Dark Souls 2 Coming To PC ‘Shortly’ After Consoles

If it’s anything like its predecessor (and all indications seem to suggest as much), then Dark Souls II deals in tough love. Brutal bosses, grisly traps, excruciating punishments for even the most absent-minded of mistakes. By that line of thinking, Dark Souls II actually loves PC the most. It is, after all, forcing us to endure just a little bit more suffering than everyone else by releasing “shortly after” console versions early next year. Obviously, it knows we’re made of stern enough stuff to take it. Or at least, that’s what I’m telling myself. Over and over and over and over and over. Until it becomes the truth!

Looks quite nice, doesn’t it? I’m going to echo my good friend Pretty Much Everyone in desperately pining for its bear-trap-like embrace right this very second. So of course, now it’s time for an agonizing wait. Quoth a press release:

“Dark Souls II will be launching in the Americas on March 11, 2014 on the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft with the PC edition to follow shortly.”

For now, Namco Bandai’s not saying precisely how lengthy that gap will be, but the aim is still March. Apparently, they’re doing it in the name of “optimization” (and not just a crummy, low-resolution port), so I can’t entirely fault them for holding off.

And if we’re lucky, the slippage will only push our version back a couple weeks or – at worst – maybe a month. Given that the first Dark Souls’ PC port didn’t come out the gate in the best state, there’s something to be said for extra spit and shine. Still though, impatience rages in my blood like a demon. I want all the monsters to kill me nowwwwwwwwww. Do you think they’d do it if I asked really, really nicely?


  1. aliksy says:

    Ugh. Now my console friends are going to get a head start, so we won’t all be going in blind together.

    • Meat Circus says:

      The thought of going in without a Wiki to help me gives me the fear anyway.

      • vahnn says:

        I’ve come to hate this age of Wiki-gaming.

        For me, a large portion of the fun in new games comes in discovering a new world with various systems and learning those systems. Figuring out how things work. Finding the best solutions. Googling “dark souls wiki” and having all the answers at your fingertips just… sucks the fun out of the game.

        It’s not bad for singleplayer games for obvious reasons, but online games are terrible. MMOs and competitive games like LoL and Dota2 are especially frustrating.

        • airmikee99 says:

          Before Wiki’s it was Gamefaqs, before that it was physical strategy guides, before that it was getting help from a friend.

          There has never been an era of video gaming that didn’t have outside sources for help.

        • airmikee99 says:

          Damn, editing still isn’t working, but I was going to add that Nintendo has had a helpline where people could call in for tips and help in games going all the way back to the NES.

        • Meat Circus says:

          Dark Souls was *designed* to make players swap knowledge via wikis. They’re just so much stuff, hidden away, you could never hope to uncover it all by yourself.

          It may well be the first game that expects you to use a wiki to get the maximum enjoyment from it.

          Also, “Youtube epic name bro dark souls lore”

          • DrScuttles says:

            Vaatividya has some interesting lore videos, too.

          • dE says:

            Perhaps not wiki, but the community aspect of figuring stuff out together plays a huge role in this. It’s like being part of one of those “World Wirst Boss Kill in MMO” Groups, where you figure things out and share them with others. But without the Drama and having to rely on others.

          • Rizlar says:

            Is it truly designed to be played with a wiki? Admittedly I’m not that far into Dark Souls, but get the impression that most people I talk to have looked up a lot of stuff. I’m kind of purist about avoiding spoilers, is this going to make things unacceptably difficult later in the game?

          • dE says:

            Nope, not at all. You’ll probably miss a few items here and there, which require certain actions at certain times. There’s also a chance you miss the optional areas – as they too require certain actions at certain times. But these are harder to miss than the items.

            They’re by no means mandatory to complete the game. Heck, some crazy folks, including me, beat the game without leveling up once. Others never equipped a weapon after the starter weapon. Crazy folks are even going at it with fists. On your second playthrough or when you venture into PVP, I’d probably have a look though, at least to get a rough idea what you’ve missed.

        • lordfrikk says:

          I’d argue that competitive games like LoL and DotA 2 are much better with the info being readily available – it saves time it takes to get up to speed and if anything it only increases the average player’s playing ability.

          And as far as single-player games are concerned… I couldn’t care less how other people play their games, really.

