Humble Indie Bundle 9 Expands, And In Style

The Humble Indie Bundle 9 has, as you would have expected, updated. And I feel safe in saying it’s now likely the best bundle there’s ever been. Before you could pick up Trine 2, Mark Of The Ninja Eets Munchies Beta, Brutal Legend, FTL and FEZ for just a few coins. It was already pretty astonishing. A week in, and over half a million sales later, it’s now added four new games, Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, A Virus Named TOM, Bastion, and LIMBO. Good heavens.

That’s $195 worth of games and soundtracks. And $195 of some of the finest indie games about. You can pick up half of them for a cent (if you’re a git), or get the whole lot by beating the average, which is currently $4.63. Anything over a dollar gets you Steam codes for the first four, and as usual they’re all available as PC, Mac and Linux, and all DRM free.

I really thought the popularity of the Humbles would eventually wain, not least because of the ever-increasing numbers of bundle types. But it seems each time the Indie Bundle comes back, it outdoes itself. It’s good to be wrong. At just over the halfway point this one has already made $2,428,000, and with the addition of names like Bastion and LIMBO can only rapidly escalate. That’s a bunch of money going to Child’s Play, the EFF and Watsi, and a lot of indie developers an awful lot richer. Which is just brilliant.


  1. Pich says:

    Bastion and Limbo AGAIN? It’s like the fourth time D:

    • LTK says:

      Feels that way, yeah, but it’s actually only the second. If we’re also counting weekly sales, then it’s the third time for Bastion.

      Anyway, I’m not complaining. Everyone, play Bastion!

      • Andy_Panthro says:

        I’ve been playing Bastion a bit, but I’ve grown a bit bored with it. I’m not sure how far into it I am (probably less than half way), but it doesn’t hold my attention. I like the art-style, the narration and the music, but the actual gameplay isn’t quite so inspiring.

        • Zekiel says:

          My advice would be to perservere becuase I found the combat got a bit boring at around the halfway mark (whenever it is you start fighting plants) but felt it picks up again nearer the end. And the ending is really good.

      • Zorn says:

        But I already bought it two times and finished it three times… Well, I could always gift it, another time.

    • bill says:

      Yeah. I bought the bundle (which was really good – FTL, Ninja, Fez, etc…) but I can’t say that adding bastion and limbo AGAIN makes it worthy of a free advertising news post on RPS.
      Though Rocketbirds looks reasonably Flashback-y and A virus named Tom looks like it might waste a few minutes.

      • kalirion says:

        I haven’t tried AVNT myself yet, dunno if it’s my type of game, but the MysticAttic’s (the dev’s) related Indie Life videos are awesome: link to

        I just hope he makes some more in the future.

  2. airmikee99 says:

    Worth it just for a copy of FTL. :)

    • Andy_Panthro says:

      Definitely! And I say that as someone who hasn’t completed it, and possibly never will. The journey was certainly fun the many times I got through to the end, but alas I was never good enough to finish it.

      • Stardreamer says:

        I’m not sure finishing it is the point. Oh. I’m sure people have done it but unlocking the ships and having fun seems to be more important for this game.

  3. SominiTheCommenter says:

    Poor average, always being beaten. It’s really mean.

  4. FF56 says:

    It’s actually the worst bundle ever! …because the games are too good so I already own them all.

    • Dezmiatu says:

      Let us all mock you for supporting the developers at a more generous price point when you should have been starving them out until they have to sell for dimes to break even. Its almost like you want to reward them and encourage them to make more games, or some trash like that.

      • BooleanBob says:

        I was gonna mock him for his funny haircut, but this works too.

      • Morangie says:

        Better to get a million pennies than a thousand pounds.

      • gwathdring says:

        Er … are you trying to shame people who buy bundles? Or just being silly? Because I can’t quite tell, though I supposed from my perspective the first one is ALSO silly.

        • The Random One says:

          He’s making fun of people who make fun of people who buy indie games at full price, on account of those people often doing so to support the indie devs, unlike people who buy AAA games at full price, all of whom do so because they are literally unable to wait.

    • geldonyetich says:

      It sure is an awesome lineup of games that I already own all but 3 of.

    • aakash says:

      Hey, I missed out on this bundle turns out it ended today :( if you’re willing to give away some of the games I would be extremely grateful, that is if you haven’t given them out already.

