Polygons Begone: Spy Party’s New Art Looks Lovely

I think part of the fear I had over playing Spy Party rested on the graphics. I might have overcome the horror of attempting the delicately balanced multiplayer if the characters were welcoming and not blank-faced Doctor Who monsters from the planet Do Not Want. That is a problem that Chris Hecker has been working on for some time, and now we can finally see how the new art looks and plays. The beta just updated with a test level, showing off the new room and a few of the new character models. A video is below.

You’ll see five new character and their delightfully animated faces in one of the new maps. This isn’t a game mode to enjoy, yet: the space is unbalanced, the statues don’t work, and the lighting and animation are unfinished, but you can still give it a go as Chris has done a little bit of work to make it playable. The limited mechanics has already generated an interesting tweak where the hidden ambassador is only possible to spot when he or she reacts if you invade his or her personal space.

Have a look, because it’s almost too lovely.

I’m not sure I could put a bullet into Helen Mirren. Oh, I watched this and mentally renamed the characters from the actors I’d like to see in a movie: Anne Hathaway, Helen Mirren, Richard Griffiths, Ron Glass, The Actor Kevin Eldon, and as the low-poly security agent I’d go for Matt Smith.


  1. Engonge says:

    They’re too cute to shoot!

  2. DrScuttles says:

    Matt Smith does appear to have the fewest polygons in his face of all the Doctors. Perhaps Jon Pertwee has the most, but that’s most likely down to his arrogance.

    • Syra says:

      Half of Matt Smith’s face is one huge polygon encompassing his gigantic Frankenstein’s monster of a forehead, thus keeping the polygon count down.

      • Notebooked says:

        It’s no use. Forehead or not, his curvy tsunami hair would bring the count back up.

  3. Varanas says:

    “The limited mechanics has already generated an interesting tweak where the ambassador will react if you invade his or her personal space.”

    That’s actually been in since before the closed beta started, perhaps you meant to reference the fact that Checker decided to hide the ambassador (only on the new map) from the sniper? This means that the sniper can use the above fact to identify the ambassador, but the spy could also trick the sniper into thinking they’re the ambassador, and the sniper could look for this too, etc.

  4. Gap Gen says:

    That title image is a face that says ¬_¬

  5. Choca says:

    Banana bread.

    • JB says:

      Living dangerously there, Choca.

      • Choca says:

        Just sharing recipes with my ambassador friend, nothing to see here !

    • RagingLion says:

      I’ve never played Spy Party but when banana bread was mentioned as part of a normal conversation (someone had made some) my brain instantly went to Spy Party.

  6. TheMightyEthan says:

    That’s not a low poly security guard, clearly it’s a security android. Made to vaguely resemble a human so that people will be comfortable interacting with them, but not so human as to confuse or horrify us.

    • darkath says:

      I thought that security guard gave off a pretty good “don draper” vibe around him though.

  7. Ansob says:

    Wow, those are some fantastic animations. Have to say I wasn’t super interested in the game beforehand, but this is pretty enough to just be something to stare at once it’s out.

  8. LionsPhil says:

    Ooh, it looks like the concept art now. How pleasantly stylized.

  9. Text_Fish says:

    Richard Griffiths, or Stephen Fry?

    link to 4.bp.blogspot.com

  10. womp says:

    That is beautiful

  11. Bfox says:

    They’ve ruined it! It looks too much like WoW!

  12. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    Looking splendid. And I’ll offer Robert Goulet as dapper ‘tache and Kyle McLachlan as the agent.

  13. Assaf says:

    LOL! :D Seeing the handsome guy move next to the old art security guard was ridiculous! And then I remembered the “blank-faced Doctor Who monsters from the planet Do Not Want” and it multiplied the funniness :)

    lol and now the camera zoomed in solo on the guard, haha, that old art was pretty bad!

    Great :) so other than those funny last 5 minutes that left me with a smile, the new art looks fantastic. REALLY well done, it has a certain uniqueness and charm to it. These models are different from others I lately saw (like GTA5, SR4, SC:B, SD) and I like it. Keep up the good work.

    funny part

  14. caff says:

    This is a seriously fun game. I had a blast playing for a couple of weeks the last time RPS covered this, and I’m looking forward to a more “complete” product in the future.

  15. Cinek says:

    well done, well done. :)

  16. Bull0 says:

    Richard Griffiths, you say? Call the necromancer, Mr. Pearson demands a resurrection