Guilds Wars 2 Has A Lovely Free Trial For You

Delicious Guild Wars 2 has more content in it than the National Content Library Of Australia, which has been furiously archiving content from across the world since the great content famine of 1840. Inevitably, you have a chance to access some of that Guild Warsy content via the magic No Pennies, from September 27th. The sign up page isn’t ready yet – perhaps delay that press release, guys? Oh, no, you already sent it and I am writing about it right now! Nevermind – you’ll be able to sign up there once the freeness exposes the content to your inquisitive nibbling. Arenanet have also sent word of the accompanying update, which is due October 1st: The Twilight Assault, which adds a new dungeon, the spooks of which you can see below. Sure looks like some evil is up for having its loot collected. That’ll teach ’em.


  1. Manco says:

    Maybe it’s a bit OCD, but I hate missing out on content just because I sometimes don’t play a game for a few weeks. All those limited time special events really hurt my inner completionist and itemhoarder, so much so I’ve suite playing and can’t see myself restarting.

  2. Aauthor says:

    I went with the more decadent $60 trial. I bought the game, thinking, “eh, it’ll probably run on my knackered underpowered laptop,” achieved a whopping 10fps on minimum settings, and uninstalled it.

    I’m not that smart.

    In related news, selling of accounts should totally be a legal thing.

    • Anders Wrist says:

      I’ve heard Arenanet give people their money back for less.

  3. aliksy says:

    Ah, GW2. I have a love-dislike problem with this game. On the one hand, it’s mostly really good with some good writing, good content, good art direction, good gameplay. On the other, some of the (minor to moderate) (mostly optional) gear grind just sits the wrong way with me. But it’s still the best MMO out there by far.

    • Severian says:

      This summarizes my feelings pretty aptly. I loved GW2 until I got my character to the end-game, and then the magic quickly faded. But I got a good solid 60-70 hours of gameplay out of that experience – well worth the money, in my book. It helped that I played a Thief, who has a very mobile, engaging combat style. I’d definitely recommend this game to people who want a “casual” MMO suitable for solo-play, an hour or so a night just to relax.

      • mechabuddha says:

        After spending hours getting exotic gear on 3 characters, I realized there really wasn’t too much else to do. That said, I did have a blast getting to that point. The furthest I could ever get in WoW was level 43 before getting bored – GW2 was so much fun I maxed out 3 separate characters.

        • Narvius says:

          I got started on WvW and PvP for a bit – it’s really a blast (despite the learning curve), and I don’t even usually like PvP. Especially the former can easily be a slippery slope for people who avoid fighting other people.

          Unless you’re unfortunate and are on a server that gets wiped on a regular basis.

        • aliksy says:

          Getting three characters to 80 and outfitting them all with exotic gear is.. what, 240 hours? That is a tremendous amount of game time. I have 4 characters at 80 (elementalist, engineer, mesmer, necromancer), and I think I still have a lot of content left to do. There’s a bunch of dungeons I haven’t seen, and I’d like to get to high level fractals at some point (mostly to do it, less so for the rewards).

          I was just talking about something similar with some friends, actually. I think some people play mostly for external rewards- getting the best swords and stat numbers. Some people play for internal rewards- doing cool shit. I think if you’re in the former camp, you’ll get bored more quickly.

          • TheMopeSquad says:

            Normally the method of getting the best stuff might be “doing cool shit” as well, but this game just requires performing months of repetitive tasks. Its like they give a giant middle finger to anyone who treats the game more than a flight of fancy.

          • Rizlar says:

            I saw it more as embracing both camps. Especially all the mystic forge crafting stuff – the hardcore love that shit! But at the same time my lvl 80, pre-exotic, casual characters can finish exp mode dungeons without having to grind a thing.

          • Smashington says:

            The game is just now coming to fruition. They destroyed the first year with their massive amounts of content updates. Now that the foundation is completely set I have the feeling 2014 is going to be a huge year for GW2 and ANet.

    • Nick says:

      “good writing”

      Where? I never found any.

      • Groove says:

        For the Norn I loved the sagas related to the death of the owl spirit. If you just run through the main areas of the game you’ll never even see this mentioned but there are stories about owl in I believe every Shiverpeaks zone.

        It’s not neccesarily amazingly high quality writing in and of itself, but how they’ve placed the writing throughout the game is very well done. It’s all in odd corners as a kind of reward for exploration. They also do a good line in telling stories with the enviroment, with no words or using brief notes.

        There are also some really nice little touches, like the golem troubadour in the Queen’s Arena update.

  4. Renato Costa says:

    So, the page just says that the Trial has ended. Huh.

    On a related note, booted up Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn a few days ago, first MMO in about 10 years, and have been loving each minute. Do you guys think that GW2 could elicit the same response from my rather on-an-off play? (Only a few hours, here and there, hardly binge on it, hate grinding, play support?)

