Also From EGX, And Montreal: Batman Talk

While we’re honking the tune of Eurogamer Expo happenings, it’s worth pointing to the appearance of Batman: Arkham Oranges at the developer sessions. Montrealians from Warner Bros swooped in on their Batcapes to London’s spired gothamscape, and explained a whole bunch of what to expect from the latest street-vigilante skullthumper. It’s looking absolutely astonishing, as you might expect.

In related Batman news: there’s going to be a permadeath mode in the new game, for the most hardcore of man battings.

The action starts at seven minutes in.

The game arrives October 25th.


  1. GameDreamer says:

    Every time I watch the demos I find it interesting, soak in the details, Batman’s armor, the cape and the fact it is Gotham and I get so excited. Then I see the guy playing and I cringe as they botch the combo and I get annoyed and say to the computer. “Gods sake give me that controller and I’ll show you how to be Batman!” I look forward to the 25th so I can chastise myself for slipping up rather than a demonstrator.

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  2. Juan Carlo says:

    I kind of suck at these games. When you are fighting crowds it’s all about trying to bounce from enemy to enemy in one long chain to keep from getting hit. The super long group fights are almost more like a rhythm game than a fighting game.

    I’ve always played them on hard, though, with a keyboard and mouse so maybe that’s part of it.

  3. FacundoJose says:

    i have been saving up for this game when it releases. i will be checking out some sites that gives good deals when the game comes out Batman Arkham Origins digital download/a>

  4. Phantom_Renegade says:

    More permadeath options in games can only be a good thing. Pity theirs disables saving altogether meaning you have to marathon it. No matter how much I like a game, I’m not playing for 12 hours straight.

    • MeestaNob says:

      God I hope they make the player do all the Ridler trophies too.

    • tellrov says:

      They probably mean just one autosave that gets deleted when you die.

    • Gap Gen says:

      Right, I’d like it if you could be killed by those machines in hairdressers, like maybe they glom onto your head and set fire to your scalp.

    • Monkeh says:

      The developer has actually stated you can save. Just when you die, it’s game over.

      link to

    • Urthman says:

      They claim on the cover that THE DEATH OF THE BATMAN is PERMANENT!

      But then he’ll just be right back the next issue. Comic books, everyone!

    • The Random One says:

      Permadeath works in roguelikes, roguelikelikes and roguelikelikelikes because of procedural generation, which makes each replay of a game different. Because of that, you need to understand the systems, not memorize the level layouts and enemy placement. Permadeath by itself just means you have to replay the levels you’ve already mastered if you die.

    • Emeraude says:

      More permadeath options in games can only be a good thing.

      Really dependent on how and if the game has been properly designed around it.

      But yes, the idea that developers are *trying* to increase difficulty and make modes for those of us that like those kind of things is nice, especially in the current climate. I mean some at least are bound to be successful in their attempts.

    • ChiefOfBeef says:

      I’m not wearing hockey pads!

  5. WinTurkey says:

    This is the first time in my life I have heard someone pronounce the silent ‘h’ in honoured.

    Not sure how this makes me feel.

  6. dethtoll says:

    Really? Permadeath is this much of a thing, now?


  7. muted says:


  8. jonahcutter says:

    A permadeath mode in a big-budget title. And in an existing, highly-successful franchise to boot.

    Indies are having an influence.

    Hopefully this points toward them wanting to not just recycle their already successful gameplay, but take some risks to expand and improve on it.

  9. 2helix4u says:

    So… its Arkham City again?

  10. LennyLeonardo says:

    Oo, permadeath. Just like in real life.

  11. The Dark One says:

    I must protest, Jim. Montrealer and Montréalais are acceptable, but you went too far..