Good Deal Lauda: Classic Cars For F1 2013

Codemasters send word of the “classics” in the forthcoming racing game, F1 2013, which will allow folks to drive the F1 cars of yesterday. Which, in the case of one such motor, is 1976. They explain: “The 1976 Ferrari 312 T2 is an exclusive free gift to all those that sign up to Codemasters RaceNet and will be drivable in F1 2013’s Time Trial mode.” It’s almost as if it were coinciding with another media racing event type affair. Hmm!

There are going to be two editions, one with a lot more classics than the other. Limited edition F1 2013: CLASSIC EDITION contains the lot, natch.

The game is out on October 8th.


  1. Bluenose says:

    Or download the Grand Prix Legends Demo for free, do a little investigation on how to make it work on modern PC’s, find some mods and have a feast of old racing seasons and cars at your disposal with a physics engine which still puts Codies games to shame.

    • alfred says:

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  2. Gargenville says:

    I don’t understand what they’re trying to do by making such a big deal about the classic F1 cars they’re including while at the same time piggybacking the whole thing on top of F1 2013. Seems like a lot of effort for what can only end up as an unsatisfying bonus mode the way they’re treating it now (I mean they’re obviously not competitive with modern cars and with only one or two vehicles from the same year you’re looking at a Ferrari-F1s in Gran Turismo type 2-car grid). Just pick a single classic season instead of trying to tackle the entire history of grand prix racing as a sideshow to 2013?

    • Faldrath says:

      Because this is the last game before the console “next gen”, so the actual F1 2013 game will have changed very little from 2012, and they’re trying to convince you to buy 2013.

      But yeah, I do hope this is just a first step towards full classic seasons, even though I’m aware that licensing for those is probably a nightmare (they can’t use Senna, for instance).

  3. Jason Moyer says:

    Unless they cheese up the physics, I don’t see how any of the 90’s cars are supposed to compete with the 92 Williams.

  4. Cytrom says:

    So its like ONE car, +1-1 as paid dlc, and thats it, “classic mode”? Thats, umm.. ok.

    • Jason Moyer says:

      The regular version comes with the Williams FW07B, Lotus 98T, Ferrari F1-87/88C, Lotus 100T, Williams FW12, Brands Hatch and Jerez for use in classic mode.

      The DLC/”classic” version comes with the Ferrari F92A, Williams FW14B, Ferrari F310, Williams FW18, Ferrari F399, Williams FW21, Imola, and Estoril for use in classic mode.

      The Ferrari 312T2 is (as far as I can tell) free for signing up with Codemasters RaceNet.

      • identiti_crisis says:

        Sounds straight-forward enough. Wait, no, I have no idea what / how to buy this game, which cars do I need?

        Actually, I won’t be buying it at all. So maybe it doesn’t matter.

    • Fox89 says:

      Simply put –
      Standard Edition: Comes with 80’s content.
      Classic Edition: Comes with 80’s and 90’s content.

      Both give you the ’76 Lotus if you sign up for/log in to Racenet.

  5. Novotny says:

    As a massive fan of the sport, the owner of a wheel and pedals for PC, and having bought F1 2010 and then played the following iterations, I wouldn’t touch this with a barge-pole. Every version thus far has been complete shit.

    Race 07 is £2.49 on Steam, and with the raceroom add-on which provides an F1 car to drive, it beats this shoddy arcade game hands down, even when using an xbox controller.

    Let me say that again: at £2.49, Race 07 is simply many, many times better than this expensive, glossy, extremely unrealistic driving game.

    Do yourself a favour and don’t buy into the hype.

  6. identiti_crisis says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one getting weary of all the clamour around Rush. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the era, the racing and the cars, plus a huge car nut in general. I just don’t like the feeling that I’m supposed to anticipate it a bit more than I am (which is a lot, for me, for any movie). As if my car-guy “credentials” are perceived to be in doubt, because I’m not being seen to be wanting it enough, or something.

    Then there’s the cynical cash-ins such as this appears to be. I mean, it’s only taken nearly 15 years to figure out that GPL was onto “a good thing”, what with the 49 appearing everywhere all of a sudden. Now all the little cool-cats are coming out of the cracks: “Hey, you know what’s really cool? A Lotus 49 at Rouen.” Yeah, no shit, welcome to last century. Granted, that’s probably not their fault, and I should just be glad that developers are taking note of these interesting eras of racing (never mind that they’re only doing it to be seen as being cool “relevant” themselves, probably).

    I guess I’m just bitter that no-one’s making a game exactly to my tastes…

    • Jason Moyer says:

      I would pay good money if someone like, say, SlightlyMad made a sim with F1/Prototypes/Sportscars/Touringcars and released packs every few months with a new season of cars/tracks. Maybe to be completely bland, the sim would ship with 1967 F1/WSC/GT/TC and the related tracks, then 6 months later they put out a $40 pack that adds 1979 or 1988 or whatever. As much fun as it to, say, race the Ferrari 312B3 in Ferrari Racing Legends, the novelty of including random historical cars without any of their contemporary counterparts wears off pretty quickly.

  7. Sheng-ji says:

    Dear Geoff Crammond,

    Your grand prix games were amazing. We don’t care if you can’t get licences or use a AAA looking engine, please make more racing games.


    Your Fans.

  8. cptgone says:

    my mum used to drive a Lada. it was stainless and classy, i mean rusted and classless ;)

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  10. SuicideKing says:

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