X Rebirth: Trading And Mining, Together At Last

It’s definitely the prettiest trading I’ve ever seen. EGOSOFT’s X Rebirth is expanding the options for space shopping, as they explain in a new video, that also covers how the game handles mining duties. Now split into two parts, basic inventory trading will be handled by speaking to actual (NPC) people and selling what’s in your ship’s pockets. Meanwhile, large-scale trading involves more familiar menus, alongside realistic simulations of docking by massive supply containers.

Look, I just don’t get it. I try to get it. Craig is so damned excited about this, and I’m thrilled for him and everyone else accompanying him. But I hate shopping! And I hate worrying about how much things cost! And I hate worrying about money! And I hate speaking to actual people! All I can see is a slo-mo shopping simulator with incredibly pretty backgrounds. I’m a failure, I know it.

It’s out on the 15th November, which isn’t very far away any more.

Meanwhile, other games let you jump off cliffs and fire arrows at dragons.


  1. cF- says:

    Just got into the X universe recently and looking forward to this so much!

    • danijami23 says:

      I too have just gotten into this, just bought the Humble Bundle, another bargain too good to miss!! I must say, the universe is very confusing, I’ve been finding it hard to hit the ground running on the first few hours of X3. Does anyone have any advice or guides I could take a look at, that don’t hold my hand too much??

      • gi_ty says:

        Here is an excellent list of guides sorted by type and tagged by which game they apply most directly to. link to forum.egosoft.com

      • vecordae says:

        The biggest obstacle in X is simply a lack of context for a lot of what’s happening. Guides do help, but sometimes you’ll just need a few hours exploring the game for certain things to click.

        The best advice I can give is to make sure you’re in the right mindset when you’re playing. Tap into the hunter-gatherer part of your brain and think opportunistically. X is full of free money for the new character once the player learns how to recognize and capitalize on all of the little opportunities they get presented in each sector.

        Example: See some pirates moving through the trade lanes, but you don’t have any weapons? Keep your distance and follow them. They’ll get popped eventually and leave behind missiles for you to collect and sell. Image Recognition Warheads are worth almost as much as a starting ship.

      • mnem says:

        This video helps me alot when I started playing X3. link to youtube.com

  2. luukdeman111 says:

    PPsstt…. Egosoft…. Wanna make some fat stacks?

    Oculus Rift Brah…. Oculus Rift….

    • mike2R says:

      They are saying not at release, but definitely at some point (and when its Egosoft, I’ll take promises about post release support more than happily).

      link to reddit.com

      Which is going to be fricking sweet.

    • chiablo says:

      With the current version of the rift, all of that in-game text will be unreadable and make the game much harder. When the high-rez version comes out, I’m sure this will be supported.

  3. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Eve-style trading in an X game? Interesting. I had a lot of fun trading in Eve. I took it very personally and once hunted down and exploded someone who was trying to muscle in on my ammunition monopoly.

    • luukdeman111 says:

      I’ve never played the other X games but i assumed they always had trading…. So are you implying they didn’t?

    • Inglourious Badger says:

      Oh how I wish I’d taken that approach with all those bastards who undercut me by 0.01 ISK within a minute of logging off EVERY FLIPPING TIME! Infuriating, but yes, still a surprisingly fun way to make those fat stacks everyone talks about

      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

        I used to love it when they did that. I’d cut my price gradually over a short period, waiting for them to match me, then buy their stock and sell it at full price. That’s if they wouldn’t agree to sell to me at rock-bottom in bulk, of course. There was a surprising number of competitors who turned into suppliers.

    • nitehawk says:

      Hey look, its walking in stations.

      • frightlever says:

        My heart sank when I saw that. Last thing I want to do in an X game is waste time running around stations – it’s as if personal communication didn’t exist. The old X system was fine, you just comm’ed everyone. This looks ill-conceived – an attempt to make the game more immersive by turning the player into a rat in a maze.

