Does It Shine? The Light Kickstarter

A few developer chums on Twitter have been tweeting about Light’s Kickstarter, decrying its surprising lack of success with the crowd’s funds. It’s a game that takes aspects of Hitman, Payday, Monaco, and Subversion, so I was agog it hadn’t crossed my path (maybe it’s just too stealthy?). I discovered a tough little game of sneaking and hacking, wrapped up in a minimalist pants with excellent sound design. But most important of all, I discovered a Kickstarter pitch with a cat.

The demo is early and considered alpha, so it only has a few mechanics to play around with, and it’s the basis of the pitch below if you don’t have the time to play it.

Stealth is based around vision cones, where you can see where the guards are facing and make a decision on when to move. You can also see their approaching footsteps if you’re pushed up against walls and doors that they’re patrolling past. Mixed in with the sneaking and coshing is hacking: you take control of parts of the level, unlocking doors to allow you access to higher security areas. Hacking is currently pretty simple, just pressing ‘e’ and then entering a mode that gives you access to the level’s various unlockables. There’s not a lot on offer at the moment, with just doors to open, but according to the team things will get a whole lot more complicated.

The missions include (and are not limited to) robbing banks, stealing outfits to successfully infiltrate high security areas, killing targets without being spotted, stealing top-secret information, hijacking the communication points to distract/mislead the guards, threaten and extract information about the location of your targets and planting evidence.

I did have fun coshing a guard and using his blood trail to lead another guard away from a door, and even if I was just moving a little box around, it was enough to make me want to see more. Pile on some systems, make the levels feel a bit more reactive, and I’ll definitely feel like it was a worthwhile pledge. Just use some of my money for cat food.


  1. caff says:

    It looks interesting, but the kickstarter only has a minimum £10 tier left for pre-purchase.

    And I hate to go all dragons den on them, but hiring in music & art? Surely they can find budding indies who will do it for peanuts.

    • mechabuddha says:

      After all, writing comments doesn’t cost anything, amirite?

    • GamesInquirer says:

      They don’t have a dragon’s hoard as the goal so yes, they would likely hire for peanuts.

      Anyway, I’m glad this finally got some attention here yet there are many more that need help, like the highly ambitious and as of now one-man project Universum: War Front, a game which combines elements of the role-playing, strategy, action and MOBA genres to offer epic land, air, water and even space battles! link to

    • DGoodayle says:

      The £20,000 we are asking for is peanuts in the grand scheme of things: We have to pay freelancers (1 minute of music at the current rates are anywhere between £80 – £300, Writers have a high cost too), QA, rent, bills, licenses and Marketing.

      As for getting ‘budding indies’ involved, personally I don’t feel right at all with having people work for free / cheap just so I can save some cash and they get ‘exposure’.

      • mechabuddha says:

        Well stated! Some people just don’t seem to be able to grasp that things cost money, and that people working for peanuts might be a bad thing. I don’t do Kickstarter, but I’ll definitely be picking this up on release. Good luck getting funding!

  2. speps says:

    The gameplay basically looks like top down Gunpoint, which is not a bad thing IF they have similar storyline and dialogues, something they don’t show.

    • GamesInquirer says:

      Could good gameplay somehow be a bad thing IF they don’t have a story like Gunpoint’s?

      • DGoodayle says:

        Hey Speps,

        We didn’t want to promise a fantastic story when its just Roberta and myself working on it at the moment. As stated on the Kickstarter page, we are looking to hire in a Writer and Musician to work with us to create the best possible story and music.

        I’m not a writer myself, so why lie that the game would be great when it may end up a terrible cliché idea.

        • speps says:

          Thanks for the personal reply, it’s always nice to hear from devs directly :)

          I backed the project in the hope of a good story ;) I think you should acknowledge some similarities with Gunpoint on your page even if it wasn’t your first inspiration. For me, ignoring similar projects was a bad idea for the few indie projects that I did.

          • DGoodayle says:

            I’ve personally never played it, I’ve now looked at some videos of it and yes, it does have some Gunpoint similarities (Only really the hacking mode, but ours doesn’t involve rewiring at all)

            Thank you for backing us too, every little helps!

  3. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    By the way, was there a specific reason RPS stopped with the weekly ‘let’s have a look at Kickstarter’ posts?

    I mean, it’s good for my bank account, so that’s a plus. But it’s a bit puzzling to me.

    • Shadowcat says:

      Yeah, that column was great, and after it ceased I came horribly close to never even noticing the relaunched Pro Pinball / Timeshock campaign, so I’d love to see it make a come-back.

  4. RobinB says:

    I’ve spoken to the developers in person and tried Light at a previous London Indie Pub Night, and I must say they’re definitely on to a great game here. The abstraction to shapes and lines really distills the concept of a stealth game down to its core elements. Add in a cool soundtrack, some hacking and other new innovative features, and we’ve got a winner!
    I’ve backed and sincerely hope their kickstarter succeeds!

  5. InternetBatman says:

    I’ve seen this when looking for the Kommunity Katchup, but it never really excited me. Either way it looks pretty doomed, which I hate to see.

  6. gwathdring says:

    I started the video before reading your post, and my first reaction was “KITTY!”

    I hope it manages to get fairly deep. The abstraction is a wonderful idea because it means the game can focus on mechanics … but that also means the mechanics have to be razor sharp and either show us a “Greatest Hits” take on the games it professes influence from or show us some fancy new tricks up it’s stealthy, puzzley, sandboxy sleeve.

    I’m excited, in any case, to see if Light manages to do that.