Well Blow Me Down Up: MechWarrior Online Launches

Presumably they are the good guys

Robots! They walk among us. Admittedly, they’re not particularly inconspicuous about it, given that they are both GIANT and in possession of a decently hefty marketing budget that allows them to plaster websites with megaton banner ads and titanic, lavishly produced trailers. It’s almost like they want us to know that they’re stomping about, tracking rust and guts all over everything – even the new carpet (!). I guess MechWarrior Online has “launched” now or something, so I suppose that makes sense. It’s looking snazzy, but its community has been in a state of open warfare with developer Piranha for the past few months due to a lack of communication and direction changes that don’t align with what many players spent money on. But hey, at least Piranha is restricting the perhaps too-casual-friendly third-person viewpoint a little bit. That’s something, right?

MechWarrior Online is, of course, free-to-play, so you can go clomp onto the frontlines right this very second. Well, after a fairly sizable download, anyway.

For those among you’ve been putting on your pants one nuclear tank life support system at a time since your friends were riding big wheels, this patch might not be what you’re looking for. That said, the patch notes do bring some good news – even if it’s largely correcting for previous bad news. The third-person camera is now disabled in 12-player competition matches, which is nice because many players felt like it provided an unfair advantage over first-person.

Other changes are more house-keepy in nature, with new trial mechs, balance rejiggering, and bug fixes rounding out the bulk of the bullet points. Piranha, meanwhile, noted that MWO is a very long ways off from complete. “There is plenty of work still on our plate and we are not going to stop till every feature is in your hands.” On the upside, a recent note from the dev team suggested that includes UI 2.0, Community Warfare, and Clans. That said, all of those things sound pretty early at this point.

How is everyone finding MWO so far? Has Piranha strayed too far into arcade-y territory? Or are the foundations solid and simply in need of a strong metagame to tie everything together?


  1. Mikail Yazbeck Designer @ TaleWorlds says:

    MWO is a very well crafted game, excellent minute to minute gameplay.

    Building a mech and learning to master a particular chassis is one of the most rewarding things you can do in gaming.

    The issues with the launch are pretty simple to sum up.

    The studio has over promised for the launch and we (the loving community) felt disappointed that UI 2.0 and some aspects of Community Warfare were not in for launch.

    It felt like those features were assured for launch, but keep being pushed back, so yea reactions range from RAGE to understanding tough love.

    Not the launch we wanted but, the game is still a great game and the balance of the game is quite nice overall.

    Lights, Mediums, Heavys and Assault mechs are all viable, lights and mediums (I pilot those exclusively) work well in the face of anything bigger….So yeah, I say come on in for a great time, but please don’t mind the lack of info and bad UI.

    I believe the game and features will only get better, so why not get addicted now.

    • ramirezfm says:

      I had to read your comment twice just to make sure you’re talking about MWO. And I’m still thinking you’re talking about some other Mechwarrior game…

      • Montavious says:

        Lol, I know right, probably works for PGI.

      • Yazzy says:

        Well just my opinion :) I think the first person mech handling has been very well done and feels great. I love learning the speed and turning rules for each chassis. I know there are balance issues and some design stuff, but I’m not a hardcore Battletech person so for me this game is very fun.

        Although I do have to say, I feel sorry for newcomers, since founders got a great deal for $60 while the game remains a little grindy after you get your 2nd or 3rd mech as a free to play person.

        But yeah, not everyone will agree with me, I still recommend giving MWO a shot, it is a great half-way point between sim and arcade.

      • PatrickSwayze says:

        I feel like I side slipped into an alternate universe then where MWO became something good instead of the grab deal fest it is now.

        • PoulWrist says:

          Except it’s rather enjoyable, although lacking in depth. But that’s more of an issue with the whole mech situation not allowing for more advanced interaction like healing, between players.

          I don’t really know wtf people actually expect after just 2 years of development.

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            Healing? U WOT M8? Get back to Hawken.

            Real mechs rearm and re-engage.

            Except not in MWO because PGI cannot into balance.

          • PoulWrist says:

            I don’t want to play Hawken, it sucks.

            You don’t have the kind of rearm and repair in the game, because it takes hours and days of work by a repaircrew to fix up a mech. The limited interaction between players currently is not necessarily a negative. Counter Strike for instance only has one interaction between players and that’s with weapons.

            I just need to get back to playing with my clan group.

          • airmikee99 says:

            Patrick, you haven’t been following the game very well if you don’t know that rearm and repair was already a mechanic in game and was taken out because it was just plain annoying, especially when new players would forget to do that and would end up in a match with a nearly dead and empty mech.

            You’ve got an awful lot of opinions about MWO, but based on your comments, it’s readily apparent that they’re 100% fact-free opinions.

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            Never said it was.

    • Yosharian says:

      I would say ‘taking roughly from behind’ rather than ‘in the face of’ =D

      Not too sure about Mediums, they definitely have their role but I think they’re a little weak at the moment. Feels like anything driving below 100kph needs to be able to tank hits or engage at high range.

      • felis says:

        I got some ‘mechs in every weight category, and I kinda disagree. While a medium should be rather mobile if its not sniping, I do have three centurions, which I use as brawler – quite successfully.
        As for the general state of mwo: I am a (lowest tier) founder, and I am disappointed mostly with the apparent sluggishness in development. Very few maps, two game-modes, no community warfare in sight. Despite the developer’s inability to communicate with the community in an open fashion I find mwo to be an enjoyable game.

        And they really underwhelmed with their launch. Give it some frills, some content and some bang.

    • RogueJello says:

      This a great comment, well balanced, points out the good and the bad.

      Personally I’ve been a founder since closed Beta and been loving it. It’s been substantially improving the whole way, with minor balancing missteps here and there.

      I think it’s sad that a small (yes ~1000 people is small compared to the 1.1 million subs) has been able to make the story of this game about how angry and po’ed they are about it. Buying into the Founders (like I did) you’re taking a leap of faith. Sometimes you don’t land where you want.

      However, I think that the #saveMWO movement is actually doing anything but, and is currently one of the largest threats to the continued existence of this game, since all a lot of people know is that people are angry about it, and it’s unclear why. So really #saveMWO is killing MWO.

      (And no I don’t work for PGI)

      • PoulWrist says:

        I agree with you. I almost don’t want to go to the MWO forums anymore because of the rampant whining and raging by a bunch of people who largely don’t know what they’re talking about. I just enjoy reading posts by the devs on what’s planned next, patchnotes, ask the devs and such. But looking for more than just those in the middle of all the hating is taking a toll on one’s tolerance.

        I can perfectly understand why people at PGI don’t want to come on the forum and post when there’s nothing but ridicule and denigration awaiting them there.

      • Montavious says:

        And how do you get that 1000 to 1.1 mill ratio, just wandering. An what subs? Its free to play.

        • RogueJello says:

          My understanding was the last “saveMWO” rally had ~753 people at it, so I’m just rounding up to 1000. As for the 1.1 million, this is the number of registered accounts. I think the 100K they raised at $10 a pop for “Sarah’s Mech” also says something about the size of the player base.