    • Stiletto says:

      Ammo monopoly in EvE being threatened by obvious greedier people? Well, you’ve probably experienced a unknown capsule pilot in a pimped out Machariel making a living of bumping freighters into squiggly flight trajectories and letting out a Joker-style cackle on the comms that seriously sounds creepy. That is, not before the Benny Hill theme kicks in and there’s this Machariel that everyone hates, because it’s bumping their ships into oblivion and they can’t engage their jump drive while complaning loudly that they’re being shot from enemy corporation enforcers.

      Edit: because I can’t type. But Custard is accustomed to peasent english anyway.

  4. Artist says:

    Please dont suck! Please dont suck! Please dont suck! Please dont suck! Please dont suck! Please dont suck! Please dont suck! Please dont suck! Please dont suck! Please dont suck! Please dont suck! Please dont suck! Please dont suck! Please dont suck! Please dont suck! Please dont suck! Please dont suck! Please dont suck!
    Im too hyped to survive it..

    • airmikee99 says:

      It’s X.. of course it doesn’t suck.

      • Nesetalis says:

        X3 sucked, X2 was painfully buggy…
        X3TC was awesome. :p

        So I’m with him, please don’t suck, please don’t suck, please don’t suck.

  5. strangeloup says:

    I love the X-Universe games conceptually, but I find that in practice I am completely inept at them and often utterly baffled as to what’s going on, what I’m meant to do, and in a horrific Frontier: Elite ][ flashback, how the buggery bollocks to dock with a rotating space station without crashing into it and dying.

    • Mbaya says:

      You’re not the only one!

      The X Games are games I’d really like to get into…the living universe, the visuals and the depth – all right up my street, but I’ve bounced off the previous games (and space stations *cough*) in the past.

      I’ve heard the previous release and X Rebirth have gone to some lengths to make it more accessible, so I’ll be keeping an eye on this…I’m just unsure I can wrap my feeble little brain around it.

    • Ernesto25 says:

      Exactly my experience when i got them in the steam sale. I have fun flying , maybe even do some trading and learn form walkthroughs but then i feel i may as well watch the lets play. But the game looks so pretty so i drift through space before giving up.

  6. Paul says:

    Is it depressing that this
    “But I hate shopping! And I hate worrying about how much things cost! And I hate worrying about money! And I hate speaking to actual people!”
    is me ? :D

    • Reapy says:

      Kind of the same mind as you, so maybe doubly depression. I guess if I was really into the buying and selling and interacting with people I’d have a bunch of crap listed on ebay. I think in my head I want a cool economy simulator, but in practice I never really enjoy the trading scenario.

      If it is really complex to find profits and get yourself in front of and control the economy, it is a touch overwhelming and i tend to avoid it. If it is simple enough to sort of glance at lists and automate trade, I will use it, but it doesn’t feel rewarding, almost like cheating as you accumulate wealth for doing nothing (probably what a lot of people do in real life heheh), but either way it is a tough thing to balance out.

      I want to get into and play an X game, I hope this might be the one, will keep a very close eye on it.

    • SuicideKing says:

      Let’s get depressed together. :-/

  7. aldo_14 says:

    I should really give XWhateverIveGot another try some time, but it still scares the bejeebies out of me.

    • squareking says:

      For you and everyone in your position: Start with Albion Prelude if you have it, or Terran Conflict if you don’t. It is slow starting out, but stick with it and let the atmosphere of the game sink in. Consider following this guy’s videos to get to grips with how things work — they’re fairly comprehensive and paced well.

      Alternatively, just poke around in a few sectors and practice controlling your ship, talking to other ships, docking in stations, using the various maps, looking through your inventory and messing with your weapon loadout. The Humble Merchant start is slow and low-danger, so it’s good for a tutorial session. Once you’re comfy with the basics, you can pick up missions from ships or stations (stick with attack missions, denoted by the red crosshair icon — the green icon is for station building which you aren’t equipped for and the blue icon [I think] is for transport missions, which you aren’t equipped for). But yeah, getting started is the hardest part. Oh, and learn the keyboard shortcuts. Learn them really hard. It helps make the UI less of a hassle, which honestly I didn’t have too much of an issue with.

