Rebooted And Transformed: Shadow Warrior

Do Volition receive royalties for the Shadow Warrior launch trailer? Lo Wang singing along to Proper Transformers’ song, The Touch, immediately reminded me of Saints Row characters caterwauling along to their favourite tunes from the hit parade while driving through the city streets. The scene is in the game as well, acting as an introduction to the hitman with a heart (in his pocket), and it feels like a nod from one work of lunatic brilliance to another. Explosions, gore and the thoughts of VideoGame Journalist, Superlative Jeff await below.

It’s a little late in the day to post a launch trailer, with the game already being out and all, but it’s as good a time as any to see how many of you are playing. I wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as Jeff but I had a grand time.


  1. Stardreamer says:

    There is, quite simply, NOTHING that is not improved by the addition of that song.

    Shadow Warrior just went to Must Buy status. WANG!

  2. The Dark One says:

    The Gerst Man may be superlative, but he appears to have good taste.

    • Stochastic says:

      I need to remember to visit Giant Bomb more often. The Gerst Man was one of my favorite reviewers back when he worked for Gamespot.

  3. Icarus says:

    Welp. Guess I’m sold.

  4. m_a_t says:

    Who’s that jerk pretending to be Lo Wang? That’s not Lo Wang!

  5. Trithne says:

    Enjoying the shit out of it, although I may have just ragequit when I was in a room with like 10 of those goddamn teleporting nasties and couldn’t ever not be taking damage. My excuse is that I died and it’s 3am and I should be in bed. Yeah. That.

  6. Lagwolf says:

    I cannot say enough how good this game is… I was shocked to be honest. Cynical bastard that I am…

  7. Hairball says:

    Having a lot of fun with this game!

  8. mf says:

    One of the very-very few day1 purchases I do not regret. That game is freakin’ addictive. Plus the GOG version is DRM free and 27 euros only.

  9. Nick says:

    The Touch part of SR IV had me beaming from ear to ear..

  10. Jakkar says:

    The hitman with a heart (in his pocket)?

    Sounds like Corvo.

  11. CelticPixel says:

    The game’s got its own personality and makes me realise how many other games don’t these days. Really enjoying it.

  12. perfectheat says:

    Spent 20min with it today at the Eurogamer expo. Good fun. Had very little time so the only other games I tested were Sir, you are being hunted and Tearaway (also went to their dev session). They were also excellent.

  13. Aydrian says:

    It’s ridiculously fun. You’d think that chopping people and monsters into pieces would get boring after a while. It doesn’t. Every time there wasn’t an enemy on the screen, I was frantically looking for more enemies.

    • ViktorBerg says:

      I take it you weren’t looking for secrets, then? I found all secrets in chapters 1 and I think 5, but otherwise, I missed some, and that felt really disappointing.