Also From EGX: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Talk

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is pretty much one of those games we can’t help getting excited about. LEGO Spider-Man! LEGO The Hulk! That’s the stuff. Anyway, some folk talked about it at the Eurogamer Expo, which made for some entertaining watching. Join in with that, below.

The game is due on 18th October for North America, and 15th November in the UK and Europe, which seems completely like they are just trying to make us unhappy. Way to ruin pre-Christmas Christmas, you soulless distribution villains!


  1. Orba says:

    They are always fun games, its just a shame that the PC versions never get any of the DLC characters despite placeholders for them all being present.

  2. Urthman says:

    Grr. Apparently Traveller’s Tales doesn’t know the difference between Mr. Fantastic and Plastic Man.

    • Dare_Wreck says:

      *Is* there a significant difference between the two??

      • Jake says:

        Weeeeeelll bearing in mind this is a Lego game about comic book characters I do feel a bit daft saying this, but yeah, Reed Richards can’t shape-shift into bolt cutters or a teapot as far as I know, he’s just stretchy. He can wrap himself up as a ball or stretch into a trampoline, but I don’t think changing into giant functional tools is really his power at all. Wikipedia says he can change his hands into a hammer or mace but as far as I am aware this is just like being made from rubber and squashing things together. Plasticman does the sorts of things in this video.

    • The Random One says:

      It’s LEGO… they’re all plastic men!