves. Below you will find culture.

Is that the actual voice of a Monster Truck?


  1. rockman29 says:

    I feel like those monster trucks are going to solve crimes with that music…

  2. Bostec says:

    Somebody kickstart me a Destruction Derby 3! I loved that game. Stopping at a choke point on the map and watching as the 20 I think it was AI cars pile into you and fly around. Then wait for them to go around again and see which ones would blow up and become more fodder for the choke point, ah good times.

  3. Keyrock says:

    GRID2 is a definite disappointment in my book. It’s hard for me to put my finger on it, because it’s extremely similar to the first game, but GRID2 seems to retain all the frustrating elements of the first game, yet somehow lost much of the things that made its predecessor fun somehow.

    The most frustrating part about the games, both of them, is that they constantly stick you either dead last or close to it on the starting grid. This wouldn’t be such a problem if the races were longer, but the races are nearly exclusively quite short. On any of the higher difficulty settings you simply cannot wait for good passing opportunities and drive like a sane race car driver, if you do then the guys at the front of the pack will be so far ahead of you by the time the pack strings out and non-bonzai passes become feasible that it is simply physically impossible to catch them in the measly 3 laps or so they give you to work with. So basically you’re forced to repeatedly use up all your flashbacks then reload from the start while you bulldoze your way through the pack in the first few corners if you want to have any chance to win the race or even place on the podium. The other choice is to race on an easier difficulty setting, but what’s the fun of racing against cars that are significantly slower than you? If they only gave you a good 8 or 9 laps to work with, then working your way through the pack against aggressive drivers on the higher difficulty levels would be quite fun. As it is, racing in a sane manner on the higher difficulty settings is simply not an option, not unless you want to finish mid-pack at best.

  4. trjp says:

    I’m a massive driving game fan but I’m deterring from Grid2 by 2 things

    1 – it’s very quick fall out of the Top 100 Online games on Steam (e.g. no-one playing it)
    2 – the staggering amount of DLC they’re touting.

    In the sale earlier this week all the DLC cost more than the game!

    After the Dirt3 debacle, I’m not getting back into that sort of nonsense – so I’ll wait for the GOTY/Gold version thanks…

    • bstard says:

      Isn’t that the faith of every racing game? Seems the racing croud wants something new, good looking. Plays it for a week or two and then moves on. Thats why, imo, the game are hollow, fast, with lots of intermezzo bullcrap instead of proper racing. Like MP tournament builing, or MP AI fillup.

      • Derppy says:

        The racing game I want just hasn’t been made yet.

        Simulators are boring as hell, I don’t find race tracks interesting or thrilling at all. It’s nice to improve your time, but I want more than that. I want escapism, being able to do the things I want to do when I’m driving a real car, but can’t, because they are too dangerous to myself and others.

        However, if I go for a game with more interesting setting that’s closer to what I have IRL, it’s extremely arcade. I don’t feel like driving a car in Need for Speed or Burnout, where driving at high speeds through traffic and tight corners is easy, crashing doesn’t matter and losing grip/control is impossible.

        When it comes to the actual cars, of course I want to try a Ferrari or Bugatti, but it’s meaningless when there’s no variety. I need cars I can relate to and practice with, anything from my crappy Saab 900, to some new Audi A6, to the ridiculous supercars.

        So far GTA IV with the realistic driving mod offers closest to what I want, but it’s still very arcade and it’s not even a racing game. If someone made a similar game, but shifted all the focus to the cars and realistic driving, I’d probably buy it in a heartbeat.

        Test Drive tried and I loved their attention to detail when it came to the various cars, but the absolutely awful handling/physics made it all irrelevant.

        I guess what I’m saying is that I want a realistic racing game with lots of variety, open roads and freedom. No sign of such yet.

  5. nrvsNRG says:

    *supposed to be reply to trjp. All the cars in multiplayer can be unlocked by leveling and the add on cars you can buy for the singleplayer portion are not necassary, ive bought all the add on cars because i love the game but never really us them. Also FYI, there is always people online to play with.

  6. kalniel says:

    Well that Derwent well, but nothing about RAMming? Disappointing.

  7. orange_lazarus says:

    Just registered (longtime lurker/ Detroit suburbanite) to let everyone know Detroit Lakes, Minnesota is not Detroit, Michigan. Two VERY different places with about 800 miles between them. That is all.