I Like Big Bots: Hawken Ascension Upate Trailer

I have a mild form of social anxiety that manifests itself in a very specific way: I don’t like arriving to parties or events after a lot of people have already turned up. I’d much rather arrive with friends. It’s just one of the many ways I’m like a giant killertronic death-bot from the future, because the recent Hawken update has dropped in a party mode. It allows a borg of mechs to join multiplayer servers together, ensuring everyone arrives as a group and that no-one is left out. Sounds wonderful to me. Other additions include a new map, a new mech, and offline team deathmatch.

Well, other big additions. The under-the-hood tweaks go on and on and on, rewiring a lot of the game’s systems. The HUD has been rewritten, there’s a new leveling scheme that unlocks new mechs as you play, so you don’t need to spent any real-world or in-game currency.

The new map, Last Eco, is a nice departure from the grim, metallic city-scapes that you fight in, with the bots tearing up one of the remaining chunks of verdant ground in the world.

The biggest addition that changes how robots smash things is the new slot system. It allows you to fit items to your chassis as long as you have the slots available. The trade-off being that more powerful items require larger slots. I’m going to use this patch as an opportunity to reacquaint myself with the game.


  1. golem09 says:

    Also finally Oculus support. Now I can try this.

    • Clavus says:

      Indeed. Been waiting for this since I got my Rift back in May.

      • mwoody says:

        Oh wow, it’s finally in? If I were to sign up or preorder or something, could I get in the beta? I’ve been collecting tech demos for when people stop by; could use something with gameplay.

  2. Gap Gen says:

    I salute your title pun. Fine work.

    • Craig Pearson says:

      I’ve had that one in my head for a while. Just been waiting for a mech story.

      Now it’s for everyone.

      • Gap Gen says:

        You should have made Jim record it as the end credits song of Sir. Or maybe he did, I haven’t finished it yet.

      • Henke says:

        Bravo sir! That is _the best_ headline. The best.

    • hemmingjay says:

      Just a fantastic pun. You are a world class punter……..errr, wait………sorry.

      • luckystriker says:

        You meant to say, Craig Pearson should be punning for England.

        Thank you. (apologies to Craig if he isn’t English)

    • IonTichy says:

      yeah, thanks for getting dat beat stuck in my head again

      “I like big puns…”

  3. Christo4 says:

    This patch looks pretty neat! I played some hawken before but i found it kinda boring, maybe with this patch it will be worth another shot,

  4. Wisq says:

    I miss the days when multiplayer shooter games put everyone on level footing from the outset, rather than locking away 95%+ of the game functionality and drip-feeding it to create an artificial sense of progress and keep you hooked.

  5. The_Great_Skratsby says:

    That’s pretty swish, seeing how MechWarrior Online is a mess I feel compelled to get back into this. Hope there’s some fellow ‘Stralians playing it at the moment.

    • Napoleon15 says:

      Is it really that bad these days? I used to play it a lot, and then got bored because I wasn’t playing in a group and anybody not in a group got stomped.

  6. waaaaaaaals says:

    The one thing they very carefully avoid mentioning in that video is that you need to pay meteor credits (i.e. real money) to convert extra exp on a max level unit to a form of exp that you can use to level other units.

    • Retorrent says:

      It cost like five bucks for two days time for xp transfer, which is completely optional. Anyone who would pay for this service already has a max level mech or two and a ton of xp that has just been pooling for the last few months like myself. I was in there advance beta for this patch and I was able to test the xp transfer and with my current pool I was able to max out 3 mechs that I had sitting at various levels. Granted I could have just played those mechs and grinded them up to max level but 5 bucks for a convenience was not all that expensive.

  7. DonkeyCity says:

    Have people been able to sign up for a Hawken account recently? I’ve tried intermittently for months and it never sends me the email to confirm a new account. I’d love to try it out, but I assumed that Beta registrations were halted or something.

    • Retorrent says:

      Games been in open beta for a while now meaning anyone can sign up and play. Maybe your getting your email sent to a spam filter or something. I had a friend who signed on a week ago and he got in no problem.

  8. ScruZer says:

    wow what a blatant ripoff titanfall is. Turns out it was so special afterall.

  9. Landshark says:

    Did nobody else notice that the Hawken Ascension patch/update was delayed until September 10th? They announced the delay yesterday, a day before this article was posted.

    • AsianJoyKiller says:

      It was delayed, but in the mean time all players can download a temporary build of Ascension (Progress made in the temporary build will not be saved.) and help stress test it during the weekend, so that those sorts of problems will hopefully be ironed out before the patch hits.

  10. AsianJoyKiller says:

    This patch will change Hawken into a less competitive game, and the major problem I personally have is that they’ve made far too casual friendly and added a slew of mechanics that cater to the lowest common denominator.

    They’ve also implemented a vertical progression system, which is actually something they’ve said in the past that they would not do. They stated the reason their doing this is because they want to appeal to more people and give people a sense of progression and attachment. Of course this ignores the fact that progression doesn’t need to be vertical and award power for merely playing longer than someone else.

    Adhesive says competitive support isn’t out of the question, but HWK has laid off both people, HWK Hugs and HWK Jody, who were in charge of handling competitive aspects, and they have not stated any actual planning for it, and they have been dumbing down mechanics making the game easier (lower skill ceiling) which means skilled players don’t have much room to grow their skills.

    • AsianJoyKiller says:

      I should clarify.

      While I’m a critic of the changes they’ve made, and I’m sure that they’re destructive for the competitive future of Hawken, and bad in general for highly skilled players, I’m guessing that many people will find the game fun.

      Adhesive isn’t “ruining” Hawken, merely turning it into something that I don’t like as much.

      At the very least, there’s no P2W features (and even if your definition of P2W expands all the way out to experience boosters, it’d still be a reach to call it P2W), and it has a fairly unique feel to it (much faster and more dynamic than MWO. It’s a shooter with a mech skin, not a mech “sim”.).

      • particle says:

        There really isn’t much of a competitive scene lets be real here. The game is pretty dead in comparison to just about everything out there. High tier players wait ages to get into a game. Pulling in a bigger crowd (the casuals) would hopefully sky rocket Hawkens popularity.

        • AsianJoyKiller says:

          It’s true that there isn’t much of a comp scene, but that’s due more to it’s status as a game that’s in beta (an actual beta). My point is, that they’re taking a lot of actions that will make it hard, if not impossible, to foster a competitive scene in the future.