Tinned Pi: Iron Soul Launch Trailer

Deep in the catacombs of the RPS Forbidden Chatroom of Mystery, a robot stirrs and whirrs. “Craizxcg”, says Jim, his voice the sound of rust being scraped off gunmetal, “Canbbbthppt youo pooosststssszz thissxzz?”, then he explodes. Springs and batteries are everywhere. The final act of Jimbot 3000 is to tell me about the Iron Soul launch trailer, an action platform game about jumping robots that mentions MDK as inspirations. I hope it lives up to that lofty goal. What do you think, Ji – oh, that’s right. He exploded. The last act of a loyal and determined robot, who only wanted to further robotkind and in no way enslave humanity and turn us into batteries.

It looks very Unreal Engine 3.

Iron Soul was supposed to come out on the 14th… But we can’t actually see where it got released. Hm. UPDATE: On GamersGate.


  1. Gallimaufry says:

    Seems like it has been released on GamersGate actually. Which is the only place so far, I believe, as it haven’t been greenlit yet on Steam.

    • alfred says:

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  2. Pich says:

    Does it have a French pop ending?

    • The First Door says:

      And/Or can I hold four guns at a time, or fire toast at things?

  3. AlmostPalpable says:

    It looks awful.

  4. Rukumouru says:

    Played it. This game is very shoddily put together, and amateurish to the point of having MANY things left completely untouched from the default UDK implementations. Furthermore, it is made unfun in even basic terms by the constant unskippable bollocks.

    That they are asking upwards of 10 dollars for the game equivalent of a student project is completely insane.

  5. ZIGS says:

    (…)an action platform game about jumping robots that mentions MDK as inspirations. I hope it lives up to that lofty goal.

    It doesn’t, it’s terrible

  6. xcession says:

    The timing of the first two words of the VO tell me all I need to know about this game.

  7. reggiep says:

    This looks like the Force Unleashed without any cool DMM or Euphoria tech, lightsabers or Star Warsness. So worse than the Force Unleashed. That’s not a good place to be.


    link to gamersgate.com

  9. The Random One says:

    “Canbbbthppt youo pooosststssszz thissxzz?”, eh? I’d expect robojim to be more like “Sir, you are being ordered to post this trailer, on account of it having robots.”

  10. Brackhar says:

    Man, that camera shake when firing your weapon. That alone’ll keep me from playing this game.

  11. Scandalon says:

    “Survive Crazy Platforms” indeed.

  12. Metr13 says:

    Failed to see any engagement in the game. The video shows that it’s just not paced, the animations are “meh” and the models are even more “meh”.

    It looks a lot like damnation, but without the redeeming qualities of interesting art style and novelty of jumping around in parkour (yeah, it used to be novel to me).