A New Slice Of Warframe: Update 10 Is Here

This is a shout-out to the chaps of ROCK PAPER SKANA, the small but dedicated part of the RPS community that slips into their Warframe ninja-bots and slices through the procedurally generated levels. ‘Sup? With that social pleasantry out the way, I’m here to tell you about Update 10 of Digital Extremes’ popular free-to-play online brawler. Shadows of the Dead introduces two new Warframes for players to purchase, as well as new mission types and other space-ninja accoutrements

The Nekros is the most exciting new addition: a necromancer with a soul punch, which is a punch that rips the targets soul from its body and turns it into a deadly projectile. I can do that. He can also gain more loot, scatter enemies, and resurrect their corpses as a private army. He’s so cool he got his own video below. The other, slightly less cool new Warframe is Mag Prime, an enhanced variant of an existing Warframe.

The update also brings a new mission-type. Survival is a fight against spawning enemies. As you fight your oxygen drops, but the enemies drop oxygen as loot. You need to survive for five minutes, sucking down their looted oxygen to avoid asphyxiation. With 22 of those missions scattered throughout the galaxy, and the addition of small PvP battles called Conclaves, there’s a fair amount of new content to take part in. So says the Dev Diary.


  1. PatrickSwayze says:

    Just calling in from the official RPS clan to also mention THE GAME HAS SCARVES!

    You can now be doubly wrapped up while killing space baddies to death!


    EDIT: Hi Craig. I didn’t see your pleasantries because I was too excited to mention scarves, apologies.

    I and the other Warlords would be happy to show you around some of the sights and sounds of the Warframe solar system so feel free to join us.

    • alfred says:

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  2. Viroso says:

    I enjoyed ME3 multiplayer a lot, this game looks like it. Would I enjoy this game a lot? Is the monetization bad?

    • Arona Daal says:

      Monetization is present but not oppressive. In comparison to ME3 it has more Focus on Movement and less on Cover based Shooting, but the Movement is better & more versatile than ME3 (Spaceninja and so on).
      I stopped playing as the Levels got repetitive after a few Hours.

      Nonetheless i recommend it.

      • BioSnark says:

        I’d disagree about the monetization.

        I would have recommended it before. However, after update 8 resources went on the market and, subsequently, resource costs per weapon have gone up each update*. Seems like Digital Extremes decided to create unnecessary grind and sell grind skipping rather than focusing on selling cool extras and cosmetics.

        *not a real problem for me as I got most everything before the grind hikes.

        Also, solo play is pretty weak. There aren’t a lot of cooperative gameplay mechanics but it’s still more fun in groups.

    • Lugg says:

      It has a lot in common with ME3 multiplayer, but there are significant differences. Warframe has spoiled me for every other 3rd person action game, because the movement in this game is just incredibly fun. You can do all sorts of tricks once you figure them out (there’s not much in terms of tutorials for wallrunning, so you’ll have to rely on the web and friendly other players to explain them to you – it’s not complicated, though.

      There is a lot of content and always a new shiny toy to work towards, and all of it – bar some vanity accessories like the new scarves – is available to free players. The monetization is very gentle, though there are still some “hard caps”: Orokin Catalysts/Reactors (dubbed “potatoes” by the players) double the mod capacity of weapons/warframes, which means you’ll be able to put twice as many modules (armor piercing, extra shields, elemental damage and all sorts of whacky stuff) on your gear if you’ve got one. They are available to free players too, but only from alerts – a system of time-limited missions with special/unique rewards – or you can buy them for about 1€ on the ingame market.

      New player progression through content will look pretty much like this:
      1. Go through the first missions, level up your starter gear
      2. Unlock more missions in different areas, realize there are more tilesets and enemy types
      3. Replace your starter gear with better gear, maybe start getting a second warframe (though it must be said this requires some work)
      4. Start unlocking the entire map
      5a. Get all the awesome and unique stuff from alerts
      5b. Start doing Void missions for even more unique rewards
      6. Start playing Gotta-catch-’em-all with Warframes.

      It might seem off-putting if you read it like that, but new gear means new and different ways to pull cool stunts. There’s no farming for farming’s sake in this game, which is pretty cool.

      Personally I shelled out for founders after I realized I had somehow sunk over 50 hours into this game, because I’d enjoyed it tremendously and mostly because the communication from the devs and their interaction with the player base is simply admirable. It’s very possible to play it for free, though.

