Outer Limits: RimWorld Lands On Kickstarter

Already pretty close to its $20k goal in just a day (at the time of writing) the Kickstarter for Prison Architect-in-space, RimWorld, looks like a done deal. As I mentioned previously, I had a play of this and it was shaping up spectacularly, even though there is a frown to be reserved for the game’s creator quite brazenly copying the sprite art style from the Introversion work in progess.

You can watch the pitching video below, if you want. But it doesn’t look like this one will need much egging on.


  1. Loyal_Viggo says:

    Rim. World. A world of rims or worldwide rimming?

    The potential for abuse in a prison on Rimworld is rated medium to high.

    • Dingbatwhirr says:

      They’ve already announced the first DLC, in which you can create planes and master the power of flight. It’s going to be called Sky-Rim World.

      No? Anybody?

      I’ll see myself out…

      • BTAxis says:

        I was going for “Pacific Rim World”, but fortunately someone had already come up with something worse.

    • Muzman says:

      Luring the dollar of the magnesium alloy wheel enthusiast and the scat porn lover at the same time.

  2. Zeewolf says:

    “though there is a frown to be reserved for the game’s creator quite brazenly copying the sprite art style from the Introversion work in progess.”

    Actually, he covers that on the Kickstarter-page and explains that hiring someone to give the game its own art style is one of the goals with the campaign.

    • Convolvulus says:

      Thanks. Outrage withdrawn.

    • zeekthegeek says:

      And being the polite lad he is he also asked the art designer on Prison Architect if it was okay first. While also hiring the sound guy from Prison Architect (and Darwinia, and the best-sound-designed-game-ever in my opinion, DEFCON).

    • caff says:

      I have a feeling the core mechanics and fun there-in will surpass Prison Architect, so yes, hopefully it will have it’s own distinct but cool indie art style.

      I love Introversion though.

  3. Glottis1 says:

    In the video he tells bunch of inspirations for the game and lastly he briefly mentions ”and there is some Prison architect as well”. Almost like he forgot.

    • Talksintext says:

      He spends more time talking about PA than the other 2 gameplay inspirations, though it’s safe to say this is more based off of DF than PA.

  4. GernauMorat says:

    RimWord is it? I reckon this is a close approximation:

  5. Stardreamer says:

    Brilliant! This is going on my watch list!

  6. Ergates_Antius says:

    Looks interesting. I’ve backed it, but also felt compelled to back Prison Architect too.

  7. Viroso says:

    That’s something that seriously puts me off a game, borrowing too much. This is why, maybe foolishly, I end up not paying attention to 90% of the first person puzzlers with a gimmicky power set in a sterile environment or the voxel based games where everything exists as a cube.

    • Flopper says:

      This game actually looks more interesting to me than Prison Architect. As soon as he hires an artist and gets a unique art style I will be completely sold.

    • JP says:

      That’s kind of judging a book by its cover. There are so many ways a game can distinguish itself mechanically, especially a game with tons of systems in it like this.

    • zeekthegeek says:

      So what you’re saying is you’re shallow and only care about how games look.

  8. Keymonk says:

    I read the Kickstarter, and the developer of the game says the artstyle is temporary until he gets a new artist – the problem is that the developer in question isn’t a good artist and thus used that – and the artist for Prison Architect was apparently okay with it. There’s a FAQ entry specifically for it, in fact.

    • Moraven says:

      It looks a lot like Prison Architect. What’s up with that?

      Blame my (Tynan’s) lack of art skill – especially with characters. I made the character art you see in the trailer as a stopgap, and borrowed the Prison Architect style because I’m not a good enough artist to develop a new one. They were never intended to be final. With this Kickstarter, we’ll be able to get a real artist who can sit down and develop an original style for RimWorld.

      I’ve talked with the original Prison Architect artist, Ryan Sumo, and he’s fully supportive of RimWorld. We didn’t share any art or code with the PA guys.

      • caff says:

        Don’t be ashamed! Placeholder graphics are exactly that. I think you are doing the right thing, just focus on making a game with depth, AI and fun, and the graphics are secondary in my opinion.

        I am backing this because I believe it has the fundamentals of a brilliant PC game.

      • Talksintext says:

        You should’ve just been more brazen and ripped of DF’s graphics. Now THAT’s a ballsy move.

        All the accusations over copying the graphical style are a bit much. The real issue is the lack of style (it’s bland). 2 ways to improve it greatly:

        1. character sprites. The most obvious “theft” from PA’s style, and the lamest part of PA’s style. Since these are the most important pixels in the game by far, they need to have the most detail and be most easily distinguishable from each other. Currently, that’s like the opposite, and they’re less detailed than DF even.

        2. furniture, constructions. They should look more spacey and futuristic and have more detail, with like glowing lights and tubes or whatever. I’d really love like an 80-90s sci-fi style. An “Alien” aesthetic(human side, ofc) would go well with what I’ve seen of the game, it being more based on combat and alien encounter than just management. I mean, like if DF EVER gets proper graphics, I really hope for some twisted, dark fantasy stuff, since that suits the series so well also. I feel a darkness in this game as in DF, but with all the gameplay footage looking very clean and bright it’s hard to really “feel” it fully.

        Really, this would grab people hard with an Alien/Quake 2-4/DOOM aesthetic, and make it feel as dark and survivalist as the actual gameplay/scenario suggests it is.