  5. strangeloup says:

    I’m trying to decide if it’s worth a dollar to try out Mark of the Ninja, given that I was entirely underwhelmed by the demo. Like a lot of others, I already have all of the rest, or at least all the ones that I have any interest in.

    • TCM says:


      Look, I’m a fan of MGS, Splinter Cell, and Thief.

      Mark of the Ninja is the single best stealth game to come out in the last 4 years, the greatest 2d stealth game ever (Sorry Gunpoint, I love ya, but you’re not quite there), and arguably one of the greatest of all time. The strength of MotN is in how much freedom it gives you while also keeping you constrained — there’s multiple ways to approach any situation, but you won’t always be able to use all of them, and sometimes you can’t rely on your personal favorite methodologies. But there’s always room to experiment. There is a clear goal that is established for you in any level, but there’s enough side pathways and hidden bits to explore a little. You’re always getting new toys to play with, but none are definitively ‘the best’, and none are completely useless on any level. You’re not harshly punished for failing, but success requires effort.

      About the only complaint I have is that if you’re spotted, you’re pretty much guaranteed to die. Moreso on NG+, where bullets == instant death. Just restart the checkpoint and give it another shot, maybe try avoiding that guard entirely instead of cutting him through this time, or maybe use a tool to take him out before you even approach.

      I cannot recommend MotN enough.

      • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

        “About the only complaint I have is that if you’re spotted, you’re pretty much guaranteed to die. ”

        The only thing you’re guaranteed to lose is your stealth bonus. Hook yourself out of there, drop a smoke bomb, kill the lights, use terror… or do all four.

        Anyway, I’m amazed to learn it’s even physically possible to be underwhelmed by Mark of the Ninja, though I didn’t play the demo. Maybe it’s different? Because the base game is enthralling. Especially if you don’t play on easy, and go for 100% completion on every mission.

        It’s 2D Dishonored. Yes it’s worth a bloody dollar.

    • Talksintext says:

      And I’m a huge fan of the early Splinter Cell games and Deus Ex. This was not a letdown in terms of stealth action, though it’s a bit unfair to compare it to full AAA 3D games, which are better imo. That said, for whatever price you want to pay, it’s a good deal. It has its weak points, and the style gets repetitive (I was really hoping to get more realistic and varied sets, though it never suffers from aesthetics), plus I found the controls fairly clunky. It lacks the complexity of the AAA titles, of course, but there are a few decent puzzles and really tight spots (especially if you’re going total ‘ghost’ in approach). Additionally, bringing up the map shows you 3 optional objectives that can be fairly difficult, but which help to unlock more content. Overall, it’s a fairly fun experience that will give you at least a few hours of enjoyment, possibly multiple play-throughs, and most objectives have multiple paths to achievement. You can even take the rambo approach and start kicking and slashing your way through the levels, but given your weak health that’s a bit more difficult than in other such genre games.

      You definitely don’t die as soon as you’re seen, but you have to be very quick and have certain upgrades to really pull it off without getting hurt/killed. Really, if you take the non-stealth approach, it changes from a mildly difficult game to a nearly impossible one that’s far more rewarding than, say, Conviction with its “panther” approach. But that’s an option if you find the typical stealth/perfectionist approach too easy (it’s not really, though at many points the levels are less than challenging).

      The fact that both approaches are possible, but actually the action approach is far more difficult, shows that it’s not as flat as it might seem on a basic demo playthrough.

    • BashfulBear says:

      Let me throw some praise on the fire. MoTN made me feel like a ninja the same way Arkham Ayslum made me feel like Batman. It was a good feeling.

      • Stardreamer says:

        Seconded. I loved every moment of this game.One of the best of 2012, imo. I’m praying for a bigger, cleverer sequel.

  6. webwielder says:

    Rocketbirds is so excellent. Criminally slept on. If you want a game that feels like Flashback did back in the day, but plays and looks great by modern standards, purchase. Awesome soundtrack and hilarious cutscenes, too.

    • Stardreamer says:

      Flashback was a screaming masterpiece. Any game that compares favorably to Flashback is definitely one I’ll be checking out. Cheers.

      • valz says:

        It doesn’t compare favorably. They’re not similar in any positive way.