          • Montavious says:

            SO by that logic if i had a lets say, “save the cookies” rally, and only 100 people show up, that the rest of the millions of people who love cookies does exist? Anyways, it seems that its more than 1000 ppl who think something is wrong with the game. Probably one of the reasons they sensor their forums so bad now. Look at metacritic, more negative/neutral votes than positive. That says just a little bit of whats going on.

      • King Eternity says:

        The #saveMWO community have some fair points.

        The way the MWO team have been communicating has been very poor and in some areas seemingly disingenuous. Piranha have to accept that active communication is a part of the crowdfunding model.

        And the way the devs have been balancing the game has been getting progressively worse, with bandaids on top of bandaids. The most obvious example being the “ghost heat” mechanic (firing multiple weapons of the same kind at the same time gives you a penalty, but only on some weapons!), which is a ridiculous, non-intuitive way to fix the sniper-heavy meta . More and more quick-fix bandaids instead of addressing the underlying issues is an unsustainable downward spiral and will eventually destroy the game.

      • KovarD says:

        Your ratio is flawed.

        1.1 million are just registered users, not active playerbase. Only a very tiny percentage of 1.1million knows the current MWO state.

        Not ONLY 750 people of #savemwo isn’t liking the current state of MWO. Many people don’t know what #savemwo is and are not satisfied with the game.

        As a Founder, I’m very sad with PGI, because they don’t delivered what was promised. Already god my money refunded.

        (And no, I dont work for #savemwo.)

    • sebmojo says:

      I agree with the OP – it’s muddled its way into being a good stompy robot game, even though it’s riddled with flaws outside that core gameplay.

      They’re in the unenviable position of getting it in the neck from both the Battletech grognards if they veer to far from tabletop, and the competitive robot jox if they don’t balance it properly, but the core gameplay is actually in a reasonable place right now.

  2. Mikail Yazbeck Designer @ TaleWorlds says:

    The other things I should say are, there are super lame single-use items like,

    Cool shot and Airstrikes, but nobody uses them. I’ve played for 3.5 months straight every day and only seen 2 airstrikes used.

    ps: PGI make a launch day sale for goodness sake, you guys should learn how to make money :P everything has a launch day sale, even libraries have launch day sales

    • razgon says:

      Shouldn’t you be working on Bannerlord instead? ;-)

      Anyways – am I correct in assuming there is *no* singleplayer part in this game? Its pure pvp?

      • Yazzy says:

        Well it’s funny, I haven’t used my RPS account for about 2 years, and I have not been at Taleworlds for 2 years, but I did design on Bannerlord :) Anyways my RPS account shouldn’t say Taleworlds on it, but it looks like I forget that, oops. I’ve corrected it now.

      • PoulWrist says:

        There is no singleplayer. It’s online versus mode.

    • Yosharian says:

      Funny because if people used these items more everyone would cry about ‘Pay to win’. These items are balanced, fun items to use, flavour items. They aren’t game-breaking, for a very good reason.

  3. Montavious says:

    Had to be the worst launch ever. Literally nothing happened, no events, nothing. They basically just got tired of saying they were still in beta and launched the game, which still seems like its in its beta phase……

    • PatrickSwayze says:

      When a game launches, things are meant to change right?

      Nothing changed.

      Except we got an incredibly fake trailer full of more lies than what even comes out of the dev’s mouths.

    • Kaira- says:

      Sounds a lot like Dota 2 release.

      • PatrickSwayze says:

        DOTA2 had a pile of quality content. MWO really doesn’t.

        • PoulWrist says:

          Yes it does :)

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            No it doesn’t shill.

          • Pockets says:

            It has piles of content in the same way you could describe the pair of socks lying on my bedroom floor from yesterday as “piles of dirty clothes”.

            While they’ve been slowly adding mechs over the past couple of years and have reached a selection that isn’t too bad, the number of maps and game-modes plus a very limited general feature set, means you can’t call it “piles of content” without being massively misleading.

          • PoulWrist says:

            Sure you can. It has about the same content that BF3 launched with. ~10 maps, a bunch of playable characters and unlocks.
            Can it use more? Yes, of course. And that will come. We’re only 2 years into development, after all.

          • Carlos Danger says:

            BF3 also launched with a full single-player campaign.

            Game really hasn’t done much the year it spent in open beta. It is fun to play but taking 12-15 months to produce a new UI is not impressive. CW is more then likely vaporware and at best won’t be out till the end of 2014. As for the Clan invasion, I expect an actual alien invasion to happen before the get to implement the Clans.

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            You said “we’re” again.

            You keep forgetting that you’re pretending you’re not working for PGI even though we established in the last MWO topic that you are because of all the stats you pull out of your hat.

          • PoulWrist says:

            Really? Are you that stupid? :) You can go ahead and google me, this username is my real name. Just add in a space before the W :) You should be able to find me on at least Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. And probably a bunch of other sites where I use my Facebook login to register in the comments section. Because, you know, I’m not a coward who can’t stand behind his words.

            Maybe, if like me, you educate yourself on the facts of things, instead of just make things up and call that facts, you’d be able to argue on equal ground. Instead of just, you know, lying and calling names.

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            No I don’t promote Hawken. It’s an Okay game for killing half an hour but that’s it.

            And yeah for someone who doesn’t visit the PGI forums you seem to be willing to accept whatever shit they shovel on your plate unconditionally without holding them accountable despite paying them money?

            It’s customers like you that lead to companies like Electronic Arts walking all over consumer rights.

          • PoulWrist says:

            I visit there all the time, who said I didn’t? :| stop lying, dude, just, stop :|

    • glocks4interns says:

      I take it you’ve never heard of D3 or SimCity.

    • airmikee99 says:

      The Operation 24 Launch Event doesn’t qualify as an event?

      Operation 24

      “Celebrate Launch and the fielding of 24 `Mechs on the battlefield with Operation 24! Play any 24 games (win, lose or draw) between September 17th and October 1st (10am PDT) to receive a cool in-game “Operation 24” hanging cockpit item automatically.”

      The MechWarrior Online North American Launch Event and Tournament doesn’t qualify as an event?

      “On Thursday Sept 26th, Infinite Game Publishing and Piranha Games will host the official MechWarrior Online North American Launch Event and Tournament at The Mezzanine in San Francisco. Registrations to compete in the North American Launch Event Tournament are closed, but you can tune-in to watch the invitational tournament and festivities live at link to twitch.tv from 2 p.m.”

      Why not?

      • Sparkasaurusmex says:

        Well those aren’t “launch” events… isn’t it launched now?

        • airmikee99 says:

          The game launched yesterday.
          Operation 24 Launch Event started yesterday.