      • Awesomeclaw says:

        The problem I have with the X games is that I die, so, so, so much in combat. I’ve just got a new joystick which I guess might help (my old joystick was fairly crappy and mouse control… nope) but I still feel like I’m just going to die, die, die. My other issue with the series is that when I finally start getting a small trading fleet together, my ships seem to either get blasted into glittery dust by pirates/kha’ak, or blast themselves into equally glittery dust by ramming stations while attempting to dock.

        • gi_ty says:

          I’ve sunk hundreds of hours into X3 Albion Prelude and I don’t think I’ve ever lost a ship to a docking mishap, however just making sure you stick to sector trader in their profile and only give them leave to go a few sectors that are safe you can go a whole game and rarely lose one. With the optional add on for new ai order the ability to manage your fleet becomes a lot easier. I recommend watching a couple videos about CAC, and CLS, and for God’s sake keep your freighters out of pirate space!

          • frightlever says:

            I’ve definitely lost ships to docking mishaps – generally a combination of a particular ship and a particular station just not getting on and simply being in the same sector as your own trading craft tends to be lethal to them because the collision detection is off when you’re out of their sector and back on when you’re in sector with them. If you never lost any of your trading ships or your own piloted ships to random mishaps then you were pretty lucky.

            Oh and on combat, I’ve got maybe 4-500 hours combined across the various X3 iterations and I can’t dogfight to save my life. I can take out scrub pirates fine but unless I’m in a much superior ship, running combat scripts on my turrets and relying on missiles (which just feels like cheating a bit) then I’m generally toast. Someone point me at that tutorial video, please! The economic side I have down.

            Not that I’d let any of that put me off the X games.

          • gi_ty says:

            Ah perhaps i should have been more specific, I have never lost an AI piloted ship (to my knowledge) to a docking mishap. That caveat covers a lot of ground to be sure but if its only happened enough to completely escape my notice (which would be trading fleets of at least 20 plus) then its certainly not a big enough problem to be game breaking. Also one of my favorite things about X is my least favorite in real life.
            Shit happens….

  8. tikey says:

    My interest in this game took a nosedive after finding out that your ship isn’t the big battlestar galactica like carrier that was featured in a lot of promo shots.
    I want to get exited for it again but I’ll wait for comments after release before plunging in.

    • DapperDirewolf says:

      No, but you will have remote command over big battlestar galactica-like carriers in your armada, it seems. I prefer it that way! I can appreciate the appeal of commanding everything from one yourself, but unless you had a proper CIC system in the game, that would get seriously slow and dull.

    • dE says:

      I’m somewhat sure there will be mods to that purpose later down the line, that allow you to attach your bridge to another ship and fly it or something like that. Which makes me wonder why they didn’t just go the route of I-War with its detachable command section? They wouldn’t have to make a million cockpits and still allow the player to pilot different ships. Anyways, It’s a very popular feature in space games, so no doubt someone will want to mod it in.

    • DigitalParadox says:

      I thought you could modularly upgrade your ship to make it fulfill different roles, and that the Galactica looking ship was one such example of what yours could be?

    • chiablo says:

      If you’ve flown some of the big freighters or capitol ships in X3, you know it’s not as fun as you would expect. In a fighter, you can get from one end of a big system to the other in a few minutes at 10x SETA speed. In a freighter that hasn’t been upgraded, it’s maddeningly long. The only reason I ever found myself piloting a freighter is because no other ship was available, it’s painfully boring.

    • tikey says:

      It’s just a case of my made up expectations clashing with reality. There is nothing faulty in the game or its design.
      I’ll just wait until the game is released and see how it actually is and decide on its actual merits.

      I want a Battlestar Galactica carrier like ship sim so bad :(

  9. DapperDirewolf says:

    This looks awesome. Can’t wait! Visuals are beautiful.

  10. squareking says:

    One of my favorite things to do in X3 when I was low on funds was to harass a lowly ship until the pilot bailed, then subsequently commandeer and sell it. Within 30 minutes you had enough to kickstart your empire. Forced crowdfunding.

    • DapperDirewolf says:

      I never had anywhere near this kind of experience with X :( I utterly love space sims but for some reason I could -never- figure X out. I know there’s a steep learning curve, but it seemed to me that a logical introduction to the game for new players was non-existent.

