The RPS Bargain Bucket: Punishing Urgency

All of the cheap games all in one place. What more could you possibly ask for? Do you want me to decide which ones you’re going to buy? Do you want me to install them for you? Shall I play them for you too? Shall I eat your dinner and sleep in your bed and wear your shoes? Perhaps I’m getting carried away, I’ll stick to listing the cheap games, you take care of the rest. There’s even more cheap games over at

Startopia – £1.51/€1.80/$2.39
Some chap going by the name of Quinns wrote some words about this one over at Eurogamer.

Startopia was a good idea to begin with. Sim Space Station, basically, except it had so much more heart than that. Instead of bothering you with the extraordinary pain in the ass that would be building life support systems, airlocks, power stations, water pipes and God knows what else, Startopia had you running a kind of autonomous galactic petrol station.

You can read the rest over here.

Apple Jack 1 & 2, DIVO, Stellar Impact, Thunder Wolves & 100% Orange JuiceC – £3.48/€4.15/$5.53 at time of writing.
Price will fluctuate over time, as explained here. DIVO, Stellar Impact & Thunder Wolves register on Steam.
Apple Jack! And Apple Jack 2! Amazing. These were easily two of the better games on Microsoft’s ill fated XBLIG service, that have just now been released for PC. A delightful pair of platformers that are clearly somewhat inspired by Super Mario Bros. 2/Doki Doki Panic, but that’s just a foundation for building new ideas on top of. Most important of these new ideas are EXPLOSIONS OF HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF PIECES OF FRUIT. These come highly recommended, and are worth the price of admission for this bundle alone. I haven’t tried any of the other games, but John quite liked Thunder Wolves when he played it.

Rayman Origins – £2.49/€2.96/$3.94
Super cheap for this brilliant 2D platformer. I didn’t get on with it at first, it’s a bit too simple at first, and the controls are a little floaty. But it’s worth sticking with, as the levels get increasingly challenging, and you get a few upgrades that dramatically improve how responsive the movement is. Alec put it this way:

Play Rayman on your own terms, not from fear that you won’t be able to unlock all the characters and bonus areas, and it’s relatively frustration-free. But if you are from that Super Meatboy school of challenge-fever, you’ll probably get more out of this than you might imagine. It doesn’t have that consciously punishing urgency and you won’t be able to make YouTube videos that people stare at in amazement before erecting a shrine in honour of your incredible skill at pressing the A button, but it certainly has an echelon of added difficulty if you want it.

More here. The sequel sounds pretty hot too. I’ll be keeping my eye out for a discount on that.

Brütal Legend, Eets Munchies, Fez, FTL, Mark of the Ninja & Trine 2: Complete – £2.90/€3.46/$4.60 at time of writing.
Or pay any price to get all games except Fez & FTL. Registers on Steam.
Quite the bundle, here. I’m not sure, but is this the first time Microsoft have published a game for Windows, Mac and Linux? Or perhaps Microsoft only published the Xbox and Windows version of Mark of the Ninja, and Klei self published the Mac/Linux version? Interesting times, anyway, and a testament to not only work that Humble have done to promote and facilitate cross platform game development, but also to the changing landscape across computing in general. But enough big picture stuff, what about the games? Everything here is rock solid, read RPS wordthinks confirming just that over here: Brütal Legend, Mark Of The Ninja and Trine 2.

Deal of the week
Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition, Hard Reset: Extended Edition, Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter, Shadow Warrior Classic Redux & System Shock 2 – £3.79/€4.51/$6
Or pay any price to get everything except Hard Reset & System Shock 2. Registers on Steam.
Another excellent bundle, this time full of games about shooting things. It’s OK, we’re alone here, we can talk about how much we love games all about shooting things in the face, outside the judging gaze of the outside world. Don’t you just love it when their heads explode into a fountain of blood? Shooting is the main thing you’ll be doing in these games, but that’s not all. There’s kicking baddies in the nuts in Duke Nukem 3D (I wonder if they’ll ever make a sequel to that?), clicking on futuristic computer screens in Hard Reset, and running away and hiding from whatever that thing is in System Shock 2. Video games are amazing.