  4. Capt. Raven says:

    In my experience as a mech loving super-noob at the mechwarrior games: I really want to like MWO but it doesn’t work for me. I feel the option to buy hero mechs with real money only is a pretty blatant P2W model and it rips the game apart. In every match my team gets obliterated by high-level assault-class mechs and there is nothing I can do to help that. Despite all the people saying that light mechs are so viable and useful for scouting and marking the enemy and all of that shebang, that doesn’t work me neither. I might as well strip away all my weapons from my light mechs, because I’m barely scratching the armor of the big mechs with them, while they need about 3 shots to take me out. Pretty frustrating for a beginner, can’t recommend it. And I say that with a heavy heart, because the game looks and feels amazing. Maybe I would much rather play a singleplayer campaign in this, I don’t know :/

    • ramirezfm says:

      Try one of the spiders, from what I read it should be severly broken right now as in you should be able to kill stuff and stuff should have very hard time hitting you. If they fixed this just get the heaviest mech you can get and fill up on ACs.

      Or just skip it. I loved the game some time ago, even throw some money their way. And then ECMWarrior began and I quit for a while. And then I got back. And then PPCWarrior began. And I just gave up. Nowadays I just read the forums once in a while.

      • Gentlemoth says:

        They also stomped their foot down firmly and refused to do any more character wipes when they went into open beta. This was also coincidentally when they introduced their cash shop. So understandably they don’t want any wipes then, because at this point the game was already commercially released in everything but name. Unfortunately the game back then was in a pretty rough state and a lot of finetuning for xp and money had to be made.

        This has become a trend in the F2P market which I find somewhat distasteful. Games will come out with the softest of releases, their open and buggy betas are about as much of a release they will ever get. Now a year later and it has its “official” release, it really doesn’t change anything but the name on the paper. I don’t mind waiting for a game to finish or even put down money to buy a finished product, because these days a game getting a F2P approach is guaranteed to mean that the game is not feature complete, but they are going to start pulling in money anyway. I think unless the games core gameplay is incredibly strong, this will end up hurting it in the long run.

    • Yosharian says:

      “I feel the option to buy hero mechs with real money only is a pretty blatant P2W model and it rips the game apart. ”

      Hero mechs are expensive, aren’t any better than standard mechs apart from the cbill bonus, and still require maxing out in terms of equipment and experience. They shorten the route to getting a tricked out mech, that’s for certain, but they aren’t strictly pay to win.

      At the end of the day PGI has to make a profit, the game is free to play. Stop whining and get realistic. I regularly destroy players who have spent a hell of a lot more on the game than me.

      “In every match my team gets obliterated by high-level assault-class mechs and there is nothing I can do to help that.”

      Assaults are strong and are the most expensive mechs, that’s for sure. However, do you know what an Atlas (heaviest mech, 100 tons) driver fears the most? It’s a Jenner, one of the smallest mechs, driving behind him and ripping his mech to pieces via his back armor. It’s being stranded miles away from the fight, or where his base is being capped, or where the critical node is that he has to capture, while the faster mechs run rings around him. The heavier mechs are strong, sure, and especially on the smaller maps, but small mechs have their role.

      Grab a Jenner, go shoot people in the back while they’re distracted, then run away when they turn around, rinse and repeat. Grab a Spider and dance around people with your jumpjets, laughing as they try to hit your ridiculously small hitboxes. Grab a Raven 3L and support your heavy mechs, giving them the absurdly powerful Electronics Counter-Measures buff and laughing at the enemy’s Long Range Missiles (note: may require hiding behind the nearest Atlas!).

      Lights have their role, and are important. There’s hardly anything a heavier mech loves more than a great light pilot who supports his team perfectly. Did I mention Lights are the cheapest mechs?

      “I might as well strip away all my weapons from my light mechs, because I’m barely scratching the armor of the big mechs with them, while they need about 3 shots to take me out.”

      A light mech’s role isnt to kill people in straight up fights, or to tank hits. You’re the guy who hides behind the Atlas and gives him ECM. You’re the guy who spots 5 assault mechs pushing behind a hill, and runs off to tell his team. You’re the guy who can fly all over the map when everyone’s virtually dead and cap all the points. You’re the guy who shoots the Atlas in the back then runs away, an annoying pest!

      “Pretty frustrating for a beginner”

      Most games are. As I said below in my post, MWO is a complex and difficult game, and at the start you will suck because you have a fairly crap mech and you won’t know what the hell you’re doing. Persevere, learn, improve. Again, I spent my first 10 hours of this game being shit on in my trial Raven, I know how you feel.

    • glocks4interns says:

      There is not a single chassis where the hero mech has the best slots. There are some solid hero mechs but not a single one is better than non-hero options.

    • PoulWrist says:

      Why are Hero Mechs pay to win? They give you more money and that’s it. Several of them are even “poorer” variants than standard that you can buy with c-bills. There’s nothing pay2win about it. Anymore than there is in, say, League of Legends where you can buy similar boosts to your income and Xp to allow you to buy more variety faster. Not like you can buy a gun that makes you better with your c-bills or that heroes are more powerful than standard mechs.

  5. dorobo says:

    Hawken is BETTER :p

    • Montavious says:

      Hawken = COD with robots…..NO….

      • dorobo says:

        lol, worst accusation ever :] how would you even know.. btw theres no dodging in midair in cod. WAIT! theres no dodging at all :D

        • Montavious says:

          I would know because I was in the alpha and in the beta :) Thats what it reminds me of. Just my opinion though.

          • dorobo says:

            i cant see why you say that than.. cod is somekind of modern CS with constant camping and very short TTK. Hawken has different game mechanics, different weapons, iteams and so on..

          • Sparkasaurusmex says:

            True, but it’s still more of a first person shooter than a mech sim

          • PoulWrist says:

            Yes, but it has nothing to do with MWO. I mean, Battlefield 3 is also better than MWO, but you don’t see me posting that here. I wonder why.

  6. Theory says:

    I see that the ragdolls are still awful. I would have thought that making your giant robots blow up right would be a high priority…

    Snarking aside I did have a decent time when I played, but the trial mechs were horribly ineffective and apparently hit registration was a bit dodgy. How have things improved on those fronts?

    • Yosharian says:

      Exactly what do you think would make a 50-100 ton mech blow up more realistically? Are you expecting them to launch into the air dramatically? These things are basically walking buildings, they’re not going to explode like in a Michael Bay Transformers film.

      • Gentlemoth says:

        Skip the hyperbole, it doesn’t have to be a Michael Bay movie to look better than what they have right now. Mechs just kind of… gently fall over, sometimes even making a doubleflip! There is no weight to their ragdolls. They don’t even have to fall over, a Mech having its reactor shut down without having a lot of speed would probably just slump over and stand dead in the field. A mech that does fall over is very heavy, it should definitely not flip, and rather tear up a lot of dust and debris or hell even tear itself apart by the force of the impact.

        A little bit more gratuitious effects would be nice, seeing heads blown off or arms flying off and landing as debris on the ground would go a long way to add immersion to the game, but also help with making players understand what just happened to them(or the damage they just did).

        • Yosharian says:

          “Mechs just kind of… gently fall over”

          That’s because when their engines are destroyed, they are essentially 50-100 tons of scrap metal. Scrap metal does that, it falls over. It’s called gravity.

