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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Exposed

Have you come here looking for some video games that cost less than what you might expect to pay for them? Good, because that is exactly what you are going to get, you lucky thing. This is the bargain bucket, where all the discounted PC games come to play every weekend. Please also go and visit my website where I will tell you about all the cheap games on all platforms, throughout the week.

Scribblenauts Unlimited – £3.74/$5.99
This is from Amazon US, so you will need to enter a US billing address. Registers on Steam.
The game about making things appear by writing in what they are. You could write a tree, you could write a chair, or you could write a DRAGON. Here’s wot john thought of it:

And that’s the pattern. Being amazed, being amazed, being amazed, being disappointed, being amazed. Fortunately, however, when your excellent imagination means you completely break a scene (my attempts to put out an oven fire with a tidal wave rather upset some monsters in the basement), you can reset any location without losing any progress. This is a game about playing. This is a game where someone trapped in a freezer can be warmed up by creating a volcano. Or where you can find out who would win in a fight between Ceiling Cat and Long Cat.

More here. I’d be interested to revisit this, now that Scribblenauts Unmasked is out, and see what happens if you enter the names of the various superheroes that are featured in Unmasked. Maybe you just get a lawyer shaking their head.

Proteus – Pay What You Want
Registers on Steam.
A lovely island that you can go to right from your computer, without even leaving the house. It’s not just one island though, it’s a different island every time you visit. How magical is that? Proteus is a great game for when you want to chill the fuck out, listen to some pretty sounds, and take in some fairly abstract representations of vegetation, the ocean, rocky outcrops, and little critters running about. Top tip: You get ten thousand bonus points if you can squash the frog by standing on it.

Fotonica – $2.99/€2.21/£1.87
RUN RUN RUN FORWARDS. That’s the name of the game here. Fotonica is an utterly fucking beautiful one button game, where you go FASTER AND FASTER AND FASTER, running in a straight line towards the horizon, in a trippy wireframe world, full of pretty things to look at, and huge gaps to jump over. It’s somewhat aracdey, and there’s a bit of high score challenge to it, but just taking in the visuals is entertaining enough, and more than worth the price of admission here.

Far Cry 3 – £9.99
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – £4.99
Both sides of the Far Cry 3 coin for cheaps. Far Cry 3 is a bit like Far Cry 2 for idiots, but I didn’t like Far Cry 2, and did like Far Cry 3 so hmmm. It’s an open world FPS where you get to shoot animals in the face, hang-glide over valleys and rivers, drive cars into baddies, and then engage in some pretty dull missions where you go where the man tells you, or engage in forced stealth where if you get spotted it is game over. As I said, I do like Far Cry 3, although the Assassin’s Creedification of much of Ubisoft’s output is a bit of a troubling trend: Many of the game’s systems are taken straight from AC, and I wonder if by 2020 Ubisoft will just be making one game, reskinning it with different settings/characters/themes throughout the year. If this ends up being the case, at least we’ll probably get more of Blood Dragon, aka the game that should have been the main game. Blood Dragon is fun and silly, but also clearly made on the cheap. That’s actually part of the charm, but a lot of the stuff from the main game is reused, and I can’t help but wonder what they could have done with a similar approach given the budget of something like the main game. Far Cry 3 opinions, Blood Dragon opinions.

Deal of the week
Thomas Was Alone – £1.50/similar prices in other currencies
Apply coupon “BARGAINBUCKET”. Registers on Steam.
The advantage of crashing on a developer’s sofa after Eurogamer Expo is that you get to hassle them to put their game on sale for the bargain bucket in the morning. Thanks Mike! This is a platformer about quadrilaterals with emotions, and it’s as much about using your cold shrivelled heart to relate to some characters that are basically just a collection of pixels (aren’t they all?), as it is about thinking about the puzzles that are between you and the end of the levels, and timing your jumps to not fall into the pits that kill you. It’s got a bit of a The Lost Vikings thing going on, where you have several different characters, with different skills and attributes, and you switch between controlling them on the fly. Here’s wot your man Adam thought.

Also of note:
Sleeping Dogs – £4.99. Registers on Steam.
Anna, Sine Mora, SkyDrift & Tropico 3 – Pay What You Want
99 Spirits, Electronic Super Joy, March of the Eagles, Rigonauts & Sengoku: Way of the Warrior – £3.19/€3.81/$5.12 at time of writing.
Wrack – £2.99
Gun Monkeys x2 – £1.60/similar prices in other currencies. Apple coupon “GMG20-WS93W-R39MD”. Registers on Steam.

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