Mass Entertainment: Dark Matter Coming Out This Month

Adam had a play of Dark Matter back in July, and found himself rather taken with it. At the time it was Kickstartering itself, asking for £50,000. It fell dramatically short of that goal, but since then a publishing deal with Iceberg Interactive seems to have got things finished for Dutch devs, InterWave Studios. The Metroid-meets-horror side-scroller is due out on Steam in the next couple of weeks.

The premise isn’t exactly original – you’re a surviving crew member on a spaceship filled with aliens. But it’s also worth noting that’s exactly the right place to set a Metroid-style horror game and I want to play a million of those every day forever. Have a weapons trailer to celebrate the news that it’ll be playable soon:


  1. Nevard says:

    There’s only one laser gun?
    It always a shame when someone makes a game set in a fantasy universe and then sticks to the standard rotation of regular modern human weaponry…

    • Silverfell says:

      The slight twist is that you get to craft and equip elemental ammo (fire, acid and ice), each with different effects on the enemies. Human weaponry vs mysterious ‘angel’ aliens was a big world building point, but we tried to keep it a bit more interesting. Dark Matter’s weapons can create patches of ice crystals on the floor, or spread a giant pool of acid on the ceiling that drips down on your enemies, for example.

  2. Zaftrum189 says:

    I played a preview of this and really enjoyed it, it was a bit buggy but the atmosphere was really spot on, sort of has a very Alien/Metroid feel to it. Looking forward to the release!

  3. Gap Gen says:

    What sort of graphics does Dark Matter have? Similar to Halo? Do they overdo it on the gravitational lens flare? Can you download it or does it only come on CD-roM? And will it run on my Samsung Galaxy or will you effectively need a supercomputer cluster? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

    • Silverfell says:

      Deferred lighting with full real time lights, no bakies. It’s not FPS, but 2.5D; aside from art direction preference, it’s a more powerful engine than what the original Halo ran on. It’s downloadable, and retail in some countries. It needs a modern (last 3 years) PC or MAC with a dedicated graphics card that supports SM3.0.

      • Gap Gen says:

        I feel bad for making you reply now, given that those were all just cosmology puns.

  4. Crimsoneer says:

    Yeah, I played the preview build and enjoyed it muchly – KS can be fickle, but this deserves attention.

  5. K33L3R says:

    I liked the preview build but I found it needed lots of polish, especially in the control department, must of been six months ago now so hopefully all the problems have been ironed out

  6. AlienMind says:

    Good to know!
    Please do a news when it’s actually released.

  7. Crowbar says:

    The static torso animation (or lack of) is weirding me out.