          “sometimes even making a doubleflip!”


          “There is no weight to their ragdolls.”

          This is so subjective, I don’t know what you want me to say. They don’t seem light to me.

          “They don’t even have to fall over, a Mech having its reactor shut down without having a lot of speed would probably just slump over and stand dead in the field.”

          That happens sometimes, actually, although it’s a bug =p But weren’t you asking for MORE razmatazz? Now you’re saying why don’t they just slump and stand dead? You’re contradicting yourself.

          “A mech that does fall over is very heavy, it should definitely not flip, and rather tear up a lot of dust and debris or hell even tear itself apart by the force of the impact.”

          Force of impact from falling could not possibly tear apart a Battlemech, these things are designed to withstand ballistic shells hitting them at high speed, they’re not going to fall apart like that.

          “A little bit more gratuitious effects would be nice, seeing heads blown off or arms flying off and landing as debris on the ground would go a long way to add immersion to the game, but also help with making players understand what just happened to them(or the damage they just did).”

          Dust and debris and fluff like arms flying off is the kind of thing that has zero impact on gameplay and requires a hell of a lot of developer time and then processing power, I don’t care for that kind of thing and I can’t understand why you are so interested in it. Yes it would be nice, but it doesn’t change the game at all. It’s just fluff, not really important.

        • PoulWrist says:

          Arms already fly off when shot to pieces.

      • arccos says:

        Well, they could at least get something similar to what Living Legends did, before MW Online essentially ended development of that game:

    • glocks4interns says:

      Yes and yes. They started offering champion mechs for trials which have good builds. Currently all trials are champions.

      As far as hit registration goes there have been some big improvements as well.

    • PoulWrist says:

      Mechs in Mechwarrior don’t blow up.

      • PatrickSwayze says:

        They they do.

        Their reactors go critical and its like a mini nuke going off.

        This happened in the MWO concept trailer shown some years ago.

        • PoulWrist says:

          No, they don’t. However, previous developers of the franchise thought that that would be “cool” and had mechs detonate when they died. When in fact, the rules of the game they base all this on states that a meltdown or critical explosion of the fusion engine running the mechs is extremely unlikely, as in the unlikely event of a reactor breach the reactor is immediately shut down.

          If you want to whine about the game, at least get with the facts that go with it.

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            So basically yeah they do, like you just said?


          • PoulWrist says:

            No, they don’t :) They shut down. If you can’t read and understand, then you shouldn’t post :)

            You prove yourself a liar, a coward and a namecaller :) care to add more to the list?

        • Pockets says:

          I believe in the original board-game that didn’t happen, then it got changed at some point so there’s a chance for explosions and some aging neckbeards are still bitter about it.

          • Gentlemoth says:

            “Fusion engines usually will only shut down if damaged, and they are absolutely no risk of being a fusion bomb. [2] There have been a number of cases of fusion engines being “over revved” and exploding with devestating force, but this is more akin to a boiler explosion than a true nuclear explosion. More often a destroyed engine will be punctured by weapons fire. Because the plasma is held in a vacuum chamber (to isolate the superheated plasma from the cold walls of the reactor; contact with the walls would super-chill the plasma below fusion temperatures), a punctured reactor can suck in air where the air is superheated. Normal thermal expansion of the air causes the air to burst out in a brilliant lightshow often mistaken for a “nuclear explosion”. The Thermal Expansion damages anything within 90 meters of the destroyed ‘Mech. ”

            It clearly says such a thing is possible, but rare. These rules exist as part of classic Battletechs more advanced combat rules. It’s a small chance but it may happen.

            So yes, mechs in mechwarrior do blow up. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            Full herpy derp derp no splosiosn derp hurrrrr

          • PoulWrist says:

            No, they don’t blow up like nuclear powerplants don’t. But it can happen, once every 100 years or so.

        • airmikee99 says:

          No other Mechwarrior game has had better explosions than MWO. In MW through MW4 they fell over, no pieces blowing off, just an explosive effect, and a mech falling over. Reactors going critical has NEVER been a part of a Mechwarrior video game, it was a part of the Battletech tabletop game, but since that wasn’t on computers it’s not really fair to compare the two. Also, the tabletop game had zero graphics so the explosion was only in my imagination.

          Go ahead and accuse me of working for PGI, it makes your argument that much stronger.

          • PoulWrist says:

            Except the videogames were the ones that had the whole explosion mechanic up front. Especially MW4.

  7. max pain says:

    Are not wheels more energy efficient than legs for transportation?

    • dorobo says:

      Yeah.. when there’s a road involved.

      • Koozer says:

        Or anywhere else that isn’t a giant flight of stairs. Legs would also require more moving parts, therefore be more expensive to build and maintain. They’re higher profile, so easier to hit and detect, with a high centre of gravity for less balance. Feet would also exert more pressure on the ground than spread out wheels/tracks, so would be more limited in ground they could work on.

        On the other hand: stompy robots!

    • RogueJello says:

      Or tractor treads, but the biggest problem is the huge flat profile that a lot of these guys present. Model tanks are designed to be as short and wedge shaped as possible.

      Honestly the whole big stompy robot idea fails on a number of reality based tests, but then so do about 99.999% of all video games, because it’s fun to do things like that, even if they don’t make a lot of sense.

  8. Stevostin says:

    Can’t play that because basically they completely failed visually on two levels:

    1) mech design. they look like cheap toys, uneedelessly cubic & compact (one why not, but all of them ??)

    2) map design. It’s not even a landscape, there is no sense of scale.

    I would play Hawken before I play that, but I don’t even play Hawken anyway. I am probably not a real loss for the Mech games then!

    • Yosharian says:

      Personally I think the mechs look fricking awesome. Remember that the mechs come from Battletech so they adhere mostly to visual designs from that. So your problem might as well be ‘I don’t like Battletech’. In which case, it’s no surprise you don’t like Mechwarrior games.

      The landscapes are excellent, I see no problems there either.

      • PoulWrist says:

        I am so happy they’re only taking inspiration in the original battletech look, because the mechs just look ridiculous in their original incarnations. Check out sarna.net if you doubt it :p

        MWO’s mechs look awesome.

  9. Yosharian says:

    As a fully fleshed out game, MWO is a little lacking right now what with the lack of modes (only two, Assault (kill everyone) and Conquest (similar to Battlefield standard mode, cap nodes to gain points, first to 750 wins). As a multiplayer arena game, it’s pretty good. It takes a while to build up Cbills to buy your own mech, and a while longer before you’re able to max out the skills, but when you do it feels pretty good.

    I have 80 hours racked up, own 4 mechs (have bought and sold an additional 6 mechs), 3 of which are mastered and pretty much fully tricked out. Only two of these mechs I bought with real cash, the rest were bought using Cbills. I don’t regret any of my purchases, although I know plenty of people who’ve spent a LOT more cash than me on the game.