    • Rizlar says:

      Yes, apart from the play support bit. There are more supporty classes and builds, but the combat is very active, requiring dodging and responding to the enemy (also killing stuff). On the plus side the game makes it easy and rewarding to fight alongside people you bump into, which you might like.

    • Kitsunin says:

      The game is very supportive of “Here and there” play. There really isn’t any sort of necessary grinding or busywork (At least before you reach the cap, I’m not quite there yet), you can easily level all the way up to the cap just following the story and running around doing each event once.

      As far as being a support goes, the game wants everyone to have to take equal part in battle. Some people will deal more damage than others, and some classes and builds will have -more- support abilities than others, but everyone shares most responsibilities in combat, which in turn is more about avoiding attacks than ensuring you can eat them safely.

      • malkav11 says:

        Well, except for the living world content, which has been mostly cycling in and out without leaving a lot of permanent changes until pretty recently. Which is great if you’re playing a lot, not so great if not.

  5. HeroJez says:

    I found GW2 boring as hell. None of my 5 geek friends carried on with it. It just lacked a bit of soul, I reckon. Still, a free trial is definitely worth a look if you’re MMO-ey. I suppose being spoilt by WoW’s sublime movement for 7 years has made me a picky guy. Either that, or I got to used to it.

  6. Kulantan says:

    I’d just like to point out that there couldn’t have been a National Content Library Of Australia doing anything since 1840 because we only became a nation in 1901. It would have been more believable if you said “the National Content Library Of Australia, which at the time was the New South Wales Royal Content Library”.

    • Smashington says:

      You correct that but the headline of the website says “PC gaming since 1873″…

      Please don’t ever go to a comedy show! EVER!

  7. huldu says:

    I tried gw2 during the weekend “trial” and I really disliked the game. I’m just glad I never bought the game.

  8. robber9000 says:

    That link is wrong, this is the link for the free trial and the page is open: link to

    • phylum sinter says:

      Good show! I was confused by the just-announced free trial not being available already.


  9. Yosharian says:

    You know what, I’m not even going to say it. Good for you GW2, hope you keep on attracting new players even if I didn’t like your game.

  10. iridescence says:

    Tried to go back to GW2 a month or so ago. Found the area where my mid-40s lvl elementalist was in was totally deserted of players and covered with hordes of mobs which still seemed set for a large group of players going through. Tried kiting them around a bit but found it totally unfun without anyone around to play with.

    While I really enjoyed the game for a few weeks I’d say overall it was a big disappointment, maybe if they can get more players running around I’ll try it again though.

    • Groove says:

      There are issues with zones being underpopulated outside of peak time (and some zones even at peak time). However, all areas in the open world are pretty well managed for solo play. Unless there is a champion level mob; an event with a skull on it (and even some of them are soloable); or you’ve stumbled into one of the rare and well hidden mini-dungeons then you should be able to solo happily. Some areas will be harder because of higher mob numbers/difficulty, but these places will be various groups bases of operations and you’ll be able to tell going in that they’re dangerous.

  11. strangeloup says:

    I sort of wish this had been available before I convinced a friend of mine to get us both a copy so we could play together. We both tired of it very quickly, so it was a waste of money.

    • Nate says:

      Bought it early and played the beta, didn’t play the release. So also found it kinda a waste of money.

  12. dE says:

    Trials in Guildwars 2… it’s always hilarious when they happen. Usually, a few days before it happens the Trading Post breaks and if you’re lucky, it might be back up after the Trial has come and gone with occasional flickers inbetween. There’s also usually some Living Story Event happening at the same time, that was tested poorly and goes horribly wrong on so many levels (like the dear Karka Queen), not least of all thanks to massive lag due to all the Trial Clients.
    And patches, non stop patches for the first two days after the Living Story Update.
    Then there’s the anger of players as they enter bugged areas, lose items, don’t get rewards, die a bloody lot to bugs. In general stuff just breaks left and right.

    Then the trials go away and things go back to normal. Updates still break “everything” for a few hours, up to a day and are balanced with some very odd ideas about balancing in mind. But at least it works. It only ever drops into terribad country during Trials. When they’d want to be at their peak.

  13. goettel says:

    No trinity is what finally killed it for me – there, I admitted to it.

  14. kael13 says:

    I’m going to patch my copy and give it another go. I only got to about level 30 on a pair of characters. My problems with it were that I felt I was always vastly under-levelled for the content I was playing and thus had huge issues killing anything. I have a new GPU now, so hopefully it’ll run a bit better as well.

  15. RavenGlenn says:

    The game does have a lot of content and things to do, so long as you enjoy doing lots of grinding to level.