      • squareking says:

        Scroll up a bit to my response to aldo_14 and scope that video series. Be warned: it’s slow and seems cumbersome at first, but soon you’ll be bopping around in a Springblossom and taking out gigantic ships on your own. And by soon I mean about 20 hours, but it’s worth it!

        Seriously though, video series.

  11. Keyrock says:

    Trading is my jam in X games, so this video has me very excited. Teladi make profitsssss.

  12. pupsikaso says:

    Does this have ANY kind of multiplayer? I just don’t understand why you would bother building up a trade empire if you’re just playing alone…

    • dE says:

      The same reason you’d play any kind of singleplayer game?

    • schlusenbach says:

      No multiplayer, thank goodness. It’s great to play alone.

    • FataMorganaPseudonym says:

      Not every damn game in the world has to have multiplayer. Personally, I’m glad that Egosoft realizes this.

  13. arccos says:

    I really like that the trading is providing small rewards for explorers in the form of discounts. And they’re rewarding manual intervention in both mining and trading without requiring it.

    The more I hear about Rebirth, the more I want to play it. I’m glad they didn’t make another iteration of X3. That would’ve been unnecessary and disappointing.

  14. Drake Sigar says:

    I’ll probably buy it and never play it, just like every other game in the series.

    • derbefrier says:

      or rather buy it load up a game spend 30 minutes trying to figure out the UI and what the hell your supposed to do give up in frustration and never play it again.

      • Drake Sigar says:

        Pretty much. This series makes me feel like drooling idiot mashing my palm against the keyboard, shouting ‘WHY NO U WORK?’

        • sinister agent says:

          It’s not your fault though, the ui and menus have been pretty awful for the last few games (at least – I’ve not played the first). Even with mods it’s not much better, since there’s no one dedicated place for mod commands or options, you end up with even more similar things scattered about four or five nested menus, and while you can make quite a lot of keyboard shortcuts , most of them are already taken as it is.

          Still, hopefully, they’ll have addressed that this time. In fact if they haven’t I’ll have to start thinking of them as idiots, because even X’s great fans would concede that they have to make major improvements there as a priority.

  15. sinister agent says:

    I actually just got into X3 recently, after bouncing off it for years, and then learning that it’s got a very solid modding scene and support. I’m doing my usual “humble pov scraping for loose change” thing and it’s surprisingly enjoyable. I don’t bother with the trade stuff (which I’m always horrible at) much, but have made a small regular income and excuse to adventure around a bit being a harmless wanderer who meanders about doing the kind of odd jobs that in a normal playthrough I wouldn’t bother looking twice at.

    It’s pretty fun, with the right mods/scripts (the latter being very very easy to install), and I’ve still got two or three major overhaul mods to try out. If they can fix the UI, smooth some AI edges, make politics a bit more interesting, and make the opening stage of the game less laborious, they’ll have quite a hit on their hands.

    I didn’t realise the new one was due so soon. Sort of a pity I timed it poorly I suppose, but oh well.

    I’m really glad they’ve brought cockpits back. It’s much more realistic to have the X3 style unobstructed view since cockpits are an enormous structural liability and obvious target, and especially for bigger ships, any sensible design would simply mount cameras on the hull and link them to an armoured control room. But without a cockpit you don’t feel like you’re flying a ship, and there’s no visual difference between flying a scout ship or a tanker.

    I’d really like to see them take it a step further, and have the command and trade menus be contrilled in-game as cockpit displays rather than superimposed over the game. Or at least make it an option. It would help it feel less artificial.

  16. Maxheadroom says:

    The thing that ruines the immersion for me in all the X games is the appaling voice acting. Here’s hoping this one’s better.

    I’m not normally this shallow y’know :)

    • squareking says:

      I’ll see you on the other side! AUGHHHH

    • Craig Pearson says:

      It’s not any better, but if you’re shallow I can point out that it’s the prettiest game I’ve played in ages.

    • Keyrock says:

      On behalf of Chairman Ceo, the Teladi company hopes you can get past the atrocious voice acting.