    Make no mistake, this game is NOT pay to win. The hero mechs (bought using real cash) are good, but they are certainly not better than the standard mechs, and in some cases are weaker. Obviously you make cash faster using them, but that’s not strictly a direct influence on the game.

    Trial mechs (mechs usable by people who don’t own mechs) are fairly poor, but generally there is a champion mech you can use which is quite a lot better (it’s a standard mech with much better equipment, engine, etc, close to a final build), and in any case the whole game revolves around buying your own mech and tricking it out, it’d be redundant if they just gave you free mechs. Atm all the trials are champions so it’s a bit better for the newbies right now.

    At first the game will seem very difficult, and you will die often. I remember driving around in my trial raven dying every match and achieving very little, and losing very, very often. It was frustrating. It takes time to learn the maps, learn the strategy, learn when to stick with your team and when to lone wolf, when to push and when to defend, when to cap and when to play team. Don’t expect to singlehandedly win games in your first hour, it won’t happen, and not just because you’ll be driving a fairly crap mech, but also because the strategy of the game is complex.

    I would recommend that anyone interested in getting enjoyment out of this game speak up in allchat and ask for a friendly clan or merc corps to invite them for tryouts or just to group up, because this game becomes exponentially better when you have teammates to talk to. Download and install Teamspeak, and get talking to people, because playing this game alone really sucks. There are plenty of friendly people out there, ask in allchat in-game or make a thread on the forums.

    Oh and for the love of god turn on throttle decay and turn off arm-lock.

    • Yazzy says:

      Agreed, NOT pay to win. Must be noted. Hero mechs are not a win button or even close. They are just adding some variety.

  10. LionsPhil says:

    Hah, they didn’t actually manage to get CW done before “release”.

    Oh, MWO. If only your art team were paired to competent developers.

  11. Nurdell says:

    Any article about mechwarrior nowadays should not go without mentioning mechwarrior tactics. Played it a couple times on open beta days – looked decent.

  12. Shadowcat says:

    Ending the trailer with “all systems nominal” sure was a big ol’ nostalgia rush for MW2 :)

    (which remains the only MW game I’ve played, sadly… MW3 is one of the the games that languishes on my shelves not quite able to believe that, despite universal acclaim, I never quite got around to playing it…)

  13. PatrickSwayze says:

    The community is still very, very angry.

    Most of Rock Paper SRM has stopped playing too.

    The Devs have locked down the game’s forum so any and all criticism is deleted and the perpetrators deleted, and not people screaming and crying but the actual thoughtful criticism full of suggestions just vanishes.

    The devs just don’t want to know.

    They grabbed the founders cash and have ignored all those core players since.

    • Moraven says:

      They have been refunding founders packs. Although I know not the restrictions where they would not do so.

    • airmikee99 says:

      They’re changing the forum system to a new architecture, which means the old forums will be incompatible, and you think that’s a bad thing?

      Some people are just so afraid of change.

    • Yosharian says:

      Hyperbole! The community I play with is very much active and I know of nobody that has quit for any reason. Plenty of them are frustrated or disagree with PGI’s choices, though.

      Point me in the direction of a developer who has pleased their entire audience. Hell, even CDProjekt have people who bitch about them.

      • PatrickSwayze says:

        I mentioned the RPS group particularly.

        It’s dead. Welcome to come speak to us while we play other games on the generously provided RPS community mumble.

        There were quite a few of us.

    • PoulWrist says:

      Nice bit of lying you can do there. I wonder why they deleted you if your similar attitude on the MWO forums is to just make stuff up and post it as fact. If they removed all criticism they’d have a nearly empty forum with the vile hatred people are spewing out over there. It makes me not want to visit the forum, seeing how people act on there. Disgusting. And people say that grownups are better than kids who scream about sexual orientation and mother abuse… seriously.

      • PatrickSwayze says:

        In fact I did not act like the ways in which you indicate, and stayed clear away from any talk of the game where my account would risk deletion, and have kept that for places where censorship isn’t an issue.

        Nice try though, shill.

        • PoulWrist says:

          I see. How brave of you to slander them on other sites.

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            Pointing out incompetence and ignorance isn’t slander.

          • PoulWrist says:

            No, but then, you are not doing that :) you are lying.

            But hey, a liar’s gotta lie, amirite?

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            Shills gotta eat.

            Sorry this is your job.

          • PoulWrist says:

            You really should get your facts straight? You are off on quite a few of the things and terms you spew about you like you understand them :) Maybe if you stopped trying so hard, your comments could be taken seriously for a moment? But nah, your lying and namecalling has made your comments null and void for now, and the future. I shall remember to regularly reply to your posts so as to make sure that people know you are probably making whatever it is up.

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            M8 keep on replying I can do this all day.

            I haven’t even bothered to write a metacritic review yet either.

            We all know that will be affecting your bonus right?

            And so it should. PGI has sold the founders pack on false promises and lies.

            They haven’t followed through with anything they promised for this year, whether it be on their website or in print magazines.

          • PoulWrist says:

            Sorry, had to go play some Cosmic Encounter at a friend’s house :) Who cares about metacritic, I dunno, gamedevs or something apparently. Never go there, because I don’t read reviews of stuff, except maybe on this site, because it doesn’t get a large cut out of putting a 90 or something on a box cover.
            If you don’t bother with reading my reply above, I can just continue calling you a liar here :) because, you are. And a conspiracy theorist. And just, kind of dumb, I guess? Because, lol. Like I sasid above, google me :) I show up all over the place, I have no affiliation with PGI or any other game company and haven’t ever :)

            I am just someone who doesn’t like raving liars, grotesquely foul commentary and overt negativity, trolling, hatred, threats of violence, namecalling, endless degrading comments and so on, about people who are just doing a job. And a fair job at that. We’re not talking that zombie mmo ripoff game that was so broken it even got pulled off Steam for being an obvious cashgrab with no delivery.

            I am kind of like you, really, except opposite in opinion, and I’m not a complete asshole who makes up stuff, calls others names and tries to insinuate that they’re someone they’re not. If this wasn’t some stupid Internet forum, I could have you reported for slander :)

            Also, I disagree. They have followed through with many of the things they promised. You, of course, will say “nothing”, because nothing is big and dramatic and makes you sound more righteous. Stop lying man, you sound like you’ve started to believe that crap yourself. That’s not healthy.

            Oh, and on that note, are you sure you’re not working for those guys who make Hawken? You sound an awful lot like someone who wants to make people go play Hawken… which I will say is not a very good game.

        • jrodman says:

          This conversation thread reflects well on everyone involved!

  14. snowfire says:

    PGI and IGP are running the fanchise into the ground, it’s a tragedy for any fan of Battletech and Mechwarrior. Stay away from this game because it feels like giving them money and then getting punched in the face for it. Many many people spent hundreds of $ some spent thousands of $ in Open Beta – go look at metacritic to get a taste of it.

    • airmikee99 says:

      MW4 ruined the franchise.
      The years between MW4 and MWO ruined the franchise.
      MWO saved the franchise.

