(Tinfoil) Helmets On: Urban Trial Freestyle Demo

Urban Trial Freestyle looks rather familiar, I have to say. Even the name is a bit spooky. Still, there’s scope for competition in any genre, I dare say, and Urban Trial Freestyle wants to let you try its motorbicycular challenges via a demo, which you can grab via the Steam page. That should give you a pretty good idea as to whether it’s a contender, or not.

Yeah. Anyway, I’m off to make a game called Freestyle Urban Trial. It’s a Phoenix Wright clone.


  1. quietone says:

    Why not call it Freestyle Urban Circuit King: Unleashed?

    Oh, I see…

  2. Superfasty says:

    Was just playing this on Vita. Fun game, pity they seem to be pretty lax in fixing leaderboard glitches.

  3. Drake Sigar says:

    Fair warning to those who want to play the demo – once the logo disappears you get to stare at a brick wall for little while with no loading indicator. First time I wrongly assumed it crashed.

  4. tobecooper says:

    I’ll be waiting for that Phoenix Wright clone, Rossignol. That’s one stealthy way to announce your next game, but it was heard, all right, it was heard all around the PC parts of the Internet.

    We listen, we know, we wait.

  5. DrollRemark says:

    Would anyone like to pre-order my new game: Helf-Liff 3?

  6. Phendron says:


  7. Saarlaender39 says:

    USK rating, instead of the usual PEGI?
    Interesting. How comes?

  8. dreadmullet says:

    I just played the demo. I didn’t know it was possible to make a trials bike game inspired by Call of Duty. There is a story. In a trials game. I couldn’t help but laugh at that. What made me depressed was looking at all the effort put into the levels, all the detail outside of the course that you never look at because you’re flying past it with your eyes on the course. And there are NPCs for some reason.

  9. AmirBan says:

    the game is not as good as trials evolution and performance is even worst than that. game runs 33fps for me, it locked at 33fps :)) why ?

    • Spooty says:

      Check the graphics options – it appears it defaults to vsync at 29fps. This can be upped to 59fps in the video options.

      The game is not as fun as the 3DS or Android variety (at least I own those versions, not tried the million other ps3/wii/microwave/TI-82 calculator versions)- they are a lot more arcadey and let you get away with more ridiculous stunts and implausible physics.