Sounding The Horn: LOTRO Rides To Helm’s Deep

We all know how the story of Rohan plays out, and in November The Lord Of The Rings Online will allow you to play out that story. The Helm’s Deep expansion is a great big piece of work for the MMO, including the famous siege itself, and a raise of the level cap to 95. It’s not unpricey, though, with the basic edition ringing in at a hefty £29.99.

More details below.

The expansion arrives November 18th, and comes in two eye-wateringly expensive flavours:

PREMIUM EDITION – $59.99, €53,99, £44.99

Features all Helm’s Deep content, with level cap increase. This edition also grants these great items:

Armour of the Hammerhand – an exclusive full set of Rohirrim cosmetic armour
+10 quest log slots
Crystal of Remembrance – adds one additional legacy to your legendary weapon
Helm’s Deep Title – Helm’s Enforcer
Helm’s Deep Title – Helm’s Avenger
2000 Turbine points

Pre-purchasers will also receive these items that can be used immediately in the game:

Shield of the Hammerhand (Statted Cloak +25%XP, scales to level of wearer)
Exclusive War-steed Bundle (The Steed of the Hammerhand) – an exclusive Rohirrim mount with matching War-Steed appearance

BASE EDITION – $39.99, €35,99, £29.99

Features all Helm’s Deep content, with level cap increase. Also grants these items:

Hauberk of the Hammerhand – an exclusive Rohirrim cosmetic chest piece
Helm’s Deep Title: Helm’s Enforcer
1000 Turbine points

Pre-purchasers will also receive these items that can be used immediately in the game:

Token of Hornburg (+25% Monster XP)
The Steed of the Hammerhand – an exclusive Rohirrim Mount


Top comments

  1. Maxheadroom says:

    I didnt even realise this was still running.

    I always found amusing that instead of a health bar you had 'moral', and instead dying when it ran out you just got a bit sad and went home.
  1. huldu says:

    No changes to leveling 1-50? Always found it quite dull and boring. Having played the game during its (original)beta and a few months after launch it wasn’t bad. However I tried to play the f2p once and it was pretty much the same experience, which was a bit of a let down. Personally I prefer if they at least try to “spice” up the leveling content instead of just adding +X levels every now and then. As it stands right now I just don’t see a reason to come back and play it.

    As a note I really like their f2p system as it actually encourages you to subscribe, that’s quite rare in most f2p mmo’s nowadays.

    • hemmer says:

      I tried it when the Mines of Moria expansion came out and it was great, by then they’d already made massive changes to the 1-50 content since beta.
      Never before or since have I had such a wonderful community to play with and so many creative and truly great dungeons. An absolute pleasure.
      At least until European support switched from Codemasters to Turbine and my Lifetime subscription was ‘lost’.
      Then came F2P and some half-assed content and it’s pretty much been downhill since apparently. At least that’s what some of my friends tell me who are still playing it all the same. DEM MMOS!

    • spectone says:

      I’m having this problem with levelling at the moment. It all feels so grindy. I’m trying to make it 40.

    • Iaksones says:

      Well, they’re totally reworking all the classes skills & traits. That might change up the 1-50 leveling experience. Not what you level through per se, but what you level with.

      Post 50, Moria’s been revamped. Evendim was revamped in early ’11.

    • glocks4interns says:

      They’ve done work over the years on 1-50. They’ve remade about half the zones involved. 1-40 is really smooth now. 40-50 is kind of awkward. They also re-did Moria, I just went through it for the first time in a while and it is so much better. I’m now in RoI content for the first time and it is really, really good. I recommend checking out the game again.

  2. Syra says:

    Surprised to hear this game still exists and isn’t a mess of microtransactions!

    That said, 30quid for an expansion on a very old mmo…? Not impressed.

  3. aliksy says:

    Was there no gameplay footage in that trailer? From what I remember of LotrO, it was very old timey without any active dodging or animations-that-are-necessarily-in-sync-with-the-server’s-truth.

