Wow: Hyper Light Drifter Is Diablo Meets Link To The Past

Meets Neon Genesis Evangelion, apparently.

Oh. Oh my. That is the second post I’ve introduced with those words today, but that does not (necessarily!) mean I’m creatively bankrupt. Rather, it’s been a very good time for brilliantly impressive games that just sort of appear out of nowhere. First Eden Star took me entirely by surprise with its runleaping Minecraft’s Edge antics, and now Hyper Light Drifter is dazzling me with glorious grimdarkpink art and music provided by Fez chiptune maestro Disasterpeace. Oh, and then there is this: “It plays like the best parts of A Link to the Past and Diablo, evolved: lightning fast combat, more mobility, an array of tactical options, more numerous and intelligent enemies, and a larger world with a twisted past to do it all in.” Mmmmmmmm, yes. Good. Goooooooood.

Yep, OK. I’m on board. Sign me up. By which I apparently mean “remove money from my wallet and insert it into your dungeon-dwelling bubble gum disco ball piggy bank,” because this one’s currently on Kickstarter. After only a day, it’s already passed its initial goal of $27,000, so that’s an excellent sign.

The plan is to release in June of 2014, with a beta taking place sometime in the run-up to that. Personally, I’d like more details before I’m entirely sold, but the sparkling specks developer Heart Machine has already doled out already have me starry eyed. Crazy dashing, a personalized companion drone who manages your inventory and seeks out hidden paths, and all sorts of upgrade-able weapons and items? Yes please.

Who else looked at Hyper Light Drifter and went, “Huminahhuminahwaah? Hmmm. Oh? Ohhhhh? Oh! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Who else made exactly those noises?


  1. DotCom616 says:

    reminds me of the giant warriors in Nausicaa

  2. Clavus says:

    I really, really like this modern pixelart style. Radio the Universe had something similar: link to

    • JFS says:

      Exactly. Backed them both. I love pixel art in games.

    • Drayk says:

      Reminds me of Sword and Sworcery.

      • Hmm-Hmm. says:

        For me too. having watched the video I think the environments look great, the song is pretty good, the enemies look okay and the gameplay iffy. Definitely something I would like (and have) to try to find out whether it’s actually any good. If it is, I might back this.

    • vivlo says:

      Me, it’s dokutsu (cave story) that it’s reminding !

      and radio universe looks awesome as well

  3. Fomorian1988 says:

    Nathan seems very excitable of late, doesn’t he? Seems like that time of the month again.

  4. cpt_freakout says:

    I love that header image… the visual art alone is enough to make me want to pledge, but yes, more details first!

  5. cecil1994 says:

    I discovered this last night, and spent a good while gazing into the pretty pictures. GOTY 2014?

    • MarcP says:

      Can’t tell if this is serious or a brilliant tongue-in-cheek summarization of Nathan’s posts as of late.

  6. JR says:

    Disasterpeace? Sold.

    • noom says:

      Trailer music by the excellent Baths, too.

      • Doghaus says:

        Ah thanks, I had lazily assumed that was Disasterpeace, but will check it out as I really like the trailer music.

      • JR says:

        Ooo. Same actually. Haven’t heard of them, but happy to add to my collection of sweet chip-tune artists. Thanks.

    • gwathdring says:

      Very much so. :D

  7. Caiman says:

    If he posts the latest Elite Dangerous trailer as well, I fear his head might explode.

  8. Freud says:

    Big difference between the statements and the gameplay showed. Not that a little (or massive) hyperbole can’t help people give them money, I guess.

  9. pitchman says:

    Reads like Monte Cook’s Numenera.

  10. golem09 says:

    It’s fantastic pixel art, best I’ve seen yet. It sort of looks like Capy made a game with the bastion devs, and the music is already very good. It seems like all those stretch goals will be a piece of cake, at which point I’m only concerned about getting a steam key for my pledge.

  11. Sheng-ji says:

    Is it just me that the video isn’t working for?

    • golem09 says:

      It’s HTML 5. Maybe your Browser is ancient.

      • Sheng-ji says:

        Chrome claims its up to date and HTML 5 has never been a problem – I can watch it from the kickstarter page. Deleting cache doesn’t help either :/

        Anyway it’s clearly a problem at my end, nothing to get RPS towers in a panic for

        • stahlwerk says:

          Same here on IE version <Whatever’sTheVersionInWin8.1>

          Edit: I looked it up in the info charm (oh god), it’s IE 11

          • Sheng-ji says:

            Wonder if this is a windows 8 problem then because that’s what I’m on too.

          • aliksy says:

            As someone who works for a company that makes websites, please change browsers or at least be diligent about keeping it up to date. Hours and days are lost trying to get websites to look right in Internet Explorer. I think IE10 is mostly okay for now, but I doubt it’s going to keep up.

          • boyspud says:

            The actual Play button doesnt work for me, right clicking on the video and hitting play did work, albeit with the play button still there. It made the video look like a giant Play button was exploring the world. Win 7/Chrome for me.

          • Sheng-ji says:

            @aliksy – Sorry if people using different browsers makes your job more difficult (really not being sarcastic, I understand, I do!) and it’s not that I don’t like IE, but I just really like chrome.