  3. dE says:

    I gave it a try some time ago. I thought it was rather mediocre with a lot of repeated levels. But that was before they released a myriad of patches and now this once again looks like something I should come back to and retry.

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  4. killmachine says:

    i tried this game several times. so, basically i only saw like the first level of it. while i think it’s very solid, probably more than solid, for what it tries to be, i found that it does not have a lot of depth to it. bare in mind that i only tried one level of it. my impression was that there’s only one type of enemy, or merely, all the enemies sort of look the same. there weren’t any boss monsters or anything that i thought was sticking out. very early i learned that some of the procedurally generated maps have different routes which i like very much but this didn’t stick out either.

    so, i don’t know what it is… when you get into the game as a new player, the game is very solid but nothing special either. from all the videos i get the impression that you have to play to experience the really awesome stuff, i don’t know. however, i would suggest anyone who is into shooters to try this game. maybe i’m just too impatient… i may give this another go and see if it takes me somewhere. evidently this game is quite popular on steam and there must be a reason for this.

    • Lugg says:

      Yeah, sorry but you’re wrong. All of the things you complain about are things that are not true ;) There are bosses, and they just added an incredibly awesome new boss. There are 3 different enemy races, with multitudes of different enemy types each. There are now, off the top off my head, at least 7 different tilesets with completely different atmosphere and feel – some planetary environments feel very vast and open, while the starting missions set in Grineer ships are pretty cramped and claustrophobic. The different weapons and warframes provide a ton of variety too.

      I’ll grant you that the new player experience needs a lot of work, though.

  5. SupahSpankeh says:


    There is a serious problem with this game – the level and monster type variation doesn’t kick in until too late for many players.

    Stick with it. It’s good after the level design opens up and more variety appears. Oh, also, don’t spend any money in the cash shop – it’s horribly overpriced.

    • Metr13 says:

      They DID promice a new damage system that will fix everything. Meanwhile, you have to enjoy the feeling of being mortal in the first level until the lates make death a slap on the wrist.

  6. Zancrowe says:

    Awesome they have an axe on their head.

    best game ever 10/10

  7. Metr13 says:

    Horrible, horrible new interfaces.

    I’m never forgiving Scott for Trinity.

    Never forgive, never forget.

  8. Nenjin says:

    Playing with friends, I managed to put almost 200 hours into Warframe before I got bored. It was good enough I threw money their way to buy some plat to get things like color schemes, Forma and Catalysts. The nature of Forma and Catalysts are such that, it’s way easier to buy them than farm for them. Luckily, the prices are fairly reasonable, as long as you’re not going apeshit and trying to max out 4 different ‘frames and every weapon under the sun.

    The game’s one glaring flaw is that there are few tangible, interesting endgame activities. Farming defense missions ends up being what we spend most of our time doing. But it takes a good amount of time to hit the lack of the end game.

    Warframe ranks up there was probably one of the more enjoyable non-competitive F2P games out there.

    • Arglebargle says:

      I have to give the Warframe guys some kudos, I do find it really fun. Mostly in for about an hour a day, made a decision to only play suits and guns that dropped, or I could get through the ingame (non real money) market. I also bought some ‘platinum’ to use for color sets and weapon and warframe slots, as I felt they deserved my support.

      Warframe does have a severe issue with not being very informative. There are scads of things, even very basic ones, that have no information available. You either hunt it down on fansites, or ask in the game, because the devs just haven’t done it. Wish they’d make a pass on that. It’s still a blast for me, but they had me easily at space-cyber-ninja….

  9. ziusudra says:

    That trailer lady reminds me of the Urban Assault intro voice.

  10. bstard says:

    I thought that last video to be the most scary.

  11. Unclepauly says:

    Can someone point me to a website or youtube video or anything for a completely new player? I tried the game for an hour and while the combat seemed fun the systems like crafting and gear and everything make zero sense to me. Also I’ve never played an mmo before so that could be why.

    • EPICTHEFAIL says:

      Just google the Warframe wiki, they have just about anything you could need, and the community might even occasionally provide some advice.

    • Arglebargle says:

      You’re not wrong: It is unclear. Before the beginning tutorial was up, Warframe was even more unclear. I don’t know if the supposition was that all genre players knew this stuff or not. I sure didn’t. One of my housemates quite playing due to not figuring out an issue that was relatively easilly fixed in game. Still like it myself, and think it’s worth the effort.

      The wiki is your best bet. link to warframe.wikia.com

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