Survivalish: Day One: Garry’s Incident

Day One Garry’s Incident needs a better name. “Garry” is already known in the game world, and then there’s the whole “Incident” thing. I’ve watched the trailer for the survival FPS and that’s putting it mildly, so I’ve helpfully come up with a few suggestions: “Amazonian Zombie Face Tossers”, “Whoops, I Blew Up Your Pyramid”, “Ahhhh! The Top’s Come Off The Mountain”, “Go To Hell, Monkeys!”, “Panther Wrestling”, or perhaps just “Tomb Raider Already Did It (Working Title)”. If from that you’ve surmised it’s a survival game set in a jungle with Mayan influences, you’d be completely correct. The trailer will fill in the rest of the gaps for you.

It’s a bit cheap looking, but it has a B-Movie charm to it at least. The jungle is apparently an open world where you can hunt and camp in, and the puzzle levels are separate dungeons that forward the story. It promises a survival game where you start with nothing and have to craft everything, hunt panthers for meat, and untangle an alien mystery.

It was originally intended to be an episodic game, and while I can’t find any mention of that on the official site, there’s a developer here saying they decided to consolidate everything into one game. It will be released September 25th.


  1. Anthile says:

    Where is the staring eyes tag? This is terrifying.

  2. bstard says:

    September 25th. Looks nice, added to wishylist’ey. How does it compare to DontStarve?

  3. baby snot says:

    Just call it DOGI. Or Daongain. I dunno. I’m just stunned at the level of vitriol against RPS in the previous posts comments. I want to give you money and hugs but I’m broke and feeble.

  4. Westcreek says:

    Is this that zombie survival game that the guy who made Garry’s Mod is workin on, or is the market really just becoming that saturated with zombie games?

    • Prolar Bear says:

      Agreed. Too much negativity, I think.

    • baby snot says:

      That’s Rust. I don’t think it’s zombie survival though.

      • Lyrion says:

        Rust is a survival game with zombies in it, so I think it will count as zombie survival :p

        • Cioomperkoi says:

          While that’s correct, I believe that they said they would replace the zombies with other, more interesting enemies, later down the development path.

          • Westcreek says:

            I was interested in that one because you could build stuff

  5. Turkey says:

    Oh, I thought maybe they were going to play it straight. Alien artifacts and magic it is then.

  6. SRTie4k says:

    Trailer Rule #1: Never depict a man with a long proddy thing sneaking up on another man’s bum, especially if the result is not at all what you expected from such a setup.

    • tigerfort says:

      I wasn’t going to bother watching it until you said that. Now I feel obliged to find out what you’re talking about.

  7. MrThingy says:

    Ooh, modern sort of Robinson’s Requiem thing-a-me-jig.

  8. Caedere says:

    Please consider changing the image for this article. It’s extremely disturbing and almost gave me a panic attack. Not the best way to start my morning. =/

    • The Random One says:

      I, too, thank you for doing that. A small act that I hope others will follow. I’d recommend doing the same to E3, but your snarky, dismissive posts about it are probably a more fitting punishment.

      As for the people who seem to be angry about it… they’re just too easily offended and are overreacting. Don’t let them censor you!

      • The Random One says:

        Ugh, I obviously posted this on the wrong thread. I spent all day trying to delete or edit it on my crap cell phone internet and it didn’t work. Now I got home and it still doesn’t work because both the edit comment and the delete comment fields are tiny 5px things where I can’t do anything.

        So anyway what I actually wanted to say was:

        they should instead put that picture of naked Gat from the SRIV trailer


  9. diebroken says:

    Spotted this last night when it appeared on the Steam info popup. I’m feeling an Arx Fatalis vibe, and that’s a good thing indeed… =]

  10. Alien426 says:

    Regarding the game’s title: There was also going to be a game by adventure developers Pendulo Studios called Day One. It may have been announced after DOGI, its crowdfunding (link to has failed, but still…

  11. Sheogorath says:

    A spiritual successor to Robinson’s Requiem? Sounds good to me!

  12. Hjortkayre says:

    The trailer makes it look a bit too similar to Revelations 2012 for my taste.

  13. racccoon says:

    I’m all for another garry the other is so big headed he swells to an explosive over at his Rust ranch/forum he such an asshole over there who bans people for saying gimme a key every moment of the day and other stupid rules he bans new members for its childish, Going to rust shows you what a complete asshole he really is and not such a great guy. So seeing another game with “garry” in it to me is a godsend! he’s had it all his own way for too long he become a spoilt brat. So this game maybe ok. But I think 7daystodie is a good one too :)

    • Premium User Badge

      Maltose says:

      What’s wrong with banning people who just ask for Steam keys? If it’s annoying and contributes nothing to the community, then I don’t see a problem with banning someone.

  14. sicilianomatt says:

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  15. grable says:

    I just played this crap today. I cant for the life of me understand how they managed to ruin a bog standard fps to such a degree.. even though its made with UDK! From the sucky controls to the fucked up camera and then the render glitches and random bugs, its like they went out of their way to “tweak” EVERY part of unreal to make it shit on purpose.