Also of note:
Lost Marbles – Pay What You Want
BIT.TRIP RUNNER 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien – £2.66. Apply coupon “GFDSEP20UK”. Registers on Steam.
Papo & Yo – £2.37/€2.82/$3.75. Registers on Steam.
Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes – £1.38/€1.64/$2.19. Registers on Steam.
Trials Evolution: Gold Edition – £4.85/€5.76/$7.66. Registers on uPlay.
Hitman Absolution – £2.99. Registers on Steam.
Carrier Command: Gaea Mission – £4.99/€6.24/$8.24.

For more of the cheap games, get yourself over to


  1. nrvsNRG says:

    never used nuuvem before and i’m willing to try, but its hard to use the site as i dont speak Portugese.

    edit- actually its not that hard to figure stuff out.

  2. Ansob says:

    For shame, Lewie, you forgot that the rest of the Squenix catalogue is also 60% off at GOG: link to

    That’s $4 for each of the Thief games (Thief 2 is the best of the three, if for some daft reason you only want to play one) or for Deux Ex. There’s also the Legacy of Kain games, and Hitman.

    And Daikatana!!!

    • shagohad says:

      3 is a good starting point too if you have trouble appreciating the graphics without a bit of healthy nostalgia :)

      • trjp says:

        Thief 3 isn’t a Thief game – it has almost none of what made the first 2 amazing.

        It’s not a bad game – it’s just not a Thief game.

        • Ansob says:

          No, it’s very much a Thief game, with at least one of the best moments in the series. It’s good, and worth playing (although not as good as Thief 2).

          • Erlend M says:

            …which wasn’t as good as Thief 1. I loved the first game and I really liked the second and third. With Thief 2, the level designers put so much effort into making huge huge levels that the content that they had time to make was more spread out than in the first game. As I remember, there are a lot of places in the second game that feel empty, barren or unpolished compared to the first game.

          • Lacero says:

            Life of the Party is the best thief mission of all, yes including The Cradle. Repeating the one before last level twice was a bit, er, brave, but the secret passages were awesome.

            The second thief has extremely tight level design, even when the levels are large they’re divided into sections and understandable. The one exception is Soulforge, which is so crazily oversized and empty it almost feels unfinished. Even then the actual individual “puzzle” areas are tight and well made.
            Thief1 had very sprawling levels, with The Sword as a stand out in pointless corridors but most having weird connecting tunnels and corners that didn’t really exist for a purpose.

            Thief3, despite The Cradle and some other stand out levels (clock tower was good), was utterly compromised by the size of the levels. You KNEW at all times there would be a safe area nearby, and that the levels would be easily divided at very regular points. It is still clearly a thief game however, just not a very good one and entirely due to level size and not level design imho.

          • Jason Moyer says:

            Thief Gold > TDS > The Metal Age. And The Metal Age is one of the best games I’ve ever played.

          • fish99 says:

            The Metal Age was easily the best of the series IMO. It had a greater emphasis on stealth and providing you with challenging environments, whereas Thief TDP felt more like an adventure in the mold of LGs Ultima Underworld games. There was nothing in TDP as dense and with as many challenges to overcome as, for instance, the bank level in Thief 2.

            I replayed them both last year btw, on expert (the only way to play Thief).

        • sebmojo says:

          Fyi, you look ridiculous when you say this.

        • Kryopsis says:

          You are dead wrong.

          • fish99 says:

            Well, it wasn’t by Looking Glass, and it wasn’t anything like the Thief 3 LG were making when they went bust.

        • Boffin says:

          I do love the “this isn’t really an X game” discussions – especially when they can be solved by looking at the title of the game in question.

          It might not be a worthy successor, or whatever – but it still says Thief on the box.

          • jrodman says:

            The only way to defeat pedantry is by the use of *more* pedantry!

          • fish99 says:

            If I made a game called Thief 5 and for some reason the IP holder didn’t care enough to sue me, would it be a real Thief game? Of course not, and Looking Glass didn’t make Thief 3.

          • Jason Moyer says:

            If a bunch of former Looking Glass employees got together and made a game called Thief 5, I’d consider it Thief 5. And since that’s exactly what happened with Thief 3, I don’t see what the problem is.

