The RPS Bargain Bucket: Clean Out

Hello consumers! Would you like to buy a stack of games for better prices than what you might usually get them for? You have quite likely come to the right place then, for this is the Bargain Bucket, a metaphorical bucket full of literal bargains. Not just any bargains though, this is a handpicked selection of the finest digital entertainment around. If this selection isn’t enough, you can find me curating the best deals throughout the week over at

PixelJunk Shooter – £3.59
Apply coupon “GFDOCT20UK”. Registers on Steam.
Another PixelJunk game escapes the clutches of The Circle, The Cross, The Triangle and The Square. This is my favourite of all of them, and my only hesitation on recommending the PC version is that it controlled really well with a controller, and I can’t immediately imagine a better/as good control scheme with keyboard and mouse. Certainly not saying it’s impossible, but if you don’t have a controller with two analogue sticks, it might be worth waiting and seeing how well pull it off before plopping down your cash. This is an excellent price considering it just got announced yesterday and it is supposed to be six quid. It’s a colourful, systemic shmup, with destructible environments, and some quite thinky puzzles. Like all the PixelJunk games, it’s utterly beautiful. Two and a half thumbs up from me.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – £4.78/€5.65/$7.66
Registers on Steam.
Who would have thought rebooting a game from the 90s could actually work out well for everyone involved, if you successfully manage to balances retaining what people loved about it, whilst giving it more graphics and other such modern niceties. Here’s wot Alec thought:

It’s a game about slowly moving your frontline forwards, meticulously ordering a squad of six1 from cover to cover and making a stream of tactical decisions in order to overcome an enemy that always, always outnumbers them. You’re directing a SWAT team that needs to stick relatively close together (not too close mind, unless watching a grenade liquidate four people at once turns you on), carefully clean out an area and move on, not the spread-out search and destroy agents of 1993. It’s faster and more furious than its 90s ancestor, but it is no less strategic for it.

More here.

Mirror’s Edge – £3.74/€2.49/$4.99
Like running and jumping in real life, except less clumsy and more BEAUTIFUL COLOURS. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I utterly fucking love this game, despite being quite aware of all of it’s flaws. A common criticism that is levelled at it is that it shouldn’t have any combat, but I can’t get behind that. It should have combat, but it should be entirely optional. You should be able to run away from every scenario, even if doing so is much harder. The feeling of having a gun, throwing it on the floor and deciding to run away is far more powerful than not having that choice in the first place. Although I will say that there isn’t quite as much forced combat as many people seem to think there is. This section in particular is one of the bits I’ve heard most complaints about being forced to fight in. I just think it needs to be better designed to signpost the non-combat solutions, and give you more non-direct/lethal ways of dealing with enemies. I want to shoot near someone to scare them off, I want to throw a gun at someone to knock them unconscious, I want to have some sort of momentum based melee combat, where I can knock someone on their arse and keep running. The only Mirror’s Edge 2 footage we’ve seen so far focussed on shooting, but lets cross all of our digits in hope that this isn’t an indication of the direction the game is going in.

Race the Sun – £3.12/€3.69/$5
Will register on Steam at some point in the future when it is released on Steam.
Delightful minimalist endless runner, although you’re flying rather than running, but I don’t think “endless flyer” is a genre. You have to go left or right when there is an obstacle in front of you, and you have to go straight on when there isn’t an obstacle in front of you. That may sound pretty simple, and that’s because it is, but it’s the superb presentation and feel of the controls that elevates this to being better than some silly game you play on your phone whilst waiting for a bus. Particularly nice is the daily challenge setup, where each day you get a new level to play on, so there’s always a shot at doing well on the leaderboards, and you get something slightly new to play each day. I’ve not made anything with it myself yet, but it’s also got a pretty solid level editor. It’s kind of hard, but if you can survive to the later areas, some pretty special stuff starts happening, so definitely stick at it.

Deal of the week
Tower of Guns – £3.51/€4.15/$5.62
TOWER OF GUNS. I can’t get enough of this game. Even though it’s just over half finished (“56% complete”, to be precise), it has properly got under my skin. I think it’s the best FPS I’ve played all year, and I can’t think of any FPS I’ve enjoyed that has been quite this fast since before id designed their games around using an Xbox 360 controller. I remember musing to myself around about the time that The Binding Of Isaac came out, that someone should totally take the structure, and apply it to a Doom-esque FPS. This is pretty much that, although it’s perhaps more Quake inspired. It’s a somewhat roguish FPS, where you can beat the game in an hour or two, or die trying. The enemies are amazing, obviously designed around not having particularly complex AI, but still representing an interesting challenge. Who doesn’t want to have a shoot out with a MASSIVE CANNON? The environments are at times astonishing, with huge rooms that are wide, tall, and full of hazards and interesting nooks and crannies (be on the look out for secrets). The upgrade system is amazing, where you’ll often get hilarious or ridiculously powerful combinations (I was using the rapid fire gun the other day, and then got the rapid fire mod), and it seems to not put any unnecessary cap on things, so you can basically keep upgrading your speed until it’s actually too fast, or stack double jump on top of double jump on top of double jump. You can’t stop moving, and every session something different happens. It’s quite funny, it’s got mad graphics, and each new build I’ve played has been a marked step up in polish and content. Buy this game.

