Pixeljunk Inc. Looks Brothy Brilliant

This looks souper.
All of RPS was distracted by a bee when Pixeljunk Inc. was announced in March, which is thoroughly embarrassing because I’d have loved to have known about it sooner. I only discovered it because some previews are starting to drift out and it sounds delightful: a co-operative game of soup-making and world terraforming. You build giant Rube Goldberg soup-making machines in what appears to be a Terraria-ish procedurally generated world. You carve out caverns with lasers, gather ingredients, make soup, and fight off the animals that are living in the place you just tore up because their ecosystem is now part of your consommé. Why is this soup so special? Because you need to send it into space, silly.

I can think of no better reason to destroy a world than for the production Space Soup. But that’s just a McGuffin to get you into the world. The ecosystem is really what drives this: animals move about off-screen, reclaiming what you’ve drilled out, fighting, and eating each other. There’s even a suggestion that they’ll evolve. With so much going on, you’ll need to automate some systems, using the factory’s programmable robots to help gather flora while you defend the factory. It sounds delightful, and unlike their previous games this is being developed as a PC game first.

Via Polygon, who got to play it and make me jealous.


  1. iucounu says:

    Hey, I also just discovered Pixeljunk Monsters – which is my favourite ever tower defence game – came out on Steam last week.

    • alexrok says:

      I had no idea Pixel Junk: Monsters was out on PC. Insta-buy!
      My friend and I have spent countless hours playing it on the PS3 – I was terribly bothered that I needed a PSP / Vita to get all the content. SO HAPPY :D

  2. HexagonalBolts says:

    this sounds absolutely bloody amazing

  3. fauxC says:

    I’ve definitely heard about this before, and I would only have heard about it on RPS, so I’m pretty sure *someone* resisted the bee distraction, but I can’t think who.

  4. shadowmarth says:

    Saw it at PAX, it always looked really freakin’ cool, but was also always occupied! The Zachtronics booth on the other hand was always easy to get into and the full demo was fun as heck! Bought ironclad tactics, will probably buy this.

  5. KirbyEvan says:

    Man, the title made Feel Good Inc. get stuck in my head again.


  6. purex. says:

    “…unlike their previous games this is being developed as a PC game first.”

    This makes me very happy, for some reason.

  7. Dances to Podcasts says:

    “But that’s just a McGuffin to get you into the world.”

    Pft. Clearly it’s a metaphor for our dependence of oil and its consequences.

  8. DatonKallandor says:

    Did they ever get around to making Pixeljunk Dungeon, the RPG? I kind of lost sight of them after Pixeljunk whatever-the-spaceship-game-was-called.

  9. ulix says:

    PixelJunk are pretty awesome. Especially PixelJunk Shooter, which was one of the, if not the, best indie game of 2009. Shooter 2 had too much focus on action, and not enough puzzles, but it was still a solid game.

    Eden before that was great of course, and apparently Monsters is great as well.

    Sidescroller and Racer however I wouldn’t recommend.

    Some random Trivia: Dylan Cuthbert, boss of Pixeljunk, is Shigeru Miyamoto’s son in law.

  10. Lemming says:

    They really need to do a Pixel junk humble bundle with all their games. Or even a collector’s disc.

  11. Don Reba says:

    it sounds delightful: a co-operative game of soup-making and world terraforming

    Checked who wrote the article. To my surprise, it was not Cara.

    That “to be continue” at the end — they could not avoid sneaking some engrish in there.

  12. MadTinkerer says:

    I was just playing Waking Mars and I realized it’s almost like a prequel to this game. I can just imagine what it would be like after the Pixeljunk Inc. characters are done with a level, and then the Waking Mars characters come back and are horrified by the ecological devastation and a giant soup factory plunked down in the middle of their precious alien ecosystem they worked to hard to grow… Heehee. :)

    • hemmingjay says:

      You, sir, are quite drunk I think……and I approve of your drunken gaming and roundabout thoughts. Cheers!

  13. Clone42 says:

    Holy crap, it’s Clonk (link to clonk.de) in space with controls that don’t suck. I am excited.

  14. mr.black says:

    “..and fight monsters…”
    Hurumph. I’d so much like a game where there’s no one who wants to kill you. I just want to explore and build!