          • fish99 says:

            Well, you’d have to dig through the credits of both games to see exactly how many ex-LG people were involved, but when LG went bust I read a statement from them about the Thief 3 they were currently making, and it was nothing like what ending up being made. They were planning an open world Thief 3, for PC only, and what we got was a cross platform game with cramped levels, load zones, and (optional) 3rd person camera.

            Thief 3 clearly wasn’t the Thief game Looking Glass wanted to make, and most of the Thief 2 team weren’t involved, therefore to me it’s not a continuation of the series.

    • fco says:

      Also on GOG ( link to ), there’s a build-your-own-bundle kind of sale where you pick 5 games among a list of 25, each priced between $2 and $5.
      Games include Alan Wake, Amnesia, Evoland, Primordia, Miasmata, Omerta, Stacking, etc..

      speaking of which, should I get Alan Wake?

      • mwoody says:

        It’s aggressively linear and ultimately unimpressive. The best part about Alan Wake is seeing levels they’ve slyly copied verbatim from Twin Peaks, but if you’re just there for Twin Peaks stuff, you’re better off playing Deadly Premonition.

      • Boffin says:

        I’d say it was atmospheric and fun, but I’ve never seen Twin Peaks – so I might just be an uncultured swine.

        • Vandelay says:

          I enjoyed Alan Wake too and I love Twin Peaks. Do avoid if you think linear is a bad word though and the combat is fairly repetitive.

      • wengart says:

        I played it through after I got it in a bundle of some sort.

        It is an enjoyable game with an interesting story/setting. My only complaint is that it ran on for probably an hour or two more than it should have, but that is true of many games in my experiences.

  3. tobecooper says:

    Papo & Yo is quite incredible. Short and not really challenging 3D platformer, but has great atmosphere and some fantastic storytelling. Magical and not cynical. Lovely little thing.
    Easily worth the asking price.

  4. iridescence says:

    “Hitman Absolution – £2.99. Registers on Steam”

    Is “Simplycdkeys” a legit retailer? Doesn’t sound it somehow :)

    • trjp says:

      It’s part of SimplyGames who are a legit online mailorder company.

      I reckon their keys are ‘CIS’ keys (Russian) – they’re always WAY cheaper than other places.

      Whether that’s an issue – erm – I’m struggling to see how it could be one tbh. Steam have penalised people for buying CIS keys for ‘resale’ (traders) but I’ve never heard of someone being penalised for buying/receiving those – so…

      p.s. Heads-up, IIRC using PayPal can incur a delay when you order from them (esp if your email addresses don’t match) – use a credit card to avoid that (and for protection against any other issues)

      • Liudeius says:

        I would still say RPS shouldn’t be advertising them.
        It seems like pretty grey business.

        • Jalan says:

          Hardly seems an advert.

          • Liudeius says:

            Promoting, whatever, it’s semantics.

          • trjp says:

            If you’d like to outline the dos and don’ts for your personal game purchasing morals – go right ahead.

            Personally I don’t give a damn what you think as I – like most people – can make-up our own minds about stuff – but knock yourself out…

          • Liudeius says:

            Well aren’t we snarky.
            I said nothing about your preference to bathing in the blood of newborns.

            RPS shouldn’t be promoting a website which participates in grey, potentially illegal, business practices.

            Use of these sites can result in:

            1) Revocation of the game from your library.

            2) Monetary loss for you (since the game is removed from your library with no refund).

            3) Bans or legal activity.

            4) Monetary loss for the developer.

            5) Phishing scams (As these sites request personal information).

            6) Financially supporting criminals.

            Hell, RPS itself reported on the danger of such sites back in March, when Natural Selection 2 keys sold in such a manner were deactivated for purchasers, and the Natural Selection 2 devs lost $30k from charge-backs.
            link to

          • Delusibeta says:

            As previously mentioned, SimplyCDKeys is an arm of SimplyGames, which is about as legit as ShopTo and Zavvi (minus the delivery problems of the latter and that credit card incident of the former). So, er, yeah. We ain’t talking about a fly-by-night operation here, not by a long shot. I’d say they would be comparable to Green Man Gaming and Amazon’s download service.

          • Liudeius says:

            Which is why I said potentially. I don’t know whether it’s legitimate.

            Then that guy decided to get all uppity about it.