Also of note:
Oknytt, Jamsouls, The Curse of Nordic Cove, Bret Airborne, Millennium: A New Hope & FromPulse – £2.42/€2.86/$3.88
Build a bundle 7
Interplay promo at GOG
XCOM: Enemy Within – £13.50. Apply coupon “GMG25-J2566-L2GHZ”. Registers on Steam.

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  1. Leb says:

    The coupon for enemy within was not working for me yesterday (NA)
    I assumed it was broken. Ended up getting the game without it anyways because I had 12$ store credit.
    Anyone else in US/Canada having trouble with it?

    • ScottTFrazer says:

      Yeah, not working for me currently from the US.

    • Lewie Procter says:

      Seems to be still working here, so I guess it must be region specific.

    • MSJ says:

      Try reloading the page. It worked for me after that.

    • Davie says:

      Steam itself has the same 10% off deal going on right now, so that might be the way to go.

    • fauxC says:

      I just used it, worked fine. (In the UK)

      No key till release day though.

    • TheMopeSquad says:

      If its not working then try GameFly where its down for $21 if you use the code GFDOCT20.

      • welverin says:

        Thanks, that worked.

      • suibhne says:

        Brilliant, thanks. The GMG code never worked for me in the US, despite repeated reloads etc., but the Gamefly code brings it down to about $21. Seems more than fair.

  2. Apocalypse says:

    No -66% for Bioshock Infinite mentioned? (Steam)

    • thruddle says:

      It was significantly cheaper on Gamefly a fortnight ago, so probably not.

    • Stardreamer says:

      No comment about the stuff that is mentioned?

  3. Cryptoshrimp says:

    The coupon for Enemy Within makes it 20 eurobucks, so that’s slightly less than hoped, but ah well, still €10 off.

  4. Notebooked says:

    The Mirror’s Edge dealie isn’t working for me, and it comes up at its regular price of 10 smackers on Steam. (Still worth the price, I suppose.)

  5. DrScuttles says:

    Considering the relative infrequency of that particular Bargain Bucket header image, I have come to believe that one of those buckets is in fact the Bargain Bucket. The definite article, you might say. A truth Lewie wishes to keep secret, hidden in plain sight. But I always fancy the actual bucket more akin to this. Perhaps it’s best we never know for sure?

  6. Lemming says:

    Baldur’s Gate: EE is £3.75 on Steam, at the moment. I bought it with funds from selling cards on the Steam marketplace, ie. for nothing.

  7. stout says:

    No mention of ??

    • welverin says:

      That did get it’s own post when it started, so maybe he didn’t feel the need.

      p.s. Is the HL2 sale today confirmation of HL3?

      • Lemming says:

        I think it’s more a confirmation of people who have Steam, but still don’t own HL2, which is alarming.

    • Stardreamer says:


      Just plopped some moolahbux down for Ring Runner. Bit of a gamble but you can’t really argue when it’s the price of a beer, can you?

    • The Random One says:

      Surprising – that would be my Deal of the Week. Buy The Yahwg, everyone!

  8. MarcP says:

    “but I don’t think “endless flyer” is a genre”

    …And now I feel old.

    • Thermal Ions says:

      I can relate. These youngin’s don’t seem to know that ‘endless flyer’ and ‘endless driver’ were genres well before the likes of ‘FPS’ and ‘RTS’ were coined.

    • twaitsfan says:

      “Riverraid”, anyone?

  9. welverin says:

    I too highly recommend PixelJunk Shooter (2), and PixelJunk Sidescroller if it comes to PC.

    • ulix says:

      PixelJunk Shooter: best indie-game of 2009, regardless of platform.
      If you don’t think Q Games are indie: best downloadable-only game of 2009.

      Didn’t like the second one nearly as much. Too much combat, not enough puzzles. The balance was perfect in the first one, don’t know why they fucked with it…

      Also didn’t really like Sidescroller that much. Competent game, but (apart from visual aesthetics) nothing special.

  10. Stardreamer says:

    Like all the PixelJunk games, it’s utterly beautiful. Two and a half thumbs up from me.