      I’ve given PGI $15 in the last year, I don’t regret it, and I can whoop just about anyone in game. It’s only a P2W game if you suck at piloting a mech.

      • PatrickSwayze says:

        I never got to play MW4 in mp so I can’t comment.

        It wasn’t my favourite but it wasn’t bad.

        Still think mechanically MW3 is the best.

        • airmikee99 says:

          I liked MW3, I’ve got it installed on my Win7 computer, aside from a few graphics glitches it’s just as enjoyable today as it was 14 years ago, that damn train mission got me stuck again just a few months ago as long as it got me stuck years ago.

          That being said, I enjoy MWO far more than any previous mech game. The mechanics are better, the graphics are better, the setting is better, the options are better, with the exception of the missing single player campaign, MWO blows MW3 out of the water.

          MWO is nowhere near finished, there is still a lot more to go, but it’s a decent game that has provided me with hours upon hours of fun for an extremely cheap price. That’s win-win-win in my book.

    • Yosharian says:

      More hyperbole

    • PoulWrist says:

      So, people spend money on something. Some people like it. Some people don’t. I enjoy MWO and have been for the past year. Do I play every single day? No. Do I play once a week? Maybe. I have some 500 played matches. I don’t need to play 8 hours a day, or 2 hours or even one to enjoy it.
      Logging on a saturday afternoon and seeing the changes made since last patch is enjoyable. Reading about the updates and seeing that they’re actually making a game that works around the various dumb mechanics that they’re hosed with by tabletop game, that’s great.

      But of course, you have a crowd of raging weirdos who refuse to understand the problems, who refuse to understand business and who have not even a shred of patience. Ridiculous. If people quit PGI over the frankly abominable abuse they’re getting over developing a game for the enjoyment of people, I would not be surprised. People should be ashamed of the things they’re saying.

      • PatrickSwayze says:

        I hope people do quit PGI and get a job at a studio which has decent management

        • PoulWrist says:

          What do you know about their management? 10 people develop a game and now 40ish on the team. Of course it’s going o ramp up in speed.

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            I’ve been exposed to their documented and recorded lies enough times.

            Maybe bad management is just ‘their position at this time.’

      • sebmojo says:

        Jesus, calm down.


        Yeah, they’ve botched aspects of the development. So, either play (if it is fun for you!) or do not play (if it is not fun for you!)


        • PoulWrist says:

          That’s my general stance :) but I do get mad when I see people abuse others in such a horrible way. Over basically nothing. People are more raging and up in arms about someone not making the perfect dream videogame than they are the fact that the world is so full of messed up shit going on every day.

  15. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    I was saddened when I tried this game, and when it finally loaded my mech, this awesome dashboard hud and all…then it zooms out to third person. I was disappointed. Then it crashed.

    Now I read up on this and apparently that third person view is a major issue with the community. Seems it was “promised” to be first person only. When third person was made optional it was to come with “hardcore servers” enforcing first person, but these servers never happened.

    No I don’t care as long as my lovely cockpit view is an option, but after reading up on this I am very turned off by the developers and the game.

    I am very suspicious about this so-called Community Warfare mode that will probably be disappointing or never implemented. It seems like it is beneficial to the developers to keep people hanging on waiting for this promised mode instead of releasing what will most likely disappoint and cause more uproar.

    • PoulWrist says:

      CW will no doubt be nothing at all like the overimaginative rage minds of the forums want it to be. Those people are frankly without a shred of insight into anything and should just shut up, because the rage and hatred being spewed out of their ignorance and dissatisfaction with imaginary ideas is frankly disgusting and it makes me ashamed to be a part of that community.

  16. Ephant says:

    The game has no war and mech atmosphere at all and everything in terms of art and design looks amateurish to me. Just compare the very first trailer of mechwarrior 5 (youtube MechWarrior Full Debut Trailer) to MWO.

    • PoulWrist says:

      You realise that trailer is for MWO, right? :p

      And I disagree. The mechs in MWO look exceptionally cool. I wish that MW Tactics game would use the same models.

      • Ephant says:

        Yes, but it was going to be a reboot of the series for PC and Xbox360 and not a multiplayer online game.

        • PoulWrist says:

          But just consider how awful that would’ve been. If anything like the gameplay in that video, man… wtf.

        • SteelPaladin1997 says:

          It was also the Unreal engine in that demo, rather than the CryTek engine (which is what MWO ended up going with, much to people’s consternation since one of the developers’ primary reasons for things taking so long is constantly fighting with the engine).

    • airmikee99 says:

      No game has ever approached the level of its cinematic trailer, and yes, the reboot of the series that was once called just ‘Mechwarrior’ is MWO, in every way, shape, and form. PGI has been involved since before that first cinematic trailer was released 4 years ago.

      link to en.wikipedia.org

      And if you’re one of those whiners that like to cry about Wikipedia, go ahead and click on the footnotes.

  17. MFToast says:

    All this crying, it’s too bad the forum is just a tiny portion of the people who actually PLAY the game :P

    • PatrickSwayze says:

      Yeah but you’ll find a large portion of people who actually PAID for and SUPPORTED the game.

      • PoulWrist says:

        Yea, the people with the most unrealistic expectations of all. Just look at the completely idiotic things being said on their forum. With the most silly and absurd expectations. No game could ever possibly live up to the hype inside those peoples’ heads.

        • PatrickSwayze says:

          It hasn’t even lived up to what PGI said it would be, nevermind people’s imaginations.

          • PoulWrist says:

            It’s still early in development :) come back in a year’s time.

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            Halo 2 was made in 9 months when Bungie were still small.

            Crackdown was made in less than a year.

          • airmikee99 says:

            Halo 2 was announced in September, 2002.
            Halo 2 was released in November, 2004.
            That is 26 months, almost three times longer than your claim of nine months.

            Phil Wilson of Realtime Worlds, publisher of Crackdown, said development started in 2002, with a targeted release date in 2005. It wasn’t released until 2007. That is five years, five times longer than your claim of one year.

            Do you EVER use facts to form your opinions, or do you just grab whatever was left in the toilet and spew that onto the internet?

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            Shilly shill shilly shill.

            Do some history.

            Annoucements schmonouncements.

          • PoulWrist says:

            Ah, PS, you again come out as a liar who just throws pulls things right out of his ass :) really, come now, you’re not kidding anyone anymore. You’re just a troll, out looking for a rise in people. You don’t know anything about MWO, or any of those other things you’re trying to sound like you know anything about, you just make some stuff up and post it.

            Man, grow up. Trolling is for kids.

          • TCM says:

            So, uh, Patrick, you’re not so good with this ‘human interaction’ and ‘composing a convincing argument that makes people want to listen’ thing, are you?

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            I’m not trolling, I’m making sure people don’t give money to a company which ignores the people who brought it any success it’s had so far.

            MWO absolutely deserves to fail.

            It’s treated it’s hardcore player base with absolute contempt after taking their money.