        • wrycon says:

          I think there’s a distinction to be made between walkthroughs and helpful information. I’m in the camp where I don’t want to be referencing a wiki every 5 minutes. I want to experience the game and get that good brain juice when I find something out on my own. While I don’t like missing things, I’d rather play the game on my own and let the chips fall where they may.

          That said, there are some things in Dark Souls that you need the wiki for. I do not have the patience or time to figure out the weapon / armor upgrading system on my own – i.e. which titanium chunks I need, how many etc… For that the wiki is extremely useful.

        • LuminosXI says:

          I tend to agree, so much so that I “stepped” my way through tomb of the giants, with no light source…..pixel hunting for enemies eyes…

      • clumsyandshy says:

        Playing through Deamon’s Souls the very first time going in blind was one of the absolute best gaming experiences of my 25 years of gaming. Naturally I had no idea about most of the things going on, but it was just a super powerful experience.

        That said, they did even refer the official Deamon’s Souls wiki in the little manual you got with the game.

        I did the same thing with Dark Souls and will do the same thing with DS2.

  2. ZyloMarkIII says:

    I’m rather ambivalent on this issue. On the one hand, I appreciate that a (hopefully proper) PC port is coming. On the other hand, I’m quite annoyed that the PC version is delayed. When exactly did this trend start happening and does it really accomplish anything other than force people to purchase the console version first instead of waiting out for the PC one?

    • BobbyDylan says:

      Or… you know… just waiting.

      • angrym0b says:

        Waiting?! What is this thing you speak of? Please explain further, preferably with diagrams.

    • Forgoroe says:

      I suspect it has to do with that well known fear of piracy more than anything.

      • HadToLogin says:

        Piracy, piracy… Is it that thing that allowed knowing GTA5 ending around a week ago?

  3. Forgoroe says:

    But I was 99% sure they said they would develop it for the pc in the first place. THEN port it to consoles. Why was I so sure of this. It makes this news kinda hurtful.

  4. GunnerMcCaffrey says:

    I’m still more interested in hearing whether my copy of Dark Souls will still be playable after GfWL shuts down.

    • Snidesworth says:

      Dark Souls was updated a day or two ago, though I don’t think any patch notes were released. People immediately started to speculate that it was a preparatory patch for a move away from GFWL.

      • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

        Praise the sun if this be true.

        • Snidesworth says:

          I sure hope so. Maybe then we’ll have more than barely functional multiplayer.

      • jonaswashe says:

        The creator of DSVfix (the Dark Souls Anti-cheat mod) confirmed that the patch removed the memory addresses people were exploiting for the Stat Drain Hack along with a hack which sent people to The Abyss or back to the Menu Screen.

        • Oozo says:

          Talking of which:
          I remember there being a lot of fear about the PC version of the game being unplayable because of cheaters. I played it on PS3, so I wouldn’t know.

          How is the actual situation, though? Are there cheaters? Is it bad? Does that mod work fine? I have to admit that even though I finished both Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, I’m not exactly good at it. I had plenty of problems dealing with the people invading me even on the console where cheating is more difficult, so the thought of having somebody who cheated killing me is even less appealing — especially since the easy way out of PVP by staying hollow will not work in DS2 (there will be severe penalties for dying often when hollow, like your lifebar being cut etc.)

          • DrScuttles says:

            Though hardly comprehensive, in my experience consisting of hundreds of hours across 8 varying characters, I’ve yet to meet a single player I could identify as a cheater.
            From what I’ve read, most players seem to have trouble with those ne’er-do-wells around the Undead Burg. With a basic familiarity with that area’s enemies and boss and the general lack of humanity early in the game, I tend to be hollow there and don’t have to deal with invaders.
            My main PVP characters tend to have more trouble with conventional threats like Oolacile sorceries, gankers and people who are better than me.
            Having said that, it can take just one hacker to really stick with you and piss you off I guess.

  5. RProxyOnly says:

    I can’t say I’m very existed, I didn’t enjoy the first one. It was too boring.. fight, fight, fight.. no other reason to play it than to get to the next fight…Brainless Balls.

    • Anthile says:

      You should see an ontologist about that. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

    • aliksy says:

      You could say that about most games or activities…

    • db1331 says:

      I don’t like racing games because all you do is race to get to the next race.
      I don’t like shooters because all you do is shoot to get to the next thing to shoot at.
      I don’t like platformers because all you do is jump to get to the next jump.
      I don’t like puzzle games because all you do is solve puzzles to get to the next puzzle.

