Mark Of The Old Ones Is Upside Down Cthulhu Metroidvania

Yes, that headline actually does convey the game idea: Mark Of The Old Ones, which arrived recently on Kickstarter, has quite the concept, which involves the protagonist become a tentacular horror. They explain: “MotOO is about a unique and coherent movement mechanism. Thomas’ tentacles provide a totally unique way to experience an environment, evoking novel feelings of strength, momentum, and power. Basic movement has a relaxing rhythm that quickly feels natural, but gracefully navigating a dynamic environment challenges preconceptions of character movement. Thomas doesn’t swing like Spider-Man; Thomas moves like the eldritch abomination he has become.” They’ve put together a demo to show what that movement system will be like, and it is fairly unusual. But can it stir the masses into raising $225,000? I guess we’ll find out.


  1. m_a_t says:

    This with the feel of LIMBO…. just saying: first idea that came to my mind.

  2. Beernut says:

    The gameplay reminds me an awful lot of the thief in Trine/Trine 2 with her swinging rope.

  3. trjp says:

    My first thought is “you’re working with material from one of the richest and wordiest writers ever, might it not be anidea to borrow from that rather than making a stilted, clumsily scripted video?”

    If you’re going to script your video – get voice artist(s) to read it and set that to in-game footage or concept art.

    If you’re going to ask your own people to do it, why script it? They’re not voice performers, just let them talk about what they do perhaps?

    They also commit a classic faux-pas of praising their own work – it’s becoming more and more common for game developers to talk-up their own stuff as have ‘rich and detailed artwork’ or ‘sophisticated combat’ or ‘phenomenal AI” – words which belong in reviews and not in your own material IMO

    Esp at this stage in development !?

    • Niko says:

      This. There’s too much “play our amazing addicting game” marketing speak nowadays.

      • justtactics says:

        We listened to you guys and re-cut the video. It’s shorter, has more game-play footage (debug lines at least), and it doesn’t have us on being all camera shy saying like “this is why our game is cool”. However, we did not listen to the suggestion to change the game’s name to “Tentacle Thomas”

  4. Gap Gen says:

    So, Thomas Was Alone, for tentacled values of “alone”.

  5. LionsPhil says:

    I honestly think I prefer the simple mock-up gamplay-prototyping vector art to their concept art.

  6. Niko says:

    I like to imagine that their boss is actually a vaguely humanoid tentacled creature and he filmed that video himself, holding a camera in one arm-protrusion and the script in another.

  7. Turkey says:

    Shouldn’t the title of the game be Thomas of the Old Ones?

  8. sonson says:

    Not backing this until it’s called Tentacle Thomas

  9. RProxyOnly says:

    Dual analogue stick control… DO NOT LIKE.

  10. Notebooked says:

    Well, I do like movement mechanics and grappling hook-ish swinging. Not sure if it’ll mesh with the Lovecraft theme, though. Maybe if the legs are massive and Thomas himself flops to and fro like a doll as the legs rush and leap and dig their pincer-like heels in.
    He could have been a bit less ruggedly handsome, though. If you’re an abomination, you’ve got to look the part.

  11. MellowKrogoth says:

    No hentai jokes or references? Congratulations, RPS comments, I am positively impressed.

    … Oh wait.

  12. Stan Lee Cube Rick says:

    I’m starting to get the impression that the Lovecraft horror theme is about to replace zombies as the next fad game theme, for better and for worse.

  13. code_juggler says:

    Hey guys, thought I’d point out this game is on Kickstarter again and there’s been a lot of progress (and a new demo.) Check it out!