Cameo Man: Lego Marvel Super Heroes

The headline may well give away the identity of the latest addition to the Lego Marvel Super Heroes roster but I’m not going to tell you who it is here. The video below explains all and, in its gleeful enthusiasm, makes the game seem like one of the most enticing prospects on the release horizon. I’ve been playing lots of Saints Row IV recently and, as my muscular goth hobo was plummeting from an enormous alien tower, I realised that the Lego games and the Saints Row series have a great deal in common. They both favour a toybox approach to play, forgoing mechanical complexity, and instead piling on ideas, characters, customisation and objectives until only Alan Apathy could be bored. Mr Apathy is not on the Marvel roster.

Living the dream. Actually, about a thousand dreams all at the same time.

We have to wait until November 15th to play. When I say ‘we’, I mean people residing in Europe. Those America-side can play from October 18th apparently. That makes sense.


  1. welverin says:

    That’s more than the usual three days, are they sending it over the internet by steamship?

    • Optimaximal says:

      The practice is so out-moded, I’m going to say ‘Under-manned Viking Longboat’!

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      They’ll probably stop off at the bay of pirates before they make it to England.

  2. Orazio Zorzotto says:

    As much as I enjoy Lego games, I have to admit that they’re pretty shitty at being Lego games. In fact, they’re pretty much the anti-Lego. Instead of using your imagination to build things you use mindless button mashing to destroy things.

    Oh well, I’ll buy any half decent game with Spider-Man in it.

    • gunny1993 says:

      Lego fully encourage the use of imagination …. but only when you buy the bricks and pre defined sets XD

      • Optimaximal says:

        That’s rubbish. LEGO actively encourage imagination from start to finish. Why else would they continue to produce huge boxes of just bricks and offer tools like link to and link to

        It’s not really their fault they had to fall back on licensing to make their company profitable.

        • gunny1993 says:

          Yes I was taking the piss, sorry I thought that was obvious.

          • Grayvern says:

            Creativity is overrated in light of the Lego Super Star Destroyer, but only if you are willing to sell organs.

  3. YoungSeal says:

    So I guess I should buy it if I’m still enjoying it after a month?

  4. greg_ritter says:

    > They both favour a toybox approach to play, forgoing mechanical complexity, and instead piling on ideas, characters, customisation and objectives until only Alan Apathy could be bored.

    Hm. The difference between LEGO games and Saint’s Row games is that LEGO games are good and SR are not.
    LEGO is a lovely world of toys, pop-culture and lovable heroes, it’s childish in a good way.
    SR is a mess, crude, unfunny, not charming at all. It’s childish in a horrible way, like torturing a stray cat for fun.
    But alas, it’s just my opinion.

    • The Random One says:

      I’m not surprised you didn’t enjoy them if you approached them as childish toyboxes. SRIV is the most mature AAA game I’ve played in ten years.

      • greg_ritter says:

        Define “mature”.
        Abundance of dicks and sex doesn’t make it mature.

        • Vandelay says:

          I would say it is mature in much the same way as South Park is. I’ve only played The Third, but it definitely does satire far better than the GTA games, a series I would say is far closer to the teenage vision of mature that you are accusing SR of being.

  5. hypercrisis says:

    I’ll never understand RPS fetish for these games. It was amusing for the first couple of games, but since then its just the same button mashing formulaic tedium. Great for kids, sure, but come on–surely there are more ambitious directions they could go?

    • mechabuddha says:

      I dunno, I kind of like that it doesn’t change very much between games. I know exactly what I’m going to get when I buy one of these. And I still enjoy button-mashing destruction every once in a while, but don’t necessarily want to do so in the exact same setting as last time.

    • Jackablade says:

      They’re oddly addictive. I played so many and for so long on my XBox that I wore a groove in the rubber surface of the joystick from doing the picking up studs dance (Also good for certain nightclubs).

      The Lego games are great for unwinding after a stressful day. They’re so simple that you can pretty much zone out and crash through the world watching the pretty colours and there’s definitely something cathartic about the way things explode. As a bonus, they’re also genuinely funny at times.

  6. GallonOfAlan says:

    Regarding LEGO games not ‘being LEGO games’ – I presume this means that there’s not a lot of free-form building. There isn’t, and I for one say GOOD. LEGO games where you can actually build things exist, and you haven’t heard of them because they’re shit. The only thing that has worked in any way in this regard is Minecraft.

  7. Prime says:

    Having played over half a dozen of these Lego games I’m now really worried I’m entirely sick of picking up studs (and in the game). It’s gone way beyond obsessive compulsion, surely? But all games nowadays seemingly must provide the default unlockables economy, don’t they? *Sigh*

    All my love and affection to the first game that provides the player all the tools/character/levels FROM THE START, without reflecting that horrific ‘real life’, ‘work to earn it’ economy we’re all stuck in.

    • jrodman says:

      I demand the convenience of my studs hooking up with each other on their own. I just want to effortlessly watch it happen.

  8. adonf says:

    If the game is coming out on the PC at the same time it comes out on consoles then it kinda makes sense to publish it in one region at a time, as TRCs for each region can vary quite a bit with the other regions. It’s easier for them to get certified for one region before they start working on the next region.

  9. Aardvarkk says:

    I really like the idea of making Stan Lee a super hero. I wish his powers were closer to his real life super powers though. The ability to draw a wall and have it become real, or sketch a giant fist to drop out of the sky, that would seem more fitting.