      • jrodman says:

        I wanted to write a post aping reductionism about reductionism. But I couldn’t find the form.

        It was going to be a joke anyway.

    • Phendron says:

      Are you roleplaying an insufferable prick for the RPS community? Your churlish offenses seem like a caricature.

    • UncleLou says:

      Well, you shouldn’t be. For some reason you will be in the best position to answer you obviously bought the entirely wrong game- In fact, you shouldn’t just be not excited, you should stay away from it completely, no?

  6. RedViv says:

    Praise the sun if that time is truly used to not repeat the mistakes of the first port.

  7. chargen says:

    Nathan has codependency problems with Dark Souls?
    It loves us, that’s why it keeps doing this to us. If only I hadn’t blinked at the wrong time, he wouldn’t have had to make me go all the way back there again. I’m so sorry for what you do to me Dark Souls.

  8. DaftPunk says:

    Well at least they are honest with this. Unlike majority of devs who say no pc version then few months later..cough.

  9. Fenix says:

    I’m fine with waiting, even longer than “shortly after”, if it means it will be rid of GFWL or any other kind of bullshit DRM.

    • lordfrikk says:

      GfWL is shutting down so I’m pretty sure it’s not possible to develop a brand new game on the platform.

    • derbefrier says:

      I am 99.999% sure i read somewhere that they were using steamworks this time around. No GFWL (yay!)

      • dE says:

        Pssst, around here… Steam may be a fate considered far worse than GFWL.

        • Durkonkell says:

          At least Steam doesn’t make me launch into the game before making me quit to install an update, and then take ten minutes to ‘download my profile’ for no adequately explained reason.

          Also, it isn’t shutting down soon and possibly taking all the games that use it with it.

          I know Steam isn’t terribly popular ’round these parts, but it’s hardly ‘far worse’ than GFWL, especially considering that the latter is BASICALLY DEAD! :P

  10. DrScuttles says:

    Sure, I’d much prefer to get the game sooner rather than later, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’ll be getting it anyway. It may be a case of Gamer’s Stockholm Syndrome or something, but while I can appreciate all the flak that the Dark Souls PC port got, I don’t mind it. Janky framerate and all.
    At the very least it gives me a little longer to finish the first game using this build, because I guess I’m a total masochist.

    On another note, ENB had a video up earlier based on 20 minutes with the beta. It appears that there’s no state to avoid being invaded. Ho ho.

    • pupsikaso says:

      Other than, you know, playing off-line.

    • Jockie says:

      I kind of like the idea of always having the possibility to be invaded as a concept. It fits in with the design of Dark Souls – never truly being safe and PvP encounters can bring ridiculous tension to the game.

      On the other hand, DS PC had problems with hackers and the early-game became a playground for griefers that scared quite a few new players away (Like the people doing SL1 Dark-Wraith invades in Undead Burg, who could essentially one-shot new characters, similar things with Gravelords).

      On the other other hand, the ‘Way of the Blue’ covenant sounds like a clever way to counter the griefers – you can summon a friendly blue phantom to assist you whenever invaded. I know that I for one will become one of these blue phantom people, assisting lost souls through the means of jolly co-operation.

      • amateurviking says:

        The lvl 1 Darkwraiths motivated me to finish my onebro playthrough and hang around in the burg and parish in NG+ using the dried finger to drag nasties into my game and not some poor newbie’s. Guessing where they would appear and setting ambushes was fun (chameleon was good for this, but meant I had to level up a little). Extreme upgrading of basic equipment completed the charade. Bonus points were awarded when I received enraged DMs on GFWL. The confused messages when you indict someone in the parish (which should be impossible) were fun too.

        What I really love about all that is that it’s consistent within the game world.

        Oh dear, I think I’m about to DS relapse.

        • Jockie says:

          I unsarcastically admire your dedication to the most admirable of causes.

        • arccos says:

          Then I salute you, as helping improve my experience as a non-min/max-er. Getting one-shotted by griefers was occasionally entertaining, but any more often and I would’ve had to go offline to use humanity.