          • AngoraFish says:

            People should stop using phrases like “potentially illegal” when all they really mean is may (or may not) violate someone’s terms of service.

          • jrodman says:

            Uppity? Should he know his place in the lower classes?

          • Universal Quitter says:

            If you were really so detached from it, and weren’t even sure about the reputability of the company, you probably shouldn’t have commented three or four times about it.

            If anyone was “uppity,” it was because you were repeatedly and insistently talking out of your ass.

            Besides, to suggest that a business is actually a phishing scam could be interpreted as libel. I doubt anyone would make a big deal out of it, but it wouldn’t be worth the hassle to you if they did.

          • Liudeius says:

            AngoraFish: If you bothered to read the link, it WAS illegal. Someone used stolen credit cards to buy and resell keys. I’m not saying this site is illegal, I’m saying it’s questionable, so those are the risks you are taking if it turns out is isn’t completely legitimate.

            jrodman: “Uppity” doesn’t mean anything related to financial class. He decided to throw a fit over me questioning the legitimacy of the site. I just suggested caution, and he decided to insult me for it. I chose the word “uppity” because it carries far less risk of a ban than a more proper adjective to describe him.

            Universal Quitter: Twice… Not three or four, twice (the other two comments weren’t about the site.). And if you could read any better than you could count, you would see both my first and second comment on it said it SEEMS questionable, as in I do not know, and I did not say this site in particular was illegal, I mentioned the risks associated with it if it was.

            But you know nothing about the site’s legitimacy either, have no facts to support yourself (as I do), and would prefer to be a troll. Please return to /b/ where you can needlessly insult people without revealing your own inadequacy.

          • jrodman says:

            Oh, yes. *He* was the one throwing the fit. Thank you for pointing that out since I would never have come to that conclusion without your assistance.

          • Liudeius says:

            Well yes, while I have been purely factual (with single sentence replies to insults), the rest of you have just been trying to insult me, rather than debating any point.

            If you actually had any argument, you would be contradicting my statement rather than attacking me to try to discredit my facts.

            So I can only conclude RPS is riddled with trolls.

          • jrodman says:

            An interesting claim, except you’ve presented zero facts about this retailer so far. And true all your insults have been sidelong instead of direct but that doesn’t really impress.

          • Liudeius says:

            So now I’m being insulted for trying to discuss something rather troll and pointlessly attack people like the rest of RPS commenters?

            Thanks Obama.

          • jrodman says:

            Given another opportunity to present any useful information, you again turned to ad hominem. The pattern is clear.

          • Liudeius says:

            Woah, what? Now you’re trying to claim I’M the one using ad hominem attacks?

            You aren’t making any argument, you’re just being a dick. I presented an argument, your counter was to repeatedly insult me, how am I supposed to make a factual rebuttal to

            1) insulting me for saying “Uppity”

            2) Claiming I was “throwing a fit” because I presented actual facts and an argument while you and everyone else is just insulting me for it.

            3) Claiming my facts are false, but presenting no evidence to support that claim (they are not).

            4) Insulting me for using ad hominem arguments, when I’m the ONLY one in this comment string to actually present evidence, and my only insults have been directed as douchebags like you who insult me first.

            Yeah, I’ve just come to the conclusion that you’re either a professional troll, or an asshole so full of yourself that you can’t see that YOU are the one using ad hominem attacks here, I was just trying to present actual data (unlike you or anyone else) to defend myself from the original troll, trjp.

            Have a terrible life, I hope I won’t be seeing you.

          • jrodman says:

            Still no facts, I see, still throwing insults.

            The amazing part is how you’re accusing others of trolling and “not having arguments” when you’ve never established any position yourself other than “I think that retailer should not be listed here”.

            When challenged, you produced a story about an *unrelated* electronic seller. No relevant information was ever produced.

            So you have no position, no argument, and no point. But you’re willing to accuse others of what you did yourself.

            As an added bonus, you keep insisting others are insulting you, but you are the only one insulting others.