  17. Nurdell says:

    So, X universe… Any suggestions on where (which game) should I start?

    • SanguineAngel says:

      I think probably Rebirth. It’s shaping up to be the most user friendly of the lot.

      If you must have a fix this second then I rather got on with Albion Prelude

      • sinister agent says:

        I would agree with this (though I’ve not played Albion Prelude, which is, as I udnerstand it, a sort of expanded version of X3: Terran Conflict, which in turn is the latest one I’ve played (and only good one)). It’s well worth waiting to see, as if they’ve made the new one as good as the others but with a decent interface and less opaque, it’ll vastly oustrip the others.

        • oxykottin says:

          They say you can play this game with an xbox controller just saying that says it has to be easier to do then x3. It would be impossible to fly with a controller.

          • sinister agent says:

            Not if you use xpadder, or something like it. Much better flying with a controller, it’s perfect for space games, but the last one’s controls were so awful it needed a dedicated third party program to make use of it, so here’s hoping.

    • Tuor says:

      Personally, I would start with X-2: the Threat. It isn’t as demanding graphically, has the same map (more or less) as X-3, and the fighting is easier… or it was for me. The main downside is the name of the enemy in the game, especially when you hear that news reporter chick pronouncing it. I kept wondering how they got her to do that with a straight face.

      The X-series games are complicated and take time to learn the ins and outs of. Adding stations is poorly documented (especially in X-2) but there are tutorials around. Also, the game greatly benefits from a real joystick as opposed to a mouse-and-keyboard. But once you’ve mastered the UI, it’s a really fun game and a big time sink.

  18. Beernut says:

    I’m really looking forward to this. Since I don’t care for space combat, I’m happy that they’ll include lots of exploration and trading-options for players who just like to fly around and be part of the universe. Well have to see, how interactive and alive the world is going to feel in the end, but I like the direction thus far. Plus another vote for the Oculus-Rift-thingy from me! :D

  19. Scrote says:

    The narrator sounds like Giorgio, from the last Daft Punk album, I can’t take him seriously until awesome beats kick in.

  20. Chaz says:

    I guess eBay and the internet don’t exist in the year 3000 then.

  21. Muzman says:

    When it comes to advertising like this, it isn’t that trading is especially fun in itself or the exciting thing about the game per se.
    But in space games where the trading/economy is thin you really start to notice after a while (or quite quickly. Freelancer being the clearest example).
    Having a really dynamic, reactive universe is the thing; stuff gets dumped on the market, supplies get interrupted, manufactuaries get destroyed and prices and availability change.
    Even if you only do the bare minimum that sounds pretty cool to me.

  22. Kentauroi says:

    Ahhh the X series, one of the series I REALLY wish I could actually like. I’m always in awe of the detail put into all the ships and stations, and for a few minutes I can really lose myself in the immersion of flying around in the galaxy.

    Then the focus on trading/exploration aspects becomes apparent and I rapidly lose interest. I have no desire to become a space millionaire or explore dozens of systems. I just want to dogfight, I only want money to buy a cooler ship to dogfight in, I want a well told story that makes me feel like the dogfighting is part of a greater struggle. X doesn’t really deliver on that. You need to spend a lot of time and effort just to find and buy new ships and guns by flying around with the fast forward option and checking each system’s wares, when i just want to get to the action. I can definitely respect the X series (aside from the UI design), but I can’t bring myself to like it.

    The space combat games I want to play are the Wing Commander, TIE fighter and Freespace types of games. In those games you took the role of a pilot in a carefully crafted single player campaign that mixes in different gameplay and objectives from mission to mission while telling a compelling story. These games didn’t have any exploration or trading aspects, and so I’m sad that pretty much every big space sim kickstarter (X rebirth, Elite Dangerous, and even Star Citizen) are focusing on these aspects when all I want is fun space battles and an interesting single player campaign.

    • geldonyetich says:

      I agree with you insofar that X has never been a great combat simulator, especially early on. However, I wonder if you’ve played X3: Terran Conflict or later, because EgoSoft has been tightening up their combat engine with every game they put out, and the combat is now decently competitive with those games you mentioned.

