Will This Be A Cornerstone Of PC Gaming?

Ascension Games send word of their forthcoming first title, a third-person action RPG with cartoony visuals called Cornerstone: The Song Of Tyrim – a fine pair of videos of which you can see below. I particularly like its cell-shaded isles, jutting up out of a bright blue sea. Lovely. The developers describe the combat in Cornerstone as a blend of DarkSouls and Wind Waker, and says that games in both series informed their approach to Cornerstone, with non-linear progression, worlds that reward exploration, and all items in the world being manipulable physics objects.

Impressive claims. There’s no date on it yet, but it’s been confirmed for Windows, Linux and OSX. Presumably another Unity game, then, eh?

The game is heading towards Kickstarter in a couple of weeks, and I think it could do rather well.


  1. MegaAndy says:

    Want !

  2. Totally heterosexual says:

    The game is called Tyrim.

    It stars the hero Agonborn.

    • misterT0AST says:

      Actually, in all seriousness, the name of this game is similar enough to Bethesda’s game “Scrolls” to confuse customers. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pressed charges.

    • SominiTheCommenter says:

      Us Uh Ah!

    • Turkey says:

      I used to be an unventurer like you, but I took a barrow to the knoo.

    • The Random One says:

      It seems they’re trying to pull a cunning stunt.

  3. Dermott says:

    It had a Kickstarter already, but their first attempt did fail – more here: link to indiecrowd.de and here link to kickstarter.com

    Hopefully they succeed this time. It was a bit clunky last time i played but the look and feel wasnt bad. i would back it again

  4. Eclipse says:

    seems a clunkier and less polished version of Wind Waker. Btw this game is not cel-shaded, and it’s called CEL shading, not cell ;)

    • RProxyOnly says:

      The game isn’t, but some of the effects are.. the (same as wind walker) explosions when the barrel blew in the 2nd vid, but in general you’re right.

      I totally agree about clunky BTW.

  5. timtim says:

    Pre-Alpha means it’s “not even close” to finished, being indie means you have to show your game long before you want to……

    • RProxyOnly says:

      Agreed (apart from an indie ‘having’ to show it, plenty of indie stuff has just suddenly landed) it’s certainly not indicative of final gameplay… but being SO rough around the edges is pretty harmful to opinion, some are likely to ignore it now.

    • jontaguse says:

      Thank you for that! It’s completely true, this game is far from finished
      It’s made huge changes since the last Kickstarter

    • gunny1993 says:

      Good to know someones got out there and defined what alpha is … then made everyone legally obliged to follow those definitions.

      I mean it would be really annoying if companies just started labeling stuff pre-alpha so they could excuse why their games look bad.

  6. Hypnotron says:

    – classic puzzle mechanics for defeating enemies
    – reminds me of Zelda crossed with Looney Tunes. They should pursue that angle more

    – lethargic. feels like everything is moving in slow motion
    – baddies seem more dumb than evil and player character more of a prick than a virtuous hero… like Road Runner beating up on poor old Wile E. Coyote. It’s detracting from the David v Goliath appeal.

    • Hypnotron says:

      incidentally it’s one of the reasons I think Bugs Bunny although an extremely well know character, is not well loved.

    • Hypnotron says:

      but what do i know! : )

      Maybe an underlying theme of your game is the war against the stupid. The risk there is as I talked about before… your main character just doesn’t become very likeable. What if there is a mechanic to convert baddies, educate them and teach them the error of their ways, take them down the path to enlightenment, open their third eye with…er.. plant products?

      meh, I’m just rambling again. :)

      • timtim says:

        That’s probably what the game is about….. xD.

      • SominiTheCommenter says:

        If only we could talk to the monsters…

      • The Random One says:

        Road Runner never lifted a finger against Wile E. Coyote. You are out of your gourd, sir.

  7. Sardaukar says:

    Turrent Plants

  8. Cik says:

    So a mixture of a Public Broadcasting Station cartoon show and Wizards Online is certainly the direction of rpg gaming, for sure.

  9. Gomer says:

    The music on the first trailer is an interesting derivative of John Powell’s track “See you Tomorrow” from the “How to Train to your Dragon” score.