Greenlit: Next Car, Eden Star, SUPERHOT, More

Sticks and stones (and bullets) may break my bones, but words will appear on the screen when I die.

Valve may not have pushed another 100 titles through Steam Greenlight’s mighty monetary birthing canal, but the latest batch of 25 is nothing to scoff at. Do you want Dear-Esther-influenced Mars exploration? You’ve got it. Car games (that are currently titled, er, Car Game)? There’s plenty of that too. And survival-horror? Well of course there’s survival-horror. There always is. This is Greenlight we’re talking about. But yes, between Lacuna Passage, U55 – End of the Line, Eden Star, SUPERHOT, and plenty more, there’s quite a lot to be pleased about.

What’s that? You want a list? Oh, I’ll give you a list. I’ll list things until your brain explodes into gooey knowledge globules. I’ll hand you more facts than GameFAQs. I’ll… OK, enough of that. Here are the games:

I didn’t breathe the entire time I typed all of those out so as to simulate listing them off out loud incredibly quickly. I am now permanently an attractive shade of Smurf blue, so that’s exciting. And hey, so are these games. Well, most of them. I’m not so sure about Zombie Tycoon II and Mount Your Friends, but SUPERHOT’s stop-and-go slow-mo antics are ultra-stylish, and Eden Star rocketed onto my radar with a brilliant-looking blend of Mirror’s-Edge-like runleaping and Minecraft-style survival. Also, Next Car Game looks like that rare sort of racer I’ll actually enjoy – which is to say that things crash lots real good boom boom bang whump thud crunch crunch pretty fire.

So that’s my bit. How about you? Has your fancy been tickled into submission by any of these offerings?


  1. barelyhomosapien says:

    Still no one finger death punch :(

    • Tim James says:

      Fuck ’em. It’s out now on Desura for $2.

      • barelyhomosapien says:

        Holy crapballs thanks for the good news, there goes my weekend. Ace game!

  2. distantlurker says:

    Oo! Sokobond’s been released! Sweet!

  3. InternetBatman says:

    It’s sad that U55 got through, but it’s not making it through kickstarter.

  4. Stephen1212 says:

    Gimbal could really do with a bigger player base, its quite a fun game.

    • Nurdell says:

      Not to say that they have bad bots, but in TDM gamemode they make a dash towards enemy carrier. And race mod is surely best played with human players.

  5. eQuality_Ninja says:

    Mount. Your. Friends. Enough said.

  6. Chizu says:

    Glad to see Syder Arcade and Humans Must Answer get in there eventually.
    I also already own Long Live the Queen and Gimbal, so nice to see those get added too.
    And glad to see Higurashi get on, steam needs some more VN’s and general niche variety.
    And once you get past the hideous character art, Higurashi is pretty good stuff.

    Next up:
    Diadra Empty.
    Please, along with some of the other more awesome shmups buried on greenlight, like the Alltynex games.

  7. Anthile says:

    The Higurashi anime is amazing if kind of an acquired taste. Few things I enjoy more than watching people’s reaction after the first episode ends. Also, jeez- the character art looks even worse than in Umineko, the successor series.

  8. FF56 says:

    If anyone is interested in some Strategy Action here’s 20 Desura keys for Survivor Squad (which is sitting at #95!)
    link to

    – All Taken –

    • Tim James says:

      Hey thanks. I now own the two games on Desura I’ve been waiting for on Greenlight: Survivor Squad and One Finger Death Punch. I’ll check out your full game and pass on a purchased key to someone else. By the way, how do you see the ordered list where you are #95?

      • FF56 says:

        It’s visible on the developer dashboard, it says “XX% of the way to the top 100” and when you hit #100 it shows the current position. “#95 OF 1,389 GAMES IN GREENLIGHT”
        Can’t see the position of anyone else though.

    • Danda says:

      Thanks, I’ve taken B4X4S-NMFHU-7ISGP-81GHM-Z6ARO

    • zripgud says:

      Took I1UIZ-SD5SU-JUOH9-3HWF0-N9OE2, thanks!!

    • StranaMente says:

      The first one was already taken, I activated the second one. Thanks! Nice idea and will try the game soon enough!

    • Lex says:

      All your 8S3VW-64OR6-AVXY2-91T4H-IKPXD key are belong to us \o/ thanks ;)

    • Sweeneyton says:

      Taken 74YJU-8JF90-6KHPY-VG73D-BUCAT


    • frostwyrm says:

      thanks, took APBNN-3OBVF-75AFV-CXFDT-A83XA

    • Azmodhan says:

      Thanks, nabbed CJRT0-9SJFL-ON5G8-13XT9-R75O5. Gonna check this out tonight!

    • tobecooper says:


      I’ve taken PY6KQ-VHRTD-7YYBN-KQQIB-H3GYF

    • Junon says:

      All of those keys have been redeemed. None by me. In any case, kudos to your generosity.

    • frightlever says:

      Picked it up in a bundle a while back – it’s a great game that just needs some annoying edges sanded down. Particularly that one with the locked door and a bomb.

  9. Gap Gen says:

    It disappoints me that Humans Must Answer isn’t a dystopian quiz game.

  10. Ansob says:


    It’s a very excellent Metroidvania with a combat system that’s more (vaguely) like DMC, though nowhere near as complex, and it’s also ludicrously pretty: link to

  11. Leb says:

    I never take showers…
    without a loofa

    Hot fire,
    Don’t forget the SUPER

  12. Turkey says:

    Does DwarfCorp show any promise or is it too early to tell? I’m up for some simplified Dwarf Fortress with Bullfrog-esque graphics.

    • frightlever says:

      There was a demo last I looked – but I didn’t look long. It’s got a long way to go.

  13. Docstonge says:

    Nice to see WWII Online finally greenlit. Hopefully this helps the developers in developing the game.

  14. kwyjibo says:

    Superhot – bullet time all the time. They’re going to need more than that if it’s to become an actual release.

  15. Kein says:

    RPS please.
    I’ve sent at least 4 mails regarding Valdis Story, Can you finally do hands-on/impressions/review?

  16. frostwyrm says:

    Why no Underhell? It was supposed to be #9 on greenlight, also why didn’t it receive more coverage? MOTY material. :-(

  17. Azmodhan says:

    Ooh, I’m excited to see that Candle made it. That game looks GORGEOUS. Right up my alley; I’ve been in withdrawal ever since finishing Machinarium.

  18. The Random One says:

    DwarfCop made it? *adjusts glasses* Oh. Never mind.

  19. Skabooga says:

    Super. Hot. Super. Hot. Super. Hot.

  20. Delicious Narwhal says:

    Quietly excited to see Warsow on there.

    It’ll be interesting to see if a Steam release helps that game garner some sort of a player base.

  21. sicilianomatt says:

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