            Right clicking on the vid and selecting play just makes it go white for me!

      • Torn says:

        Latest chrome here and it doesn’t work embedded above. Works fine on the Kickstarter page.

        I get “Uncaught ReferenceError: OA_show is not defined – :1” in plugins.js, looks like the RPS script is a little wrong.

      • fish99 says:

        Tried on up-to-date Chrome and Firefox, works on neither.

        Right-click->Play works, but the play button remains blocking the middle of the video.

    • jaronimoe says:

      the embedded version on RPS didn’t work for me, either.
      but the version on the kickstarter page did.

    • Altnabla says:

      right clicking the embedded > view video worked for me
      Edit : I’m on the latest mozilla. Who does it work for anyway

    • Dreforian says:

      Chiming in to say that I couldn’t get the video to work on the latest Firefox (23.0.1), play button didn’t work
      AND Chrome just had a blank space where the video should have been until “the connection was reset” error filled it in.

      Also, when I log in from an article page I’d REALLY like to be taken right back to that article, not the front page please!

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Yup. For me it wouldn’t work on RPS, but the original video on their kickstarter page worked fine. I suggest you try that.

    • Flit says:

      I know I’m late, but – I found a solution that works for me. Go to chrome://flags/ and enable the option “disable hardware accelerated video”. Some video drivers don’t like chrome after some recent changes, I guess.

  12. Ein0r says:

    Reminds me of the New Genesis Evangelion Remake. Especially those roboter faces.
    Looks interesting.

  13. e82 says:

    Love the art style of this game, nice to see a ‘pixel-graphic’ style done in a more modern way – reminds me a little of Sword & Sworcery, Fez, etc. Looks great.

  14. dE says:

    I wonder if it might be possible to include a small tag about the state of the game somewhere near the headline or the tag section. Something like: “Kickstarter” or “Release soon” or “Release unconfirmed” or “Released”.

  15. frightlever says:

    Nathan throwing his support behind a game based solely on a pitch video? Shocking.

  16. Totally heterosexual says:

    That looks so fucking cool.

  17. Doghaus says:

    Holy shit, it looks (and sounds) amazing. The art style is fantastic.

  18. Makariel says:

    So pretty… I want those pictures in high resolution as desktop background NOW!

  19. says:

    I …

    I might actually back this. That would be a first.

  20. saberopus says:

    Yeah, it does seem a bit like Bastion meets Sword & Sworcery.

  21. cyrenic says:

    Yup this looks amazing. Especially with all the Miyazaki influence

  22. DantronLesotho says:

    I made those exact sounds. It’s almost too good to be true if it’s as good as it looks. Cautiously optimistic!

  23. GameDreamer says:

    This gonna be good. I really want to see dark souls.

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  24. jonahcutter says:

    It’s not even a gameplay-style I’m particularly in to, but I love scenarios that have the protagonist creeping through an ancient and collapsed technological civilization. One where the machines are still functional. It’s one of the things that fascinated me so about Journey.

    Plus it looks and sounds beautiful.

  25. MykulJaxin says:

    I backed the game, but I thought that the graphics lacked some umph… Like I was wishing for more particle effects or something? It’s an early video so I suppose things have time to grow and change. Maybe I’m just a snob?

    • Doghaus says:

      But the graphics are gorgeous. Like, really knockout gorgeous.

      • MykulJaxin says:

        I don’t know what stick I had up my butt, but you’re right. It was a comment I should have waited to make. Initially I loved everything but had issues with the animation, but I just watched the video again and will refrain from commenting until I’m fully awake.

        • Doghaus says:

          Hey, you’re a backer, you can say what you like. That’s your money they’re spending. I think see what you mean about the animations – I like the running animations but the attacking ones are maybe a little stiff? I also find his little companion orb thing a bit hard to read. But it definitely has that “wow” factor I think – sort of Sword and Sorcery slickness all washed in sci fi neon.

  26. DarkFarmer says:

    I want to chop that trailer up with a credit card and snort it. Seriously great work, the art style and music (hopefully disasterpiece can get on board with Baths’ vision there in the trailer) are perrrrfect to set this up to be the next hotline miami (see the “Games that you feel super cool when somebody walks in the room and you’re playing them” file)

    UNFORTUNATELY I wont be backing this. I don’t back game kickstarters anymore. Just way too much drama and failure. My argument is a game this promising doesn’t need KS backing, it needs real investor backing or contributors to write up contracts and get on revenue share.

    I feel like “Mo money, mo problems” with these kickstarter games. But who cares what I think. Best of luck to Heart Machine, hope this is a great game!

    • jonahcutter says:

      Which games did you back that were failures and/or drama?

  27. Commissar Choy says:

    Everything about this is 100% wonderful.

  28. Suits says:

    I’ll wait for this to come out before dropping money, shouldn’t be a problem at this rate

  29. abbieray says:

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  30. dagudman says:

    This game tickles all the right spots.

  31. DrScuttles says:

    Sexy, sexy hot pink and throbbing blue pulsating deeply. And judging by the thick wads of money people are heaving at it, the girth of the project looks set to tumesce pleasingly. Ahem.