Flag This Down: Taxi Journey

Whenever Lexis Numerique announce a new game, they have my attention. And that’s all because of In Memoriam (Missing: Since January in the States) from 2003 – a fascinating blurring of game and reality that I’ve not seen matched. I’ve yet to click with anything else they’ve made, but In Memoriam is enough to keep me interested in what’s next. And what’s next is, coo, a side-scrolling cartoon taxi simulation. Didn’t predict that one. Taxi Journey doesn’t look quite like anything else.

Well, okay, it looks like Limbo, if it were drawn with colourful crayons, then had the beautiful multiplied by ten. But this is a game with two characters, one who can capture the immaterial, the other who can fish for reflections. A side-scroller with its emphasis on characters, story and puzzles, rather than dexterity.

I’m a bit gutted to see this one’s on the other side of a Kickstarter chasm, as with ten days left they’re still very short of their goal. And from the early footage, it really looks like something I’d like to play. Anyone got a spare $100,000? Go on.


  1. InternetBatman says:

    For those of you who are interested, here’s the link:
    link to kickstarter.com
    [Or if you’re smarter than me you can click the K in the video]

    And if you like cool looking adventures, you might want to check out the claymation knite and the ghost lites too.
    link to kickstarter.com
    Also, Sunless Sea is in its final day.

  2. Danda says:

    It looks great! Please fund this!

  3. Wendelius says:

    I kicked in at the start of the campaign. It looks beautiful and the gameplay is intriguing. Unfortunately, the KS total is creeping up way too slowly. :( I hope that changes over the coming days.

  4. Tom Walker says:

    They’d probably get more funding if their video was just footage with text, rather than that guy’s cloyingly over-sincere wibble. I very much wanted him not to be on my screen any more.

  5. qwurp says:

    I backed their first Kickstarter for this game, was surprised it was not successful. So I backed their 2nd version of this Kickstarter and now I’m VERY surprised that it is trending towards failure as well. Granted, I was hoping for some additional gameplay in the round two (they provided some, but not as much as I was expecting). Hopefully, it makes it.

  6. frightlever says:

    “In Memoriam” was great for a couple of weeks after release and then the on-line stuff got “polluted” with spoilers, walkthrus and FAQs. Shame really because, a few irritating puzzles aside, it was a hell of a concept.

    This taxi thing, it has my interest.

    • Emeraude says:

      Yeah, I want to back this just for In Memoriam and EXperience112 (no typo).
      I really think Lexis deserves its chance. Better recognition as a studio at least. Because the state of this Kickstarter is disheartening.

      • Premium User Badge

        zapatapon says:

        Experience112 had some neat ideas, but the way the were implemented was quite abysmal.
        To be honest, this impression may have to do with the fact that my PC may not have been powerful enough, so that the game was excruciatingly slow. Still, the fixed cameras gimmick, while fun at the beginning, seriously annoyed me in the long run, along with some really obscure puzzle mechanics.

        • Emeraude says:

          Yeah, I personally put it in my “enlightening failure” mind folder.

          Main reason I wasn’t really interested in that République Kickstarter. Well, this and Lifeline.
          Between the two, I have no trust anyone can pull off the idea without a severe design overall, if at all.

  7. CookPassBabtridge says:

    I anticipate DLC Emotion Packs

  8. Emeraude says:

    Edit: ok, now I can confirm, for some reason, sometimes I send an answer to a post (the page I’m using is clearly labeling the number of the post and the #repost suffix) but then it get posted as a new sub-thread.

    Weird technical glitch.

  9. SillyWizard says:

    I don’t like having a handsy Belgian man whispering furiously at me.

  10. Monkeh says:

    That’s one sexy looking artstyle!