September To Dismember: Shadow Warrior Trailer

If you have a problem with blood, I suggest you skip this explanatory trailer for Shadow Warrior. If you’ll allow me to briefly slip into a cockney criminal’s parlance, there’s claret everywhere. It puddles, splashes, flicks, pools, drips, and plops, all to show off the differences between guns and swords for people who might need help deciding which to focus on. The results are broadly similar, with red bits on the inside ending up on the outside, but it creates a different approach to the violence. I wouldn’t have asked what sort of weapon you prefer. I’d have asked if you like to see the lights to out in your enemy’s eyes.

It actually did help me make a decision. I shoot enough guns in games, so I’m going to pick up a blade in Shadow Warrior. It looks like it has a few replacement modes for the gun, anyway: you can send waves of slicing particles out from the blade and chop an enemy’s arm off, which I’ll definitely overuse. That whole slicing mechanic looks like a lot of fun.

That’s some good sword-work. Probably the best I’ve seen since Dark Messiah Of Might and Magic. Yes. Yes. I will play this when it’s with us on Sept 26th.


  1. povu says:

    Painkiller with a sword and magical powers, hell yeah.

    • kekstee says:

      Well, unfortunately it looks nothing like Painkiller. FOV and camera shakes in this trailer make me want to puke.

      • DanDeath says:

        There’s an FOV slider and Painkiller had its share of screen shaking.

  2. KeeperKrux says:

    Looks like Flying Wild Hog has a winner on their hands. I can’t wait!

  3. GameDreamer says:

    So I want to play this game!

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  4. Drayk says:

    I am going to enjoy this ! Aren’t the guys who make this the ones who made Bulletstorm ? I lliked bulletstorm… I like Messiah too !
    EDIT: No they are the ones who made hard reset… was a nice game too.

    • iniudan says:

      No, they are the one who made Hard Reset, the founding member of the studio was composed of people from People can fly (Painkiller), CD Projekt Red (Witcher) and City Interactive (I got no freaking idea).

      • Cioomperkoi says:

        Yeah, but People Can Fly did make Bulletstorm, so there’s that.

        • iniudan says:

          Yes, but I am pretty sure they were not part of Bulletstorm team, has Flying Wild Hog was founded in 2009.

  5. yonsito says:

    Your mastery of the headline never fails to impress me.

  6. Bahlof says:

    I dont think I’ve ever seen so much blood in 1:48.