          At least most of them were considerate and bowed to my dead body. :-)

          • Lycan says:

            LOL – I hear you, my very first character joined the Blades of the Darkmoon first chance she got after being invaded (repeatedly) in the Undead Burg early in my playthrough. Most satisfying moment ever came later as I was summoned to a Dark Anor Londo and defeated the host only to get a message on GFWL asking “why the f*** were you purple” ?

            Mwahahaha – I, of course, replied with 4 words: “Blade of the Darkmoon”. I’ll admit I went a bit bonkers for the rest of the conversation, making a reference to “defending the memory of Dark Sun Gwyndolin” etc, etc when of course killing Gwyndolin is not the only way to make Anor Londo go dark. Not to mention, you know, instant message in GFWL are real-life and one needs to not get carried away :P

  11. GamesInquirer says:

    PC is also getting the Collector’s Edition in Europe.
    link to abload.de
    I’d like a CE with a better art book, the map all in an old school PC box. Maybe some coin/charm type object if anything. If they MUST have a figurine then make it something more vague, I know I won’t wear that armor. A bonfire maybe. Oh well, I don’t like this figurine trend and won’t buy this but it’s cool to see the support.

  12. Vernalagnia says:

    Will this one have a quick save option? No? Then I have exactly zero interest in this. Dark Souls is a kind of interesting beguiling game that’s absolutely ruined by its insistence on making you play the exact same run of content 75 times in a row because apparently repetition = challenge in some memo I never got.

    • GamesInquirer says:

      Actually succeeding against a row of opponents or a long boss fight is more challenging than quick saving after every perhaps by chance successful hit, yes. If you died and have to repeat content you died because you did something wrong/encountered something too challenging for you, not because of any repetition your own failure forces on you. Which is hardly much of it anyway, bonfires act like checkpoints and are very frequent often with several of them within a single area and most usually just before the bosses also, while the areas are very well designed and interconnected so that you don’t have to walk too much to get back to where you were, plus after doing it once the next times are done even faster since you’ve been accustomed to the layout and enemy behaviors.

      • Vernalagnia says:

        We clearly played different games. The one I played is comprised almost entirely of doubling back endlessly over the same content, where checkpoints are few and far between and obnoxious, mass effect 1 length elevator rides are the order of the day.

        Being able to do something faster because its familiar doesn’t change the fact that its pointless, unfun repetition. The apologetics for the terrible design decisions in this series blows my mind.

        • GamesInquirer says:

          No, we played the same game, I just don’t consider having to repeat a section I messed up at or a boss I didn’t manage to kill bad design. I suppose you could also want quick saving in Street Fighter so that you don’t have to repeat a full fight against Ken or whoever more than once but only save after every successful punch and block until you get lucky enough times to see the ending, but I’d not want that either. I wouldn’t want every game’s world design to be straight lines and as small as possible, without having areas that in every direction and welcome exploration, just because some don’t care for it. So hey, the game’s not to your tastes, that doesn’t make it a badly designed game. Plenty others like it and that doesn’t mean they’re somehow misguided and fooled by junk.

        • Dominus_Anulorum says:

          You see, there is your problem. You don’t like the game, so you assume it must have been poorly designed. Not everybody feels this way. I personally quite liked it. It added to the tension. Should I go and get that treasure, which will probably trigger a trap, or should I play it safe and just look for the next bonfire? The only part of the game that drove me crazy was the marsh, but that was about it. Hell, I even have fond memories of the basilisks, even though that section took me FOREVER to get through without getting frozen into stone.

          tldr: Just because you don’t like a game does not mean the design is bad. It just means you did not like it. Don’t force your opinion on others.

        • Ninja Foodstuff says:

          I found that the check pointing system of (ps3) The Last of Us was perfect, only to later read that it had been criticised for being too generous with them. I’m getting old.

      • aliksy says:

        Most of the bonfires aren’t that far apart. I think the worst are Anor Londo (those fucking archers) and maybe New Londo (until you figure out the shortcut). Hm. And the capra demon area if you don’t go from Firelink, and even that’s a longish jog. Anyway, if you’re repeating an area more than 5 times, you need to take a break, rethink your strategy, and probably look around for a better route.

        Personally I wouldn’t mind if all the bonfires were as close to the boss as the one in the depths.

        • MarcP says:

          “Anyway, if you’re repeating an area more than 5 times, you need to take a break, rethink your strategy, and probably look around for a better route.”

          But that is the catch. There are people who will do that, and they tend to like Dark Souls.

