Chaos Reborn To Birth Multiplayer Demo “Soon”

The old people who remember and love Chaos will doubtless soon be pointing younger folk at Chaos Reborn, which is to be a remake of the original by that genius Julian Gollop (who once gave me an unopened copy of Laser Squad for the C64, which I still treasure, despite not having seen a functional Commodore 64 in perhaps twenty years). The muscular news sentinels of US Gamer spotted that Mr Gollop has been writing about progress on a multiplayer demo of the new game, with an estimate of “soon” for its delivery unto the internet. Soon! That’s means it might just be closer than ages away.


  1. Matfink says:

    Although the initial screens look… ‘different’ – can’t wait – one of my top games of all time along with Rebelstar :)
    In fact I gave up waiting and started making a mobile version myself a few months before this was announced.
    Ah well, don’t want to tread on my heroes toes.

  2. Stardreamer says:

    As much as I love the new design I worry that the visual simplicity being lost might be detrimental to the overall experience. I worry that that the added tactical factors like height advantages will dilute the experience too far.

    I worry because Chaos is possibly the greatest game ever made, one I’ve been playing since the ZX Spectrum version (and every unofficial remake inbetween – Chaos Groove for the win), and I want this to be the very best version of the game ever released. Although how it will do that without all the cool TV-sampled effects from Martin Brownlow’s Atari ST version (that Chaos Groove expanded upon), I don’t know. For me they’re as much a part of the Chaos experience as the rest of the game:

    “There can be only one!” *wizard explodes*

  3. tigerfort says:

    I’m informed by a geologist that “soon” means “almost certainly within the next four thousand years”. Which narrows it down a bit, when dealing with video game releases.

  4. ChiefOfBeef says:

    Well that Spectrum game sounds like a rip-off of the PC classic Sacrifice.

  5. Ny24 says:

    I have a functioning C64!

  6. Freud says:

    What are the odds? The Escapist also has a journalist called Kieron Gillen.