    Since release, there has been almost no actual content added to the game. They’ve instead focused on having a new ‘Living story'(Read: event) every 2 weeks or so. If you don’t participate, don’t have time, or just miss it for whatever reason: It is gone forever.

    Combo that with the fact that there is literally no end-game, the pvp has no rewards and only one game mode(with 4 maps, maybe 5 now), and the World vs World is nothing but a zerg-fest…and the game runs out of steam eventually.

    With all that said: It’s still a great game. The leveling and combat are fun despite their shallowness. I just wish there was more reason to team up with other people. The dungeons are designed to be frustrating with rewards that aren’t worth it and the absence of the trinity means that there is no tank, healer, or anything else really. Everyone is dps and it’s your job to watch out for yourself. For me, that destroys the team dynamic. But if you are more into hack n’ slash games or even third-person shooters/action games, then this might be right up your alley!

    • aliksy says:

      I think they added fractals and southsun cove.
      What is end-game? Should content be limited to after you’ve invested 80 hours, or should it be available throughout? (Spoiler: GW2 tries to do the latter.)
      Does PvP need rewards? Does TF2 have rewards?
      A coordinated team can use combos and other tactics to become more than what they are individually. It’s just not prefabricated and handed to you. This goes for dungeons, spvp, and wvw.

    • skalpadda says:

      The game certainly isn’t bulletproof – it has quite a few problems – but I’m not really seeing the specific ones you mention.

      Grind to level? There are always several PvE zones appropriate for whatever level your character is at and you can level just fine in lower level zones. Don’t want to do PvE hearts (quests) or events? Go level up in WvWvW or PvP. Or you could level by doing jumping puzzles, by exploring the maps for vistas and points of interest, by gathering materials or by crafting. From level 35 you can do dungeons as well. There is never any need to repeat any content whatsoever in order to level up your character.

      No new content? While the living story is divisive it most definitely is content and it is new. Assuming you mean new permanent content though, well there’s the Factals, new PvP maps, guild missions, Scarlet invasions and Southsun Cove. Lots of the existing content has seen significant changes as well, the latest one being the Tequatl fight.

      No end game? Well there’s dungeons and fractals, guild missions, ascended and legendary gear, major boss events, WvW and PvP. Also don’t forget the excellent community events such as the one RPS’ own Duke Witherheart is running next saturday. (You should totally come along!)

      No rewards from PvP? Except all the stuff you can buy with glory, and experience and achievement chests and..

      WvW a zergfest? Well it is if you run with the blob. I haven’t done all that much WvW but when I’ve been in there with the RPS guild we’ve run quite effective small groups, capturing camps and keeps, setting up defenses etc with no zerging at all. You can even run around solo or with one or two other people and harass camps and complete events while contributing to your server’s performance.

      Dungeons are frustrating and not worth it? Well a few of them are badly designed and much too long (screw you, Arah) but most are 15-30 minute affairs and I’ve never failed one as far as I can remember. Dungeons are also the most profitable places in the game and dungeon exotic armour still carries the best stats in the game with some of the best skins.

      Your job to look after yourself? Well yes it is, but it’s also everyone’s job to look after each other by reviving downed players and stopping enemies from murdering your comrades. There’s plenty of team dynamic in utility skills like reflects, stacking buffs and debuffs and healing with combo fields. That there isn’t a pronounced trinity with set roles doesn’t mean that team dynamics aren’t there.

      As I said, I don’t think GW2 is bullet proof by any means, but it does seem like a lot fo the criticisms it’s getting stem from people either wanting it to be an MMO that isn’t an MMO at all (which might be fair given the pre-release hype) or a much more traditional MMO, which doesn’t seem altogether fair.

    • Groove says:

      I don’t really get the grinding to level part of your complaint, what do you feel like you needed to grind? You don’t need to do anything specific to level, you could literally gain levels by exploring the map and mining without ever killing anything.

  16. Brainstrain91 says:

    The signup page is quite ready – that’s the wrong link. You want this one: link to

    And Twilight Assault is not a new dungeon, but a new “path” (like a wing) of an existing dungeon, Twilight Arbor.

    GW2 is a phenomenal game. So many things go in to making it a blast to play. At the most basic level, the design encourages group play, which has helped foster a really pleasant, helpful community from the moment it launched. I have a single maxed character in full exotics nearing full world exploration – it’s going to be one of my proudest gaming achievements. The game world is bloody enormous.

  17. Xanadu says:

    Obligatory RPS Guild plug, as no one else from the guild seems to have put it in this thread, may be useful for anyone who dips their toe in the water with the free trial this weekend.
    The Rock Paper Signet guild is active on the (European) Gunnar’s Hold server.
    Introduction to the guild here:
    link to!

    Pop your in-game details here to sign up:
    link to