    • dhlt25 says:

      they’re legit, I have bought quite a few games from them and never have any problem

    • Vandelay says:

      I bought Heart of the Swarm from them a couple of weeks ago without any issues, for the reasonable price of £20.99. The only other place selling digital copies that appears to be reliable was Blizzard’s own store, which makes me wonder about their legitimacy, but they are a London based company that have been around for a while, so it is unlikely they are dealing with dodgy copies from foreign territories. They also sell boxed copies at their Simply Games site, so the keys might just be from boxed copies that they just take the key from and ditch, so your saving is on them not needing to store and deliver.

      • iridescence says:

        Well, apparently their address form doesn’t know that Canada is a country (first time I’ve ever seen that ordering online) and it seems dodgy that I have to put in my whole address to order something from them with PayPal in any case. So I guess I’ll pass.

        • Jalan says:

          GetGames, if I recall, does the same thing with the full address. Seems like overkill.

        • Similar says:

          That’s pretty common, actually. Steam and GMG, possibly GOG too, require it. I think it’s rather common and possibly some kind of requirement for tax purposes or something.

    • Lewie Procter says:

      I have a policy of not listing anything that I have any concerns about the legitimacy of, without giving a disclaimer. If it’s on SavyGamer/The Bargain Bucket, then that’s me giving it the thumbs up.

    • Carra says:

      Bought a few games from them. Much lower priced than Steam and had no problems so far.

  5. Freud says:

    Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is a nice little puzzle game that I found more fun than Puzzle Quest.

  6. trjp says:

    Bundlestars latest is interesting/varied/their best effort yet IMO

    Rush Bros
    Tiny Bang Story
    Velvet Assassin
    Lunar Flight
    Secret Title to be revealed

    Glowfish is lovely – Lunar Flight is bonkers lovely – Rush Bros was criticized at launch for having control issues – Tiny Bang is great if we forget the plagarism thing – Velvet Assassin is stealthy-stabby

    £2.64 is not a lot to ask tho – Lunar Flight is worth that alone – Glowfish is too

    All Steam keys and Rush Bros has cards for the badge collectors

  7. trjp says:

    Runner2 is fantastic in every way – just remember that being a rhythm game (and not an endless runner that it might appear to be) you will need mad skillz to proceed to the end.

    In fact – frankly – you’ll need mad skills to get beyond about 2 hours in!!

    Watch the Giant Bomb quicklook for one of the biggest laughs ever – and also a worrying line in character design :)

  8. Jurple says:

    For Oranges, nuuvem mentions Tages copy protection . Not just a steam key then, as is the case for Clash of Heroes?

  9. Zekiel says:

    And in exciting news, all of Activision’s catalogue is on sale on Steam for a massive 25% off. So you can get Modern Warfare 1 for just £14.99! And Call of Duty 1 for just £11.24!!

    I continue to be staggered by Activision’s pathetic sale reductions in Steam sales. Call of Duty is 10 year old ffs – and it’s had about a million sequels – and they’re selling is for over £10 IN A SALE. What on earth are they thinking?

    I vaguely want to try a Call of Duty game but not enough to buy one for over £5 – and at this rate I can’t imagine them ever selling one that cheaply.

    Good grief.

    [Entitled gamer rant over]

    • Jalan says:

      I read the end of that as “Entitled game over rant”.

    • The Random One says:

      One day, Activision will no longer be in control of the best selling game franchise in the universe and their inability to play the downmarket will be their downfall. Until then we can but grin.

    • Bluenose says:

      I wouldn’t say it’s an entitled gamer rant, there is something pretty crap about games this old going at these prices, given you could buy 3 far newer games (or more) during sales for the price of MW1.
      It’s frustrating as I’ve been itching to play Co-op on MW2 with a friend, but I’m not paying that amount of money for a few hours fun on such an old game.

      • Zekiel says:

        Thanks. Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way!

      • HadToLogin says:

        Remember when EA said “sales=lower value of games”? Guess Activision took that to heart.

        And I guess EA was right about it – how many of you are still buying games for full price instead of waiting a month of two for sale?
        But that’s means more games for us-gamers, so I’m not that sad about EA being right.

        • malkav11 says:

          Conversely, I own entire publisher catalogs from folks that put their games on sale, and I rarely buy Activision games (especially Call of Duty games) at all.

        • drewski says:

          I buy full price games if I want to play it immediately – Torchlight 2, Monaco, Bioshock Infinite and Spec Ops the Line.