          And then there are people who, when faced with a brickwall, will only use their head as a battering ram; and if it doesn’t give way, then the game is poorly designed.

          You can’t get someone who isn’t willing to think in the first place to play smarter.

        • PeopleLikeFrank says:

          This. I’m usually 100% behind quicksaves, because ultimately I’m always better at knowing when I want to save than the developers. (Also I’m one of those strange mutants who when presented with a possibly game-breaking element, can just decide not to abuse it.)

          But in this case, repeating an area from a checkpoint is the game. If you don’t like it, you just don’t like Dark Souls.

          Though I was almost ready to declare it crap design when I was in the Undead Burg/Parish area, and having to run allllllll the way from the tower bonfire past the firebomb throwers, past the Taurus demon area, dragon bridge, armored boar, etc. to get to the parish. All because I totally didn’t clue in about the ladder that could be kicked down! But that just reinforces the point: if you’re frustrated in DS, it’s usually because you’re doing it wrong.

          • Apocalypse says:

            But it is a game, I pay some dollars for, it is bad game design if the game allows me to fail!

            The game should not allow me to do it wrong!

          • jalf says:

            It may be worth pointing out that Dark Souls *did* save your game. All the time. Constantly. You could quit the game (or crash, if you’re so inclined) at any time, and lose precisely zero progress.

            It was only harsh in where not letting you freely choose where to restart from after you died.

            Obviously, that is still too harsh for some, but it is kind of worth remembering that in some ways, DS was actually very generous and forgiving. It saved your progress all the time, and while you lost a bit of time from dying, you never lost anything permanent, or anything that couldn’t be regained.

            But it is a game, I pay some dollars for, it is bad game design if the game allows me to fail!

            Not sure if serious or….

            If you paid some dollars for the game, then they must have done something right. I don’t see how your act of paying for the game means they have an inherent obligation to satisfy you. The rest of the world certainly doesn’t work like that.

    • amateurviking says:

      but but but the game is saving constantly in the background. You can quit any time and restart precisely where you left off. There’s no need for a quicksave option.

      Also, if you did want to use saving as an ‘undo’ button (which would kind of ruin the game imo but if you paid for it you can do what you want with it after all), you can do this on the PC, you just need tab out and move or rename the save file when you want to ‘save’, then move or name it back when you want to ‘restore’.

      It’s a bit more of a ballache than ‘F6’ but it also means there’s no developer-mandated compromise of their vision. Also you can set DSFix to auto backup saves as often as every 10 minutes too.

    • Tim James says:

      This is perfectly valid. I felt the same way during my entire first playthrough. I was upset that veterans were unable to prepare me mentally for the type of ‘challenge’ in the game. But once I beat it the first time I was able to make my peace with that. You just have to get through the first time. I loved my second playthrough, but all of the discovery was gone. So I want to take my DS1 experience into the new sights and sounds of DS2.

    • Totally heterosexual says:

      Get gud scrub.

    • derbefrier says:

      and this is why i say quicksaves make for lazy gamers. Also Dark Souls would not have been the same with a quick save option. Sorry you didnt like it. a lot of people don’t like challenging games its no big deal.

    • jalf says:

      Dark Souls did not require you to play the same part 75 times.

      You only have to replay parts if you fail. And if you fail, then the assumption is that you know *how* you failed, and you will now be able to avoid making that mistake, thereby making this attempt *different*. Which again means that you are not simply replaying the same bit. You are revisiting it with new skills and a new approach.

      It is not that repetition equals challenge. But the challenge lies in *avoiding* the repetition. The challenge lies in learning from your mistakes, so that you don’t have to repeat the same sections.

  13. Liudeius says:

    I wanted to play DkS2 on PC before anyone wrote anything on the wiki. Now I either have to play it on consoles and buy it twice, or wait until everything has already been discovered.

    • Lycan says:

      Or, you know – don’t look at the wiki. It requires discipline, but can be done. For the most part, I looked up the wiki of an area *after* I had cleared it. There’s still new things you might find, though. I was nearly 200 hours in and on my 3rd character before I realised that there’s a merchant underneath the aqueduct who turns up and sells awesome armour later in the game…

      • dE says:

        Or, you know – don’t look at the wiki. It requires discipline, but can be done.

        Not a fix. Figuring things out together, as a community, is one of the main appeals of the series. This is completely gone a few months down the line.

