Guns ‘N’ Seeds: Epigenesis Alpha

Epigenesis has all the hallmarks of a game that’s being made up as it goes along, possibly to troll me. But after I watched the first trailer I asked my girlfriend if she just saw what I saw? She did. She is a games industry outsider, so you can trust her unbiased opinion. Epigenesis is a future sports FPS game where players toss balls into the goal, just like every future sports game asks you to do. But you also earn seeds for pushing your opponents off the platforms. Those seeds will allow you to transform the levels, creating plant bridges across gaps and bestow buffs onto nearby players. If that intrigues you, the closed alpha details and accompanying trailer are below.

It’s exactly the sort of thing that exists because some people got drunk and made it. They were at least encouraged to do so, winning the Unreal 3 license during Make Something Unreal Live, by tying the notion of “genetics and genomics” into the shooter. Try as I might, I can’t seem to discover how far you can take the concept of evolving the plants during the matches, but the suggestion is that there will be some pretty game-changing additions brought into play with the plantlife.

You can sign up to be a willing volunteer in this strange, multiplayer experiment on the game’s front-page.


  1. Aberaham says:

    There’s nothing about an open beta on this website like the title of the article says.

    • Paroxysm says:

      Open Beta, Closed Alpha, what’s the difference!?

      …other than first word being opposite and the second being an entirely different stage of development.

      • Bull0 says:

        No, they’re the same, don’t you know? Some companies have been misusing the terms so we’re now not allowed to argue that the terms have any meaning.

    • loquee says:

      on the top right of the page, you can simply sign up for closed alpha.
      Then check your spam folder and confirm your “subscription to playtest”
      You´ll hear from them then. probably

    • Craig Pearson says:

      Ta for pointing that out. Ugh! Apologies.

  2. Zancrowe says:

    best presentation of a studio-logo ever !!!!!!!!!!

  3. amateurviking says:

    I have literally just this minute finished writing a grant proposal where we’re hoping to investigate epigenesis in mosquitoes. And here this game is.

    Coincidence? I think not. Probably.

  4. pupsikaso says:

    This needs to be a tad bit faster and it will be perfect. Too easy to hit people when they move this slow.

  5. WarOnGamesIndustry says:

    Looks a quake mod. I do miss good quake games.

  6. The Random One says:

    This will probably tide me over until Ricochet 2 comes out.

  7. sicilianomatt says:

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