Here’s That Jaws Text Adventure You’ve Been Wanting

It's not easy being the sea's most feared killer.

Many, many star-splashed moons ago, there was a Jaws videogame. Despite being a third-person chomper in which you played as a shark, it somehow turned out terrible – entirely failing to capitalize on the opportunities for rich character development Jaws himself presents. This brand new Jaws text adventure, however, makes no such mistakes, painting the rampantly feared Great White as a wayward, lonesome soul. Also a hungry one who craves sweet, sweet leg meats. This is the inherent paradox of his nature.

Jaws isn’t an astoundingly deep or lengthy or adventure, but it’s an amusing one. In short, you come to an island, interact with various scenarios from the movie (and others even Steven Spielberg never dared to imagine), and get all introspective as the monstrous shark’s internal monologue overwhelms your senses with unquenched longing for companionship. And blood.

Your goal is to be as full as possible, and also to avoid dying. There are many squirmy, salty humans to munch on, but they are crafty despite their frail monkey legs and delightfully crunchy rib cages. You have the element of surprise, but they use traps and technology.

[SPOILERS]That said, when I lost, I still managed to destroy the world in the process. So I call that its own sort of victory.[END SPOILERS]

Jaws is fun, quick, and worth a few laughs. Also, there are pretty pictures! Check it out here.


Top comments

  1. sektor666 says:

    Yes, but it will likely leave you hungering for more.
  1. oceanclub says:

    Oh, dig that Sinclair Spectrum font/colour scheme.


    • annie05 says:

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  2. int says:

    I shouldn’t have eaten that cable. I thought I’d get Jim Carrey if I did.

  3. Drinking with Skeletons says:

    This looks like a game that could eat up a lot of my time.

    • sektor666 says:

      It’s not really that long once you sink your teeth in it.

      • Drinking with Skeletons says:

        So it’s a game that I’ll just chew through quickly?

  4. sinister agent says:

    You swim East. The water here is warm and very deep. There are no fish.

    What now?

    > LOOK

    Which way do you want to look?


    I do not understand “EVERYWHERE”


    You see some SMALL FISH in the inky blackness.

    > LOOK UP

    You see a BOAT.


    I do not understand “FUCK”


    I do not understand “STALK”


    You attack the boat, but it escapes.

    What now?

    > WAIT

    You wait a while.

    It is getting dark. The water here is slightly warm and very deep. There are no fish.

    What now?

    > LOOK UP

    You see a BIGGER BOAT

    > OH SHIT

    I do not understand “OH”

    • Mungrul says:

      The response to “Wait” is even better than that if you’re a gamer of a certain age and played the text adventure of “The Hobbit” :D
      I hadn’t seen that message in thirty years, but it’s a line that has stuck with me since the very beginning of my gaming life.

  5. tomimt says:

    This is pretty great game actually. It’s more surprising than most of the AAA titles coming out today. In how many other games you can make the shark fall in love on a potential victim, making them elope somewhere else where human/shark relations aren’t frowned upon?

  6. Zorn says:

    I didn’t expect a response when I typed:”Kiss woman”. It is beautiful.

  7. Clank01 says:


    I typed “FUCK WOMAN”

    Response: No self respecting great white shark would use such language in polite company.