  14. Milos says:

    Maybe this time certain someone of the RPS will give it a go!

  15. huldu says:

    Lovely… another horrible pc port that’s unplayable.

    • nuttycomic says:

      I think we played different games, Dark Souls on PC is absolutely playable. A few problems here and there which are easily fixed, it’s not perfect, but it definitely is playable. Enjoyed all three of my playthroughs.

  16. bigjig says:

    I’ll buy it twice then, once to play with everyone else at start on PS3, and again on PC to get the better version. Souls games are some of the few games I get truly excited about anyway.

  17. JudgeFortNight says:

    I guess i’m buying this twice, very few games i’d ever do this for.

  18. Freud says:

    Dark Souls was amazing. Minimalist hardcore action RPG. I have no doubt the second one will spank me on the fingers with a ruler the way the first one did.

  19. James_Russell says:

    My Dark Souls 2 wishlist:
    -New weapon types like murkrets or a medievil bazooka and you can take cover for things that are shoot back at you
    -Parts where you have to run away from a huge enemy and the huge boss chases you to a turrent and you use it to kill him
    -Other parts where you can use turrents on loads of people or even a catapult
    -You can see how many kills and deaths you have in pvp and the more kills you get unlock extra abilities for you and new skins for your weapons and armour
    -Free running and climbing up on sthings
    -You have an npc partner and he is an ethnic and he makes jokes and he gives you estius flasks and stuff when your in trouble
    -If you get backstabbed or parryed you can press a button at the right moment and you do a counter
    -Bosses arent just running around hitting them you have yo use the enviroment and you press buttons at the right time and it does damage
    -Vehicle sections like on a horse and cart or a boat or like a stone age motorbike and gliders
    -When someone invades it asks you if it’s ok and if you press no then they are sent away
    -You can go into peoples houses and talk to them
    -If you get hit then dont get hit for a while your health comes back
    -You can have a romance with someone and even it can be a man if you are a gay
    -Better support after release like a better arena and then they can release map packs for it and new weapons and amrour
    -Moderators chosen from popular members of the community, they will monitor for poor sportsmanship and ban those they feel are a negative influence on the metagame
    -Some people need you to get things so you can go get them and bring them back and they give you souls for it
    -You can get a pet and it follows you around and goes off and comes back with items

    • DrScuttles says:

      If I may be so bold as to add a few more suggestions:
      -Hours of CINEMATIC cutscenes. Like something from Hollywood. By Scorsese.
      -Moral choice system; ‘good’ and ‘evil’ conversation options with NPCs etc.
      -Objective markers; Crestbro told you to ring the bells? Follow the arrow and never feel lost!
      -On-disc DLC. It’s an ugly truth of the gaming industry. Won’t someone think of the idle developers?
      -Minigames. Dance with Siegmeyer to learn new taunts.
      -In-game store. You can buy souls, weapons and armour. The best armour is only available in the store, because only the true fans who are willing to support From Software deserve it.
      -Super Guide. If you die more than 3 times in an area, you are given the option for the computer to control your character and get your through the area.

      • jrodman says:

        What if I fail three times to romance the man as a gay?

        • DrScuttles says:

          That’s only likely to happen if you’re in Hetero form because you didn’t use any Manity. But if it does, the game would pause and let you try again. This game cost millions of dollars and there’s no chance in hell they’d arbitrarily block you off from seeing all the content.
          Anyway, wearing the Rocky Horror Set lets you romance everyone with 100% success rate. Works devilishly with whips, too.

          • gi_ty says:

            This! This is utterly brilliant, it’s hard to fathom why nobody has thought of these amazing design choices already. A mod where if you fail to much it plays the game for you! You sir deserve a job as a game designer!

      • ShinySpoons says:

        “Minigames. Dance with Siegmeyer to learn new taunts.” To be fair this sounds awesome

  20. bit_crusherrr says:

    For fucks sake the thing’s I enjoyed most about Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls was the discussion that goes on around the games launch. If “shortly” ends up being a few months I guess I’ll have to buy it on my PS3 rather than my preferring platform which is bloody annoying.

  21. sicilianomatt says:

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  22. GameDreamer says:

    Perhaps I will even play this game. Unlike the first part which was perhaps the most unoptimized port in existence.

    Free CD Key