  4. Maxheadroom says:

    I didnt even realise this was still running.

    I always found amusing that instead of a health bar you had ‘moral’, and instead dying when it ran out you just got a bit sad and went home.

    • Eleryn says:

      This is because in Tolkein’s World, there are no ways to “resurrect” someone from death. And they do (at least, did) follow the lore very strictly, so isntead of running out of health and dying, you run out of morale and are forced to retreat. Healing is “bolstering the spirit” or morale of your fellow players.

      I think its actually quite a novel way of explaining the “Resurrection” mechanic to fit into the tolkein universe.

      • Skull says:

        How does one explain how Gandalf came back from the dead? I mean, changing the colour of your clothes seems to be all it takes to beat death.

        • moondog548 says:

          GEEK TIME!!!!!

          Gandalf is a demi-god, essentially an angel, not a human. He was resurrected by Eru Illuvatar i.e. GAWD HISSELF in order to complete his quest.

          Coming back from the dead is something that otherwise has only happened once or twice (and one of them was a ret-con because Tolkien accidentally used an Elf’s name twice and decided it was cool).

          • jalf says:

            Oh, really? I did not know that.

            Just like Starbuck then? :p

          • moondog548 says:

            Ha! I didn’t think of it that way before, but yeah, it’s a lot like nuStarbuck ;p :spoilers:

      • Banyan says:

        I’ve seen a few players in-game who complained that it didn’t make sense that a minstrel playing a song “healed.” Explaining that they aren’t “healing”, but “encouraging”, usually resulted in an “Ohhhh”

      • spectone says:

        It is a bit strange when the Orcs beat you to a pulp then all run away and leave you alone because you ran out of morale. Why don’t they just finish the job?

        When I shoot a Hillman does he die or lose morale? Because he will later “respawn” in the same area.

        What about the time differences? Bree is set in one period and Rohan in a later period. Yet it is easy to travel between these areas set in different periods of the story.

        These and many other MMO tropes drive me to distraction while playing sometimes.

        • Bastimoo says:

          to be fair, if they would introduce something like ‘phasing’ from wow, where you are in a different version of a town/area; bree would be a vasted place for the greater part of the game. This way everyone can play together, and it is great for low level roleplayers, too, of which you still find plenty if you look for them :)

  5. Kelron says:

    Seems pricey for an expansion.

    The game is definitely worth checking out though, if you have any interest in theme park type MMOs. You won’t find revolutionary new ideas but it’s a very enjoyable, well-crafted game.

    • Banyan says:

      Yeah, that price point is definitely aimed at people with low impulse control. I would imagine that premium/subscription players will have enough Turbine points lying around to buy the expansion outright, while serious F2Pers are probably already grinding the TP for a day one purchase.

      I bounced off every MMORPG I’ve tried, except LOTRO. I realized when I felt a little thrill when Tom Bombadil gave me a quest to gather lilies for the River-daughter that (1) I am a huge Tolkien nerd and (2) that I would be spending a lot of time in that game. Probably the friendliest community I’ve seen in an MMORPG, great lore for Tolkien fans, and the Warden doesn’t play like any character class I’ve seen elsewhere. And the microtransaction model is fairly unobtrusive, in comparison to others I’ve seen. I’ve got very little negative to say about this game.

  6. King in Winter says:

    This expansion’s “big features” are the big battles ie Helm’s Deep, which they’ve explained little of so far, and total class revamp. They are going to replace the pick-your-traits tech with trait trees, a choice of three trees per class. Some have likened it to Turbine trying to pull a NGE (on a six year old game).

  7. fauzsp says:

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  8. Enkinan says:

    I started playing LOTRO just after F2P and ended up subscribing and spending ungodly amounts of money on cosmetics. I quit just before Rohan came out but it really was a very well done MMO world with a great community. I decided I will probably revisit at some point in the future just to go through the rest of the story.