      Also, you don’t necessarily have to focus on being a space millionaire, depending on which starting pilot you choose. For example, start off as a Terran in the Terran Conflict and they’ll start you on a quest chain that will give you quite a bit of combat. Yet, if you’re not interested in simulated universe mechanics and just want a lot of combat scenarios to plow through, this might just be the wrong kind of game for you.

      • Kentauroi says:

        No I haven’t played Terran Conflict or Albion Prelude, though I did look up some gameplay from it just now. I have a friend who is really into the X and Evochron series, and I bought the recent humble bundle for $1.00 to try it again and see if I’d grown more accepting of it recently.

        I’m glad to hear the Terran starter pilot has more combat, but I’m a bit skeptical as to whether or not I’d enjoy it. The combat in the X games feels a bit too floaty, which is weird to say since it’s more ‘realistic’ than those I like. One of the things I like about the old games was it handled combat like a WW2 dogfight mostly, so you can (usually) only move and shoot forwards, which made combat more of a challenge to get into a good position to unload onto the enemy. By comparison playing X3 or Evochron Mercenary felt more like playing Descent 1-2 in space where I’m circle-strafing everything to death. The weapons themselves also didn’t feel that powerful from what I’ve seen in these games, not in the DPS sense, but like I felt my ship was firing cotton balls from the audio and visuals. They didn’t have much kick to them that made it fun to fire.

        The games I loved also doled out new ships and weapons regularly as you progressed through the campaign. Just when you got tired of piloting that interceptor you now had a new heavy assault ship to try out, plus some new guns and missiles, and usually with a mission where that kind of ship excelled.

        I think this series is just not targeted at my interests, no matter how much it might resemble something I’d love. I hope this turns out great for X fans, but I doubt it’s something that I’d enjoy.

  23. geldonyetich says:

    Seems like fairly incremental upgrades to me. In the previous X game, we already had giant super freighters we could own that ferried around cargo with drones if they were so outfitted, but looks like X4 will make it a much more concrete system. Same goes with the mining and the elaborate game economy – had that in previous games, but this would seem to be the next better incremental implementation of it

    The most unique thing I saw in that video was the idea of getting out of your ship and walking around the station. I wonder I’ll be able to walk around alien stations? Might be interesting to see Borons lollygagging about. The only question is whether I find it to be an annoying chore to have to hunt down individual traders for deals.

    Another interesting thing is those rather elaborate cockpit interiors.

  24. Josh W says:

    I actually really like the idea of playing as a kind of scout commander. It reminds me of the way actual business people work; turn up, inspect things, get some ideas, have some meetings, then have your big corporate machine move into position to start taking advantage of it.

    In a space context it might make sense for them to have heavily stealthed scout craft with lots of sensors and few similarly stealthed bodyguards, the equivalent of the blacked out windows security car.

  25. racccoon says:

    Its Masterful. A Great series game with rolling incredible imagination gets fully implemented and not just talked about. Brilliant work so X far.
    Eve on the other hand is like a worn out piece of school paper that has had so many uses of the rubber eraser killing off all those ideas, never putting any of them to use! Its plainly blinded by it own mmo fantasy of not listening to its fans over the 10+ years , its eyes are barely open, only now they have tiny slits in them due to Star Citizen and this games great ideas, Eve going no where faster than speed of light, locked into mapping and forming new subsidiaries of itself into parts which don’t make sense or fit.
    Well done Deep Silver Ya showed them how its done.! Top of the class, Top work! :)

  26. LVX156 says:

    I have sunk hundreds of hours into X3:AP and X3:TC, starting as a humble trader and working my way up to being the CEO of a galaxy-spanning trading empire with its own fleet or warships, but I will not be buying X: Rebirth.

    One of the most enjoyable things for me was the flexibility of the ships. It was fun working your way up, finding new ships and piloting them. When you got bored of piloting your huge freighter and making profitssss you could jump into a small, nimble fighter and hunt down some pirate scum.

    Being stuck in the same ship for the whole game is a deal-breaker for me, I’m afraid, and I know there are many others who feel the same way. I can’t understand why they had to try to fix something that wasn’t broken.