Mud, Sweat And Gears: WRC 4

It’s hard to say which of the WRC 4 trailers, handily embedded below, is more dramatic. The first, an announcement trailer, introduces its logos as if it were attempting to rally troops for battle rather than preparing to show some cars in a rally. The music throbs as the camera observes a car, poised and ready to rumble. And then, sound and vision combine in a frenzy of scorching beats and skidding vehicles. Very exciting. Following close in the treadmarks of the announcement trailer, there’s a ‘time of day’ video, showing differences in lighting from dawn to dusk. How could the simple passage of time be rendered dramatic, you might well ask. How about adding the music from the final battle in a fantasy epic, as the trolls rage? Perhaps.

The game is out next month and includes every track from the World Rally Championships and more than sixty cars. That’s surely enough cars to satisfy all of your automobile needs?


  1. PixelsDontMove says:

    I’m so tired of these arcade Rally games. After a few minutes in Richard Burns Rally, nothing will ever feel the same. It is still undefeated in terms of realism and the feeling of controlling a car. Because nothing was more rewarding. Completing tracks without any major flaws felt so good.

    In this arcade era we’re in, everything is so depressing, wide tracks, huge margins for error, and no need to mind the speed just hold “W”.

    Where is my 300+ horsepower engine that can make me lose control of my car if I go too fast or give too much throttle? Where is the unforgiving gameplay? Where is the potholes that throws me off course. Give me a challenge, please.

    I registered only to spill some of my rage on this matter. As a guy who changes all the parts on his own cars and driven the fair share of vehicles on both land, sea and air, these games makes me mad. Especially CMcR Dirt. We/I need RBR 2.

    • JiminyJickers says:

      Definitely, I still haven’t found any Rally game that even comes close to Richard Burns Rally, which is a shame. I wish they would make such games again.

    • haradaya says:

      I’ve had a soft spot for rally games since the late 90’s, my 15 minute drives in a Subaru Impreza in NetworkQ Rally with wheel and pedals where the best racing I ever had. But fell off the racing games after that.
      It wasn’t till a year or two back I started looking into what rally games have to offer now. DiRT2 was first. Disgusted by Ken Block and his many EXXXXXTREME sports, it didn’t stick. DiRT3 looked inviting with the variable weather, snow tracks, and seemingly more focus on actual rally, but the constant jacking off of the player in the tour/”career” mode put me off. The driving was for all I knew decent.

      Tried Richard Burns Rally, and driving cars in other games haven’t felt good since. Even the overall tone hit what I was looking for. A sport for gentlemen. No loud music and fireworks as you jump a ramp. That’s for petrolheads.
      I’ve had to shelf it though till I get a wheel setup, the 360 controller trigger axis’ aren’t translated correctly in RBR.

      Driving in WRC2010 didn’t feel better or worse than DiRT, but the graphics felt off, a mismatch of palettes. I’m thinking what it does have going for it is it’s career mode, but I haven’t gotten far enough to say, and don’t know if I ever will.

    • riverman says:

      I want to punch every person in the face that actually buys these fucknig shit games because they are the reason that there has only ever been one halfway good rally game, and that is RBR of course. this got my hopes up until ten seconds in.

      cue bro-step
      cue idiot physics
      cue an offroad track that is smoother than tarmac
      cue my fucking rage

    • Reapy says:

      I have to say now a days the rally games are the only ones that make me take a look at racing, but they have that same sort of floaty feel to it, not that I have ever driven a rally car or even pushed one IRL on dirt.

      But I just love when the environments are great and you are plowing through the wilderness and just feel like you are racing all over the earth in the environments. In fact many times I wish I could just drive fast in a normal car from inside the dash and take a look at wherever it is the road is taking you.

      But yeah for some reason the landscapes of the rally type coarse have always been more fun to me than circuit racing, just a shame the driving never feels very fun in them.

  2. Chizu says:

    I’m all for more Rally games. Just so long as theres more ACTUAL rally than the last couple Dirt games had.

  3. Jason Moyer says:

    WRC3 was great, not really seeing much improvement here though. The car resetting when going off the track and repetition of stage segments were the biggest issues with the last game, as well as a really weak damage model, and I’m skeptical that they’ve addressed those at all.

  4. Onemoar says:

    The WRC games have been notoriously low-budget garbage I would’t expect much

  5. 0positivo says:

    Slight Cog is Dead reference with that title? You’ve got good music taste there Adam

  6. DrollRemark says:

    I’ve just realised why I didn’t take to the WRC3 demo at all when I tried it a few months ago. I’d confused the series with Rallisport Challenge.

    But now knowing that there is no Rallisport Challenge 3 (or 4) has made me sad. :(

  7. SuicideKing says:

    1) Needs more wub wub, duh.

    2) Could someone please compare this game to NFS Shift and Dirt 2? I have no idea about the game.

  8. riverman says:

    “….more than sixty cars. That’s surely enough cars to satisfy all of your automobile needs?”

    one car is all I ask for… a car with realistic physics.

    is this so much to fucking ask for?

  9. rfa says:

    All I want from driving game is to be able to plug my steering wheel into my laptop.

    I can already plug my laptop into my TV and if this is too much to ask I have Gran Turismo 5 on my PlayBox