          Activision are missing out on the impulse back-catalogue buying impulse – people who didn’t want to play on release, but might throw some money at it a few years later for if they ever get around to it. Activision allowed the first Black Ops to be put on Xbox Live on Demand for about a fiver, and I grabbed it for that price. But they still want A$67 for it, on special, through Steam? Dreaming.

          I don’t think I’m entitled to their games cheap or anything, but I do think they’re missing out on a lot of potential revenue.

        • aldo_14 says:

          Remember when EA said “sales=lower value of games”? Guess Activision took that to heart.

          Not that much, based on those reductions….

          On a serious note… I generally don’t pay full price for games nowadays, but the amount of money I spend on Steam sales (in particular) is still substantial; I’m pretty sure that the total amount into the industry is the same as it would be, it’s just that I’m getting more in return. Albeit ‘more’ with less individual rights and (arguably) less packaging and production costs to the distributor.

          One other thing (for me) is the prevalence of DLC; it’s become such a part of games that it effectively reduces the value of the un-expanded game at release, because people know there is likely to be a GOTY edition a year later, with everything for cheap. Presumably the ‘season ticket’ concept is an attempt to counter that.

          I buy full price games if I want to play it immediately – Torchlight 2, Monaco, Bioshock Infinite and Spec Ops the Line.

          Release price, is in a sense, an impatience tax, at least for the AAAs – which is kind of appropriate/ironic, as so it buying a cinema ticket vs waiting for the DVD to be reduced in Tesco.

          (I paid, sort of, release price for Bioshock Infinite – albeit in that GMG deal which had XCOM+Mafia as well, and was therefore justifiable. First time I’ve ever pre-ordered a digital copy of anything though)

          • slerbal says:

            I think you hit the nail on the head there – I couldn’t agree more.

          • drewski says:

            You could call it impatience, or you could call it a zeitgeist tax, or a communal tax.

            Sometimes it’s worth paying a little more to have an experience that you can share and discuss with others.

      • Bull0 says:

        Can we be happy that some games become cheap quite quickly or must we be upset that all the games don’t follow that pattern?

        It’s not like they’re totally unavailable, like so many wonderful games of the past.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Yeah, I liked CoD1 way back when, and keep waiting for MW1 to actually be cheap, since it’s apparently more of the same, before the whole thing degraded into spunkgargleweewee.

      It’s looking that by the time that happens, a modern gaming rig probably won’t want to run it any more without faff.

      • Bluenose says:

        All the old COD games run fine on modern systems. 1 was incredible for it’s time, I’ll always rank the Mamaev Kurgan mission in my all time greatest game moments. MW1 was also amazing on release, but everything that made it revolutionary as both a single and multiplayer experience has been diluted and reproduced by virtually every shooter since.

    • Bull0 says:

      Call of duty 2, £6 delivered from amazon. Probably the best one.

    • luis.s says:

      At 25% off that’s only US$67.49 for Modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops! Because for some reason it costs that much to ship digital goods through Steam to New Zealand. The original Modern Warfare seems cheap at US$37.49 in comparison.

      I’m glad there are enough publishers happy to charge the same as the US at this end of the world that I can buy, play, enjoy and/or backlog (okay, mostly backlog) their games. Unfortunately Activision isn’t one of them.

  10. Lemming says:

    Anyone getting Startopia, will want to check this out

    • Randomer says:

      I can’t tell how old that page is. Do you know how relevant that patch or tom file (??) still is? Might this be included already in whatever GoG is supplying?

      • Lemming says:

        I would think they have it at 1.01, as 1.02 is unofficial. Not sure how GoG do it, tbh but you should probably check your version just in case.

      • aldo_14 says:

        It’s pretty bloody old – I remember looking at in uni, which is – eek – at least 8 years ago. Last update to the relevant card file is 2006, too.

        • Lemming says:

          Yeah I’m not denying that it’s old. The game itself is old. But that doesn’t make the patch irrelevant, as it’s still technically a mod. There’s no guarantee that the GoG version of the game uses it. I’m not really understanding why the age of it is relevant?

  11. AlwaysRight says:

    I would like to recommend not buying Hitman : Absoluteshite as it is absolute shite.