    • Cinek says:

      That’s a good news. If he plans to make it different from PA arts style than they got my money.
      *goes to pledge*

      I’m looking forward to what they can come up with. Gameplay seems very good. Somehow reminds me of the Alpha Centauri, only on a micro-scale. If they can make some good arts and visually it won’t be just “Prison Architect in space” I’ll be delighted. :)

  9. Bull0 says:

    It looks fine, but I shall join you in frowning at the art style theft. >:(

  10. Orvidos says:

    Oops, I misheard, ignore, read up above this.

  11. snv says:

    Prison-Architect-in-Space doesn’t do it justice.
    Prison Architect became uninteresting for me, because of how the prisoners sabotage their own environment to their own detriment.
    Externalizing the antagonists fix what i consider a design flaw.

    • Ergates_Antius says:

      Is that really a design flaw though? I’d imagine it’s true of real prisons (and outside of prisons too) that the inmates (or residents) often sabotage/vandalize their own environment to their own detriment.

      • Cinek says:

        They’d me more inclined to cooperate in order to handle threats (other inmates or guards) than mindlessly destroy everything around them.
        PA doesn’t simulate almost any cooperation between prisoners, not to mention advanced social behaviors, while it does include mindless destruction of everything around.

        90% of people that go into prison does NOT go insane in a moment they cross the gates.

  12. Reapy says:

    This seems like a nice one to toss money at if you are interested in the end product. The design looks like it has been iterated on and worked on just fine with what he could do with his own time. Asking for a reasonable amount of dollars that will be going into the art and audio, a lot of good art could be had for the 10 to 15k range I think if you find the right artist. All in all seems like a pretty nice use of kickstarter.

    I do wish they had an artist in mind and a few prototype screenshots just for a taste of what the visuals will be like.

  13. sirflimflam says:

    I think RPS has a duty to avoid creating misunderstandings when it comes to reporting on stuff like this. It explains exactly why in the Kickstarter page that the art assets look the way they do, with permission from the Prison Architect guys, and yet the RPS article mentions nothing of the sort, knocking it for brazenly copying it as though it were a final design choice.

    Bad form.

    • Sheng-ji says:

      I remember when Civ V PR team, on hearing complaints about the look of the rivers and the way in which some tile improvements ignored which tech age you were at – wrote that what we were looking at was preview code and the art wasn’t final.

      2 expansion packs on and the rivers look identical and your manufactorium looks surprisingly advanced for the stone age…

      Not a direct reply to your point, but perhaps it isn’t wise to judge a game on what they’ve promised to create and instead judge it on what they currently are showing – he does out and out say that he copied the PA style directly, even if he does claim he intends to change it. And I would say that brazen is a good word to describe that, it infers he is being slightly cheeky and a little brave with no negative connotations, from my way of interpreting the word.

      • sirflimflam says:

        Sure, but I think it’s disingenuous to knock it without at least pointing out that they said from the very start that they intend on changing it. When you have the kind of sway RPS does, you need to be careful how you report on things, otherwise you’re destined to create misunderstandings. Programmer art is just a way of life for many of us developers. The way the article is worded would lead you to believe they fully intend to ride on the coattails of the Prison Architect, which I think is inaccurate reporting, and it shows considering some of the comments have already been mislead to essentially calling it “art style theft”.

        • Jeremy says:

          I agree. It’s clearly on the mind of Tynan to work on separating RimWorld from the art style of Prison Architect, to the point that it’s addressed in the main FAQ. It really should be noted that not only did he admit to copying the art style, he did it with the blessing of the originator of said art. Even if Tynan were to keep the art style, as long as he is getting the okay from a fellow artist, there should be no issue here. In keeping with RPS, and their support of indie development AND quality journalism, it should be clearly noted that this was a place holder by intent and permission, and deserves zero frowns.

      • Cinek says:

        You seriously just compared Civ IV PR team to indie developer?


  14. Lemming says:

    I can’t really justify Kickstarting at the moment, and it seems this has reached its goal already. I will be buying it on release though, and I have voted for it on greenlight, of course.

  15. Oathbreaker says:

    Too many disappointments. But I have $1 to throw away, so I did. Here’s to hoping for interesting combat and caring about your dudes/dudas.

  16. cptgone says:

    finally, a “hydroponic grow-op” sim ;)

  17. Ein0r says:

    Really promising, i hope for them to succeed in the Kickstarter and releasing the game.
    And if Introversion is fine with RimWorld having incredibly similar Art styles it is fine by me. I really doubt the RimWorld creator is going to change them later on.

    The only question where i still have to find the answer is:
    Do i want to play a game that looks like PA, with a different setting but very many similarities ?
    Probably yes, but time will tell.

    • zeekthegeek says:

      It’s not going to look like this when it comes out, the kickstarter is to pay for an artist and replace the programmer art (and get an audio guy as well)

  18. Rapzid says:

    “Art Style Theft”? Bwahahahaha! Seriously though, I’m looking at the two and while yeah it’s similar style.. It was nice of him to ask but totally unnecessary.

  19. christonian says:

    Just a update on my end with a great game

    We are now 8 colonies in. Videos for 2 separate builds everyday. One survival the other Phoebe with 20+ colonists

    Playlist is at 40 videos and 9hrs of gameplay
    link to youtube.com

    Cant wait till everyone can play it is definitely worth the wait everyone, even if you have to wait another 2 Weeks just means Ty can fit more great stuff/refine and fix bugs into the release build