          • PoulWrist says:

            Stop lying :(

  18. PoulWrist says:

    Piranha have made a solid game, that can stand more or less on its own. It needs more, though. In game, they could use more meaningful interactions between players. In a game like Battlefield you have players healing and resupplying eachother, for instance. That’s something you don’t really see in this game, for good reasons. But it somewhat limits it to being more of a Counter Strike style game, which is of course quite a strong standing point as well, but still feels a little limited compared to the more rounded experience you find in for instance Battlefield.

    However, their attempts at making the whole “boating” mechanic less of a problem, giving more weapons a viable role, while scorned and hated on by the community, really are rather great for the game, and I’ve noticed a clear difference in loadouts carried by players since the so hated “ghost heat” was implemented. Could it have been handled differently? Possibly, but it gets the job done for now. The development has not ended, after all.

    I’m sure, though, that with their implementation of a worldmap where the various maps will queue in as abstract representations of those battlegrounds, will make things more interesting and give players more of a sense of purpose. Though it’s funny that that should be needed, when you see players have no problem playing hundreds of matches with no such mechanics in LoL or DOTA2, or Quake, CS or Battlefield for that matter.

    MWO is still rough, it’s worth trying out though, and I am sure it’ll only be better in time. Just note that it’s only been in production for 2 years, and most of that time it has been available to play for players, either through buying into the closed beta or for free in the one year long open beta, which “ended” yesterday.

    I wish they would’ve at least waited till they had the new UI for the mechlab ingame, though. But good luck and best wishes to Piranha, they need a little positivity coming their way instead of the awful, awful posting going on in their forum from people who largely have very little knowledge of what they’re screaming about or any insight into a development process and in general lack any patience.

  19. Weed says:

    I’ve played several rounds. It’s fun for a quick fix. The game seems like it has a ways to go.

    I would agree that with most MP games you need to get involved with a group or the community.

    Most of all though, I am just tired of the FTP model. This, War Thunder, World of Tanks, ad nauseum.

    I just want to buy a finished game and have everyone on the same page. Same patch, same version, same everything.

  20. aldrenean says:

    Core gameplay is fine, though it’s at the mercy of the devs who apparently know no method of balancing other than nerfing the most popular items.

    Every other system surrounding the core game ranges from tolerable to terrible, to the point that I rarely touch it anymore unless 3 of my friends are already playing.

    Hawken, though not a proper mech SIM like MWO, is in a massively healthier state, especially after their latest patch. I say play that until PGI gets their shit together — or goes belly up and another MW game rises.

    Oh, and Ghost Heat is an utterly broken, backward, unnecessary and counterintuitive system, anyone who tries to convince you otherwise simply has not examined the numbers.

  21. The_Great_Skratsby says:

    I’m not sure if they have Australian servers or how the latency is since the beta, but it’s a bit of a shame how Piranha games have handled things over time.

    Still don’t know what to think of it it’s just weird that I love MechWarrior and don’t feel the impulse to get into the game, while on the other hand I’m happy to sink some time into Dota 2. Maybe the whole ordeal has soured things for me.

  22. iamgenestarwind says:

    i just want to say i have played hawken and mechwarrior online and you should try hawken tho its not as good as it was because of the lastest patch which has made things harder because some items can make mechs dodge alot faster which is abit fustrating for the long range mechs

    however mechwarrior was a big let down for me why because you cant customise the mechs you are given at the start if you want more mechs you have to pay with cash because you need a new hanger for the mechs, the first one you get is small or something and then you have to buy the mechs too
    sure you can buy with in game cash form winning matchs but that takes a long time

    also i was very disapointed that there are no mechs from the cartoon show battletech i was thinking in my head that i would be able to do moves i had seen the mechs in the cartoon do

    doesnt seen to be alot of strategy a small mech can target you when he runs by then 6 of his friends standing behind a mountain can fire long range missles at you all at once

    you cant respawn once you are dead thats it for that game

    as you can see i didnt find this game fun or enjoyable

  23. P.Funk says:

    *glances over, launches MW:LL*

  24. Tinker says:

    When I bought pre-purchase the 2 motivating factors for me were:

    1)The advertised community warfare which is still a pipe dream.

    2)They advertised that third person would not be included. This is a big deal for me because I LOVE the simulation feel and third person give a clear advantage over first (seeing and aiming around corners, and seeing your flanks). When I emailed them a refund request before open beta because they were going back on promises they told me I could take a hike.

    They are liars as far as I’m concerned and I won’t be purchasing from them again. This is easily the worst prepurchase experience I’ve had in so far as being mislead. I may also have prepurchased some vaporware but they didn’t charge me $60 bucks for it.

    • sebmojo says:

      3pv is useless for combat. It’s excellent for admiring your stompy robot, but it’s a =major= handicap to fight without the radar. Moving from 1pv to 3pv takes juuuuuuust long enough that it’s not practical to flick back and forth between them. Each match I see maybe … 2? people using it.

      I think it’s actually very well balanced, though the criticisms of PGI going back on their word are legitimate. In practice I think noobs will start in 3pv and then move to 1pv when they realise how much better it is. Which is good!

      • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

        Nobody has who has used 3pv ever argues it is good for combat. Instead, it is too good because it is a magical, invulnerable periscope that lets you see over every ridge, hill, and building to scout for danger, watch the enemy’s movement, or line up a shot before flicking to first person and shooting. No, it’s not practical to flick back and forth between views in combat, but the whole problem with it is that 3pv gives such excellent situational awareness it is rare for you to be in a crunch where you couldn’t swap viewmodes because you can always see the danger coming.

        Especially for a game that is supposed to emphasize information gathering as important for victory (an entire valid role is supposedly spotting for your team) 3pv just makes it far too easy for every mech to gather information at no cost.

        • AGTMADCAT says:

          There’s a pretty big penalty for third person as an information gathering tool – a bright red flashing light drone following you around. A few times now I’ve spotted mechs on the other side of hills, or running across distant open spaces, because they have 3rd person mode on. Sure, you can’t shoot the drone down, but at least it’s a dead give away of position. I think they’ve balanced it pretty well.

          That said, I’m still disappointed that it’s even an option, since I would prefer it to be kept pure first person. Their explanation of “noobs are just SO BAD at maneuvering” definitely made sense to me though. Oh well!

          Generally I think it’s a very solid and enjoyable game, and I really don’t understand the huge amounts of vitriol everyone is spewing. Ghost heat is a clumsy and stupid “fix” to getting snipers under control, but with time I’m sure the devs will sort it out.

