FM 2014 Is Out Oct 31st At 12:01am

Soccer Director: Year Of The Horse
See that? I just went for it and told you the release date of Football Manager 2014. No teases. No ‘after the jump’ or ‘on the other side of the ha-ha’. I didn’t even encrypt the data and ask you to hack it. No, it’s above. Why did I do that? It’s because I respect your time, that’s why. Actually, I respect ‘the time’, so when Sega announced the very minute that the game was being released, I was in heaven. If only everyone ran to such specific schedules and nothing ever went wrong, I’d be incredibly happy. There is other information below, so head beneath the bulwark to find out about the beta, the demo, and Steam integration.

If you pre-order the game, you’ll be in the beta a whole two weeks before the release date. Imagine that? You’ll see the final coat of paint going up and the chairs being straightened. Your manager will be carried over into the final game. If you want to play it before release, but don’t want to pay for access, there will be a demo released one week before the grand unveiling the game.

Steam will play a huge role in the functionality of FM2014: cloud saves are there as expected, but it’ll also include sharing of skins and full databases via the Steam Workshop, which should add plenty of serious and silly fun. How silly? The last time I poked around alternative leagues for the game, I discovered that someone had created a scenario where the world had ended and all the recogniseable talent had been killed off.


  1. BobbyDylan says:

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  2. Alexander says:

    GTA 5 is out, can PC players have a cat picture or something?

  3. Freud says:

    The third patch usually is out late February/early March. That’s when FMs usually are worth playing.

    • Zankmam says:

      Why is this? What do the 3rd patches add that the game apparently really needs?

      • N'Al says:


      • Ernesto25 says:

        The ME always has issues but FM fansseem blind to them, hopefully the beta won’t be as bad as the year before.

      • JamesTheNumberless says:

        Every iteration they fiddle with the match engine, and every time they break something. It’s not always the same thing but both the visual side and the underlying simulation end up having some improvements and some degradations. It’s usually the case that sometime shortly after the January transfer window closes, they’ve sorted most of these out and also have included transfers from Jan and done a bit of minor re-balancing of players too according to how their real life form differed from the expectations the SI research teams had for them at the start of the season. All of these factors combined makes getting the game in March usually a better idea than getting it before Christmas.

  4. Katar says:

    How is cloud saving going to work? Based on my FM13 save when I stopped playing it was 225MB using the compressed save option.

  5. JuiceKup says:

    Why are they playing soccer in this football game? I didn’t even know soccer had managers. What year is this?

  6. norfolk says:

    I’m too lazy to research new features – has anybody been following this? What’s new? Has the ME changed?

    • Ernesto25 says:

      Tactics are no longer slider based apparently, i assume the 2d engine has been updated but they always advertise 3d improvements (which is always terrible). The transfer negotiations have changed a bit along with player and staff budgets. You can do end of season meetings along with the ability to ask the captain if you need a team meeting during the season. Then a few things related to cloud and fmc but honestly the tactics thing makes me the most excited and by excited i mean it looks good on paper and probably fail to deliver .

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