Trade Away: Rise Of Venice

I played Rise of Venice at Gamescom, which is a bit like reading Aristotle’s politics while in the middle of a dancefloor at an Ibiza boat party. As I clicked through menus, filling my ship’s cargo hold with luxurious trade goods, a Saints Row booth spat dubstep at me and a twenty foot tall Titanfall mech suit watched from across the floor, spotlights caressing its form as crowds gathered to gawp at it. I didn’t spend enough time to share proper impressions but I can confirm that the trailer below is about as honest a piece of pre-release advertising as anything I’ve ever seen. A detailed description of how to buy goods and form trade routes, it is as dry as Venice is not.

If you enjoy this sort of thing, Rise of Venice seems like a good example. It’s out on the 27th so I’ll take a proper look as soon as possible. It’ll fit in far better here than it did at Gamescom, in the company of my maps and abaci.


  1. Sheng-ji says:

    I want to like this game so much, but then I glance over at my copy of Merchants and Marauders and I can’t see what this would offer me over that

  2. Denys Laughton says:

    Rice from Venice. :/

  3. Njordsk says:

    Looks like Venice stole the Tower of Pisa.

  4. LiberalEurope says:

    Looks intriguing… But the real fun of Merchant Prince / Machiavelli was always the political side of things (especially in PBEM) – poisoning your opponents, burning down their warehouses and slandering their good names: “MOROSINI drinks canal water!”

    Still looking for a decent successor to that one. :-)

  5. Stoygroff says:

    They forgot “Patrician V -” before the “Rise of Venice” part I think…

  6. li says:

    That’s an exciting trailer :o
    (Well, using the soporific tutorial voice for a trailer is an original idea)

    That’s the sequel of Grand Ages: Rome, no?
    It was a bit so so in my opinion, looks so much like the Caesar serie, but not as fun..

    • Vercinger says:

      I’m fairly sure this has nothing to do with Grand Ages. It’s from Gaming Minds, the developer of Port Royale 3 and Patrician 4. Grand Ages is from Haemimont.

  7. SuicideKing says:

    So, looks prettier than TW:R2’s campaign map yet much smoother.

    What is it than Indies know how to do but big studios can’t grasp?

    And that dude could probably sound like Bane with some acoustic affects. Though i guess anyone can…

    • bstard says:

      Isnt Kalipso a ‘regulair’ firm? They did Tropico etc, seems to be quiet some budget and (wo)manpower there.

  8. stoner says:

    I already own and play Patrician IV. This trailer appears to offer nothing better (nor worse). Why would I buy this?

    • Kingmarzo says:

      Different cities and trading possibilities although I agree its not much more than a new skin.

  9. Saarlaender39 says:

    I like how those ships develop a speed like they’d have been equipped with outboarders.

  10. breadman017 says:

    So…it’s port royale except in the Mediterranean, with all the same interface and UI failures that are apparently inseparable from that series.

  11. Artist says:

    Be careful when Kalypso is involved! They are known for shallow reanmations of games of past glory and Im 99% sure this is just a spin-off of the dull Patrician 4! Demo before you fall for Kalypso.

  12. bstard says:

    Is it anything remotely Paradox’ey CK2/EU4’ey? Or of the genre Plebtics?