Ice Ice, Baby: CoH2 Gets Two New Maps

Company Of Heroes 2 launched burdened with quite a bit of day one DLC. I’m not even much of a CoH2 player, but I was offended by the really quite grubby attempt to sup up the pocket money for skins and the like. Some form of compensation has come with the release of free maps, so there’s that. And look: today is a day for new maps, with a pair dropping onto the strategy game’s chilly front for everyone. Hooray! Rostov and Kharkov will be arriving any minute now.

Rhostov is the subject of the trailer: based on a battle at the mouth of a frozen river, the melty surface will claim tanks and force infantry to dash over it’s cover-free terrain. Or you can always take the bridge. Up to six players can partake. Kharkov is set in the Ukraine’s second biggest city, and named for it. It was the site of several nasty battles in WW2. It’s an urban map, for up to four players. The trailer bizarrely only shows Rhostov.

Perhaps more excitingly, Relic are working on releasing the first version of their map editor soon.

I’ve heard grumblings about the game’s state. Is it improving? Who’s still playing it?


  1. Rollin says:

    Call me when they add at least half of the features from CoH1 they removed. The game is so bland right now that it could have been made by Blizzard.

    • Discopanda says:

      I admit it does feel a bit bland, but I didn’t encounter a bunch of bugs that made the game feel Russia’d.

    • MrUnimport says:

      I’m no RTS expert, but I have to say that after my brief dalliance with Men of War’s richness, anything less seems to leave me a bit cold.

  2. SominiTheCommenter says:

    They are probably Under Pressure from the publisher.

  3. Bone says:

    They are walking on thin ice with these day one DLCs

  4. MajorManiac says:

    Not played Company of Heroes 2 yet. I’m waiting for the inevitable expansion packs first.

    Anyway, its a shame to hear its not as good as the 1st game. Thank goodness for COH 1 mods like the Eastern Front – link to

    Anyone else know of any good mods for the 1st game?

    • Cyrius says:

      Blitzkrieg mod.

    • Alphadrop says:

      Great War 1918, it has kilts.

    • Werthead says:

      I wouldn’t say it’s ‘not as good’ as the first game, more that after seven years I’d have expected a bit more advancement and boldness in how the game operates. Instead it’s pretty much the same as CoH1, just slightly shinier, with freezing units (which is nice as a novelty but I soon switched it off for skirmish/MP) and, due to the game’s relative youth, not as many good maps/mods/factions.

      I enjoyed it, but I think the operational phrases are ‘underwhelming’ and ‘not living up to full potential’ with a slightly crappy storyline. Or, to put it another way, it’s a bit ‘StarCraft 2’ (though hopefully this means it’s also got a really good expansion waiting in the wings).

    • Banjo-Tuesday says:

      Blitzkrieg and Great War 1918 are indeed very classy mods. Battle of the Bulge mod is also outstanding IMO. AI is super, 40+ custom maps. Realistic ballistics and damage model like Blitzkrieg.

  5. GamesInquirer says:

    There’s also this Theatre of War Case Blue trailer: link to

  6. Gap Gen says:

    Talking about the Eastern Front, this is a pretty good twitter feed: link to

  7. Ateius says:

    I’m still playing the skirmish maps. It’s quite fun, although missing a certain something that gave CoH1 its real spark. Maybe the inevitable expansion with its two new armies will change things.

    My only real gripe is with the campaign. It’s too … structured, I suppose? CoH1’s campaign was “Here are the gameplay elements you’ve got to play with for this map, accomplish it however you want” and they steadily added in complexity until by the end you were basically playing a skirmish map with objectives. CoH2 gives you custom units, no commander powers, and even changes how the base structures work when you get them – what builds from where, etc. I feel less like I’m being given an objective and free reign and more like I’m being shepherded through. Heck, I even get a completely free “call in more conscripts!” button so resource management isn’t even an issue. It doesn’t help that most of the missions so far have been no-base setpieces.

  8. U-99 says:

    I wonder what is that T-34 with Аmerican white star (?) doing on the Eastern front?
    And BTW, during winter Soviet soldiers prefered fur hats (“ushanka”) over metal helmets.

    • WinTurkey says:

      They also preferred not to stand still on a frozen river firing at Germans 15 meters away without cover, contrary to what the campaign may suggest.

      • El Mariachi says:

        Yes, but what about firing while awkwardly running on a frozen river like the one gentleman in the screenshot above?

        Actually, he looks like he’s Riverdancing.

    • Werthead says:

      The white star wasn’t just an American thing. The Russians used it as an identifing mark on the battlefield. They preferred red stars, but at range the red stars don’t read well against the green hull colour, so they switched to white. This was even more important when the Germans started capturing Russian tanks and using them against them (in that case sticking oversized Wehrmacht or SS insignias on them).

      At the end of the war both the American/British forces and the Russian forces used the white star prominently to ensure the other side’s aircraft wouldn’t bomb them accidentally as both forces invaded Germany.

  9. Raymond Saint says:

    No one cares about it.
    Wargame AirLand battle gets 3 new maps, so what? Did you wrote about it? No.
    Did you wrote about Wargame Red Dragon?

    Same with WoWP, no one cares but you don’t write about glorious WarThunder.

    • WinTurkey says:

      The man has a point, what did Eugen do to earn your complete boycott? I don’t think they’ve ever made a rape joke or anything.

    • Lengle says:

      At least we haven’t been consumed by the stance the hive-mind is taking as we play our superior wargames.

  10. Noise says:

    Getting 2 new maps in your game is news?

    Starcraft 2 gets new maps all the time. Since the game came out there’s been like 50 maps played on the ladder and in tournaments. Sorry I’m not supposed to mention things like that because Blizzard is EVILLLLL

  11. bstard says:

    Are these new maps Russian history biased cq frendly?

  12. sinister agent says:

    I like to imagine that none of the guys in the picture are carrying guns, and that is just how they run.

  13. Warduke says:

    Wow, every time this game gets referenced it seems to be about their “ice” technology… This is getting old and I haven’t even played it. Loved CoH1 but this is getting stale quickly..