    • Bluenose says:

      You know, I played Absolution for 10 hours and I still don’t have a six-pack.

    • HadToLogin says:

      Wanted to say you’re wrong (good game, bad Hitman), but noticed your nick.

    • Koozer says:

      It’s not too bad. It does some nice things, like throwing weapons and the score system (you heard me), but the emphasis on story is ridiculous, some levels are really linear because of it, and disguises act strangely.

    • Boffin says:

      Absolution was fine, and the score system was really neat imo. For $3 it’d need to come with a virus or something to be a bad deal.

    • Carra says:

      The game is OK, I enjoyed playing it.

      Although I’d recommend playing its predecessor, it’s a lot better.

  12. demicanadian says:

    In Humble Bundle there’s a slider telling how much you want to pay to each developer, so you don’t have to pay to mr fish. I know, I am a bad person.
    Off to excel I go.

    • jrodman says:

      I made similar decisions but justified it by saying I don’t actually want it.
      I zeroed out some other games I already bought as well.

    • slerbal says:

      I’m curious – I somehow missed whatever Fish did that has inspired such ire. Anyone care to enlighten me?

      • Sheng-ji says:

        He was rude on twitter. Lots of times.

        I know :/

        • jrodman says:

          That’s a bit incomplete.

          He was rude in many places many many times. But the real issue is that he was deliberately rude to his potential customers, taunting them for wanting the game on PC, then taunting them for their criticism being ineffectual. That’s what inspired the ire, small-minded as it may be.

  13. Gap Gen says:

    It’s worth noting that you can unlock much of Rayman: Oranges inside Rayman: Lemons. If you’re considering either, I’d recommend going straight for Lemons, but if you want to dip your toes in the water Oranges is a fine way to do that.

  14. TehK says:

    Also, Tomb Raider is on sale on Steam at -75% (12.50 in precious Euros).
    Haven’t played it yet, but I heard it’s quite good.

    • GuybrushThreepwood says:

      If you’re after Tomb Raider 2013 you might want to hold off if you can buy off US Amazon. They’ll be running a bundle on 9/17-19, pay US$14 for Tomb Raider, Hitman Absolution Professional Edition and Sleeping Dogs. No DLCs on any of them, but at that price it’s still a great deal.

      Hitman can also be had off of Amazon US’s current deal – All the Hitman games for $9.

  15. The Random One says:

    They’ve made sequels to Duke Nukem 3D – Time to Kill on the Playstation and Zero Hour on the N64. They really should do a modern one, though.

  16. Ironclad says:

    I miss Quinns :-(

    I know of his boardgame site, but his writing style when reviewing video games (not to mention diaries) was why I came to RPS in the first place

  17. Yargh says:

    I feel the need to warn people against buying Carrier Command at any price so badly is it broken. May my suffering have served at least as a warning to others…

    • Stardreamer says:

      Did you have all the patches applied? One of them is listed as having serious improvements for the Walrus AI, for instance. The Demo didn’t even have that applied and I managed to have some fun with it. Although, yeah, rough.

  18. destroy.all.monsters says:

    How the hell did you guys miss the BundleStars Men of War Bundle for only 3 bucks?

    link to

    Carrier Command sale’s been over since before this came up in my rss feed.

  19. drewski says:

    I wonder what the extra games will be in the Humble Bundle. I might pay more if they’re good’uns. So I suppose I should wait before diving in. Only really interested in Mark of the Ninja and Fez to be honest.

    • Jalan says:

      Good question. Did you also notice that it’s “pay above average to get bonuses” now vs. the old method of “if you can’t pay the average, we understand, you’ll get the bonuses when we add them”? So anyone essentially not wanting Fez or FTL (if they’ve already bought them/etc) and wanting to save any money by getting the remainder is somewhat shafted into paying more regardless.

      • jrodman says:

        I sort of understand what you’re saying, but the average price is a pretty good deal for a single game, so I don’t really think it’s a big deal.

        • Jalan says:

          Personally I find that it’s the seemingly arbitrary change to what they’ve done for years that troubles me. It also doesn’t help that unless individuals contact them personally, they don’t offer any real explanations anymore (not to say they owe their customers any such thing, but it’d be nice if they entertained the notion) for changes such as this.

