Worlds Of Magic Shows Worlds, Magic, Of

We’ve previously discussed how the forthcoming TBS Worlds Of Magic might be a successor to Master of Magic, and now the game has materialised on Greenlight, which will no doubt prompt more such discussion. You can see a video of the alpha below, and their forums have details of the orders they’re taking for different tiers (Kickstarter style) of their alpha funding campaign. Magic? Or just a rabbit in a hat?


  1. golem09 says:

    Worlds Of Magic Shows Worlds off, Magic
    Tell me my english is good enough that I was right in spotting this missed opportunity.

    • salena012 says:

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  2. wodin says:

    Hoping this is a big success for my good mate Les..

  3. doomtrader says:

    Thanks wodin!

  4. nimbulan says:

    I can’t believe they’re still using a square grid for this. I thought all game developers had finally realized that hexes are better for strategy games.

    In any case, a few years ago I would have been exited about this, but being in the same release window as Age of Wonders 3 is not a good place to be. All the information I’ve seen makes that game look much better than this one.

    • Strangerator says:

      Something about the world map having square tiles is more aesthetically appealing. When the grid is turned off, I always prefer the look of square tiled maps, and they are a bit easier to use with the grid turned off. Not only that, but Worlds of Magic still uses stack based combat, since combat takes place separately from the campaign map. I personally find the recent trend of hex-gridding to be a bit overrated, but others seem to like it.

  5. GuillaumeJ says:

    Since Fallen Enchantress : Legendary Heroes, I’m missing Master of Magic a lot less
    If only it could have orcs and elves and dwarfs..

  6. Dariune says:

    I have to say I am quite excited about this. Fallen Enchantress scratched the itch but there is plenty of room for another game like this. I love them when they are done well.

    Good luck to them I say.

    • squareking says:

      Actually, I’d say there are just the right number of fantasy TBS titles out now. We don’t have enough hard scifi TBS out now.

      What I’m saying is, the only alpha I’d like now is Alpha Centauri, is what I’m saying.

  7. wodin says:

    With Wastelands background and love of wargames that trailer did look alot more wargame like well the battlemap anyway than any other recent 4X game. Looked like some kind of historical ancient warfare set up. Would e cool if the fighting was more wargamey (not a word) than other titles.

  8. PegasusOrgans says:

    Well, ACTUALLY, they already had a Kickstarter campaign. I guess not everyone can keep track of these things. Looks great. I adored MoM. Got it the day of release. Played it like stink…. Age of Wonders never got the formula the way MoM did… I’ve been waiting since for something that captures the essence of it, much like I’ve been waiting for a game to do the same for X-Com and Dungeon Keeper. Funny that all 3 of the most serious attempts to imitate the originals all had Kickstarter campaigns. “War for the Overworld”, “Xenonauts” and “Worlds of Magic”. Hopefully they all deliver cuz I need an old school strategy fix.

  9. doomtrader says:

    Well, we have decided to go with the squares instead of hexes, just because the old good Master of Magic did it. There are of course pros and cons of that choice but I really believe this option fits the game well.

    Age of Wonders 3 seems to be a great game, and no doubt I will spend many days playing it, but from what I see the scale is less epic.

  10. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    The battles in these types of games always look so flat. I do prefer hexes over squares, but either way I wish the battles weren’t always so flat.