    Two and a half thumbsticks, surely? :)

    Big fan of fluids. And in my games. Will ruminate.

  11. Aaarrrggghhh says:

    “Although I will say that there isn’t quite as much forced combat as many people seem to think there is. ”

    The problem isn’t that there is forced combat. The problem is that stopping, fighting the enemy and then continue running is often way easier then trying to get away. Especially in the last two levels. Those are just infuriating, even if you decide to avoid lethal force.

    • BillyIII says:

      But combat is the core part of the game. Aside from combat there are only cutscenes and moving between encounters (which takes too much time and effort for my taste).

  12. AlexW says:

    No, no, the frustrating part of Mirror’s Edge as regards combat is the second half of the Boat car park, where trying to leave will result in getting fifty rounds of machine gun fire in the back as you turn a door mechanism. In the Heat one you don’t even have to do any fancy moves as long as you sprint to the pipes before the enemies rappel in.

    It’s still totally worth it, though. Gorgeous game.

    • Rizlar says:

      Not sure what the level is called, but smallish warehouse room with a gantry and three machine-gun toting dudes and no fking clue as to what you are supposed to do next was where I gave up. For some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to shoot a gun and haven’t played Mirror’s Edge since. :'(

      • Lewie Procter says:

        That bit is *technically* possible to beat without resorting to combat, but only technically. It involves moving around lots, and sort of glitching the AI to follow you right to the other end of the car park, and then sprinting to the door that you have to open very slowly. Not really a valid strategy, and it takes a very long time. As far as I can remember, aside from the stupid boss fights, and the stupid bit where you have to shoot a truck with a sniper rifle, this is the only section where you are really forced into combat/violence.

  13. MOKKA says:

    Tower of Guns is awesome. Of all the FPS-Roguelike-like’s I played this year (Paranautical Activity and Eldritch being the other two), I’d say it’s the one with the biggest potential of becoming something special.

  14. Dave L. says:

    Still using the pipe to get to the rooftop on Heat, Lewie? Amateur hour.

    This way is faster.

  15. neolith says:

    No mention of the Humble Weekly Bundle? It comes with Red Faction: Armageddon, Supreme Commander, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, The Guild 2, Neighbours From Hell, Painkiller: Hell and Damnation, ArcaniA, Darksiders II and SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny.

  16. kalirion says:

    Hey, a groupees bundle (bab7) got a quick mention in the article, will wonders never cease!

    I’d recommend Frogatto & Friends from it, very nice platformer. Have high hopes for Oknytt, but haven’t tried it yet. Retrovirus is good from what I hear, but it doesn’t feel like being playable on my laptop.

  17. Caladell says:

    “TOWER OF GUNS…….Buy this game.”

    Fine. I did. Happy now? ARE YOU HAPPY?

  18. Seraph says:

    I got the Groupees “Build a Bundle” for Oknytt and Retrovirus. I am utterly in love with Oknytt, playing it’s like a warm blanket on a rainy day. It’s got that fantastic vaguely disturbing vibe of the old fairy tales, a wonderfully gravelly-voiced narrator who reads all of the text storybook-style (even doing all of the voices himself, which may bother some, but I found charming and perfect), and a button that turns the rain on and off. That one sealed the deal for me. Actually, it reminds me in a way of that old Soviet-era cartoon Hedgehog in the Fog ~ cozy, but cold and mysterious. It’s a very special little game, and it’s a shame more people haven’t played it.

    edit: Just read the RPS review and god damn it was extremely harsh, maybe that’s one of the reasons people haven’t played this game. Maybe RPS shouldn’t have people who hate point-and-clickers review point-and-clickers, or maybe it was just that the reviewer played Oknytt in the middle of a bright summer day. Regardless, I’m at a loss to explain his experience. Yes, it’s a bit bleak, but that just enhances the coziness, yes casting elements often just results in delightful animations, in much the same way that randomly clicking about on Botanicula does the same thing. I don’t get why he missed it so entirely, but he missed out entirely. /grumblegrumble

  19. Tjee says:

    Anyone getting the Novuum one to work?

    • Bennus says:

      Worked for me (UK, via paypal), I put in an address in Sao Paulo just to be sure (the only regions in the drop down menu were Brasilian).

  20. Flappybat says:

    Wait, Pixeljunk Shooter is out but won’t come to Steam for over a month?

    • Lewie Procter says:

      It’s a preorder. I don’t typically feature preorders in the bargain bucket, but in this instance I already know that the game is solid, having played the PS3 version, and it’s also a ridiculously good preorder discount.

  21. callmeclean says:

    I love it when GOG does a nice promotion like this, being born in 1995 means I didn’t play many games of the 90s, so its great places like GOG exist. I have decided on 9 games from the interplay promotion.