Prepare To Dice: Chainsaw Warrior

Auroch Digital’s adaptation of Chainsaw Warrior has arrived on Steam. I hadn’t heard of the game until the digital version was announced but I don’t think I’m alone in having this particular gap in my Games Workshop knowledge. It’s a solo card game, in which the player must save New York from the ‘orrible monsters that are spilling through a dimensional tear in Manhattan. Encounter cards are drawn from a deck, and usually involve a zombie or a mutant that requires a swift chainsaw to the face. Every action takes up 30 seconds of in-game time and when a full hour has passed, Darkness consumes the city. Devilishly difficult, it seems a game of luck and theme rather than skill and strategy. Trailer below.

I just had a quick go and a martial artist agent of chaos stabbed me to death. I’d sawed a few zombies into their second death by that point. Is a chainsaw really an effective weapon for mass zombie slaughter? I imagine the machinery would get gummed up by all the guts.


  1. Oathbreaker says:

    1987 one-off experiment that was cool as all hell when it came out and didn’t really go further. You’re going to die. A lot. Some dude went 25 years without a win, playing once in a while.

    • RProxyOnly says:

      Twenty five years?….. I find that ridiculously difficult to believe.

      I only played mine about 10-15 times and I had about a 60% success rate… but yes, as the article states it’s virtually a game of luck, totally reliant on dice rolls.

      • QSpec says:

        Either a. bullshit or b. get thee to Vegas.

        My ol’ man plays this once or twice a year ever since it came out. He’s won once.

        I have played a dozen or so times, and I won once after cheating as a youth (which my dad called me out on… bastard!).

        If memory serves, you need a specific item before running into the boss else you basically auto lose. Boss can’t be too far down else you are likely going to lose. If you have a few bad encounters, you’re likely to lose. When everything aligns and you get to the boss with everything you need, don’t you need something like a 12?

        My memory could be wrong or the game could be different than the original, but that shit was almost impossible to beat and by design.

  2. Drinking with Skeletons says:

    Hadn’t heard of this, either! Sounds kind of cool. Any hope for a detailed WIT?

    As for Games Workshop, I think a digital version of Space Hulk: Death Angel would be great. It’s basically, to reuse a phrase from Cryptic Comet’s description of Six Gun Saga, nerd solitaire, and would be great fun if the card shuffling and movement could be handled by the computer.

  3. PoLLeNSKi says:

    I’d never heard of this, but the top image immediately made me think of GW, one of the White Dwarf illustrators work?

    would like to see a WIT as well, colour me interested.

    • scut says:

      Adding another vote for a Wot I Think. Looks like a fun game to run on my laptop.

    • loloquaker says:

      Same here. WIT is the only thing i’m asking to buy it. Some kind of zombie rogueliky card game? Sounds interesting.

    • almostDead says:

      It’s okay. Worth the modest price. Games don’t tend to be that short so I don’t know how great this would be on mobiles. Saying that though, it is possible to lose very quickly and a game might take between 15 and 40 mins, or a couple of minutes. You can save.

      There’s not that much skill involved really, perhaps none at all. It really is all about dice rolls as you flip card after card on your journey through the city. You roll a bunch of dice to determine your stats and how much gear you get, and then you either randomly pick your gear (on hard or medium) or pay to know what it is (on medium). That gear can help you out a huge amount, but you won’t get much of it.

      As you flip cards you get encounters, and depending on your stats and gear, you might have an advantage over shooting or melee all the time. But mostly it’s twatting zombies over and over. All this is dice rolls for everything. I like the dice animation.

      I liked it. I think they are adding more cards. There’s a lot that could be done to this game, but I doubt their license allows it. And they can’t spell for shit, or construct a sentence, or reread what they wrote; their website FAQ is almost unreadable.

    • almostDead says:

      Hmm, I can’t edit my comment. Anyway……

      And as for completing it, it’s very hard. You are against the clock and you basically get one dice roll chance to beat the final boss, if you make it to him before dying or running out of time.

      There’s not much of a way to breath variation into the experience either. You can try different gear, but there’s only so many different cards. Sometimes you can just give up before you start if you get shit dice rolls for your stats- you will just die, as you won’t have health and you can’t beat anyone with melee or shooting.

  4. funzportz says:

    Is that a service stud on his forehead?

  5. commentingaccount says:

    A game with this name deserves actual war being made with a chainsaw. I am disappoint.

  6. Ergates_Antius says:

    ” I imagine the machinery would get gummed up by all the guts.”
    Would also have a tendency to spray you with potentially infectious zombie blood/brains.

    • bstard says:

      Chainsaws are mostly used in movies and games. Pro zombie extinguishers use a lawnmower.

  7. gschmidl says:

    If you like grammar, prepare to rage at the incredible number of it’s/its errors (three on one card!)

    • EveryoneIsWrong says:

      Is that technically a grammatical error or a spelling error? Is a spelling error a specific type of grammatical error? I’ve never been clear on any of this.

      • Rhygadon says:

        Orthography error, I’d say. (Of which spelling and punctuation errors are subtypes.) Not really a grammatical error, because the user (unless insane) is intending the right part of speech but doesn’t correctly represent it in print.

    • Fumarole says:

      60 minutes untill complete destruction

      That caught my eye too. The game looks interesting, but the inner pedant in me would be screaming all the while I played it.

  8. RProxyOnly says:

    I just had a clear our recently and I threw out my orginal fine condition boxed boardgame of this.

  9. strangeloup says:

    I picked this up because it was four quid, and it’s based on a game made before Games Workshop had their sense of humour surgically removed. And also, c’mon, it’s called Chainsaw Warrior, which is the best and least pretentious game name in a while.

    It’s certainly not a lavish production but it does have some nice art, in a rather 2000AD style. Gameplay-wise, the entire thing is pretty much a luck-based mission, but somehow it’s still rather a lot of fun.

    • Pippy says:

      Brett “Bad Company” Ewins did the original boxed game art, dunno whether he had any involvement or got any credit for this computerisationism though*.

      *Probably not contract fans.

  10. iainl says:

    I think I must have played this at least 50 times as a kid, and only beat it twice. And there’s no way I’d do that as an adult, because I’d get frustrated far earlier with the sheer amount of luck required.

  11. aircool says:

    Cool… I want this.