    • valz says:

      Umm, Flashback looks more modern than Rocketbirds does. It also looks much better. Rocketbirds has horribly amateurish graphics and presentation. Add to that the frustratingly slow gameplay of Rocketbirds and it’s a game I don’t recommend playing.

  7. Greggh says:

    30 % of all my Humble Bundle games are gifted to my girlfriend – I often have the best ones already, and all my other friends do too…

    If anyone wants, lemme know ;)

    • sushir says:

      Hi Greggh! I am interested in some of the previous bundles. Please message back.

  8. chaggo says:

    it’s sad, but humble bundles are getting kind of….i don’t know…stale ? i mean, they’ve rised the bar so much that lately bundles feel just not worth it, they keep using the same games, missing chances with lame “beat the average” choices, and now you can’t even get the bonus games if you don’t beat the average, which is pretty lame for bundles that have several games you already own, something not too rare nowadays since a lot of people is buying bundles

    5 or 6 bucks is not much, i know, but this is a competitive market where 5 or 6 bucks can get you one or two new games on steam sales, it makes me feel like they’re not passionate about the whole thing anymore, i mean, they’re already famous and get a shitload of cash everytime, why push it ?

    • Dominus_Anulorum says:

      Well, I mean sure 5 or six dollars (or pounds or euros) can get you one or two games on steam, but it gets you ten games on the humble sale. Ten! That is a ridiculously good value, even if you own half the games on there, you still get more than your moneys worth. I’m not really sure how this implies that they are slacking off…

    • DrScuttles says:

      Regarding repeated games, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a Double Fine game in every Humble Bundle until the release of Broken Age.

  9. uh20 says:

    im required my my pro-linux buddies to pay over $10 in order to keep our average so high. the port of fez was just great, even if it did have a few game-breaking bugs on release day (its all but fixed now).

  10. suibhne says:

    That collection of soundtracks alone is worth far more than the average.

    • thekeats1999 says:

      Hell, the Bastion Soundtrack is worth beating the average for.

  11. wodin says:

    Only had Limbo and the Tom well worth it for me.

  12. Stardreamer says:

    These just keep getting better and better. $195 worth of stuff for less than the price of a fancy bottled beer/cider/thing? SOLD!

  13. Shiny says:

    Sadly, I have all of these except Eets, Rocketbirds, Virus already.

    • Bravey says:

      That would probably keep me from buying it too, so annoying when the bundle is so good you already own the games. Luckily I personally don’t have the games you don’t either but I don’t own Brutal Legend or FTL so it should still be worth a purchase for me…not completely sure yet…

    • aakash says:

      Hey, I missed out on this bundle turns out it ended today :( if you’re willing to give away some of the games I would be extremely grateful, that is if you haven’t given them out already.

  14. zain3000 says:

    Word of warning, kiddies… this is what happens when you buy games too impetuously… you end up with duplica-duplica-duplicates.

    Steam Keys up for grabs!

    LIMBO: 2F0NT-K0HEF-Q837V

    Bastion: V68VR-4P8GC-5Z2PZ

  15. Hanimalle says:

    I’ve got a few Steam keys for you guys, first come first served :

    Trine 2 Complete Story : 6XCZX-69TG9-B6LKG

    Mark of the Ninja : W7IXG-XQDD2-5MCC5

    Limbo : 55JFR-ADTRC-DFH2W

    Bastion : Y3NYA-PRF8N-29QHB

    Burnout Paradise : The Ultimate Box : IWZ05-JDBWI-DMYZK

    Have fun !

  16. drewski says:

    I think literally every person in the world has LIMBO and 75% have Bastion, so colour me underwhelmed by the additions.

    Think I’ll just wait for Fez to go on sale somewhere else.

    • Tinker says:

      You can pay whatever you want. Anything at all….even for just Fez the price doesn’t get better than that.

      I don’t understand your reasoning…

      • valz says:

        You silly crazy fellow! Fez costs $4.63 in the current bundle. Pay more attention!

  17. valz says:

    Far from the best bundle ever. There have been bundles in the past in which every game was awesome, but this one has a few awesome ones, some good ones, a mediocre one (A Virus Named Tom) a bad one (Rocketbirds), and a beta.