Dream A Little Dream: Lucid – The Awakening

I wrote about first-person frightener Lucid: The Awakening last week, right before the game’s Kickstarter began. With only a fortnight-long funding period, the project has just over a week left to raise half of its required funding. That may sound difficult but the overall goal was only $2,000, which would apparently be enough to pay the core team a wage, allowing them to work full-time creating a beta version by mid-October. Whether they’d need more money to continue working on the rest of the game full-time after that isn’t clear, but the stretch goals suggest that is the case. Given the close proximity of the beta, it’d be encouraging to see a fully in-game video rather than the same trailer released before the campaign began. Here it is, in case you missed it.

On a related note, I was at a BAFTA event last week listening to The Chinese Room talking about their journey from university-bound experimental mod team to Machinists for Pigs, and their work with Sony beyond tomorrow’s release of the Amnesia follow-up. Check back for Jim’s thoughts on that one later this afternoon.

As I mingled, drink in hand, I spotted a chap wearing a t-shirt that said ‘DREAM’ on the front and it turned out he was, as I had suspected, the developer of this creepy first-person exploration game. I’ve had a brief look at the early access version and it’s an interesting project.

More on that soon.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    Oh go on then – gave it a back

  2. Echo_Hotel says:

    I don’t get the fear factor here, maybe I’m a prodigy or maybe I’ve just taken far too many naps but the control I have in dreams has always been far and away greater than anything in any FPS more like Skyrim with all the mods put in at the same time…
    Heck my last “Back in school but I forgot my homework” arcitype dream ended with me giving my 10th grade english teacher a Shoryuken in the middle of class.
    Dreams aren’t scary yo.

  3. Amun says:

    I didn’t think a machine for pigs was all that good. =/