The Waiting Game: Metal Gear Solid V Footage

staring eye!
The existential limbo that the PC version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain finds itself is is pretty apt given the ridiculous lore of the series. For what it’s worth, Hideo Kojima has stated that it will appear “sometime”, but that it’s not a priority. Boo-urns to that! His lackadaisical attitude isn’t going to stop me from showing off the new videos of the game, because open-world stealth games are my jam. Below is probably the only footage of Metal Gear in existence that’s not interrupted by seven billion cut-scenes, which I find encouraging. I might be able to play this when it eventually comes to the PC.

It’s Metal Gear stealth, which means lots of crouched running and silenced headshots, and a fair amount of using inert bodies as traps or projectiles, which a cliche that I am a big fan of. It also seems that there’s a lot leeway in how you take things on, with the ending of the second video turning it into a violent shoot-out. That’s not the MSGS I remember, though I did stop playing after the second game.

The opening is in English, but the pair of game sections are in Japanese. Those of you not versed in that language will just have to look at the pretty pictures.

So we have no idea when it’ll be out, but I’d expect to be playing Grand Theft Auto V first.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Action heroes always have the most attractive scars.

  2. GameCat says:

    “It’s Metal Gear stealth, which means lots of crouched running and silenced headshots, and a fair amount of using inert bodies as traps or projectiles, which a cliche that I am a big fan of.”

    And cardboard boxes. Do not forget about CARDBOARD BOXES when you’re talking MGS.

    They even have cardboard tank. link to

  3. GamesInquirer says:

    Wouldn’t hold my breath for this port when we’ve yet to receive Rising. It will be a glorious day when it comes however. Probably my game of the forever if it lives up to its premise. It’s just weird to see this showing covered here (yet not older videos or GTAV that has been confirmed by sources like Nvidia).

    I’m also still confused about the distinction between The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes, sometimes it sounds like it’s just a portion of the same game, others as if they will be separate products. Ah well.

    • Revolving Ocelot says:

      Yeah, what happened to MG Rising? I remember it being announced and then… nothing. Silence.

      I’m relegating it back to the “When I Buy A Cheap PS3 In Four Years Time” pile, along with all the other stuff that came out after MGS3.

      • darkChozo says:

        Probably coming out soon™. It’s actually been announced, which is usually a good sign when it comes to uncertain console ports. There’s probably not much news on it because, well, it’s a port.

        • Smashbox says:

          And it wasn’t all that well received.

          • darkChozo says:

            Huh? I know there are some MG fans that took issue with it, but otherwise I’ve heard very little but praise (and some length complains, IIRC, but eh).

      • Armitage says:

        It’s out. It was renamed “MGS: Revengeance” and only for consoles.

      • voorsk says:

        I’ve got a PS3, but was waiting for it to come out for PC, as that should be more awesome. I’m starting to think they’ve cancelled it, hoping no-one’s noticed. :|

    • HadToLogin says:

      Just so you know, Nvidia once upon a time “announced” Heavy Rain on PC. So I wouldn’t use them as reference for this.

      I’d rather mention Amazon putting it for preorders (just like they put Mortal Kombat 9 on preorders).

    • welverin says:

      Kojima has yet to clarify how Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain will be released. The one is a prologue to the other, but whether they’ll be included together or not is up in the air (unless I’m just plain forgetting that news).

  4. Njordsk says:


  5. SuicideKing says:

    Well, definitely looks very good, though there are quite a few things in the videos that puzzle me slightly.

    And i’m not quite sure i like how they’re modeling character faces. They look a bit plastic.

  6. Totally heterosexual says:

    Aaaaaaaah that looks nice.

    Big boss looks sexier every game. Im also not all that made about the voice thing since mr Bauer does feel like a good choice overall.

  7. Freud says:

    I’m a sucker for skulk’em ups.

  8. dahools says:

    I am a big fan of this series but not sure I am liking this look at the enemy once and they’re movements are permanently tracked. I mean see them through walls too? Where’s the stealth in that? I hope you can disable all that shit and go back to using the mk 1 eyeball for recon, even if you only have one left. I mean I thought I was looking at a bf3 map with them orange triangles everywhere. The whole point used to be make sure the area was clear before you go and if you ran into someone by accident it was time for a bit of CQC or shoot their radio and then kick their ass when they cant call for backup! I will judge it when I play it but even tho it looks prettier it looks dumbed down too.

    • GamesInquirer says:

      Mark and track is at least a bit more involving than the magic radar the series has often used before. The player was still surprised a few times in the live demonstrations due to the unpredictability of the enemies. Still, Kojima has said nothing is set in stone and fan feedback will shape these features, or at least options for them.

    • MrUnimport says:

      I have my doubts that you’ll be able to track every guard in the area forever. Keep in mind that this is likely a radar replacement, and I don’t think anyone accused MGS2 of not being hardcore enough when it let you see the vision cones of guards, letting you play much of the game while staring at it.

      I’m more concerned by the slow-mo when you’re spotted, it seems to turn being discovered into something of a QTE, although I’d welcome changes to the traditional MGS formula of “find a bridge to jump off of if you don’t like the idea of hiding under a table for five minutes”. If anything I think the series has made it more difficult than it has to be to return to the stealth part of the gameplay loop.

      • dahools says:

        As long as the mark and track +slow mo are options I’m sure it will be fine. Its one of the few series I seem to have liked from the first to the latest. (Not including spin offs mobile\portable games from the franchise.) You seem to know what your getting from the beginning and can enjoy where the story/plot takes you.

