Obviously Obscure: Final Exam

Final Exam is the sort-of follow-up to Obscure, which was a co-operative survival horror game set in a high school that you probably don’t remember. There was even a sequel but I don’t know a great deal about that. The change of name seems sensible because Final Exam looks more like Splatterhouse than Resident Evil, although it does still have a co-operative mode, with up to four players pummelling monsters together, using powers of dubious origin. Why does a dumb jock suddenly have the ability to pound the ground so hard that earthquakes immediately occur? I don’t know. Toxic waste? Sorcery? The eighties? The game looks tolerably diverting in the trailer below, although I started replying to emails before it was over, which isn’t usually a good sign.

I was confused as to why the rocket launchers were referred to as ‘mighty’ twice. Not that I’d pick a fight with one, but the designation seemed odd. Then I started adding the tags to the story and realised the developers are called Mighty Rocket, so there you go. It’s an intertextual trailer, a metadvert. Game’s out in November.


  1. Iamerror says:

    A pity, Obscure wasn’t a terrible game and something of a rarity in terms of style and mood, would have liked to see another game like it.

    • Triplanetary says:

      Yeah, I bought Obscure on GOG (it’s no longer available for sale there, sadly, but those of us who bought it while we could are still able to download it, thankfully). The acting is predictably bad, the controls a bit wonky, but overall it was pretty fun. Roaming the halls of a high school with a shotgun, dealing with monsters and creepers…

      …and in the game.

  2. BooleanBob says:

    Is it really fair to blame the developers for our 21st century attention spans, though? I’m liable to start replying to emails before I even finish the sentence I’m

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