Urban Trials Freestyle Launches, Off A Ramp Presumably

I’m all about urban freestyle, me. I’ll walk down a street with all manner of leg movements, stepping up and down curbs, dodging left and right to let others past, and occasionally flipping out and laying down a phat left turn as I enter a shop. AND YET WHERE IS THE GAME ABOUT ME? There’s a game about Julien Dupont, for goodness sakes, and he has to use a motorbike for his antics. Urban Trial Freestyle looks like a bouncier, tricksier Trials, and is about to appear on Steam.

It seems to think it’s already out, but Steam says there’s another three hours to go.

Let’s be honest – it looks a LOT like Trials. And they’ve even got “Trial” in the name. That’s a big risk on their part, since the Trials games are so bloody magnificent, and they’ve invited direct comparisons upon themselves. It’ll be interesting to see how it fairs on PC – it was appparently popular on PSN, over there.


  1. bradrap says:

    Love Trials so I hope this does it some justice.

    Btw, typo in the heading.

  2. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Happy memories of the Kickstart games on the Speccy.


  3. Borengar says:

    Freestyle walking? Are you maybe this fine man? Then I’m all for a game about you.
    About this new game: I probably won’t buy it even if it does great. Bought the last Trials so I could play multiplayer with friends. It’s much more fun that way with a new level of competition.

  4. identiti_crisis says:

    Played the demo of this on PS3 and wasn’t overly impressed. The controls aren’t as fluid as Trials 2 and the way stunts work is less rewarding (of skill – although the gameplay is set up around it), but I suppose the environments / courses are more interesting than Trials 2 – then again I haven’t played the newer one(s) so they’re probably the same.

    However, I’m a die hard fan of the original “Trials” game, the ultra-tight and semi-realistic flash version made for DNA Internet that RedLynx pinched and subsequently ruined. Trials 2 was good, mind you, but it was a very different game.

  5. Williz says:

    It’s not too bad, I’ve already played it on my PS vita as I got it for free (PS+) and it pretty much plays the same as Trials.

  6. The First Door says:

    That… looks awfully like Trials. Plus, trailers always worry me when they spend so much time hiding the gameplay like that.

    Still, the tiny parts of the levels you get to see do look fun!