  9. Synesthesia says:

    It looks awesome, but im a bit worried about the regenerating health (yikes) and the omniscient enemy marker.

  10. DrManhatten says:

    So it continues where Snake eater left off? It sure looks absolutely amazing.

    • Panda Powered says:

      It picks up some time after the ending of Peace Walker in the 70’s.

  11. TWChristine says:

    Aww man it sounds like David Hayt(d?)er is not going to voice Snake? He really “makes” the character for me, although his voice drives my spouse NUTS. However, I might can make an exception for it by having music by Ennio Morricone in it (love it!).

  12. shagohad says:

    I feel like it will be better than thief, which is weird from a PC playing perspective

    • NotToBeLiked says:

      I think that’s a perfectly valid assumption, looking at what we know of Thief at the moment. Even if it is the worst MGS game ever, it will most likely still be better than Thief.

  13. NotToBeLiked says:

    I don’t have a lot of knowledge about voice acting, but I wonder if they asked Sutherland to ‘sound as much as Jack Bauer as you can’ or if he just isn’t capable of doing another voice. I only watches the first couple of seasons of 24 (feels like a decade ago), and still I keep expecting Jack Bauer to come into view.

    I can’t understand why they got rid of one of the most famous voice actor/character combinations in the industry just to replace him with some overpaid Hollywood guy… It would be like having Duke Nukem voice acted by Schwarzenegger because he kinda looks a bit like him in a movie one time…

    Besides that, this looks pretty interesting, provided that in the full game missions are a bit more complicated/longer and that the AI thinking that a dead body in a military camp is something to go and take a leisurely look at, by themselves, in the dark,… is just something they hardcoded in for demo purposes. If not, I can see the usual stealth/action gameplay in which you just keep killing enemies one at a time because they feel the need to investigate that pile of corpses right next to a corner alone…

    • rockman29 says:

      He sounded really bad. Been a fan since MGS2… one of my very first PS2 games.

      It just doesn’t sound like Snake at all. Hayter’s Snake voice is so striking and so identifiable with the character. Hayter’s Snake is instantly recognizable and works so well with the whole concept of MGS, a series which had great themes and great stories, but made sure not to always take itself too seriously. His voice is gruff and serious, yet lovable at the same time. It was just so appropriate.

      And even worse, it doesn’t even sound like a good voice for Snake, or good voice acting in general… there is just no personality in his voice.

      David Hayter is Snake and always will be. I’m sure all the TV watchers love Kiefer Sutherland, but this is just lame IMO.

      • MrUnimport says:

        In my opinion Sutherland is the better actor of the two, and Kojima is intent on delivering a moodier, more dramatic, more serious Metal Gear Solid this time around. Although I’m disappointed, I can understand the switch, since Hayter’s performance has been getting more and more cartoony for each game.

        Holding out hope for the Young Solid Snake theory though.

    • Deadly Sinner says:

      Maybe a younger version of Solid Snake comes into play later in the game. It would be weird to have two characters with the same voice actor. Wasn’t Big Boss voiced by someone else in MGS4?

      My personal opinion is that it’s a thematic thing. In MGS3, there were many allusions to the previous games, and it seemed like we were supposed to see Naked Snake as basically Solid in another time and place. However, events in MGS3, plus events later in Big Boss’ life, changed him into someone who is different from Solid in most ways besides genetics. Perhaps the change in voice signifies the change in the character. (I haven’t played MGS4 or the portable games, so I could be completely wrong about this.)

      While I loved Hayter, I actually like Kiefer and think he’s probably the best possible replacement, though I imagine it would be much more effective had I not seen 24.

  14. malkav11 says:

    After MGS4 I can’t be particularly bothered to care about a fifth installment, and I feel like with a series with backstory this labyrinthine and ridiculous, PC-only gamers are likely to be very, very confused (I mean, more so than usual for MGS games) given that neither MGS3 nor 4 ever came out for PC -and- there’s a bunch of other ancillary stuff that hasn’t and won’t either.

    Can’t they just keep making the Metal Gear Ac!d games and bring -those- to PC? Pretty please?

  15. S Jay says:

    Worse watch tower guards ever?

    • dagudman says:

      In all fairness just standing there in the rain alone at night moving a lantern around is not the most interesting job ever. If I was there I would probably be reading a book or something. Seriously you stand there so many nights staring at nothing so you wouldn’t expect any night to be different especially since there are so many guards around.

  16. Scumbag says:


  17. Sard says:

    with the ending of the second video turning it into a violent shoot-out. That’s not the MGS I remember, though I did stop playing after the second game.

    Well, MGS 3 as I remember it: I’m in a jungle with naked torso and camouflage paint on my face killing helicopters with my heavy machine gun. Then I knifed out bullets and ate a frog.

    • Geen says:

      You forgot to mention impersonating a crocodile, tossing assorted animals at guards, and sticking TNT on people’s asses.
      MGS3 was the best goddamn game.

  18. bill says:

    Just don’t let the other RPS members see you playing it. And don’t show any pics of the sniper Quiet to John or he’ll have an embolism. (probably quite rightly). Though some people do say that a string bikini is a perfectly practical outfit for a military sniper.

    • dagudman says:

      You might as well just get rid of all the clothes and use mud… You become a lot more flexible and stealthy as you don’t have any clothes to make sounds.

  19. mda says:

    I’m about to buy a PS3 to play MGS 3 & 4. I hope 5 comes to PC :)