      • Randomer says:

        Ehh, I always kinda felt like I was cheating when I paid below the average on day one to secure the week two goodies.

        • Jalan says:

          I pay what I can afford. If it’s under the average for any reason (at times there’s games at the BTA level that I don’t want or otherwise need because I likely already bought them prior) then I’m comfortable with that since if I bought everything just because it was cheap or “half the price of a coffee” or blablabla (it’s for charity, etc.) then I’d go broke fast and end up living in a cardboard box with no way to play all those wonderfully cheap games that helped push me into destitution.

          That I paid anything and got a bonus for doing so was nice – it was like them saying “we appreciate your business, here’s something extra for your early patronage”. Now it’s at the stage where, while not inescapably forcing one to buy at all, they’re ensuring that more money is spent even when it isn’t necessary for some of us. Consider me cheap, a “cheat”, entitled or just overly sour about it as you will.

          I used to consider Humble (anything) bundles the one thing worth paying for amidst the now stupidly crowded bundle market (certain other outfits I considered/still consider to be far worse) but with all these little shifts in how they’re going about things I’m rethinking my stance (and yes, I’m sure they’ll be crying about the loss of one customer as they take big bellyflops into their cash vaults).

          • Randomer says:

            You can always pay below the average. Then, if you like the week-two games, you can up your pledge amount by the difference. After the first few hours of the bundle, the average doesn’t really change much.

        • Shadowcat says:

          Weird; I wrote a reply which seems to have been deleted, but I can’t believe there was anything controversial in what I said. Unless I actually failed to submit it. Oh well, I guess I’ll find out what happens to this one.

          I simply pointed out that Humble Bundle conceal some of the contents of their bundles on purpose — obviously they could choose to tell us the full contents from the outset — and consequently I never feel bad about paying only for what they are actually showing, because paying for a completely unknown product is just silly — they might add games I already have, or games that I don’t actually want.

          I also pointed out that their previous approach to this could never have any adverse effects for a customers, so I thought it was fine; but that the new approach potentially can have an adverse effect for some people, which is why I see it as a disappointing change.

          I’m sure I phrased it better the first time.

          • Jalan says:

            If it’s any consolation, a few responses (not just your own) seem to have vanished. They didn’t have any objectionable content in them either so I’m thinking maybe the WordPress comment system decided to just swallow them whole at random.

      • drewski says:

        Yeah, it’s been like that for the last few that I’ve bought I think. Doesn’t *particularly* bother me, given the average is usually so low and I think I’ve always paid more than it anyway. As I will for this bundle, if I bother getting it, given that Fez is essentially the most attractive title.

      • elderman says:

        No one who buys the Humble Indie Bundles is getting shafted in any way whatsoever. That’s one of the reasons it’s such a great idea. You make your own price. And of course if you can’t get what you want for a price you’re willing to pay, you just don’t click the ‘buy’ button.

        I always encourage anyone I know buying a Humble Bundle to pay what the games are actually worth to them, not just to beat the average.

        • Jalan says:

          The point I’m trying to make is not merely to just consistently pay over the average but now if there’s anything added on top of what someone paying under may want then they’ll be faced with little alternative (outside of simply not paying more) than to pay over the average to get that one game.

          (Had to edit that one, realized I left a starting sentence from a different draft of the response in there that left me saying the same thing twice for no apparent reason)

  20. kalirion says:

    Groupees missing from this list as usual.

    Be Mine Special Edition
    link to

    $1 Tier:
    Ravaged: Zombie Apocalypse
    MacGuffin’s Curse
    Tower Wars
    Star Wars 3: Civil War

    $5 Tier adds:
    Hamilton’s Great Adventure + DLC
    Krater Collector’s Edition
    Zombie Driver HD + Soundtrack

    All games are on Steam + Windows, some also DRM free and some on Linux / Mac. Click on each game to see the platforms etc.

    To whom it matters, all games have Steam cards.

    Also, if anyone’s missed out on the mindless fun of the Alien/Zombie Shooter games, current lets you get just about all for them together for $1+, with the added bonus of Zombies and Alien Hallway.

  21. Talesdreamer says:

    Startopia is a wonderful game, and tons of custom missions and graphic mods still float on the web. Buy it!