          For the record, I’ve spent several hundreds on the game now, and so have at least a couple of my friends. Of my whole friend group, we had one guy who didn’t really enjoy it, and no one else with any significant complaints. Now I just have to wait for Pat to pop up and call me a shill, right? =)

  25. Metalmickey says:

    Decided to register for this article. I never played any MW games before, but had been looking for a less twitch reaction based shooter to replace the fun I used to get out of CS years ago, before I grew up and my reactions got slower. Frankly, I had a ball with MWO about 6 months ago and played it several evenings a week for a couple of months. Eventually paid about $15 for some MC mainly because I felt I owed them something for all the fun I’d had, then eventually stopped playing when something else distracted me. After patching up and playing again just last week and seeing all the new mechs, new map, 12v12, and tons of balancing changes (maybe not ALL good but most of them are), I can’t for the life of me figure out why almost everyone seems to be bitching about it nowadays, as if somehow it had got WORSE in the last 6 months instead of ever bigger and better. As far as I can tell, a lot of the problems boil down to:

    1. Hardcore ‘fans’ who’ve sunk a ton of time and / or money into it and are pissed off that the dev team’s priorities and changes aren’t what they personally wanted them to be and feel like they wasted their investment.
    2. New players who join the game at launch but find themselves to be in a minority of inexperienced pilots running around in starter mechs and getting blown to bits before they’ve figured out what’s going on, which is understandably not fun.

    Frankly, I think PGI were too greedy with some of the extortionate prices they’ve continued to charge for the various limited edition ‘exclusive’ packages they keep offering. While bringing in more money, they’ve effectively bred a lot of players in the first category above, who now feel entitled and throw their toys out of the pram when their opinions aren’t treated much different to anyone else’s. With such high amounts of real money invested during the open beta by certain players, it also made it impossible to get away with any kind of account reset for launch, which would have been the best way to minimise the poor newcomers in the second category above. The opportunity to start on a more level playing field would have definitely made for a better experience for new players. Personally, having only sunk $15 and perhaps 50 hours into the game, I wouldn’t have minded at all if my pilot and mech xp had been completely reset on launch day, as long as the actual mech bays I’d spent my MC on had remained (along with mechs if I’d bought any for MC).

    • sebmojo says:

      Yeah, that’s a reasonable point. A lot of the SA goons are getting refunds on their Phoenix packages, which I think is a sensible and rational way to show your dissatisfaction with a company’s actions. PGI process the refund no questions asked.

      But all that said, since the PPC/Gauss nerf the feeling on the goon side is that the game’s in a reasonable shape right now.

      Instead, it is too good because it is a magical, invulnerable periscope that lets you see over every ridge, hill, and building to scout for danger, watch the enemy’s movement, or line up a shot before flicking to first person and shooting. No, it’s not practical to flick back and forth between views in combat, but the whole problem with it is that 3pv gives such excellent situational awareness it is rare for you to be in a crunch where you couldn’t swap viewmodes because you can always see the danger coming.

      I guess? I think it’s more useful in theory than in practice because of the way they’ve balanced it. I have seen not a single person using it in the way you describe while spectating. I play at a pretty low Elo, though, maybe this magical periscope thing happens with the expert players?

  26. Apocalypse says:

    I swear I read “Pay for …”.

  27. zensei says:

    After reading this entire comment section I am really convinced that PoulWrist is indeed a shill, im going to go vomit now and let him tell me of just how wrong I am about him. Serious dude, enough already. Google stop it.

    • PoulWrist says:

      You can do whatever you want, I have absolutely no affiliation with PGI or any other gamedeveloper :) but go ahead, make up your dumb, little mind, try to act all tough and manly, tell someone they’re complete assholes for doing their job :) go on, I know you can do it. I don’t give a shit, I can stand up to little boys and their namecalling :)

      • ElvisPJohnson says:

        PoulWrist. Stop feeding the trolls man! :)

        There are many reasons why a development team can or cant deliver on promises. A lot of times they are given unrealistic deadlines by management who are being pushed by their investors. The sad truth is that the people with the money often don’t know shit about the workings of the industry they are investing in. They can only believe in whatever ‘sales pitch’ they are given by the slime that wants their money. Promises are made to the investor therefore the development/engineering team gets stuck trying to live up to those promises.

        The main thing here is that you cant blame the developers for putting out a game that doesn’t work when it generally isn’t up to them as to when it should go ‘gold’. Developers are not in charge of making a delivery date. ALL code is buggy or feature deficient at some point in its lifecycle. With enough time and effort bugs and features can be fixed or added.

        Leave the developers alone. Its not their fault.

        It just saddens me every time I see a really bad ass title with so much potential, get pushed out WAY before its ready. ie… SWTOR

        One of life’s biggest lessons is about placing too many ‘expectations’ on the things that go on around us. It’s best just to ‘hope’ for the best and ‘expect’ nothing, therefore you can never be disappointed.

  28. MFToast says:

    It’s a fun game, it’s free, weeeee! Let’s go play.

  29. StoneMason says:

    My Metacritic review, 5/10 so as to list in the ‘mixed’ ratings.

    tl:dr Great game, terrible experience. Right now this is a f2p team deathmatch game with no greater meta or community features on the immediate horizon. The inconsistency of communication implies a serious divergence of goals between the developers and producers. You’ll probably have a great time playing it but I wouldn’t spend a single cent because you can’t trust it’ll feel the same in six months, or be around at all.

    I’m a long time Mechwarrior/Battletech fan who has been captivated by the universe since Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries. I’ve really enjoyed playing in the closed and open beta for MWO but the overall experience has been very conflicted.

    The Good: Imo this is the best interpretation of both Mechwarrior and the Battletech tabletop game we have ever seen. You might disagree with a choice here and there, but the art, animations, weapon and damage effects all work together to capture the punchy feel of Mech combat like never before. Despite some radical changes from patch to patch, the balance is good and each match feels relatively consistent. You can be confident that the developers making the game love the franchise and have a very coherent view of how the basic mechanics should work. I’ve played thousands of games and on balance, enjoyed them immensely.

    The Bad: Despite what the Founders program may have suggested, this title is not crowd funded. The developers are responsible to their producers and investors rather than the player base. Features are missing from the game that should have been in over a year ago and if we extrapolate the process, we probably won’t see true mid or late game content for another year at least. The current maps and game modes are badly underdeveloped and basic community enablement systems like game lobbies and communication tools are non-existent. This in itself is not the issue, especially given the inexperience and the small size of the development team but it does point to some larger problems.

    The Ugly: Communications between the developers and the community have broken down badly in the last six months, with major backpedals on design decisions being very poorly managed. The flow of information between the developers and community is uneven and external sources, like the NGNG podcast and Twitter receive far more attention that the games frontpage or the forums. Recently highly restrictive moderation powers were updated and are being enforced, often developers will openly troll community members posting well thought out and reasoned responses. This is probably symptomatic of two things:

    1) The developers are brutally overworked, and have been for some time. They simply cannot be responsible for managing the communities expectations because they are so flat out and behind schedule. The recent ‘Launch’ trailer hosted by the official Mechwarrior youtube channel, is actually fan made and includes footage from over a year ago, also gameplay that is not planned to exist for at least two years.

    2) The investors are pushing to grow the game in a particular way and the producers are enforcing that vision, at the expense of both the developers and the community. Often we see certain Mech’s released (at high cost) along with meta changes that make them very attractive, only to be superseded by others a few months down the line. This feels like a cashgrab because it is, especially given that any mech you buy might not work in a weeks